Curtains in the living room

Curtains in the living room

Every time it comes to renovation, everyone wants to create the most cozy and beautiful environment in the house. The finishing touch of any interior design is beautiful curtains.. No living room can be decorated without curtains, because this is a cozy room where it is customary to meet friends and family. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right curtains for the hall..

What are we for?

Curtains are an integral part of the design of any interior, because when a guest enters a room, he involuntarily glances towards the window. The ensemble of the landscape outside the window and the window decoration looks just magical, such decoration can make the interior of the room more stylish and perfectly complete it. In addition, curtains are not only able to put the finishing touches, but also play the role of a very important functional element of any room, they are necessary in order to protect the room from direct sunlight or from light when it is undesirable, as well as in order to time, when the light inside the room is on, hide its interior and yourself from prying eyes.

Curtains help to hide and retire from the outside world.


Combined with other furnishings such as upholstery, floor or wall coverings, they create the perfect ensemble that will grab everyone’s attention.. Curtains can become a highlight of any room, they can interestingly diversify its design. In addition, they are able to emphasize the high social status of their owners, as well as adjust the shape of the window and even change the size of the room. It is believed that long curtains can make the ceiling look taller. They can be changed to suit your mood and design..

It is very important to choose the right curtains for the hall, as they can change the appearance of the room for the better..


The color of the curtains plays a huge role, it is no less important than the style or length of this piece of furniture. The play of colors can visually expand or narrow the room, as well as make the living room lighter or darker and darker. It is believed that bright warm colors of curtains can make a room warmer and wider, while cold ones, on the contrary, can narrow it.. Now there are no very strict guidelines on how to choose the color of curtains and why it is better to choose it. It is best to pay attention to the specific style of products, their texture and design..

You can purchase multi-colored curtains, which will consist of several components and will have a very interesting and unusual design, they will delight the eye at any time.

Curtains can be both a bright spot in any room that brings it to life, or a light shadow that soothes the design of the living room:

  • You can purchase plain products, which will be in color close to the colors of other interior items in the hall. Thus, you can highlight the decoration of the window and distinguish it from the whole environment..

  • In a white living room, you can buy beautiful light curtains that have pearlescent sheen and are made of thin materials. They perfectly complement the light design of the room and make the room more spacious. You can also buy curtains that have a beautiful, barely noticeable silver or gold ornament. In the olive room, more saturated green curtains of emerald color or curtains of a mustard or golden hue are perfect, such an ensemble will look very elegant. These interior items can be decorated with tassels or fringes. This combination of color and design is very luxurious..

  • You can also hang in the green room orange curtains. Such a contrast will look very juicy and interesting and is perfect for a room decorated in a modern style. Orange curtains will also perfectly fit into a wood-like room, since all warm colors will harmonize perfectly and create a single ensemble..
  • If your room is decorated in beige, light yellow or golden colors, the perfect solution would be peach curtains. They will perfectly fit into such an interior design and will become its gentle completion. So the living room will look very cozy and interesting, it will be pleasant to spend time in it..

  • Very versatile are golden curtains, they can be hung in any room that is decorated in warm colors – yellow, pale green, light brown, beige.
  • Also considered universal are nude curtains, they are able to smooth any interior design and become its perfect completion.
  • Look very bright purple curtains, especially if the room is decorated in blue or purple colors. Lilac also goes well with cornflower blue or ultramarine. Such an ensemble is very unusual and stylish..

For a room decorated in black and white, you can purchase black translucent curtains or, on the contrary, dark durable curtains. The exact variety will depend on how your interior is decorated. For a room that is black or white, silver curtains are also perfect. They will look very interesting and add a touch of magic to the living room..

Materials (edit)

Fabrics in the interior of any room also play an important role. Before buying curtains, you can take a small sample from the catalog and bring it home, attach it to the window and imagine how the curtains will look at full size. Also, when choosing curtains by fabric, do not forget that thin plastic fabrics are more suitable for light styles with soft folds and gathers, and if you want hard curtains and lambrequins, then they must be made only of dense high-quality fabrics. Also, if one particular model of curtains includes several fabrics in a set at once, think about how you will care for them together..

Keep in mind that the fabrics should be perfectly combined, because you will have to wash them together..

Silk is very capricious in color, it is able to change at different angles of light and in different lighting conditions, in addition, such fabric can look completely different in rooms of different design. When choosing a material for curtains, many people are wondering whether it should be a natural material or synthetics will be a good substitute for it. Keep in mind that any natural canvas looks more elegant and noble, but is practical for me.

Materials, which are a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers, are more resistant to external factors, they hardly fade in the sun and have an excellent appearance. Plus, they can be washed without any problems..

Also, some people prefer to purchase curtains made of furniture fabric, they can perfectly complement the upholstery of upholstered furniture in the living room, but at the same time they will look quite heavy and will have a really large weight. But such dense products have a number of advantages, for example, chenille or jacquard models are very durable and wear-resistant, they practically do not fade, since manufacturers impregnate them with special protective substances.

Also, when choosing curtains, try to give preference to options that are lined.. This is especially true for those models that are made of natural materials, especially silk. Silk is very expensive and fancy, but it can fade very quickly in the sun, so such curtains will only be acceptable if they have a lining. Also, models with a lining must be purchased if they have a bright design with various patterns. In this case, the lining can be durable and artificial or very thin and even almost transparent..

This functional element of curtains is able to make the main fabric softer and more pliable, as well as prevent the negative effects of sunlight on this piece of furniture. Also, curtains that have a lining are more dense, so they have better insulating qualities: they do not allow cold air to pass through, as well as extraneous noise from the street..

Nylon curtains are very light and stylish.. They are perfect for any living room, as they are able to fill it with light and lightness. These curtains go well with barely transparent tulle..


The length of the curtains is also of great importance, as it can drastically change the appearance of the room. It depends on the style of your living room.. Short curtains to the windowsill are most often hung on windows on windows that are located in niches. In the classic version, such curtains should barely touch the windowsill. They are suitable for more modern interior designs..

There are also curtains with a length slightly below the windowsill. They look a little messy when pulled apart, so decorative holders or ties will be needed to decorate them. Such models are perfect for living rooms in which a sofa or armchairs are located under the window..

Floor-length curtains are considered classic; they look great on wide and large windows, as well as on arch-shaped window openings..

Usually, such models are purchased if a beautiful landscape opens from the window. Long curtains can fall slightly to the floor, or they can be located a few centimeters higher, it all depends on how you use the space under the window. There are also curtains of very unusual length in the “cafe” style – their feature is that they are able to close the lower part of the window, leaving the upper part open..

What should be combined with?

There are some rules regarding what curtains should be combined with. But some do not take them into account, purchasing such products so that they only fit into the overall picture of the interior. Very often they are selected several tones darker than the wallpaper, but in the same color scheme. Also, some people prefer to choose curtains to match the color of the flooring. It is also very interesting, since in this way you can create an unusual contrast between the walls and the floor and curtains in the room..

Another common belief is that curtains should match the color of the upholstery.. As a rule, furniture and curtains are the most durable piece of furniture in any room. But some people re-glue the wallpaper more often than they change high-quality furniture, so in this way you can even save money by changing the interior design of the room. Also, the curtains should be matched to the color of the furniture..

Some experts recommend choosing curtains that are universal in design that will suit absolutely any style and interior design, they can be outweighed from room to room or change their design by making repairs.

Curtains may have a different main color than the rest of the interior, but their decor, for example, frill, drapery, holders can be matched to other interior items: furniture, blankets, pillows and even carpets. In order to highlight the window system, you can diversify it with bright curtains that will not fit any element in the interior of the room.. This is a very stylish and bold decision that will allow you to focus on this piece of furniture..

Various room styles

The modern trend in style is something between Minimalism and High-tech style. It is capable of creating coziness in the room and expressing each owner’s own opinion regarding the interior. For modern living rooms, only straight curtains are purchased, most often without lambrequins, since this element is more classic, but since layering is in fashion now, some let lightweight fabric over such curtains.

As a rule, curtains in a modern style are hung on hinges or eyelets.. Also, curtains in accent colors that will stand out from others are very often bought in a living room decorated in a modern style. Any fresh tones are perfect for such a hall. It is best to purchase plain curtains or models with geometric or abstract prints..

Models made of natural materials, which have an interesting texture, will perfectly fit into modern interior design..

The next option is classic curtains. For the hall, and decorated in the style of the classics, any chic models are suitable. These can be very unusual options that combine heavy fabric with light organza.. Moreover, in the style of the Classic, it is important that in the design of such a product they use lambrequins, cords and discreet braid. It is very important that these curtains are combined with other interior items in a classic style. The color scheme should also be very restrained. It is better if such an element of the interior does not have a bright and catchy design and pattern, but models with a pronounced texture are acceptable.

Nowadays, many people hang unusual curtains in a high-tech room. It can be interesting asymmetrical models or modern photo curtains.. Every detail in such an interior has its own meaning and place. This style is distinguished by the fact that it most often uses monochromatic cold shades..

Usually the curtains in such a living room have a slight sheen and are made from materials of medium thickness, you can also select translucent models, but they should have a minimum of decorative elements. Curtains with an insert of a metal thread or models decorated with gold or silver also look very good in such a living room..

How to choose the right one?

Since the living room is the most visited room in the house, in which all significant family events are celebrated, its interior is the most important, therefore it is necessary to choose the most suitable curtains.. It is best to buy models of warm shades for such a room, they will bring coziness into it and fill the room with warmth. Also, in this case, the curtains must match the design of the room in style..

If the windows face the sunny side, it is better to purchase models from denser materials, and if the windows are located on the opposite side, you can purchase lighter models from thin fabrics that will fill the room with natural light..

Also, when choosing curtains for the living room, it is necessary to calculate their sizes, taking into account the number of doors.

You can buy beautiful triple curtains for a large window with wide sashes. Also, if there are two windows in the room, it is better to decorate them with the same curtains, they usually acquire narrow unusual models that can create an interesting ensemble.

Some people also choose models for wide rooms with 3 or 4 windows, in this case, the curtains are combined through one or make them completely the same. For three windows, two identical models are usually selected and one, central, slightly different in design – it can become a highlight of the room. You can also choose curtains of different designs in a studio apartment, as they will help you with zoning. You can see the new collection and choose the most suitable models for such a room design..

Also new items are presented among curtain rods in houses with stretch ceilings. In this case, the mountings can be hidden and the curtains in the living room will literally flow from the ceiling, which will look very stylish and unusual. So you can very safely beat the stretch ceiling and hang the curtains beautifully..

In case you want to hide the place where the curtains are attached to the eaves, you can hang a light fabric that will create the curtain.. In addition, usually such products are attached literally to the ceiling, the curtains beautifully decorate the entire wall and visually expand the room.. Also, many designers recommend refreshing the living room interior by decorating curtains with bows and ribbons, and beads can play the role of garters. They will grab attention and become the focal point of your living room. You can also freshen up heavyweight curtains with lightweight tulle, which will add sophistication and sophistication..

How to hang?

In order to properly hang the curtains, you need to choose the right fastening. The easiest way is to hang them on clips, but they are mainly suitable for light models. Clips have an advantage: you can move the curtains apart and slide with the help of special cables, without touching the canvas. There are also clips with teeth, they are stronger and more reliable, as they can withstand heavier curtains, but if you pull hard on the canvas, it will easily fly out of such a mount.

Most often, the curtains are hung on the cornice, which is also popularly called curtains, but this is not true, since the curtains themselves are usually called curtains.. So, curtains are hung on the cornice using rings or eyelets. Both of these mounting options are great for heavy, bulky models. The eyelets are threaded onto the curtain rod after you insert the curtain into them. So you can make them in the form of a beautiful drapery..

Models with rings can be opened to one side, so they will look asymmetrical, in addition, such a mount will not cause you any inconvenience.

Nowadays, curtains are very often hung on hinges, this is one of the most common and universal fastening options, which is suitable for both light and heavy fabrics.. The hinges should be closest in texture to the fabric of the curtains and be similar in design.

There are also beautiful attachments in the form of wings, which are able to completely hide the cornices from prying eyes. They can be beautifully designed in the form of a shuttlecock or light folds. Perfect for any classic living room.

How to care?

In order to simplify the care of the curtains, you can periodically take them to the dry-cleaner, so you can save yourself from unnecessary worries. But often housewives want to clean such products on their own, in addition, it is not always convenient to take such a voluminous canvas to dry cleaning..

If you want to wash the curtains, it is better to do it by hand, but the delicate mode in the washing machine is also acceptable for some fabrics..

They also need to be rinsed thoroughly so that they do not have streaks. Poorly rinsed items will fade faster in the sun. Before proceeding to wash curtains by hand, you must first shake them and then rinse them in cold water. This is necessary so that they do not shrink. After that, they need to be placed in slightly warm water, adding a gentle detergent or soda there. They should be washed carefully, it is better not to twist them when spinning..

Some curtains are even better not to iron, it will be enough just to hang them in a wet state on the cornice, they will straighten themselves and take on their original appearance. In case you decide to iron the curtains, then you need to take into account some rules. The iron is put on the most delicate mode; in the case of embossed fabrics, ironing can be done only without using steam. All curtains must be ironed before they are completely dry, otherwise you can ruin their appearance..

Interior options

Designers offer the following solutions:

  • This season is very fashionable to use for arranging the living room. two-tone models. Usually these are curtains that are sewn from the same fabric in different shades. This sewing method creates the impression that one fabric is literally layering on top of another. It looks very nice and elegant. Recent trends also suggest bright patterns against a light background of curtains. It can be abstractions or large flowers – this way you can highlight the window brightly and place accents in the room..
  • Also very stylish are color block curtains, which combine two fabric colors horizontally. This technique allows you to make the living room interior very fashionable and unusual..

  • Very relevant now are silk, chiffon or organza curtains. They are able to fill the living room with lightness and lightness, in addition, they are versatile and can be matched to any interior.
  • Very stylish and bright look curtains decorated with tassels or fringes. Also, this ensemble can be supplemented with openwork holders, which will look very elegant..

  • In modern interiors, they are very often used unusual curtains with a hard lambrequin. They are combined with curtains of any design, as well as with light tulle. It can be both horizontal curtains and classic sliding models..

  • It is very fashionable to hang now austrian curtains, which suggest a beautiful and graceful drapery in the form of flounces on the bottom. They look very lush and are perfect for decorating a hall in a classic style. Very often they are complemented with lace and braid, as well as hairpins in the form of flowers..

For a selection of modern current models of curtains, see our next video.

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