Curtains made of beads

Curtains made of beads

Man has always tried to make his home more beautiful and used a variety of materials for this. The house will become brighter and more colorful if you complement the interior with unusual curtains made of beads. Modern designers create delightful models of such decor.


Designers strive tirelessly to surprise us with fresh ideas. One of the new trends is the decoration of windows and doorways with mesmerizing rustling curtains made of beads. This non-standard decorative element will always delight the eye and will not go unnoticed by guests. Beaded curtains came to us from the countries of the East, and the peak of their popularity came in the 70s of the last century..

Curtains assembled from beads are usually used as:

  • Space zoning option (for example, isolate the play area in the nursery);
  • As a picturesque element, because curtains made of beads can revive not only windows and doorways, but also decorative niches in the walls;
  • They bring weightlessness and lightness to the interior, especially in large rooms.

Such curtains are a stunning decoration not only for living space, but also for public places such as shops, cafes, beauty salons, hotel lobbies..

Beaded curtains are very easy to clean, but still it is worth considering some features:

  • Dust that collects on the beads should be brushed off or wiped with a damp cloth, and for more serious dirt, rinse the curtain in soapy water. Curtains with the addition of wooden beads can only be treated with a dry cloth to maintain their original appearance.
  • Dirt that has accumulated in the beads deteriorates the appearance of the curtain and is harmful to health. This is especially true for balcony and kitchen curtains. The upper strips or cornices must be wiped very carefully so as not to accidentally break off the structure. A small layer of dust is much easier to remove than annual “deposits”, so it is better to clean it regularly. In some cases it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner.


Bead curtains are a translucent, translucent curtain made of beads strung on a wire or fishing line. The choice of such models amazes the imagination with a variety of materials, shapes and colors..

Manufacturing material

A variety of materials for every taste and wallet can serve as raw materials for the manufacture of curtains. The choice of material depends on the general style of the room.. The most popular types of decorative details can be distinguished:

  • glass;
  • crystal;
  • plastic;
  • acrylic;
  • wooden;
  • paper;
  • woolen;
  • clay;
  • bubbly.


Acrylic beads are the most affordable option. They are cheaper and lighter than glass or crystal beads, and in appearance they are not inferior to them at all..

There are curtains with elements of glass beads, natural stone, shells, clay, thread, paper and cork. Each material creates its own special mood in the room.

Bead attachment frequency

Beads spaced far apart, revealing graceful threads, give the room more air and light. It is interesting that special processing glass is used in the production of such curtains. Thick beads create thicker curtains that can serve as a screen.

Scope of use

Bead curtains are an effective option for zoning the space of a small apartment or part of a house with an unfortunate layout. In addition to decorating windows and doors, curtains can be used as a curtain for a bay window, a dressing room, a canopy for a bed.

Thread fixing method

If the beads are made of lightweight material, the threads can be fixed to a textile tape. Such a curtain will be safe to hang on any curtain rod. Curtains, made of heavy materials, mounted on wooden or plastic slats.

The form

Curtains can be either simple, that is, freely falling, or have a complex configuration:

  • Round;
  • Rhombic;

  • Square;
  • Rectangular;
  • Arched.

Products assembled from both small and large beads of various colors and shapes look spectacular.

In different rooms

Bead products are suitable for decorating any room: living room, bedroom, nursery and others. They are a multifunctional and practical addition to the interior, bringing home comfort to any room..

The wide window sill, designed as a functional seating area, is perfectly complemented by a cropped bead curtain. They will not interfere with the passage of sunlight and will not cause the feeling of “empty” windows.

Bead models sometimes create a single large ornament or a delightful storyline..

Curtains gather well in a bun and at the same time do not lose their attractiveness, unlike their fabric “sisters”. They can be as thick and massive, or consist of only a dozen threads. The characteristics of the starting material determine the density of the finished model – the more transparent and finer the beads, the lighter and more transparent the curtain will be. Transparent glass beads highlight the luxury and sophistication of the interior.

For the living room

The use of crystal products in the living room is considered a real chic. Such curtains look rich and elegant, emphasizing the good taste and sense of style of the apartment owners. It is allowed to use such curtains for decorating a window, niche or arch. Products made from mother-of-pearl elements, such as imitation pearls, will become a highlight of the living room in discreet colors..

For the nursery

For the children’s room, colorful materials are usually used in a bizarre shape to attract the attention of children. Beads can be in the form of cars, balls or animals. Beaded curtains in the nursery not only divide the room into functional areas, but also serve as an original decoration.

For bathroom

In a modern bathroom with nickel-plated fixtures and fittings, metal beads are in good harmony. A more sophisticated interior will be complemented by glass beads threads around the bathtub, representing the illusion of flowing drops..

For kitchen

When choosing curtains for the kitchen, practicality and color palette are in the first place, therefore, such models are most often made of plastic in bright colors that increase mood and appetite. The kitchen is the most polluted room in the house, so it is better to give preference to models from which dust and grease can be easily removed. It should also be borne in mind that many materials are afraid of high temperatures. For example, plastic curtains cannot be hung next to a stove, multicooker or kettle..

Before buying, you should find out what the material is called and what kind of care it needs..

How to choose?

Decorating an interior with beaded curtains should be the final touch to creating the perfect style. It is important to choose them correctly and coordinate with the interior of the room.. When choosing curtains made of beads, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Purpose of space;
  • Personal preferences;
  • Practicality;
  • Compatibility.

Bead curtains should be a tool for creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Since they are the final detail of the “outfit” of the room, there are usually no problems with the choice of the color of the product. It is very important to create an interior where the color of furniture, accessories, wallpaper and floors will be in harmony.. The cost of curtains depends on the following factors:

  • The material of the beads and their sizes;
  • The size and shape of the finished product;
  • Density of stringing;
  • Weaving method.

If they are selected for a doorway, be prepared for a specific knocking that is created when the strands of beads collide.

Please note that this dull sound can be both relaxing and annoying. On average, the weight of a curtain made of beads is 3 kg, but if it is more, then the threads are attached not to the braid, but to a wooden plank.

Style directions for curtains made of beads:

  • Products made of wood or beads are good for design in Ethno style;
  • Plastic beads, large sequins and similar items will come in handy in a modern interior;
  • Metal beads will fit in the room high-tech style;
  • Crystal curtains are good for classics or design in baroque style.

Beaded curtains bring charm and celebration to any home with light refraction, vibrant color accents and dynamics. A great way to make your home more individual and unique is bead curtains!

How to hang?

Tastefully selected beaded curtains will harmoniously look in any stylistic direction of the interior. In order to prevent strands from too light beads from flapping with a slight draft, you can stretch the wire through the lower beads and fasten them together. An alternative option would be to add weights – heavy beads.

Sometimes hanging filament curtains on the door, you have to face the fact that over time they intertwine with each other and it is not so easy to unravel them. Beaded curtains attract the attention of children, which can confuse the curtain. The same applies to pets, which are unlikely to disregard such a mobile and rustling accessory..

You should not rush to resolve the issue, because an accidental break will lead to even more trouble. The bundle of threads should be visually divided into parts, and unraveling should be started from the top..

You need to act slowly, tying each untangled section with a string so that it does not get tangled again.

Interior options

Beaded curtains are a personalized and stylish accessory. They are able to breathe life into any room and emphasize the dignity of the interior. Selected beads – large wooden or colored glass, earthenware or cork, add a special flavor to the atmosphere. We bring to your attention various options for curtains made of beads in the interior:

  • A striking example of ethnic-style curtains.
  • Girl’s bedroom decorated with crystal curtains.
  • Stylish way to decorate a sofa on a windowsill.

  • Crystal curtains in the living room of a minimalist style.
  • Stylish solution for decorating a niche.

Next, see a master class on making curtains from beads.

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