How to choose curtains?

How to choose curtains?

Today it is almost impossible to imagine a living space without curtains. It immediately loses comfort and harmony. The correct choice of curtains for the home determines the overall composition of the style of the interior and the comfort of living in it..

What it is?

The first curtains appeared on the territory of present-day Georgia 34 thousand years ago. Then there lived some Arab peoples who came up with the idea to hang the empty window space from the sun with ropes of flax.

Nowadays, a curtain is not just a piece of fabric. This is a whole art. What are the rich palette of colors and dozens of types of models?.

The curtains can not only move in different directions, but also roll up or gather in delicate soft folds into a small canvas.


Window curtains can be made of either fine fibers or dense fabrics. Translucent tulle adds elegance and lightness to the room, and dense curtains slightly shade it.

Combinations of fabrics and decorative embellishments give rise to truly fabulous curtains. A wide selection of bows, ribbons, decorative ribbons and various eyelets allows you to make artistic experiments even in the most inconspicuous small rooms.

Many people think that single models look too modest. But there are options for roller blinds, Roman or Austrian, which in their appearance overshadow massive multilayer compositions..


Window space design is a whole art. Window type, lighting, colors, interior – all this affects the choice of a certain type of curtain.


The most popular version of curtains is a tandem of two canvases made from different fabrics. The first layer is spacious curtains made of thin materials (voile or chiffon), completely enveloping the window space. And the second – thick curtains, framing the transparent fabric along the edges. The classic version of curtains is appropriate in any type of room.

Various attachments of canvases give the classics an unusual look and literally change the space before our eyes. For example, a lambrequin makes curtains visually more massive, but at the same time more chic. A room with small ceilings does not withstand such a design. Therefore, lambrequins are appropriate only in large halls..

Decorative ties and loops add orderliness and discreet luxury to the curtain composition..

A simple and stylish model from the category of classic tailoring – a curtain on the drawstring. Holes are immediately made in the canvas, which can be easily threaded into the cornice.

Metal or plastic eyelets are suitable for classic living room or bedroom options. Eyelets transform ordinary curtains into a modern element of the window interior.


Scallop curtains are made of a material that is gathered in horizontal folds using lacing. When the curtains are down, they are almost invisible. Soft drapery along the hem is the hallmark of this model.

Austrian canvases are made from shiny fabrics: silk, polyester, veils. The latter adds amazing lightness and airiness to the interior of the room. Curtains go well with the design of living rooms or bedrooms.


At first glance, they look like Austrian curtains. But here light waves are present only on the upper part of the canvas. The drapery is created using a ribbon or braid. If the curtains are in a raised state, then the material descends in light folds, which form semicircular waves at the bottom..

The composition fits perfectly into the kitchen. Romanesque curtains, barely touching the windowsill, open the lower part of the window. They do not clutter up the space, but at the same time make it very effective. Patterns, ornaments and color combinations allow curtains to be used in different interior styles.


London curtains are lined up in a soft cascade. Their lower frill, when raised, is shaped like a New Year’s garland..

In the design of such curtains, you can find various patterns stylized in the English manner: a Scottish cage, vertical stripes, small flowers on chintz fabric and huge roses.

Curtains of the English type do not protect well from the sun, but they look great on small, deep-set windows. They usually decorate the kitchen, bathroom and hallway..


Such structures are erected in a large window space. The curtains are pulled diagonally to the cornice, forming a semi-arch. The rings are mounted on the seamy side of the curtains. It is through them that the cords are threaded.

The upper part of the canvases is connected, so it is impossible to move them completely apart in different directions. The track cornice perfectly fixes the composition, which is ideal for rooms with high ceilings and large windows.


The name of the composition fully reflects the type of curtains. They gather at the top and bottom of the drawstring. Then they are pulled over round rods. In the middle, the curtain is pulled together with a decorative garter, ribbon or cord.

The model will look harmoniously with windows that have several sashes. In a small window space, such curtains look tasteless and cheap. The design is universal in its performance. It is appropriate for both baroque and country.

Japanese (photocurtains)

These are straight rectangular curtains that resemble an inverted TV screen or sofa bedspreads cut into several parts. Sliding canvases keep their shape well and easily move along the cornice due to rigid inserts.

In Japan, such curtains are used not only as protection from the sun’s rays, but also as a partition for dividing the interior space. Materials do not have to be dense. Photo cloths are often made of fine calico or silk..


Roller shutter is a woven fabric that is wound on a round shaft and hidden in a special cassette compartment on the upper part of the sash.

With the help of a special mechanism, the curtains can be lowered to the required level and fixed. This design makes it possible to adjust the lighting level of the room. Blinds are often made of dense BlackOut fabric, which completely blocks the flow of light..


Such curtains are selected with great precision to the size of the window opening. They hide the space and perfectly protect from the prying eyes of passers-by. There is a contrasting fabric tape on the upper part of the canvases.

There may be a weighting material at the bottom of the curtains to help collect them in a roll. If there is no weighting agent, then the curtains look wrinkled and sloppy..

For the design of Chinese curtains, multicolor translucent veil or silk materials are used. But for darkening, it is best to give preference to coarse felt fabrics. These models cannot be combined with other curtains..


These horizontal blinds are mounted on a special structure that is adjustable in length with a cord, chain or electric drive. The pleated curtain rolls up and becomes almost invisible.

Such a model can almost completely darken the room or create the effect of semi-darkness. The dense BlackOut fabric absorbs sunlight. It is impregnated with a special solution, thanks to which the canvas does not fade and repels water.

The curtains in the hall can be complemented by pleated curtains so that on sunny days the level of comfort in the room does not fall. In the case of a combination with other curtains, it is worth giving preference to plain pleated models so as not to overload the color palette..


Such curtains are not particularly popular in universal interiors due to their extravagant look. They are made from thin threads or beads. Even on beveled openings, for which it is very difficult to choose curtains, you can try on rope models.

So that the threads do not interfere during cleaning, they can be easily removed to one side and secured either with a special crab or with a rope made of small beads. The design creates a bohemian image in the interior, applicable not only for windows, but also for doorways. Rope curtains zone the space and sometimes replace transparent tulle.


When choosing curtains, you should pay special attention to fabrics. Their quality is the guarantor of comfort for the residents of the house..


This is a blended fabric. The curtains from it are quite dense. Natural fibers in the composition make it easy to make soft drapery. And thanks to synthetic fibers, the material is easy to stain.

The design of veil canvases is very diverse: floral and geometric ornaments, embossed small patterns, photographs. The shades in the color palette are also varied and are presented for every taste. The veil is great for any space.


Mixed fibers are also present here. The amount of synthetic materials exceeds natural ones. Therefore, curtains made of such fabric are not recommended to be hung in the bedroom, especially in the children’s room. When heated, organza melts and releases phenol-formaldehyde substances that are hazardous to health.

In addition, these curtains do not allow air to pass through well and provide little protection from the flow of sunlight. But in combination with thick curtains, they are well suited for halls..

Organza requires little maintenance. It is very easy to clean and dries quickly even at room temperature..


This natural fabric perfectly conditions the air and sets off the room. Translucent thin canvases are hung in children’s rooms, halls and kitchens.

Linen fibers are also present in burlap curtains, they are slightly denser than standard models. They can be used as a shade curtain in the living room or alone in the bedroom..

The material in operation is completely safe, but in terms of care, it is somewhat whimsical. Small folds are not smoothed out without steaming, and washing in hot water instantly leads to a planting of the fabric. This must be taken into account in advance, so that in six months the luxurious linen curtains do not turn into an unsightly-looking curtain..


Silk is also a natural material. But it is often added to blended synthetic fibers. From such fabric, both transparent and dense canvases are obtained.. The choice of this or that density depends on the type of room. For example, it is better to buy thin air curtains in the hall so that they can be combined with thick curtains. It is recommended to frame the sleeping window with thick silk for a comfortable sleep and rest.

The fabric is easy to clean. It is perfectly ironed and, if desired, lends itself to drapery. Special impregnation on the curtains will protect households from insects. The only negative is that the material quickly fades in sunny rooms. Therefore, when buying such curtains, you should pay attention to the additional lining..


It never goes out of style. This natural fabric is suitable for any design and type of room. It recreates the natural atmosphere in the room and adds freshness..

Satin curtains are made of cotton, which look good in the opening of sleeping windows. The color palette of the curtains is gorgeous. The abundance of colors, patterns and designs on the canvases makes it possible to play with styles and combinations of fabric compositions that do not even complement other decorative elements.


Blackout curtains are usually made of flock. It is an almost completely synthetic material made from recycled fibers, wool and cotton. TOLei used to handle curtains is unsafe, so do not put curtains on windows in a children’s room.

Thin fabric also protects from the sun, as well as thick fabric, but it does not look as elegant. In addition, volumetric patterns are made on a dense flock due to the thick pile. The soft material is very beautiful.


Fashion and designers bring new ideas to the interior every year. But they are all based on well-known design styles, each of which has its own individual characteristics..


This style will never be a thing of the past. It concentrates chic, harmony and traditions that have been formed over the centuries. The most exquisite materials carry the spirit of the classics of ancient times and modern trends. Kiseya, velvet and silk are the main trio of this genre.

Any type of window and room allows a classic style. Arched openings are framed with curtains with lambrequins and tassels. Triangular windows welcome single compositions in translucent silk. Curtain colors range from flesh tones to deep browns.


Free spirit, simplicity and fashion combined in an elegant style that came from the West. Overloaded space is the enemy of minimalism. Therefore, there are no patterns, prints and drawings on the curtains. Solid color palette is the main point in conveying the true color of the style.

Very often curtains are made of cotton or linen. These fabrics of delicate colors look inconspicuous, rather ascetic. For burnt rooms, light vertical drapery is allowed. Dense monochromatic fabrics of non-flashy warm shades adorn the half-empty room of the apartment.


The South of France gave the world the rustic Provence style. He has incorporated all decorative elements to create comfort and harmony..

The short length of the canvases is the main feature of the style. But cascading models are also welcome. Small pleats and ribbons will enhance the design of the spirit of the French countryside.

Patterned colorful curtains are undoubtedly combined with other interior elements: wallpaper, bedspreads, furniture. Without this, the style will be unrecognizable and tasteless..


Modernity broke into the design world also from France. The bohemian Parisian style admired European fashionistas at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today it has become even more popular and versatile in performance than a century ago..

The mess of lines, fabrics, patterns looks as harmonious as the chaos of fantasy can afford. Several curtains can be randomly thrown on top of each other and fastened with a single tape.

Curtains are wrapped around the top or bottom. The main thing is that in modern style there are layering and drapery without contrasts. The color palette in any design is used from one range of shades.


This style is more of a decorative function than a practical one.. Curtains in the Chinese interpretation do not particularly protect from the sun, they scatter the rays with soft shadows. Air light curtains use a very simple cut and design. There are no lambrequins, bows and velvet tassels here. But the outward asceticism does not negate the fact that the curtains are made of expensive materials: silk and rice fibers..

In width, the canvases do not go beyond the window opening, and in length they do not fall below the level of the window sill. Several curtains are attached to a single curtain rod made of metal or wood.


This style is bright and unusual. Looks great in southern rooms. The combination of blues and whites adds freshness and the timeless presence of summer to the atmosphere..

The dense coarse fabric in a nautical style is very colorful. It is decorated with felt loops in the eyelets and a lace-up girth.

The bedroom has draped white curtains of dense texture. And in the living room, dark blue curtains with light stripes are most appropriate..

Ideas and examples in the interior

To avoid imbalance, the canvases should be in harmony with other details of the interior of the house. The general trend speaks of a combination of curtains with furniture, bedspreads and sometimes wallpaper..

A smooth transition from the color of the walls to the shade of the curtains is achieved by choosing one ruler from the color palette. The main thing is to maintain a balance, because exact copying of patterns and ornaments sometimes looks piled up and cheap..

  • The kitchen space allows you to experiment with the length of the curtains. ZBoth long and short options are appropriate here. In terms of colors and patterns, there are also no special restrictions, the selection is carried out within the framework of the chosen style.

  • Sleeping space requires much more coziness and comfort than other rooms.. Here, the most suitable are pastel shades of curtains without ornaments and prints, which once again excite the mind..

  • The living room is a great platform for designers’ fantasies. Possible as a tandem of multilayer materials of different densities, and single compositions in the form of dense BlackOut fabrics or translucent veils, framed on top with lambrequins.

  • Curtains for two windows must have a cut in the middle for convenience. Such canvases are very original today. Bow pleat along the entire length complements the chic look well.

  • Non-standard curtains are made for triangular dormer windows. They are hung without a cornice on a special fishing line..

  • Stylish options can be selected not only for living rooms, but also for the entrance area.. The canvases in the corridor are made of transparent lightweight materials. In length, they barely touch the windowsill. With the help of tapes from tapes, they are fixed to the wall so that during the day the sunlight illuminates the room..

  • For bathrooms, manufacturers have come up with special curtains that have a water-repellent texture.. As a rule, these are roller blinds with a manual mechanism. Unusual models are presented in the form of photo curtains or wooden canvases.

A color scheme

To choose the right color for the curtains, you need to take into account the possible combination with adjacent decorative elements and the place of the canvases in the interior composition (background or bright accent), as well as their functionality.

Neutral shades of white, beige, gray and black colors will suit any design and style. Minimalism is entirely based on such a palette..

If the wallpaper is almost tone-on-tone with the curtains, it means that the designer wanted to unite the space, make it more homely and cozy. But it is not recommended to copy patterns and ornaments, so as not to burden the room..

Dark shades make the room smaller. Dark burgundy colors in small apartments look heavy and gloomy. It is more prudent to add them to large halls with high ceilings..

Playing with contrasts is a bold decision that completely reshapes the strict design. Here, nude shades border on a rich range. For example, peach tulle in tandem with orange curtains will create a strong energy in the atmosphere of the living room. And blue curtains with white stripes will perfectly fit into the marine theme.

Two-tone curtains with a pattern – a risky step in a design idea. A combination of such shades must be duplicated either on furniture or on bedspreads, otherwise such a model will seem foreign in the interior..

Manufacturers overview

There is a wide selection of curtains on the textile market. High-quality and beautiful models can be found in Belarusian, Turkish and Russian factories. We present the rating of the most popular manufacturers of window decoration:

  • Aco Textile. These Turkish curtains are appreciated for their high quality and affordable prices. A factory in Istanbul has been making excellent curtains for 35 years, which are snapped up all over the world. The most popular model is lightweight Turkish tulle. There are models made in the European manner, and there are purely oriental versions of curtains in red and gold colors with shiny patterns.

  • Belshtor. In 2014, the Belarusian production of the Grekov Sisters Manufactory entered the Russian markets and has already managed to prove itself well. The factory accepts individual single orders and coordinates even the smallest details with the customer. The price category of products ranges from budget to luxury models. The company works only with mixed synthetic fabrics: voile, jacquard and soft.

  • Togas. This Russian subsidiary is originally from Greece. You can find curtains of any style and style at the factory. The height of the canvases can be selected individually. Here, even classic monochromatic models look very elegant and expensive. The cost of products varies depending on the complexity of the style, color scheme and the length of the curtains. On the manufacturer’s website, you can also immediately pick up accessories and bedspreads for the style of curtains..


To determine the desired length of curtains, you need to focus on the type of window space, lighting options and the overall design of the room..

Short curtains are mainly suitable for horizontal, deep-set windows. A small room with them will become even cozier and more harmonious. This length is appropriate in the kitchen or bedroom, made in the style of Provence or country..

The average footage should be used with caution in the interior. Open curtains of this kind can look messy and too simple. Therefore, single models should be discarded. The combination with ribbons and bows will perfectly decorate the living room in the Art Nouveau or Neoclassicism style..

Floor-length canvases will always look good. Arched or French window openings with long curtains look even more majestic and organic. Thick curtains and sheer tulle that gently descends to the floor – a classic timeless design option.


Curtains by themselves have no practical use if you do not add complementary elements to them. Decorative details, of course, also belong here. But it is worth considering the technical side of the window space design..

Layered curtains are difficult to fit on a standard single-row curtain rod. To do this, use a plastic ceiling bus. It is mounted in the ceiling with a drill using metal dowels. Unlike the cornice, this design is more reliable..

In roller blinds, special attention should be paid not so much to the fabric as to the components. Because the life and safety of the product will depend on the quality of these parts..

Manual curtains have guides on the sides that adjust the length of the curtain. Electric shutters are more expensive than standard shutters, but easier to operate, especially in rooms with a large number of windows. It is enough to press a button on the remote control, and the rollers instantly fit into the cassette compartment at the top.

For Chinese curtains, a weighting agent is always made. Without it, lightweight materials wrinkle and roll unevenly, so that sunlight seeps into the room..

How to choose?

Before choosing curtains for your home, you should consider their functionality, the age category of the tenants of the apartment and the specific style of the interior..

The atmosphere of the bedroom is shrouded in silence and order, so there should be nothing distracting in it. Classic curtains made of BlackOut fabric in combination with democratic roller shutters will well darken the room in the early morning, and add a slight twilight in the afternoon. The small window allows for curtains with vertical blinds. Only if the windows are plastic, then bamboo and linen fibers should be avoided in decorating curtains..

Children’s room can be decorated with photo curtains or a translucent veil with bright prints.

The kitchen requires functionality more than other spaces in the house. Curtains must have an antistatic effect and be impregnated with dust-repellent agents. Cafe curtains, horizontal blinds or Roman curtains are appropriate here..

Long curtains with multi-layer tulle are hung on panoramic or arched windows in the hall. Austrian canvases or roller shutters can be mounted on the corner window.

In the attic, as a rule, the window is narrow or triangular. Therefore, there you need to buy non-standard roller blinds or short tailored curtains..

In the hallway, choose short or medium canvases that do not touch the floor. They are usually made of synthetic fabrics that keep dust and dirt out..

You will find tips on choosing curtains in the video below..

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