How to choose tulle?

Window design is an important process for organizing the interior of a room. Most often, attention is paid to him at the final stage of the arrangement of the room in order to choose truly harmonious curtains and curtains. But the choice of tulle itself sometimes becomes a big problem, because it should be not only beautiful, but also functional. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to take into account many nuances..

What it is?

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not know what tulle is. Everyone associates it with a translucent lightweight canvas made of thin threads of cotton, polyester, silk, etc..

The name of this fabric first appeared in France in the city of Tulle. Initially, it was supposed to be designed so that from one side everything was perfectly visible, while from the other it would be possible to distinguish only common features. Weavers of the city of Tulle were able to fulfill this requirement in a short time..

Since the 19th century, tulle fabric has become quite famous, which made it possible to use it for decoration of premises and even for sewing clothes..

Nowadays, tulle is produced using special machines, whereas in past centuries, craftsmen worked on its creation by hand. The canvas itself is made from cotton or silk threads. Different machines and threads are used for each type of product.

To get a high-quality and beautiful tulle, you need it to go through several stages of production: preparation of threads, creation of fabric and finishing.


Tulle fabrics can be divided into several types. Each of them has unique properties and characteristics that other fabrics do not have..


Organzait is a thin, airy and transparent fabric consisting of natural material (silk) and synthetic fibers. Polyester or viscose can play the role of synthetics, but most often they still prefer the first option..

To make organza, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, because the technology itself is quite difficult and requires several sessions of special processing of the fabric. It is for these reasons that the cost of the fabric is quite high, but it fully justifies itself. High quality and decorative properties make organza in demand among all segments of the population..

The lightness and transparency of the material does not affect its elasticity and strength. Such curtains are durable and have a long service life..

Modern production focuses on making a wide variety of organza. So, it can be one-color, patterned, matte, shiny, colored, with a pattern, etc. Recently, a chameleon fabric has appeared, which is able to change its color at different angles and under different lighting

The peculiarity of organza is its transparency and lightness, as well as the possibility of combining it with many curtain fabrics. It is resistant to dust, so it does not need frequent washing and does not affect the health of the residents in any way.. And even the constant exposure of the material to the sun does not affect its brightness and appearance..

Despite a lot of positive qualities, organza still has some drawbacks. For example, if puffs or other defects appear on it, then it will be impossible to fix them..

For this reason, you should not purchase this type of tulle for a house with small children or playful pets..


Veil is a translucent fabric with a matte surface that is smooth. The dense structure of the veil is able to hide minor flaws in the repair of the room, for example, made when decorating walls or a window opening. It will also help to hide the impartial view outside the window from the eyes..

Usually, a veil is used to darken a room. This is especially important for those rooms that are on the sunny side.. You can use it as an independent window decoration without adding thick curtains..

The veil is soft and pliable, so it lends itself well to processing. It can be formed in any available way of draping curtains..

If we talk about the disadvantages of the veil, then we can note its tendency to electrify. It is for this reason that the fabric easily collects dust and gets dirty quickly..

Washing stains on such a canvas will become a real problem, so it will not be suitable for decorating a kitchen window..

Another disadvantage of veils is that they fade quickly. Long exposure to the sun will cause the fabric to lose its decorative properties. First, the shine will disappear, and then the drawing will fade..

Tulle mesh

Mesh tulle has become more and more popular lately due to its lightness and transparency. The mesh can be made up of large or small loops, which can be woven from natural or synthetic threads. Usually, mesh tulle is used to complement the design of the window and play a supporting role. In exceptional cases, it is used as an independent design..

The mesh can be of any color and pattern. It can also be decorated with lace, sequins and beads, which allows you to hang it even in the living room.. The only drawback of the mesh is its ability to collect dust. But this only applies to the microgrid – large cells are better air-permeable and less prone to contamination.


Gas is the interweaving of warp threads with weft threads in such a way that they do not become dense and form a space between them. This weaving method allows you to get a delicate and translucent fabric..

Initially, the gauze cloth was created from silk threads. It had a plain or patterned surface with or without embroidery. Today, viscose and polyester are used for the manufacture of gauze tulle, which significantly saves the budget of buyers..

There are several subspecies of gas: gas-rice, gas-marabou and gas-illusion. They all differ in weaving technique and thread thickness. In addition to the two main types of tulle, 3D photo tulle can also be attributed to them. Using a special technology, a drawing is applied to the canvas, which is distinguished by its realism.. The photo tulle is able to hide the imperfections of the window and the area around it due to the huge image.

The shape of the curtain also differs depending on its purpose. Long straight curtains are usually used to decorate hall windows, and tulle-arch is traditionally hung in the kitchen. By the method of hanging, you can distinguish curtains that are attached to rings, hinges or eyelets..

Eyelets are ideal for a room that has access to a loggia or balcony. They are easy to push apart, after which they quickly return to their original position..

Fashion design trends

The variety of shapes and colors of tulle curtains allows you to decorate any interior with them. If the room does not have a specific style, then it can be decorated with a curtain of any color. Of course, white will never lose its relevance, so it can be combined with any decoration and furniture..

If the windows in the living room have complex elements, then a veil is suitable for them. It can be used as the main material, or it can consist of several elements.. Long pleated tulle veil for a luxurious feel.

A beautiful curtain with guipure inserts is necessary to emphasize the sophistication of the living room..

Modern style will emphasize a dense textured curtain, while Country style will be decorated with light cotton tulle.

If the room is decorated in the Provence style, then it will be complemented by a French net tulle.

But for the Classics, tulle with a lambrequin will be the ideal solution. It can have a wide variety of shapes: waves, semicircles, folds, folds, etc. The main thing to consider is that if the space is large, then the lambrequin can have several complex elements.

To smooth out a bright and rich interior, you need to use light tulle curtains. These can be shades of beige, white and pink. The product can be decorated with patterns or subtle ornaments to add zest to light curtains. In recent years, curtains with stripes or with large flowers at the bottom of the canvas began to go out of fashion..

But the photo curtain, on the contrary, is only welcome. But it can only be used in modern interiors..

Now in fashion are light mesh curtains that are hung over heavy curtains.. It is important that all elements are in the same color scheme, differ only by one or two tones. In this case, the length of the canvases can be such as to reach the floor or lie down a little on the floor..


Initially, tulle fabrics were made only from natural materials, but now artificial fibers are also used..

Previously, all products were created by hand. For this, the craftsmen used cotton and silk threads. Silk is an expensive material, so not all buyers can afford it. For this reason, modern tulle can be composed of polyester and polyamide fibers, and sometimes polypropylene, polyamide and polyester threads..

Now the tulle fabric has a democratic value without losing its unique properties:

  • Most popular with buyers nylon curtain outwardly similar to silk. It has a soft structure, transparency and lightness. But nylon is much stronger than silk, and besides, it is resistant to dust collection, fading in the sun and loss of shape. It does not need washing – you can simply rinse it by hand, shake it off of the water and immediately hang it on the curtain.

  • The most expensive is considered jacquard tulle, especially if natural materials are used in its creation. But you can find a more affordable canvas, consisting of polyester and polypropylene..

  • Tulle fabric has been known for two centuries. It is an airy and weightless fabric made of nylon threads in a mesh weave.

  • Does not lose its relevance and linen tulle. True, in its pure form, it does not have dimensional stability, therefore, modern factories produce linen fabric using lavsan and silk threads. This combination adds shine and elasticity to the fabric..

  • Openwork tulle made of synthetic fibers is increasingly used to decorate windows. The lace texture of the canvas can add sophistication and a sense of luxury to even a modest room..

Color solutions

Modern tulle can have any color and texture, which allows you to choose the best option to complement the interior:

  • The most common is white tulle with patterns or lace. It is used in cases where the room does not have a specific style or the entire space is made in light shades. White curtains allow maximum sunlight to enter the room.
  • And here black curtain used with extreme caution and in exceptional cases. After all, black is capable of absorbing light, and therefore is suitable for very bright rooms. The combination of black and light curtains will minimize the negative impact of black, which will play into the hands of the visual perception of space.

  • It will look very interesting green color on windows in a rustic or eco-style.
  • Red curtain it is used exclusively in combination with a contrasting color, which will smooth out its brightness. Red will be appropriate in the interior, which will have a few red accents..

  • Multicolored curtain will decorate the children’s room, because the rainbow will not leave any child indifferent. A curtain with multi-colored stripes will become a highlight of the children’s space.
  • Beige and brown fabric it will look appropriate in a classic style. But lilac or purple will decorate a room in the Provence style..
  • Adding airiness to the room will help turquoise curtain with snow-white patterns. And the yellow fabric will revive the space.

The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the surrounding objects, so their choice directly depends on the environment..

How to choose?

When choosing a tulle, you need to consider their future location:

  • So, for living room saturated colors and complex patterns are suitable, while for a bedroom it is better to select fabrics in bed colors. A veil or gas is ideal for a bedroom, but organza can be used with great care and only in combination with heavy curtains..

  • For kitchen a short, lightweight curtain such as micro mesh or polyester tulle will do. It can be decorated with images of berries, fruits, kitchen utensils and pets..

  • To the children’s room you need to select environmentally friendly materials that must have wear resistance and the ability to keep shape. It is imperative that such curtains allow light and air to pass through, but not collect dust. Therefore, organza or mesh curtains with the addition of cotton fiber should be hung on the window of the children’s room..

Polyamide synthetic curtains are not able to withstand frequent exposure to direct sunlight, so they need to be hung from the shady side.

  • For families with small children well suited kristalon – a kind of organza, which is made from polyester, nylon or nylon threads. It is a thin and soft material with high elasticity and resistance to dirt. It does not have to be washed, you can simply rinse it in warm water.

In order for a little sunlight to enter the room, you need to purchase curtains with large and voluminous patterns.

How to match to wallpaper?

It is important to choose curtains for a room, given the color of its walls. The colors of the walls and curtains should not be the same, so that they do not merge together in visual perception. It is best if the color of the curtains differs by several tones. Smooth color transitions will emphasize the feeling of home comfort.

In the bedroom, you can not use too bright wallpaper and curtains. It is best to pick up the tulle of the shade that is in the wallpaper pattern.. Thus, you can get a holistic and harmonious room..

Often, several curtains are used to decorate windows at once. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to choose them so that one of them repeats the color of the walls..

The combination of several different colors will help create a unique room design. For example, snow-white tulle and black curtains will look good against gray walls. To make the window stand out from the rest of the interior elements, you need to use bright curtains or patterned tulle. But saturated colors can visually compress the space, so the room should have an abundance of light tones..

It is fashionable to use contrasting colors in modern design. You can use red or black curtains against white or gray walls. Gray walls and yellow curtains or pink wallpaper and blue tulle go well with each other.

How long should it be?

In addition to the selection of fabric and accessories, you need to correctly calculate the length of the product. The microclimate of the room and its general appearance will depend on this:

  • The most common curtains have length with an indent of 50-60 mm from the floor. They are less susceptible to pollution, and therefore are considered quite practical. But this choice is relevant only if the ceiling height is approximately 3 meters..

  • Traditional curtains have floor length. They will help to visually increase the height of the room, but to install them you will have to level the ceiling.
  • Long tulle has a length, exceeding the ceiling height by 10 cm. This option will give the room luxury and comfort. But long curtains collect too much dirt and need frequent washing.
  • Curtains up to the ceiling intended for the kitchen or bathroom and have increased practicality, since they are less prone to pollution.

To correctly calculate the length of the tulle, you need to measure the distance from the floor to the curtain. Depending on the type of mounts, add or subtract a few centimeters from the material. It is important to add a couple of centimeters to the allowances at the top and bottom of the fabric..

You need to buy tulle with a small margin in order to change the style if necessary.

Examples in the interior

Modern models of curtains should be made in the style of Minimalism, High-tech and Scandinavian. All of them personify laconism and practicality in the design of the space. Their task is not only to create a stylish design, but also to provide coziness and comfort in the room..

Designers advise using complex curtains in the design of windows in the bedroom.. This is necessary in order to be able to darken the room at any time. An example of brevity and simplicity can be considered white tulle in combination with dense dark curtains..

Modern Neoclassicism is decorated with straight curtains made of high quality fabric. In a room with a balcony block and narrow windows, a combination of fabric blinds and straight curtains looks beautiful.

White curtains on the floor will help to visually enlarge the room. And in combination with dense monochromatic curtains, tied up with laces, they will decorate a calm room..

About what kind of tulle is now in fashion, as well as the features of its choice, see the next video.

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