Roman curtains

In creating a stylish, modern, and most importantly, cozy interior, every detail is important. Therefore, the framing of the window opening must be approached no less responsibly than the choice of furniture. After all, the comfort and harmony in the room depends on how harmoniously the curtains, blinds or curtains fit into it. Roman blinds are considered one of the best solutions for completing interior decoration. They help create an atmosphere of comfort.

Design feature

Roman shades have recently become very popular among designers and ordinary people. Thanks to their simple design and ease of maintenance, they compete with other types of window openings. The device is very simple: a one-piece fabric cloth, into which special strips are sewn at regular intervals. It is they who form beautiful folds when lifting the canvas..

The fittings are necessary for fixing the product on the window and for direct control of its position.

There are rings on the side, through which a decorative cord is stretched. By pulling on it, you can lower or raise the curtain, fixing it at the desired level. When the canvas is lowered, it fits snugly against the window, thereby protecting the room from sunlight or prying eyes. The lifted canvas folds in a cascade, which gives originality to the interior of the room.

Nowadays, you can find a large assortment of different models of Roman blinds: with fringes, tassels, an original bottom edge and even with a remote control.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the peculiarities of their design, Roman blinds have a large number of advantages:

  • Stylish design. A wide variety of colors and designs allows you to find models for any room. You can choose products from dense or translucent materials, with or without drawings.

  • Simple structure that can be easily assembled and placed. The curtains can be attached to the ceiling, walls or the windows themselves, depending on your desire.

  • Ease of management. Depending on the model, to open or close it, you need to pull the lace or press a button on the remote.

  • Saving space. Since a Roman blind is a piece of canvas that takes up little space, it will not take up much useful space either when folded or unfolded..

  • Good protection. The canvas protects from the penetration of sunlight, which can fade pieces of furniture. With such products, you can be sure that prying eyes from the street will not disturb your peace. In addition, you can adjust the light level as you wish..

  • Ease of maintenance. The canvas collects a little dust and dirt, so wiping it down with a rag is enough to clean it. To clean it more thoroughly (for example, wash it), you just need to remove the canvas from the eaves. There are curtains impregnated with a special compound that repels dirt..

  • Functionality. Roman blinds can be used not only for creating a cozy interior of living rooms, but also for decorating bars, hotels and offices. It is possible to use curtains with other types of window decor.

  • Laconic form and beautiful geometry will add originality to any interior.

  • Possibility of custom-made to fit your windows.

  • Affordable price. Roman blinds cost an order of magnitude less than classic fabric curtain models.

There are few disadvantages of these curtains, but, nevertheless, they are:

  • If you need to look out the window, you will need to raise the curtain.

  • In order to open the window wide open, the canvas will also need to be fully raised..

  • It takes more time to open a Roman shade than to open a sliding.



Structurally, Roman blinds are simple and understandable to absolutely anyone.. But there are some varieties of this piece of furniture, which differ from each other in the way of execution:

  • Rope. This type is characterized by the use of a transparent or translucent canvas, that is, very light materials that a rope structure can easily withstand. The ropes can be quite simple to control the position of the curtains..

  • Rotary chain. This type of construction is in many ways similar to blinds, especially in terms of the principle of operation. One has only to pull on the string, and it will activate the pivot shaft and rotor blocks, thereby setting the entire mechanism in motion. This system is very durable and therefore can withstand not only light translucent canvases, but also dense heavy fabrics and even tapestries..

  • Combined. This type is used when the design involves the use of several different types of fabrics or a double curtain is installed. In this case, several rotor-chain structures can be used together with rope or a complex of one type.

  • Elementary. It is not often used, since it does not have a sufficient safety margin and therefore its service life is very short. However, these disadvantages are offset by the relatively low cost. The design includes ropes and planks tied together.

In addition to these differences, there is also a division according to the type of curtain control..

In most cases, control is carried out manually, but there is a kind of curtains, which are controlled remotely using the remote control. With remote control, an electrically operated mechanism is provided that raises or lowers the curtains.

The next type of classification is the classification by the type of folds.. In this case, the curtains are divided into two types:

  • Classic. This is the most common type. When the canvas is lifted, it overlaps each other, forming folds. Classic curtains will look great in any interior.

  • Cascading. In this case, a little more canvas is used than for the classic ones. When the curtains are raised, beautiful folds are formed, which fit perfectly into the romantic style of the interior..

Choice of fabric

Roman blinds are not only a beautiful and stylish piece of furniture, but also very economical. Since a small amount of fabric is needed for the curtain, their sewing will not be expensive either. You can choose even very expensive fabrics to create curtains, because you will need it much less than curtains or curtains..

These curtains can be single or double. Double curtains made of thick fabrics should be chosen if you want to cover the windows from the sunny side. The first layer of linen will protect the base fabric from exposure to sunlight and hence from fading. Single curtains are suitable for darkened rooms where the sun is infrequent. Basically, these are light fabrics with patterns, transparent or translucent. They can be made from tulle, organza.

Today you can find Roman shades from the following materials:

  • Jacquard Is a dense fabric woven from various threads. It has a beautiful texture and original ornament. This fabric is well suited for sunny rooms..
  • Organza – a slightly harsh lightweight synthetic material that will look great in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Tulle – soft, transparent, thin, airy material, somewhat reminiscent of a mesh.
  • Blackout – multilayer dense fabric that prevents the penetration of sunlight into the room. Can be made with different patterns and in any color.
  • “Day Night” – these are curtains made of two materials: transparent and dense. They allow you to adjust the level of light in the room.
  • Viscose Is a fairly dense fabric that will bring a touch of originality to any interior.

  • Linen – natural eco-friendly fabric. Curtains made of such canvas are perfect for any bedroom or living room interior. It is better not to use linen curtains for the kitchen, because the linen will absorb odors. This fabric should be washed, dried and ironed very carefully so as not to spoil it..
  • Cotton – natural fabric, very often used for Roman blinds. Cotton curtains create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. These curtains are perfect even for children’s rooms, but like linen, they do not need to be hung in the kitchen. With frequent washing, the fabric loses its appearance.
  • Bamboo – another natural material. Bamboo curtains are very functional and perfectly protect the room from sunlight. Modern design and a wide range of colors allows you to find curtains for every taste.
  • Synthetics – this is the best option for kitchens. The canvas does not absorb odors, repels dirt. These fabrics are easy to care for.

Mounting methods

The mechanism of Roman blinds is very simple, so the installation of this system does not create any difficulties. Plastic windows take on an original look with them. The curtains can be installed on any window, on the wall or even on the ceiling. The curtain fabric is attached to the cornice with a special adhesive tape. Velcro-free linens are comfortable and functional. The advantage of Roman blinds is their installation without drilling..

When choosing a canvas, consider the size and shape of the window so that their parameters match. There are several options for attaching curtains:

  • On the sash of the window. In this case, curtains are purchased according to the number of sashes. The windowsill remains free. You can open each canvas separately, adjusting the supply of light into the room. The open canvas is fixed with magnets on the frame.

  • To the top of the frame. One canvas is purchased across the width of the window, that is, all the sashes are closed at once. The windowsill remains freely available. Of the minuses of this method, one can note the complexity that arises when it is necessary to air or open a window..

  • On the wall above the window opening. This option is preferable if there is a window on the window. The canvas is attached to the wall or ceiling. The curtain covers the entire window opening, but does not interfere with the opening or closing of the window.

  • Into the window opening. In this case, the canvas is attached to the frame or the glass itself. When the fabric is lowered, it fits snugly against the glass, providing reliable protection from sunlight. This method of fastening is good when the window opening is additionally decorated with curtains or lambrequins, the main thing is to choose them in the same style.

To find a suitable curtain, you need to measure the width and height of the window in three places: at the bottom, in the center and at the top..

Features of application in various rooms

Roman blinds are a versatile solution for any interior. They will perfectly fit into any style of rooms, regardless of the size of the room. They have very small dimensions when assembled, so they do not require much space. In addition, when installing on a frame or in a window opening, you do not need to hang a cornice, which will be a big plus for a small room. To make each room as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to select Roman blinds, knowing some of the nuances of their use in each case..

Curtains in the bedroom should help to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for a person, to have a rest.

Roman blinds will help create a suitable environment by darkening the room and creating a pleasant twilight at any time of the day. For a small room, you can purchase a not too dense canvas, since a small amount of sunlight can visually increase the area of ​​the room and provide an easier awakening in the morning.. Choosing the right curtain color for the bedroom, you should not rely on the color of the bedspreads or the bedding set, and here’s why:

  • If you prefer bright colors of bedding, then colorful curtains, in harmony with them, will greatly irritate your eyes and prevent you from relaxing..

  • When changing bedspreads or a set of linen, the curtains are unlikely to change, which means that disharmony is possible if the curtains are not combined with the general style of the interior.

  • Bright curtains with variegated patterns and ornaments will always be striking, which means they can get bored very quickly.

That is why, when choosing Roman curtains for the bedroom, you need to select them in such a way that they match the colors and patterns with the bedroom set or any decorative elements of the room. It is preferable to choose delicate light pastel colors of the canvas in order to create the most harmonious and cozy space with soft light. Those who want to make the bedroom interior richer should pay attention to the combination of Roman curtains with curtains or lambrequins. In this case, the window opening will add a little luxury and beauty to the room..

For a living room, regardless of its style and interior, Roman blinds will come in handy..

To decorate windows in large rooms, you can add curtains to Roman blinds. This will make the room more stylish and add some functionality to the window opening. If such a combination cannot be realized, you should opt for curtains made of dense materials. At the same time, one should not lose sight of the color scheme. Canvases in light colors can lend lightness to the interior. If you want to make the room more sophisticated, then match the curtains with a variegated pattern to the walls. Thick canvases on the windows, such as tapestries or jacquard, will create an atmosphere of solemnity and aristocracy. Also, canvases of unusual colors or alternation of different types of fabrics will perfectly fit into the living room..

A variety of fabric solutions, a large palette of colors and stylish designs allow you to use roman blinds to create a beautiful interior in your kitchen. Since these curtains do not take up much space, they can be easily placed even in the smallest kitchens. As for the material, it is better to give preference to lightweight fabrics made of synthetic materials. Their indisputable advantages will be dust, grease and dirt repelling, resistance to odor absorption, ease of maintenance..

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose a canvas with a pattern or without it, as the desired effect will be achieved in any case. Fabric with a pattern will make the interior more interesting and lively if the pattern is combined with kitchen accessories. Another important factor in the selection of curtains for the kitchen is their safety. The linens must be able to withstand the high temperatures that occur during cooking.

Roman shades are no less in demand if you want to control the flow of light entering through the loggia. If you have a sunny side, then you should give preference to dense materials. The balcony can be closed with curtains completely: either hang curtains on each sash, or hang one common one. And you can make it easier and hang a canvas that is suitable in texture on the balcony door.

Taking advantage of the fact that Roman blinds can be ordered according to individual sizes at an affordable price, they can be used to decorate slanting windows in residential attic spaces. It is also advantageous to cover skylights in private houses with such curtains..

The main thing is to choose the right fabric density.

Modern ideas for interior decoration

Roman blinds will perfectly fit into the design of any room, as they can be made from any material. You can even make them yourself, it will not be difficult if you correctly measure the dimensions of the window and calculate the dimensions of the canvases. When choosing this decor element, you should initially decide on the type of fabric. Light translucent materials will work well in rooms where little sunlight gets in. White curtains will make the room visually brighter..

If we are talking about sun-drenched rooms, apartments on the ground floors or private houses, then you should opt for dense materials. They will reliably protect the room from the penetration of an excessive amount of light and from prying eyes. Dense fabric curtains will darken the room as much as possible, creating the necessary atmosphere.

For those who prefer naturalness and environmental friendliness, natural canvases are more suitable for decorating a window opening. They do not contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions, they look beautiful and stylish, but they require special treatment in terms of personal care. If properly cleaned, they will retain their exquisite original appearance for a long time and will delight your eyes for many years. Such curtains are suitable for interiors in Japanese style or in rooms where minimalism and functionality reign..

Synthetic materials are very easy to care for and are very diverse in colors and patterns, therefore they are very popular..

These curtains will look good in modern interiors. For interiors designed in a classic style, plain canvases in calm pastel colors are perfect. To give a little originality to the room, you can choose bright curtains that match in color with decorative elements in the interior. Curtains made of translucent materials or light curtains will help to complement the design and add sophistication..

Roman blinds with large or small checkered patterns, gastronomic patterns or stripes will be a great decoration for Provence or Country-style rooms. But geometry and deep calm colors will fit perfectly into rooms where Minimalism dictates its own rules.

You can decorate absolutely any room with Roman shades.. They can be both individually and in combination with other types of decor for window openings:

  • For bedrooms any style should give preference to dense materials so that sunlight or the light of lanterns does not interfere with rest.
  • In the living rooms rooms with the help of curtains, you can make a bright accent precisely on the window area, if you choose bright canvases or canvases with unusual patterns.

  • In children’s rooms fabrics with images of cartoon characters or fairy-tale characters will look great.
  • For kitchens Roman shades will be an excellent option, as they are compact in size.
  • For office premises you should choose blackout curtains of dim monochromatic colors, so as not to distract from the tasks and important matters, but at the same time create the necessary working atmosphere.

Care of the product

Roman blinds have a lot of advantages, one of which is ease of use and maintenance. However, depending on the type of fabric, the care of the fabric is slightly different..

Natural fabrics should be carefully washed and dried so that unnecessary folds do not appear on the canvas or that the entire product does not deform..

Synthetic fabrics are the easiest to care for. They can be easily washed in a washing machine, they will not lose their appearance and shape from this, the main thing is to remove the strips.

Thin curtains made of delicate materials are best hand washed so as not to damage the fabric. In this case, you need to spend a sufficient amount of time rinsing, otherwise there is a risk of soap stains on the curtains..

As for drying, it is best to dry the canvases flattened vertically, you can even on the window itself.

Some fabrics can be ironed, but if there is embroidery, it is better to do it through the fabric and from the wrong side.

Kitchen curtains can be cleaned with a damp cloth without removing the curtain from the eaves. This is possible due to the fact that the material for use in kitchens is additionally impregnated with special substances that prevent rapid contamination. Thicker fabrics can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Regardless of the material chosen, before starting to clean the product, read the care instructions on the packaging. This will help to avoid possible problems that may arise with the wrong cleaning method..

Roman blinds have a simple, understandable design and a stylish exterior design that will appeal to almost any modern person. Therefore, they are increasingly used to create interesting window decoration in apartments and houses. They are very easy to care for, beautiful, durable and come in a wide variety of colors and textures. They are able to radically transform absolutely any room, regardless of its shape and size.. The main thing is to choose wisely, and then this piece of furniture will always delight you with its appearance and originality..

The low cost made Roman blinds a real boon for modern housewives who value a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. When choosing curtains for your apartment, listen to your inner voice, and then your interior will sparkle with new colors, but it will not require serious financial investments..


You will learn more about caring for Roman shades in the following video..

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