Scandinavian curtains

If you can’t decide which curtains to hang in your home so that they fit the interior, we advise you to opt for Scandinavian-style products. It represents the dominance of white and all light shades.

This direction originates in the northern hemisphere of our planet, whose inhabitants are characterized by a certain rigor, rationality and respect for nature and the world around them. All this is reflected in Scandinavian fashion and design..

It is the curtains in the Scandinavian style that will become an elegant element of decor, which, due to its simplicity and elegance, will easily fit into absolutely any interior..

Features and Benefits

Scandinavian-style curtains have simplicity and laconic cut, they are also characterized by the predominance of light colors. The most important trend is simplicity and comfort, therefore the main tasks of curtains in this style are functionality and practicality..

Natural light is very important when planning the interior of any room., and this is especially true for residents of the northern hemisphere, since there are not so many bright sunny days there, and trying to catch every ray of natural light, they never choose thick heavy curtains. Scandinavian-style curtains should, on the contrary, enhance the lighting of the room..

Linen and cotton are most often chosen as the material for such curtains. These fabrics make the curtains lightweight and able to let in some of the sunlight, creating the effect of a warm, soft, diffused daylight.

Additional decorative elements in curtains of this type are usually not used. The absence of lambrequins, ruffles, lace, fringes makes the curtains simple, delicate, but at the same time very stylish and modern.

Even the tie-backs are made from the same fabric as the curtains themselves..

Design options

As already mentioned, the most popular materials for the manufacture of Scandinavian-style curtains are linen and cotton, but there are also silk, muslin and muslin products..

The main principle when choosing a material is that it should be light and translucent.. Heavy and shiny fabrics are not at all characteristic of the Scandinavian style. It is best to opt for natural materials..

As for the color palette, of course, the main and most popular color is white. However, Scandinavian curtains also look great in other colors – milky, beige, light yellow, sand, light green and other light warm pastel shades..

Features of using popular curtain colors:

  • White – basic classic color that emphasizes simplicity and naturalness. It is able to give a feeling of freedom, visually increases the volume of the room, makes it brighter. All kinds of shades of white can also be used – light gray, light beige, snow, pearl and others;

  • Cream – a very pleasant, warm and delicate shade, which is ideally combined with any other colors, makes the atmosphere of the room warmer and more comfortable;

  • Gray makes the room more refined, gives a sense of tranquility, gives the interior restraint and severity;

  • Light blue visually enlarges the space, makes the sunlight softer, creates a feeling of pleasant chill;

  • Light green associated with nature, forest and herbs, gives the room an atmosphere of freshness, space and light. Looks good in combination with other shades of the green spectrum.

Application in the interior

Scandinavian curtains will be appropriate in the interior of the kitchen, since it must certainly be cozy and very light, and light translucent curtains will be the best solution for this..

In a beautiful and cozy living room, the curtains should also be light., they will create a sense of volume and weightlessness. Therefore, do not burden the curtains with massive draperies, folds and other decorative elements..

Patterns with ethnic motives, Scottish plaid, floral patterns and images of nature will look very interesting and stylish on the curtains.

You can choose the same curtains for the bedroom as for the living room.. However, in addition, it is worth installing blinds or roller blinds on the windows in the bedroom, so that, if necessary, you can tightly close the view from the outside for strangers..

The children’s room should also be as light and comfortable as possible., that is why Scandinavian curtains will be an excellent choice for a children’s bedroom.

If you want to equip your office in a Scandinavian style, then the ideal solution would be to use translucent blue curtains in muted tones. This will add some rigor and create a pleasant business environment..

When choosing artificial light sources for your Scandinavian home, give preference to warm yellowish light, since such light is as close to natural as possible..

The bright interior of any room in the Scandinavian style can be accentuated with the help of bright decorative elements – it can be sofa cushions, bedspreads and other textiles.

Scandinavian style is nobility and sophistication in its simplicity. Such a home gives comfort and a sense of harmony. And the inextricable connection with nature will be emphasized by the use of only natural materials in home decor – wood, clay, straw, natural fabrics, living plants and flowers. It will be pleasant for you to spend time in an apartment, the interior of which is made in this style..


You can find out about what other Scandinavian-style curtains you can choose in the next video..

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