Short curtains to the bedroom window sill

In a modern interior, there is not always a place for large and heavy curtains. Someone saves space, someone funds. Short curtains in the bedroom up to the windowsill will allow you to save your budget and perfectly fulfill all the functions of “large” curtains.

Length matters

Classic curtains usually cover an entire wall with a floor-to-ceiling window opening. Of course, they have a number of advantages: they are beautiful, they are always the style dominant of the room, they perfectly protect the apartment from prying eyes and the cold, and in the morning they do not allow the sun to blind the eyes. They perfectly isolate from noise and allow you to have a slight clutter on the windowsill..

However, even the lightest cotton curtains are usually complemented with a lambrequin, grabs, decorative elements, tulle. All this hangs on the cornice and is a heavy and large structure. What can we say about heavy fabrics like satin, velvet, chinilla! The curtains collect dust and dirt from the street. Taking them off, washing, ironing them and hanging them back is a whole epic. And in families where there are animals, small children, as well as allergy sufferers and asthmatics, curtains can simply be dangerous.

In addition, the design, sewing of curtains and the installation of a cornice always require a fairly serious investment. That is why many modern housewives try to avoid long curtains. Shortened window decor options are being replaced.

Short curtains are not always curtains. There are many patterns that will end on the sill line, but they are all:

  • Have a modern and stylish look. Allow to implement different design solutions in the interior.
  • Convenient to use. You can open and close such a curtain with a “light movement of your hand”.
  • Doesn’t require complicated installation. Most mounts can be installed by yourself.
  • Easily removable for cleaning, some options can easily change to others.
  • Close the window from the sunlight, do not allow to see what is happening in the apartment from the street. Due to the closer adhesion to the glass, they perfectly protect from the cold in winter.
  • Most types of short curtains perfect for placement in the bedroom.

Types of short curtains and their features


Two short curtains that are attached identically to the classic ones – on the cornice. If you find fault with the terms, then the “curtains” imply exactly 2 counter curtains. But in the interior there may be only one – such a curtain will simply move aside. To make such a thing in the interior look finished, it is recommended to “support” the textile solution of the curtains in other details, for example, to make decorative pillows from the same fabric, to cover the lamp shade. This rule applies to all models, however, curtains “require” it more than others.

This type of curtain looks very good in those bedrooms where the space is somehow decorated under the windowsill, for example, there is a niche in which a cabinet is mounted. Short curtains can also have a small lambrequin, hooks. They can be hung on eyelets, loops or even ties.

Austrian or French curtains

In style, these curtains are ideal for classic-style bedrooms, while saving space. Austrian curtains look like a straight curtain gathered at the bottom. The assembly is made in a semicircle, forming scallops along the edge. French – gathered in scallops along the entire length from top to bottom. Such curtains take a huge amount of fabric, and thanks to the large number of assemblies, they are incredibly dense and “warm”. To give the bedroom interior a special solemnity, you can make a valance on a scalloped bed or a prefabricated bedspread. The room will become literally “marshmallow”.

Such curtains are sewn from different fabrics that can be easily draped and do not slip. According to the drawing, monochromatic options are ideal, since such curtains are very pompous in themselves..

Cafe-style curtain

This option is suitable for country houses and cozy country bedrooms, where you want every ray of the sun to tickle your face in the morning. The curtains are hung on a string in the middle of the window, leaving its upper part open (usually such curtains are hung in cafes, similar to curtains on trains). The upper part can be closed with a lambrequin or a short curtain hanging on a regular cornice.

Roman curtains

A very popular window decor option. Roman blinds captivate with their ease of use – they resemble blinds, but still made of fabric. Variability also disposes of them – the curtain can look quite strict, one, closing the entire window. It can be very frivolous if a separate design is sewn for each sash – this way you can open and close them at different lengths, creating asymmetry.

The bottom of a Roman shade can be straight (if a rail is inserted there) or sag gently, forming a rounded edge (if the rail is not inserted there). Depending on the type of curtains and the chosen fabric, they can fit into the bedroom of absolutely any style – classic, modern, country, provence, loft, scandi.

Even a bachelor’s bedroom, decorated in a minimalist style, will be successfully complemented by a monochromatic roman blind. In addition, this type of curtain can be combined well with other types of curtains..

Swedish curtains

Another type of curtains that are lifted with a cord. By design, they are quite simple – they are rolled into a roll using a simple device. You can easily do them yourself by finding the instructions on the net.. Such curtains will look good in country bedrooms, or rooms where the decoration is deliberately simple, but you want to create a feeling of home warmth and comfort.. You can play with the colors – since during the day the curtain will be rolled into a roll, many housewives sew them double-sided – the contrasting fabric of the lining can perfectly play out in the interior and set off the motif of the main fabric.

Roller blinds

Option for the unassuming. They are, of course, too similar to blinds, and the fabrics used to make them are too tough. However, they are great at blocking out the sun (if you pick up black-out material) and accumulate much less dust than their soft tissue comrades.. As a maintenance, it is enough to wipe the curtains with a damp cloth and, most importantly, having installed them once, you can change the fabric countless times.! Roll-up options are suitable for minimalistic bedrooms. They can be quite bright, since they hardly take up space and completely open the window sill. Another plus is that their cost is very low..

A variety of roller blinds – bamboo. They are woven from thin bamboo twigs and look very warm and home-like. These options are suitable for ethno-style bedrooms where a lot of wood is used in the interior..

For a room without a balcony, all of the above types of curtains are equally suitable. If your bedroom has an exit to a loggia, then you should think about how to arrange it so that it is convenient to use. Classic curtains will most likely not work. They will have to be constantly pushed aside – they will quickly get dirty. In addition, if the door to the balcony is open, the curtain will constantly move from the wind. The ideal option for such a window would be curtains that rise and are located directly on the windows themselves, and not on the cornices – Roman, roll, Scandinavian.

You can consider the option by combining sliding classic curtains with lifting ones. For example, close the main part of the window with short curtains, and the balcony door – Roman or roll, matched to.

Combining different models in the bedroom interior

You can combine different models of curtains for different reasons. This gives functionality. For example, as is the case with the balcony situation described above. Or if you want to hang elegant, weightless tulle curtains, but the question arises of closing the window from prying eyes. For this, the glass is directly closed with a roller blind, and tulle is hung on the window opening. During the day, the roll can be removed upward and it will not be visible at all. In addition, interesting design solutions for window decor are often built on the contrast of colors, textures and length..

Thus, you can beat horizontals and verticals. Olive curtains with a white top open behind a striped roman shade. Olive stripes repeat the line of the main color of the curtains, and white ones set off the white horizontal line. So the room becomes brighter and the fairly deaf main curtains look very light.

A very beautiful curtain on decorative hinges, most likely, is constantly in the assembled position.. It has an exclusively aesthetic function. But all the rest of the “work” goes to the stylish roller blind, which delicately covers the window. The shades coincide so much that both decor elements seem to be a continuation of each other..

Here the Roman blind plays the role of tulle, however, the curtains themselves are the same tulle. It turns out a double layer, which in itself is more functional..

A very noble combination of loose Roman curtains with colorful printed patterns and cold blue long curtains. It is interesting that it is the combination with short curtains that the designer plays up in the shade of the pillows and bedspreads on the bed..

Absolutely “deaf” curtains of a chocolate shade and the same deaf roller blind look very unusual and noble. In combination with perfectly white walls and furniture in chocolate color, the window becomes the center of attention – after all, such dark curtains are not often found in apartments. The interior is “diluted” with olive and light gray flowers.

See below for more details.

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