Tiebacks for curtains

Tiebacks for curtains

By complementing the curtains with grabs, you can completely transform the furnishings of the room, change the proportions of the window or the room as a whole, and create the desired mood. Grips come in different types and are made from a wide variety of materials. In order not to be mistaken when choosing holders, it is worthwhile to understand the issue in a little more detail..


The view of the whole room, decorated in a classic style, seems unfinished without the use of grabs. They serve as a kind of final touch, giving the room the look that was originally conceived..

Tongs for curtains differ from other decorative elements in that they also carry a functional load:

  • Tie-back curtains allow more sunlight to enter the room. If the room is not light enough due to straight curtains, it is enough to supplement them with this spectacular detail, and the situation will instantly change..
  • With the help of grabs, you can transform the proportions of a window or a room as a whole.. By placing the holders at a certain height and distance from the window opening, it will be possible to achieve the desired effect.
  • Often, potholders are not removed even at night, saving curtain owners from having to push the curtains apart every time. So, tacks protect curtains from wear and tear. If you constantly touch the curtains with your hands, they will quickly become greasy and deteriorate..

However, the role of clamps as a decorative element is much more important.. They give the room the look that was originally conceived. Hand-made holders help enrich the interior, adding coziness and originality. Plus, it’s a great way to make your room feel exclusive, expressing yourself..

Convenient design allows you to easily attach the clamps to the wall, and the curtain to the clamps.

There are closed and open designs.. Closed ones are immediately sewn with a curtain, and in order to close the window, they must first be unscrewed. Open ones are made with a fastener: button, Velcro, magnet.

Tiebacks allow you to update the boring look of curtains. Thanks to this detail, spectacular draperies appear on the curtains, which makes the curtains completely different in appearance. In addition, the assemblies help to hide the defects of the canvas, so you should try to drape the curtains before buying new ones..

When choosing a pick-up or making it, it should be remembered that it must be made of non-marking fabric in order to last as long as possible. If the choice fell on a rigid holder, pay attention only to those models that do not cling to the curtains. So you will avoid the appearance of puffs and damage to the curtains..


There are quite a few varieties of grabs for curtain fabrics, ranging from the simplest fabric and ending with rigid curly models. To choose the most suitable option, you need to evaluate each of the types and mentally “try on” them on your curtains.


Quite often, classic black belts are chosen as a pick-up for cabinet curtains. Options from several stripes look more interesting, as well as braided models. For a less formal room, suspenders are great..


They began to use soft toys as pickups relatively recently. All kinds of plush animals, textile dolls and even soft toys with logos are used. Most often, this option is chosen for the nursery, but sometimes you can see this both in the kitchen and in the living room..


Original kitchen curtain holders can be made using a simple fork and spoon. You just need to bend the handle as needed, and the grip is ready. An interesting and bold solution would be to use a cup. This option is only suitable for light curtains..

Door handles

An unusual doorknob will compete with other types. Installing it is extremely simple. For use as pickups, both round and halyard models are suitable. You should pay attention to the openwork options for round handles and push handles with unusual forging..

Cloth grips

This option opens up the widest field for experimentation. The banana form is recognized as the ideal form. Tacks can vary in size and hardness, hardness varies depending on the presence or absence of adhesive material.

The fabric allows you to choose from a variety of design ideas. Bows, fringes, beads are traditional jewelry, but extravagant options, for example, with ordinary pins, are also popular.


You won’t be able to make magnetic pickups yourself, you can only buy them. The product line includes all kinds of models: from the simplest to those decorated with rhinestones and enamel. A wide selection allows you to choose the right grip for your interior. Magnetic grips are often bought together with curtain mounts in the same design. It is important that the grip matches well with the curtain bindings..


The tie-backs with flowers look romantic and delicate. They are made from artificial flowers or made of foamiran, fastened together with an inconspicuous braid, or flowers are sewn onto a fabric pick-up. For light tulles, the first option is suitable, while for heavy curtains, the second method is appropriate..


Often, boring beads get a second life if you pick up the curtains with their help. The interweaving of stones and chains looks spectacular, glamorous and elegant. Choosing a contrasting stone color or matching curtain shade looks equally good. The use of medallions, chains, metal buttons will perfectly fit into the rustic “girly” Shabby chic style. Do not use this type of clamps with blackout curtains..


Twine and ropes are used to create nautical-style grabs. It looks beautiful as a grab created from a folded rope, and decorated with a cunning sea knot. For elegance, cord potholders are sometimes tinted with gold paint. The brushes that complement the ropes should be in the same shade and material as the ropes themselves. Otherwise, the whole composition looks ridiculous..


This type gets its name due to the fact that such hooks are like hairpins. They do not require anchoring to the wall and are usually used to decorate light voile or yarn curtains..

Flexible grips

They are wire, complemented by all kinds of decor. Often performed in the form of twigs of plants.


This type is not a pick-up in the classical sense, but it also helps to fix the curtain in the desired position. Depending on the density of the curtains, the clips are made of different materials..


Rigid curtain rings are an unusual way to hook up curtains. They are similar to bracelets and differ in their color variations. Kugels are usually made of plastic, they can have metal spraying.

A hook is used to hold the soft grip on the wall. It can be hidden under a curtain, or it can serve as an additional design element. There are many interesting options on the market, so choosing the right model is not difficult..

Materials (edit)

Already by the list of types of pickups, one can judge the variety of materials from which they are made.

Most often, fabric tacks are made.. Fabric models are presented in abundance in finished form, but you can make them yourself. Fabric tie-backs are decorated with various details: flowers from satin ribbons or from foamiran, bead pendants, fringes, tassels, beads, embroidery, lace and so on..

Metal holders are not uncommon. On the contrary, they are in demand and relevant. Like fabric, metal is a versatile material that can go with any décor. Forged models in the colors brass, bronze, and blackened silver are especially popular. Iron hooks can also be a work of art if planned to be the main focus..

Genuine leather or leatherette – one of the possible materials for the manufacture of clamps. A rich selection of colors and textures will let your imagination run wild. The advantage of leather over conventional fabric is its strength. A rather thin and inconspicuous leather grab is able to withstand a rather impressive weight of the curtain.

The same can be said for the cords.. The rope is not inferior in strength to a leather product, despite the fact that it is quite thin. Choosing an expensive option with dense weaving, you can not be afraid that the heavy structure will disintegrate; thin knitted models will perfectly complement the curtains.

Plastic clamps are quite diverse in shape. From plastic, you can buy a ready-made pickup, or you can do it yourself. For example, some needlewomen make pickups from discs, supplementing them with homemade pom-poms or brushes..

All kinds of environmentally friendly materials are becoming more and more popular.. Today the grips are made of wood. The choice of wooden models is small: pens, hairpins, kugels. Wooden hooks are quite expensive, so more often, in order to save money, they choose plastic styled like wood..

You cannot save money when buying wooden samples. A poorly processed product can ruin the curtain, catching on the fabric and leaving puffs.

How beautiful to pick up?

In order for the curtains on the hooks to look beautiful, you need to drape them properly..

First, answer the question how many draperies you want to create. The number of picks will depend on the number of arches expected. The now popular models with magnets allow you to pick up the curtain not only from the sides, but also along the bottom edge.

The draperies themselves should be smooth.. Looks beautiful when all the folds on the canvas are the same size. Tucking the curtain into the hold, watch this.

It is also necessary to decide on the method of fixing the curtains.. The curtain can simply be tucked into a circular grab or kugel, or you can throw it on a handle or a decorative hook. It also looks beautiful when the edge of the curtains is thrown over the hook, but the curtain does not remain in a taut position, but a kink is formed in front of the hook. Such “wavy” styling is suitable only for wide windows with curtains that do not cover it, letting in enough light into the room, that is, it serves only for decorative purposes, not functional.

At what height to hang?

To begin with, it is worth making a reservation that the proximity of the fastening of the hooks to the window opening is also determined by the intended visual effect. Grips close to the window will make it narrower, while those installed at a considerable distance will expand the window.

  • Grips fixed at the height of the window sill are considered classic and do not create any visual illusion. It is preferable to use this method in cases where the curtains occupy the entire wall..
  • Curtains gathered above the sill make the narrow window wider. This type of fastening is suitable for decorating short curtains up to the windowsill.
  • Holders are attached below the sill when they want to visually stretch the window, make it higher, thereby balancing the proportions of the entire room. This drapery looks spectacular on curtains to the floor and can be used with both heavy curtains and light curtains..

The height of the hooks depends on what effect you want to achieve: make the ceilings higher or expand the room.

How to fix?

The mount is fixed to the wall with a drill, dowels and screws, there are also options for light curtains on double-sided adhesive tape. To attach the hook directly to the hook, you just need to hook it: tie a tassel, thread into a loop.

Interesting ideas in the interior

Regular wide fabric pick-up pattern, made of the same fabric as the curtain, it looks stylish and harmonious. It combines perfectly with a curtain made of heavy fabric with a large pattern, without burdening the overall look of the interior, and also does an excellent job of its support functions. The more intricate and interesting the curtain, the easier it should be to pick up.

In this case, the cords are matched to match the curtains.. From the side it looks as if the hooks are a continuation of the curtains, they are so harmoniously matched. The option with tassels on the hooks can be used in any room: from the living room to the bathroom.

Another option for using “complex” brushes. Multi-colored options are good for rustic interiors such as Country, Provence, Chebby Chic, Boho. The main tone can be any, but try to match it to the color of the curtains..

The use of unusual natural materials is not limited to wood and leather. The photo shows a variant of the clamps made of fur. Due to the choice of a discreet color, the designer managed to harmoniously fit them into such a bright interior, while not overloading it..

A good example of how you can use jewelry as potholders. In this photo, an ordinary women’s bracelet serves as a pick-up. It is made with metal elements. This refreshes the look of the curtains, makes it more modern and dynamic..

Deliberately rough linen hooks are made in the same color as the radiator grille. In this case, the hooks act as a connecting element, combining the curtains with the general design of the room..

Such unusual curtains with a gradient require the same unusual design. Gilded hooks in the form of openwork chains did an excellent job with this role. At the same time, they did not overshadow the beauty of the curtains, and did not get lost against their background. A harmoniously selected arrangement at the junction of colors makes a kind of pattern on the curtains deeper, richer.

Slightly gathered over the underpads of the curtains look voluminous and luxurious. Please note that the designer placed the hooks at different heights, making the room more interesting. The gathers are neat and even, and the window is more elegant. It is possible to assume the use of magnetic holders.

You will learn about what kind of curtain hooks you can make with your own hands from the following video..

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