Tulle on eyelets

Tulle is a fabric that has long been used to decorate window spaces. Today tulle on eyelets is considered one of the most popular options for decorating them..

Material features

Tulle is actively used today to decorate window spaces of all shapes and sizes. In fact, this material is a very thin and almost transparent fabric. Its main feature is that it can be painted in absolutely any color..

The second feature of this material lies in its origin: it can be either natural, for example, made of wool or cotton, or artificial, made of polyester.. A big advantage is that the tulle does not need to be ironed after washing, it straightens and takes its original shape on its own.

This fabric, in combination with eyelets, which are rings at the top of the curtain, can decorate absolutely any room and give it a special sophistication. The effect of eyelets in such situations can hardly be overestimated, because tulle itself is a simple fabric, and it is these rings that make it really presentable and beautiful.

Tulle curtains on eyelets have one more feature – they fit perfectly into any interior, and all due to the fact that they come in various colors and sizes. Unlike other curtains made of similar materials, these will look harmonious both in the kitchen and in the living room or even in the bedroom.. The main thing is to choose the right cornice for such curtains..

Another feature is the fabric itself. It can be absolutely smooth or have some kind of pattern, but at the same time tulle always remains a translucent material that reliably closes the room from prying eyes, but at the same time leaves enough light in the room itself.

And finally, the last feature is that such a tulle can be used both by itself and as additional curtains sewn from other materials. In all cases, the windows will still be decorated stylishly, modernly and harmoniously. Therefore, we can say with great confidence that the tulle on the eyelets is a universal option for decorating the window space..


The color scheme of such curtains is quite diverse. It is easier to name those colors that are not in the palette than those that are in it.. However, there are tulle curtains in some colors that are most popular:

  • White Is a classic color. Such a curtain on the eyelets can rightfully be considered universal, because it is white that is ideally combined with all the others..

  • Beige is no less popular than white tulle, but at the same time it is less easily soiled.

  • Grey colour such curtains are very much loved by fans of such interior designs as Minimalism and High-tech.

If we talk about non-standard and bright colors, then these include orange, green, purple, blue and burgundy. It is the tulle on the eyelets of these colors that is most in demand among buyers..

Quite often on sale you can find a two-tone curtain on tulle eyelets. Moreover, usually such models have a certain pattern. In such cases, the main part of the curtain is in one color, and the pattern is painted in another, for example, gray..

Tulle on eyelets is a window design option that can be ideally matched to any room with any area, general color scheme and design.

How to choose?

It is not surprising that among such a wide range of curtains, you can easily get confused and get an inappropriate version of the curtain.. To avoid this, you must follow the following recommendations for choosing tulle on eyelets:

  1. Preferred window space design style. Here it is necessary to decide in advance how the window should look after the curtains are hung. Preliminary sketches will help you determine the desired result as quickly and clearly as possible.
  2. It is necessary to decide on the color of the tulle on the eyelets. It is necessary to choose it based on parameters such as room illumination, window and room area, general color scheme, as well as interior style. Do not forget about the direct purpose of curtains, they can serve as a decoration for a room, or they can simply protect it from the sun and prying eyes. Only taking into account all these parameters, you can choose the right color.
  3. The style of the interior of the room must be taken into account.. This also applies to the appearance of the tulle and its color, as well as the length. After all, you must agree that curtains with a ribbon in the form of a bow or with a decorative strip will not look quite appropriate in a classic or minimalist design. Therefore, here it is better to consult with a specialist who will help you choose the best option..
  4. Do not forget about the eyelets themselves, because they can also have different shapes, and the material of manufacture, and the color.. All these parameters should also be taken into account and selected in such a way that ultimately the tulle curtain itself on such rings looks very beautiful and harmonious. And remember that if in the purchased set the eyelets do not suit you, they, if necessary, can be replaced quite simply by yourself..
  5. Decide in advance with the length. At the same time, it is very important that it fits beautifully into the overall style..

For a living room in a classic style, a curtain that is too short is absolutely unacceptable, but in the kitchen it will come in handy.

Do not forget that tulle today is made from a variety of materials. It is advisable to take this parameter into account when choosing curtains for a specific room. So, for the kitchen, the best choice would be eyelet curtains made of easily washable materials such as polyester. For bedrooms, it is recommended to choose tulle curtains, softer and more calm, for example, silk or cotton. But in the living room, depending on its style, you can purchase a simple tulle without additional decorative elements. The highlight of such curtains may well be the double curtain on the eyelets..

Now it is necessary to talk in more detail about the eyelets themselves. They should be as close as possible in color to the tulle itself, so as not to stand out strongly against its background.. It is best to give preference to round, oval or slightly flattened rings, according to experts, they are best combined with such a fabric..

Reviews of those people who have already purchased such tulle curtains on eyelets confirm that these useful recommendations made their choice much easier and helped to make it right..

How to hang?

Now that the perfect eyelet tulle curtains have been purchased, all that remains is to hang them. The easiest way to do this is when the rings are already inserted into the curtains and all that is needed is to thread the eyelets into the cornice, and then fix it with self-tapping screws at the ceiling. But the situation is not always so successful..

Therefore, if the eyelets have not yet been inserted into place, the sequence of all actions will be as follows:

  1. It is necessary to tightly fold the upper part of the canvas in half and iron this place with the hottest steam.
  2. Now you need a special eyelet tape, which will be inserted into the resulting fold..
  3. After that, with a hot iron, the tape is glued to the tulle along the entire length of the canvas..
  4. Then markings are made on the eyelet tape, where future rings will be inserted.
  5. With the help of knives, the necessary holes are cut. Please note that the number of rings must be a multiple of two. This will create nice and even folds on the tulle..
  6. Now you need to fix and insert the eyelets themselves. Regardless of the design, in most cases it is enough to simply thread them through the hole and close tightly. The fact that everything is done correctly will be evidenced by a characteristic click.
  7. Now you need to put on the eyelets on the cornice, while simultaneously distributing the curtain along its entire length until beautiful folds are formed, if they are provided, or until the curtain lies flat.
  8. If tulle is combined with fabric, then here you can go in two ways: either use a double curtain rod, or use a double curtain scheme. The easiest way is to use two cornices. The tulle itself is put on the lower one, and the second one is already denser curtains..
  9. You can connect curtains, if any, using an additional hidden cornice or any other decorative elements.

By and large, problems with hanging tulle on eyelets never arise. The process itself is quite fast and easy, and most importantly, it does not require the use of any complex additional tools..

Interior options

The fact that the tulle on the eyelets is a universal design option for the window space has been said more than once.. But better than any words, this information is confirmed by the following examples:

  • A vivid example of the fact that such a long curtain, without any frills, fits perfectly into the bedroom. White color corresponds to the general brown-green color scheme of the room, and the length of the tulle favorably increases the size of the window itself. Round eyelets look especially harmonious with both the tulle itself and the cornice.
  • Another vivid example of how the tulle on the eyelets becomes not only a really stylish and beautiful window decoration, but also helps to visually expand a narrow living room. Double tulle decoration makes the window beautiful and sophisticated, and simple white color advantageously enlarges not only the windows, but also expands the room itself.
  • The same example is a clear proof of how even the smallest window in a compact kitchen can be turned into a highlight of the room with the help of a short tulle curtain on the eyelets. The curved shape of the curtain, its unusual color and texture immediately attract attention and advantageously emphasize the small window opening.

These three simple examples of the use of tulle on eyelets in design once again clearly prove the beauty, sophistication, relevance and appropriateness of such window decoration in any room with any interior design..

The main thing is to choose the right color, length and texture of the material itself..

For an overview of materials for sewing tulle on eyelets, see the following video.

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