What curtains go well with green wallpaper?

The interior of a room depends on many components. All elements should be in harmony with each other and match in color combinations. Only in this case you will get an aesthetic composition. The decisive factor in the design of the room is the decoration of the walls, since the walls occupy the largest visual area. Consider which curtains to choose for a room covered with green wallpaper, what color furniture will look better in such an ensemble.

So different green

Green has a very rich palette. It can be a dark green, almost marsh tone, a rich grass color, or a light spring green, sunny color. Wallpaper can be pale olive or mint and turquoise.. In each case, the companion colors will be completely different.. Which fabrics are best used for curtains – the same shade or contrasting, should be decided depending on the lighting conditions. In the northern room, decorated with wallpaper of the noble color of mature grass, you can hang curtains of the same color and get a gloomy, even dull interior. The same ensemble in a bright sunny room will look refined and sophisticated..

A bright and active spring green with the same curtains will be annoying over time. Diluted with white or lilac pattern, it will give the interior a pleasant dynamism.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of textiles, it is worth getting acquainted with the rules for combining colors..

Tone matching rules

At the first stage, you need to decide on the color of the wallpaper, for this it is worth purchasing special circular color spectrum. From the spectral circle we choose our own, you can do this by applying sectors of the spectrum to the wallpaper. Having chosen the exact shade, look at the opposite color – this will be a contrasting tone that suits your wallpaper. Opposite the gamut of green shades are usually red, purple, brown. You can safely purchase curtains in these colors to create an energetic interior..

If you like a more relaxed atmosphere, then it is better to opt for the adjacent sectors of the color wheel. To the right and left of green are blue, beige, sand tones..

For rooms decorated in a classic style, there is a monochrome finish. The curtains are selected to match or slightly differ from the wall decoration – a few gradations lighter or darker.

A monochrome design may seem boring, then the window is decorated with double curtains. Cloths of fabric are chosen in two colors, nuance and contrast. For example, curtains and walls of one color are separated by a white, beige or gray additional canvas.

Modern stylistic solutions for interior design very boldly operate with various combinations. If your imagination goes beyond traditional preferences, then taking a sample wallpaper, it is worth attaching it to the fabrics you like and imagine how it will look in the room. Perhaps this particular composition will delight you at home, but in order to avoid disappointment, it is better to heed the advice of designers on how to create a harmonious interior..

How to find harmonious solutions?

The king of all colors is white. White curtains are the perfect solution for green wallpapers of all shades. The main rule here is to combine the cold snowy tone of textiles with the cold tone of the wall decoration, and the warm, milky scale with the natural warm greenery of the wallpaper. In the first case, a bright contrast, clarity of forms, coolness and spaciousness of the room will be created. In the second version, you get an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, tranquility..

The combination with white is classic, it is used in all stylistic solutions, it looks always relevant and fashionable.

Yellow curtains in a green room are a win-win. The mustard hue will add sophistication and modernity to the room. Pale yellow textiles combine beautifully with rich green, light green gamut looks better with bright canary yellow.

Recent designs often use a gray-brown textile palette for interiors in green tones. It is better to use fabric and wallpaper of the same color saturation here. Light brown with light green and gray-brown with active green. Tulle is best to choose one of these colors, white can “jump” from the inflorescence line.

Blue window décor will add air to the room. The southern rooms will be cooled in such a combination, it will be pleasant to spend time here.

Blue curtains will create an atmosphere of confidence and focus.

Black draperies can have the same strong influence on perception, but if you skillfully separate active green and heavy black with snow-white double canvases, create dividing barriers between these colors, then such a solution also takes place. The use of black and green in interior decoration helps to create effective and creative compositions..

Red is so self-sufficient that it must be applied very delicately. Red curtains, sometimes only one canvas, is already a very strong accent. The rest of the interior should be monochrome green. A maximum of a couple of accessories of a different or better red color you can afford.

Pink is the best companion to the entire green-olive wallpaper palette to create a romantic mood. Burnt green walls with pink floral curtains – a classic combination for Provence interiors.

Bronze and gold textiles in the decor add luxury to an Empire-style setting.

Metallic silver fabrics are good for ceremonial rooms with gray-green walls..

An important role is played by the presence of a pattern on the walls or textiles. If the surface of the walls is decorated with an ornament, then curtains should be plain or with exactly the same print, only the size of the pattern may vary. It is unacceptable to combine curtains with daisies with roses on the walls.

Curtains and wallpapers are not the only elements to create a harmonious interior, you need to choose the right furniture..

We take into account the color of the furniture

Furniture is a piece of decor that rarely needs to be replaced; it has been used for many years. Curtains are changed much more often. This is due to both the price and the simplicity of changing the boring image. Therefore, when choosing curtains, you need to take into account the color and texture of the furniture. Heavy classic furniture does not tolerate frivolous floral paintings of ultraviolet shades. Conversely, modern utilitarian furniture of a simple form will look strange against the background of scallops and frills. Satin and silk are suitable for interiors in art deco style, metallized fabrics – satellites high tech.

Furniture color plays an important role in shaping the visual perception of space.. Natural wood color is the best companion for green wall decoration. Light colors of furniture look good with a similar palette of curtains, dark wood looks noble against a neutral background, contrasting bright purple, blue, lilac curtains will harmoniously set off yellow furniture.

Room decoration options

The functional purpose of the rooms obliges to decorate the interior in a certain way. Winning combinations for the living room will look ridiculous in the bedroom or kitchen.

The hall and living room are the main rooms of the house, their design allows for maximum solemnity. Contrast textiles with floral or geometric patterns, metallized fabrics, gold and bronze weaves. The white color adds sophistication and splendor. It can be an additional curtain made of expensive fabrics, upholstered furniture or decorative items. Turquoise and sapphire shades of window décor highlight the splendor of the dark furniture set.

The cabinet does not require elaborate fabrics, but obliges to maintain order and strict design. Laconic simple curtains, monochromatic or geometric colors, are chosen in a restrained range of beige-brown or blue palette. Monochrome green trim adds focus.

A little romance and relaxation will bring white, beige, pink, cornflower blue, light yellow curtains to the bedroom. A very pleasant combination of calm light green wall decoration with brown wallpaper.

The nursery is the most energetic and lively place in the house. It can be decorated with bright combinations of blue, pink, yellow curtains. The presence of a large or small pattern in textiles will not be superfluous. Wallpaper here, too, is better to choose more cheerful fresh tones..

The kitchen can be decorated in avant-garde colors: black, brown, purple, yellow.

For a family with children, it is better to stay on warm shades of pink, beige, coffee, orange..

In the room of a young girl, a pleasant combination will be mint-colored wallpaper and yellow or pink curtains. For a young man, you can apply bottle green walls with red and silver decor..

The general rules for all rooms are as follows: in a narrow room, curtains with a horizontal pattern will be appropriate, in a low room, horizontal stripes should be preferred. A small room can be visually enlarged with light shades of curtains.

Considering all these nuances, you can create a stylish and unique interior, where all family members will be pleasant to be..

Beautiful ideas in the interior

Living room design in classic style.

Bright, dynamic room interior.

Stylish interior with turquoise curtains.

You will learn how to choose the right curtains for the wallpaper in the following video..

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