4 Bedroom Home Projects

Homes with several bedrooms are a solution for large families. Today, it is no longer possible to do with a simpler structure, in which two bedrooms – one for a married couple, the other adapted for children.

Firstly, the presence of children of different sexes in the family will require at least a third bedroom, and to accommodate guests – another, fourth..


Houses with 4 bedrooms are designed to meet many needs of citizens living in the private sector of the city or in general outside the city.. In order for the house to really meet all the requirements of the 21st century family in Russia, solve several problems, the essence of which boils down to the following.

  1. Bedrooms are usually located on the sunny side.. This will make it possible to fall asleep and wake up according to the natural daily routine associated with the real day. In a modern city this is impossible, but outside the city, especially in conditions of remote work, it is quite. In addition, it is not recommended to fence ourselves off from daylight – a healthy person cannot do without it..
  2. The size of the sleeping rooms is based on a value of 16 m2, which was found out through numerous opinion polls on this topic.. Bedroom less than 12 m2 belongs to compact, small rooms.
  3. Children’s room, in which zoning for games is provided, must be more than 16 m2. This can be, for example, a room from 20 m2 – but not more than 30, if the area according to the project, occupied by the building itself on the site, allows.
  4. The interior of a home with several bedrooms can be implemented in several styles. This brings variety to the interior arrangement: everyone chooses exactly the style in which he is comfortable living.
  5. A one-story house saves you from looking for an answer to the question of where to stay. In the case of a two-story apartment, it is better to place the elderly and children on the first floor, and the second will do well for the young..

Having decided on the basic requirements, select any of the projects that fit into them.

Projects overview

First, decide on the prices for the upcoming construction site. The allocated budget depends on what technology and from what exactly the structure is being built. If you are not too constrained in funds, then prefer a brick or panel house – otherwise it is worth staying on a purely wooden structure (made of rounded logs or beams). Then figure out the style and furnishings of each room. It is also necessary to take into account how the layout will subsequently change..

If, according to the plan, the house has one floor, then the plan itself is drawn up according to the following recommendations.

  1. Bedrooms are further away from the front door. Each family member’s daily routine may be different from everyone else’s. Whoever leaves for work early – and comes late – will not disturb the sleep of others who have a rest at these moments.
  2. The same rooms are located further from the kitchen.. The smell of food being cooked or cooked should not distract anyone. If this condition is not feasible – the layout, for example, 10 * 12 m does not allow – provide a powerful hood in the kitchen. A similar requirement is imposed on the shower and toilet..

A two-story house imposes the following restrictions on the layout of the bedrooms.

  1. Ideal – two bedrooms per floor. Rooms are located one above the other.
  2. Interfloor overlap should be extremely high soundproofing. Don’t skimp on it.
  3. Take care of the safety and convenience of the stairs. Occasionally, older people still go up to the second floor. Not to mention the children who, it would seem, will not be held back – but the ladder should be easy to overcome for everyone. Eliminate too high steps, uncomfortable railings. Ideally, if the staircase contains a single flight (span) – a spiral or two-flight staircase can let elderly people down. In most cases, the stairs are made of wood..

A two-story house is much more expensive than a one-story house – about one and a half times. But it pays off in half the space layout..

If the house has a spacious attic, then in it, except for two bedrooms, other rooms may not fit. The slope of the lower slopes is a sloping roof: the space on the second floor will be 15-30 m2 less than on the first. It makes sense to build a house with four bedrooms on two full floors at once..

A house with a garage can be equipped with both an attached garage and a garage built into the ground floor area. If there is not enough space on the ground floor for a garage, then the latter is built into the basement, located as a separate outbuilding. Or a section of a covered courtyard is allocated for the garage space.

The terrace and veranda do not make any fundamental differences. The veranda is most often associated with a living room or a bedroom intended for guests. The spacious kitchen-living room in some cases already has a built-in terrace.

The most versatile option is to attach the terrace separately, glazing and insulating it.

The nuances of the internal arrangement

Most often, home improvement for four bedrooms is as follows.

  • Kitchen-living room combined with dining room.

  • Kitchen and bathroom decoration – in the style of “high technology”.

  • The veranda looks like a separate extension.

  • Each bedroom has a wardrobe, a single or double bed, a table, a couple of chairs, a bedside table.

  • Dressing room for outerwear is combined with the hall or placed in the vestibule.

  • The corridor design is in a minimalistic style. If you do not appreciate the special atmosphere, then you can decorate all the premises, as in Sweden and Norway, in the style of minimalism..

  • The lower bedrooms are decorated, for example, in the Baroque style. Connoisseurs of woolen things and carpets, warm blankets will appreciate, for example, the boho style. Upper bedrooms and a hall on the 2nd floor – in the loft style (“attic”, with decorated beams).

  • Windows in the bedrooms and in the living room can be panoramic.

Successful layout and practical interior do not cause any inconvenience. They are made for a comfortable life..

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