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Today there are a huge number of building options, among which you can choose the most suitable modification. Some of the most popular and demanded are houses made of bricks and timber.. They are called combined and have many advantages, which favorably distinguishes them from other varieties..


Despite the fact that combined houses have appeared relatively recently, there is already a rich variety of their options and modifications.. In most cases, they are made of stone and concrete on the ground floor, while wood is used for the second floor..

Usually, in the production process of the basement, stone is used, both natural and artificial. Besides, some builders prefer a foam block or aerated concrete, as well as reinforced concrete structures, which are famous for their strength characteristics.

If it is necessary to reduce the cost of the finished building as much as possible, then frames and shields can be used, however, such an object cannot boast of high strength, so you cannot build more than 3 floors.

The first floor is usually used in order to accommodate various utility rooms, as well as a kitchen.. That is why, in the process of its production, a stone is selected that is strong and durable. If it is planned to install a fireplace in the house, then it is also recommended to place it on the first or basement floor..

As for living rooms, they are usually located on the second floor and above, which are just made of natural wood.. This material is characterized not only by its attractiveness, but also by environmental safety, which makes it simply irreplaceable for a large family..

If only 10 years ago, choosing wooden materials for building a house was unreasonable due to the fire hazard and inability to withstand external influences, then today there are no such problems. On the modern market, you can find materials that ensure the fire safety of wood and its ability to resist rotting, external pests and weather factors, due to which the material retains its attractive appearance and functionality for many years.

The main reason why people prefer combination houses is their durability and resistance to external influences..

The first floor is made of stone, which contributes to the minimum destruction of the building from the negative effects of moisture, and the presence of wooden elements ensures optimal heat retention.

Combined houses also boast an attractive appearance that can amaze even the most ardent connoisseurs of stylized buildings.. It is here that you can translate into reality extensive panoramic windows and almost any design and architectural ideas. Despite all these advantages, the final price of this home is much lower than the cost of building an ordinary wooden or stone house..

This resource consumption is achieved through the efficient use and combination of materials.. In addition, such a solution has a functional significance, because the separation of the economic and residential areas ensures high comfort of living..

The only drawback of such houses is that you need to strictly follow the construction technology.. Otherwise, the final structure will not be able to boast of reliability and durability, which is extremely important for any construction project. For example, a combination of wood and stone involves the use of strong steel rods, as well as providing maximum waterproofing to prevent the negative effects of moisture..

The versatility of projects allows you to build combined houses in both budget and premium versions. The latter are usually massive chalets that are characterized by impressive dimensions, the use of advanced technology and state-of-the-art materials..


The construction of any combined house begins with the development of a project, which includes all the nuances, starting with the choice of material and ending with interior decoration and features of communication wiring. A huge number of projects of combined houses are presented on the modern market, which presuppose the presence of a garage, veranda, terrace, attic and other additional elements..


If you need to get the most budgetary structure, it is best to build a one-story combined house. Its structure consists of a single attic floor, which is built with wooden materials..

One of the most demanded and affordable for today is the use of Kuchum technology.

This is a project for a small plot – a small detached house with an attic suitable for a family of 5.

It is this project that is very often used in narrow areas that cannot boast of enough space for the location of large buildings. A distinctive feature of this project is that one of the walls is fireproof, therefore it can be installed on the border of the site.

The building has a separate living room combined with a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom, as well as a hall and a toilet.. Lumber or natural wood can be used as a material for the attic..


Of course, in the process of creating combined houses, it is the two-story houses that are most popular, which are not only distinguished by their attractiveness, but also by a high level of comfort..

One of the most popular and demanded projects is “Berdsk”. It involves the creation of a chalet-style home that boasts its own terrace and barbecue.

At the same time, the building is distinguished by its small dimensions and advanced layout, which makes it the best choice for a family of 5-6 people..

Despite the simplicity of the form, such a project is notable for its affordable cost and convenience in future use.. Original and unique planning solutions are designed to provide the maximum level of comfort for residents. The attic is designed in such a way as to guarantee privacy to the owners. On the ground floor there is a kitchen-dining room, as well as a living room with a separate exit to the terrace and a barbecue area, and the second floor is intended for bedrooms and a bathroom.

Another interesting project is Putivl. On the ground floor there is a living room with a small fireplace, a dining area and a bathroom. As for the attic, there is a huge hall, a bedroom and another bathroom for household needs..

Dolzhansk is one of the most sophisticated and spacious projects of combined houses with two floors.. It is a rather stylish and presentable structure that allows you to allocate a separate corner for each family member. Inside the house there are 120 square meters, which, with a competent layout, allows you to economically use the space and provide each person with his own personal space..

On the ground floor there is a huge kitchen, two bathrooms and a guest room. On the second floor there are three bedrooms, a dressing room and a sitting area.

In addition, there is a huge terrace, which will be the perfect haven for family or friends..

Common material combinations

Combined houses are distinguished by their versatility due to the fact that a huge amount of materials can be used for their production. For example, build the first floor of brick, foam block, aerated block, concrete or foam concrete. As for the superstructure, the most popular materials are glued laminated timber, all types of logs, frame, as well as frame materials.. This greatly simplifies the process of finishing both outside and inside, and also ensures high comfort..

The most popular combination today is the combination of reinforced concrete structures with rounded logs.. The main advantage of this combination is not only in its attractive appearance, but also in the incredible durability and environmental friendliness of the building, which favorably distinguishes it against the background of old buildings. Studies show that timber and stone houses have the longest service life at the lowest cost..

It is not for nothing that such buildings are chosen for the most severe regions, where it is necessary to ensure the preservation of heat in the room..

A more attractive, from an aesthetic point of view, albeit a rather expensive option, is a combination of smooth timber and brick. The peculiarity of such a structure is that it will be necessary to use a strip foundation as a basis, the construction of which requires specialized equipment. The fact is that such a structure has a huge mass, so it will be necessary to make large enough investments in the creation of the foundation. Such houses are considered an excellent option for construction on heaving ground, as well as near water bodies. It should be noted that if there is a stream or reservoir next to the construction site, then you will have to create a strong foundation in any case..

One of the most budgetary and affordable options is the combination of a foam block and natural wood. At the same time, after construction, it will be necessary to pay close attention to the waterproofing of the first floor, since the foam block cannot boast of this property. In addition, this material, with abundant exposure to moisture, can deteriorate and crumble, so you will need to take care of creating several layers to protect it from moisture..

Regardless of the combination of materials, such houses are in great demand in the market due to their availability, durability and attractiveness..

Beautiful examples

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a small photo selection.

  • The project of a combined house on a slope, which is distinguished by the presence of a basement and an attic. The lower part is made of natural stone, and the upper part is made of timber.

  • Combined house on a slope with a first floor made of aerated concrete and natural stone blocks. The second floor has an exit to the terrace. Downstairs there is a garage with light.

  • Small country cottage 10×10 from foam blocks.

Combined houses have a lot of advantages, including attractive appearance, reliability and affordable construction costs.. That is why such buildings are so popular and in demand. When designing, it is imperative to take into account the possibility of combining materials of a certain type..

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