All about kitchens p44t with a bay window

Owners of old apartments will be interested to learn everything about kitchens p44t with a bay window, about their design in “kopeck piece” and “treshka”. It is also important to figure out how to design a bay window in a 13-meter kitchen advantageously. Additionally, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the size of bay windows and with specific layout options..

Advantages and disadvantages

All architectural improvements to houses have both positive and sometimes negative effects. This fully applies to apartments supplemented with a bay window or structure.. Thanks to its use, the size of the kitchen area increases to 13 square meters. m. Residents of ordinary apartments, where it is always cramped and barely able to turn around, this property will be very pleasant. The increase in size allows you to design a p44t kitchen with a bay window more flexibly and individually, to show your taste and aesthetic inclinations to the fullest.

In some cases, the bay window unit is not separated from the adjacent room, but harmoniously merges with it. This approach is optimal for two or three bedroom apartments. The fact is that in one-room housing such a step, while increasing the total area, at the same time takes away a certain amount of privacy and solitude. But the possibility of pronounced zoning of the room can also be considered an advantage. Moreover, due to the increased light transmission, the room will also look visually more spacious than it actually is..

By using panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows, you can create an extremely attractive design that meets the most modern standards..

You just need to understand that you will have to work a lot, including at the design stage. However, the result can justify all such efforts. Thanks to the active transmission of natural light, electricity is saved, which is already very expensive. This result can be achieved even with the orientation of the apartment to the north.. As for the cons, they are as follows:

  • significant heat leakage (the higher, the larger the glazing);
  • the need for reinforced thermal insulation;
  • the comparative high cost of such an arrangement;
  • difficulties with its coordination, especially if the supporting structures of the building are affected;
  • the need to install improved high-power heating systems;
  • the likelihood of the appearance of the “aquarium effect”;
  • difficulties with organizing an ergonomic space;
  • the need for a scrupulous design study of all points.

Planning by zones


In a kitchen of 13 meters, it is quite reasonable to set aside a bay window for working procedures.. Then the rest of the space will be occupied by storage systems and footprints. It will be possible to calmly and serenely enjoy the food prepared right there..

In some variants, the rest of the kitchen area is reserved for the living room.. The final decision on the project should be made to your liking and taking into account the distribution of zones in the remaining rooms in the apartment.

Dining room

However, it is most correct to have lunch or dinner in the bay window itself, and give the main part of the room for other needs. It is precisely such a distribution of zones that has been tested for centuries, and it makes no particular sense to change it..

Sometimes the kitchen table is located directly next to the windows. Then you can look outside and enjoy the beautiful views.. If possible, the table should geometrically match the bay window.


Both in the “kopeck piece” and in the “treshka” kitchen bay window can be set aside for leisure. There is nothing complicated in this – you just need to put a medium-sized sofa and a coffee table. Then it will be possible there:

  • engage in your favorite hobby;
  • drink tea or coffee with a view of the surroundings;
  • do simple household and work chores;
  • just sit back and relax.

Winter Garden

If you equip it correctly, you get a real expanse for romantically inclined people.. It will be possible to saturate the apartment with the aroma of fragrant flowers without any problems. Pleasant greenery will delight you throughout the year. Thanks to the stable exchange of air, the traditional problem of all flower beds in the room is effectively solved – excess dampness will be carried away outside. However, by winter, you will have to do the insulation of windows, otherwise the very first frosts will have an extremely negative effect on the delicate greenery..

Another option, including one suitable for apartments in the “vest” format, is a simple decorative arrangement of a bay window. Then no use of furniture or arrangement of other items will be needed at all. Then it will be possible to occasionally organize a variety of holidays and celebrations, including celebrating the New Year.

The absence of extraneous things fits perfectly into this concept. If you spread out the pillows, then you can turn this space into a universal corner for relaxation and yoga..

For a clearer zoning use:

  • screens;
  • curtains;
  • partitions of various types, including the most convenient “on the rail”.

Specific nuances depend on the chosen arrangement option. So, it is recommended to use sliding tables for a dining bay window. In the process of receiving guests, they easily unfold around the kitchen, and as soon as the need disappears, they just as easily fold up and become compact again. For a clearer visual distribution of space in the dining area, you can arrange the ceiling in the same shape as the table itself.

It is very important, along with the insulation of the windows, to take care of the thermal insulation of the floor, so that even the coldest day does not spoil lunch or dinner..

The working area in the bay window attracts attention with maximum illumination during the daytime. This not only saves energy, but is also the most physiological. In addition, the result is actually an imitation of “the kitchen of a luxury estate.” But these lofty dreams can easily be grounded by the housing inspectorate or other regulatory body. The fact is that the transfer of communications closer to the window raises many reasonable questions from specialists – and there is no point in being annoyed about this..

Raising the floor level in this case is inevitable. This means that the actual height of the ceilings will decrease.. Not all people will like the “cage effect” that arises. It is technically impossible to carry batteries, and covering them with furniture creates irreparable disturbances in air circulation. A ceiling hood, which is required in such an option, can also cause additional difficulties..

Much less problems are caused by the arrangement of a leisure zone or a study. In such options, it is quite possible to do without a hood. As a partition, racks are often used, which carry both design and practical functions. If you need to organize lush, noisy parties, then you will need to put on a stage or a podium. There are a lot of options for such structures, and therefore it will not be difficult to choose a solution that suits you..

Design options

Decorating a bay window in the interior can be done in various ways.. Often they choose a single canvas with one or two curtains. This solution works especially well in semicircular bay window ledges..

If there are three windows, several canvases must be used, each of which must have a drapery. Two canvases are hung at the edges, and a lambrequin made of fabric will take the middle.

Multi-window bay windows can be decorated with a large number of canvases. But here you already need to feel the measure, and it is hardly possible to place many windows in a typical apartment. According to a number of experts, roller blinds or horizontal blinds are most appropriate for kitchens. All this is necessarily made from high quality natural fabrics. Balanced design will help to create pickups and lambrequins with pronounced symmetry.

Open window sills can be converted into imitation bar counters. In terms of convenience and functionality, this solution is very good.. Below, under the windowsill, then the storage of the most “running” supplies is located. In some cases, kitchen islands are transferred to the bay window – which is really unusual. However, one must understand that such a step sometimes makes it difficult to access these structures, and then it must be abandoned.

Beautiful examples

This option uses a ceiling with a slight difference in height.. A chain of spotlights was mounted in it. Elegant transparent curtains with a simple pattern were hung on the windows. The table and chairs in the dining area are also subject to general simplicity considerations. In general, the whole kitchen looks harmonious and balanced; visual unity is emphasized by the flooring.

In another version, it becomes possible to vary the placement of the dining table.. He will have an everyday and festive position. The color composition is based on contrasts. With the help of wood panels, the sharpness of the contrast is slightly smoothed. Bay window is decorated with Roman curtains.

There is another way to solve this problem.. It is supposed to use an L-shaped headset. A round dining table is favorably complemented by a corner bench. Its folding seat hides storage for unnecessary items. The visual unity of the room is emphasized by the uniform color of the walls..

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