Apartments with a second light

The device of the second light is a great opportunity to decorate a beautiful room in an original way, which will always be filled with lightness and lightness. But you can equip it if the apartment has two floors or was originally designed with very high ceilings..

What it is?

An apartment with a second light is a room in which the height corresponds to two floors, but there is no overlap between them. But the windows are located to the very top, due to which the space is filled with light..

At the same time, living quarters are located at the edges, while the middle acts as a common area, where a large living room, kitchen, winter garden can be located.

The staircase to the second floor in such apartments is usually lined up along the wall, without overlapping the central part and not being conspicuous. It only leads to the second floor to the rooms, which, like on the first floor, are located at the edges..

Such apartments can be located in elite or small apartment buildings, townhouses, duplexes. Ideally, of course, it is better to create such a layout in your own home. Indeed, with such huge windows, which are the main focus, the landscape outside the window plays an important role..

These should be either beautiful views of the city (if the apartment is located on the upper floors), or natural landscapes, if the apartment is located in a low-rise building for two or three families outside the city.. In other cases, it is simply not possible to fully appreciate an apartment with double light..

Advantages and disadvantages

Such an original apartment has its pros and cons. It is better to take them into account in advance even at the stage of purchase or construction..

Let’s take a look at all the benefits first.

  • This version of the apartment will always look presentable. Free space allows you to bring any style to life. This is the main plus.

  • Large windows allow a lot of light into the room. In addition, there is the opportunity to fully enjoy the view outside the window, it does not matter whether the sun is shining there, it is raining or snow is spinning..

  • The spacious room downstairs allows a large family to spend time together, arrange family lunches and dinners, as well as host guests and organize various events.

There are also disadvantages, but all these issues can be solved.

  • Warming up such a large space is difficult. Therefore, you should make good thermal insulation, install a warm floor, place heating radiators around the entire perimeter.

  • There are difficulties with the maintenance of the premises. For example, replacing light bulbs in lighting fixtures, washing windows, changing curtains.

  • Maintenance costs of such housing increase significantly.

  • Due to the empty space between floors, a lot of usable space is lost.

  • Cooking odors will spread throughout the apartment.

Despite these nuances, those who decide to purchase such housing know exactly what they want and have the opportunity to pay all expenses, up to inviting cleaning services to clean the apartment and fully wash the windows..

Features of the layout

The two-level layout allows you to play up the space in an original way, and there are practically no restrictions in the choice of style. It all depends on your own taste and family needs.

Most often, the center of the composition in such apartments is the fireplace.. It has both a decorative and a practical function. On cold winter evenings, gatherings by the fireplace will be even more comfortable. Here, in one of the corners, there is a cooking zone. As for the other rooms, they are located along the walls..

The ground floor can accommodate, for example:

  • library;

  • cabinet;

  • gym;

  • guest rooms;

  • utility rooms.

In principle, if there is no desire to connect the kitchen with the recreation area, you can place it behind a separate door, leaving the center completely free to embody your interior ideas..

The staircase to the second floor should be combined with the general style and not stand out too much and even more so take up a lot of space. The second floor usually houses the bedrooms – adults and children. The number of rooms depends on the number of people living in the apartment.

Bathroom and toilet can be located on the first and second floors.


The central place in such an apartment is the recreation area. That’s why, besides a fireplace, it also means a large sofa or several small ones, armchairs, tables. Here everyone chooses their own interior.

Decor needs to be chosen with care, too. The space is significant, but that’s the beauty of it. Interesting curtains, original lighting, large plants in floor pots can play the role of decorative elements here..

Lighting should be carefully considered. This should be a central lighting fixture and light distributed by zones..

Depending on the hobbies of the household, the first floor can easily turn into a concert venue, a theater stage, or an art workshop..

When arranging such an apartment, it would be correct to arm yourself with examples, especially if there is no experience in decorating such premises.

  • Very cozy and stylish room, decorated in brown and beige colors. There is nothing superfluous in the recreation area, but there is everything you need for a comfortable pastime. There was also a place for a fireplace. The staircase to the second floor is a harmonious addition.

  • The apartment, decorated with a predominance of white, also looks advantageous.. There is a lot of air, lightness and light in it. The original windows also immediately attract attention..

  • Black shades make the space very attractive, give it a special charm. Let such a room look a little gloomy, but everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and the lack of light tones is compensated by the light coming through the large windows.

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