Beautiful cottages

Comfortable cottage-type houses can be found in any modern suburban village. Elite and premium cottages stand out against the background of standard buildings. Such buildings are distinguished by exquisite external design and interior decoration of the interior.. The main features of creating projects for these buildings are highlighted in a further article..

Review of projects of exclusive houses

It is customary to call a cottage an elite country house, which has all the necessary communications.. Often, such buildings are combined into separate villages located in a clean natural area, where there is a developed infrastructure, well-groomed roads.

You can buy a ready-made cottage with all communications, interior decoration and furnishings. Or choose a piece of land and build a suburban building on it to your liking.

For the construction of luxury real estate, an individual project is usually created.. For a detached residence, you will need a plot of about 15-30 acres.

In the process of creating a project, the services of an architect are often required. Be sure to make a plan for each floor, including the attic and the basement, in section with the foundation and roof. They take into account the location of all the necessary communications, select decorative cladding, window sizes, roof type, etc. Some owners immediately develop the landscape design of the adjacent territory.

For the construction of luxury cottages, durable and durable materials are used..

  • Brick – it is distinguished by a long service life, beautiful appearance, but the material is considered the most expensive in terms of price.

  • Concrete – reinforced concrete structures and foam concrete are used, the facades of these buildings are distinguished by the simplicity of shapes and lines.

  • Wood – they are built from glued logs, rounded or ordinary timber. These are environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful buildings.

  • Frame-monolithic structures – made on metal or wooden piles and beams, the gaps between them are filled with: brick, wood, concrete.

Elite and premium real estate belong to different consumer segments. They are united by:

  • closed adjoining territory;

  • availability of parking for cars and garage;

  • individual planning;

  • location in areas with developed infrastructure.

Elite cottages have several additional advantages:

  • located in ecologically clean areas, often in a forest;

  • the building was created according to an individual design project;

  • buildings and land plot occupy a large area.

The first thing to do when preparing a project is to determine how many floors there will be in the mansion..


Can be quite large in size. As a rule, there are no stairs here, which makes living more secure. They can be designed for one person, a small family, for example, an elderly couple, people with disabilities, suitable for families with small children. Often made for a country holiday in the background of nature. Suitable for construction even on difficult soil types.


In two-story buildings, the usable area is more economically distributed. Designed for permanent residence of a large family. The number of rooms and the peculiarities of their use largely depend on the wishes of the owner, the total number of household members, their age and occupation..

This will undoubtedly affect the external appearance of the building, it can be with a non-standard distribution of windows, gables and other architectural elements..

With attic

With the help of the upper room, the problem of a lack of free space is solved, and it is also one of the ways of original architectural design. There can be one or more rooms inside the attic. In each, you can create good natural light..

With veranda

Veranda is a small extension to the living quarters, which has a common roof. It is built from the same material as the house, or from wood, it depends on whether the veranda will be insulated or cold.

Panoramic windows are placed on one or both sides.

With terrace

Originally, a terrace was simply called a paved area raised above the ground. It can be located anywhere, including along the wall. It happens under a common roof, with a separate canopy or completely open.

With bay window

A bay window is a ledge on the facade of a building. Most of it is occupied by windows, so the rooms with a bay window are lighter. They are in the form of a rectangle, polygon, semicircular. Increases the area of ​​the room, gives the appearance of the structure of sophistication. Can be located only on the first or second floor.

Two-storey houses with two bay windows take on the appearance of a Gothic castle.

With patio

A patio is an inner courtyard surrounded by walls on several sides, under the other it is also called a street living room. Small paved area with or without awning. Often, a pond, pool, hearth or barbecue is placed next to it. The glazed patio is already a winter garden.

Before creating a project, it is determined what the architectural style of the future cottage will be, the location of the interior, the shape and size of the porch, the location and format of the windows, as well as other details of the facade depend on it.

The most beautiful styles for cottages


Differs in symmetry and severity, straight lines prevail. Very large buildings are often built this way..

Often, columns, forged gratings are used in decoration, facades are finished with stone, plaster.


The house is distinguished by soft and even outlines, plant elements are placed on the facade. Popular materials: stone, wood, for cladding – thin porcelain stoneware, glazed tiles, stained glass, mosaic. Round windows, bay windows are characteristic.


Wooden buildings, often with compact windows, shutters and platbands, massive wooden doors, small balconies, a veranda with pillars, a tile roof. Finish in warm cream shades.


It features a symmetrical rectangular facade with a slight roof overhang, window openings of the same size. Stone and brick are used for construction.

A characteristic feature is a complex roof with an attic, the absence of basements.

Small porch with aesthetic columns, restrained colors and decoration.


A characteristic feature is considered completely flat or almost flat roof, windows with shutters, an abundance of balconies and terraces, covered from the sun by a canopy. Often brick is used during construction, which is covered with light-colored plaster..


Cottages in the tradition of the royal palace: with large-scale columns, multi-tiered domes, balustrades, pilasters. An abundance of decorative elements is characteristic. The wings of a building are often located at an angle to the central part.

Finishing – marble, copper, wood, color palette: white, gold, silver.

High tech

Structures are often erected from concrete, there are protruding elements and a large number of glazed areas in the structure.. Often, such structures are made with a flat roof, on it you can place a terrace or veranda, a small garden. Chrome-plated metal details are used in the facade decoration.


The most popular modern style, it is characterized by functionality, geometric proportions, no decor. Natural materials: stone, wood, glass. Unity of colors, most often light tones. Built-in lighting is made around the perimeter of the house, often the walls are glazed in the living room and entrance area.


These are traditional log cabins with a lot of wooden decorative finishes, they can be based on a familiar log house or block house..

The basement is often laid out with brick or stone, there is always a thread on shutters, platbands, fences and roof beams.


A spacious and compact one-story or two-story cottage, the space of the building is visually enlarged with the help of uniformity of color and simple design. Characterized by a huge number of windows, a gable roof, glass doors.


Traditional alpine construction, usually made of timber. Gable sloping roofs are characteristic, protruding beyond the edges of the building, there are small balconies under them, the upper floor is occupied by an attic room, there is always a spacious terrace without a fence.


A frame building in which the frame is not covered with additional materials, but becomes part of the facade design, the beams are specially laid out in the form of a geometric pattern.

They are finished with plaster, most often in light shades, panoramic windows are installed, the roof is covered with tiles.

Stylish interior design

A mansion of the highest class most often has a large living room with a fireplace, a kitchen of at least 25 sq. m, a room for each of the family members, guest rooms, toilets and bathrooms, a library, an office, a garage and auxiliary utility rooms. At the request of the owner, the following can be equipped: a billiard room, a sauna with a swimming pool, a winter garden, a gym, etc. Service premises are isolated from residential areas, often bypass galleries are made for ease of movement.

Before the start of repair and finishing work, a design project is created, in accordance with it, finishing and decorative materials, furniture and household appliances are chosen.

The main features of elite interiors

  • Individual approach – the project is created based on the wishes and preferences of the owner.

  • Spacious premises – such apartments occupy several hundred square meters.

  • Additional rooms – this includes a fireplace room, SPA-complex, bar, billiard room, library, gym, etc..

  • Premium finish – use expensive materials: natural wood, natural stone, ceramic tiles, natural fabrics, crystal, bronze. Frescoes, stucco molding, wood and stone carvings, bas-reliefs, mosaics, parquet flooring – all this is done by hand, often by professional artists, sculptors, wood and metal craftsmen.

  • Architectural details – they are made in accordance with the design project, for example: columns, arches, enfilades – for an interior in a classical style, for a baroque – stucco molding, sculptural compositions, an abundance of decorative ornaments, etc..

  • Multilevel lighting – they use not only central chandeliers, light sources are placed around the perimeter of the room, zone lighting is necessarily used: niche, stained glass, floor, cascade lighting and light panels.

  • Manufacturability – elite real estate is equipped with the latest household appliances for preparing and storing food and drinks, a media center, a cinema, multifunctional sanitary ware. Often, the Smart Home system is introduced into all communications of the building, which automatically organizes the work of all systems and displays data on the control panel in a smartphone or tablet..

  • Furniture – exclusive darling, matched in a single interior design. Made from quality materials using modern technology or handmade. Durable, durable and beautiful, most suitable for a family that will live in a stylish environment for more than one generation.

There are many styles of elite interiors, they can be combined into 3 large groups.

  • Traditional – is distinguished by clear proportions, austerity of forms, harmonious colors, striving for luxury. These include classicism, baroque, modern, gothic.
  • Modern – restraint and simplicity are the cornerstone, often use asymmetry and non-standard compositions, straight lines and simple geometry, the same type of texture. Characterized by color variability, the use of glossy surfaces. Directions – minimalism, hi-tech, loft, sometimes neoclassicism is ranked here.
  • Ethnic – interior decoration is done in the traditions of the country or place to which these characteristic features belong. Not only the original national decor and color scheme, but often household items, accessories are transferred to the atmosphere. Used to create an interior in Russian, Scandinavian, English, Italian styles.

Beautiful examples

Traditional style cottages




Modern style



With terrace

With patio

Ethnic style

Italian villa


Russian house

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