Beautiful design of a two-room apartment with an area of ​​60 sq.m

Beautiful design of a two-room apartment with an area of ​​60 sq.m

Before making a high-quality renovation of a two-room apartment, many people are looking for a finished project or order it from designers. It is needed for clarity, so that in the embodiment of a particular interior design you have a certain plan of action in your hands. Some are engaged in the repair and selection of building materials on their own, while others seek help from specialists..

Next, you will learn in more detail about the beautiful interiors of two-room apartments with an area of ​​60 sq m, as well as familiarize yourself with the features of their layout and the selection of the necessary interior.

A little about the layout

Today, you do not need to use the services of designers and decorators, since on the Internet you can find ready-made and interesting projects of two-room apartments that can be implemented.

As for housing with two rooms and an area of ​​60 square meters, the following layout and availability is considered the most relevant and in demand:

  • hallway;
  • living room;
  • kitchens;
  • bedrooms;
  • children’s room;
  • bathrooms.

Most often, a two-room apartment is focused on accommodating several people..

For example, it can be a young family with a child. However, there may not be a hallway. Entering the apartment, you will immediately find yourself in the living room or hall. In addition, the hall (with a seating area) can be combined with a kitchen.

Zoning of premises today occupies a special place in the layout of apartments, since with its help one large room can be divided into several functional zones without resorting to the demolition or movement of the main walls.

Very often, it is forbidden to move the walls, as this can violate the integrity of the structure of the apartment and the whole house. Room zoning is most often decorative..

Studio apartments are very popular as they visually have more space. And they look more modern. Very often, two-room apartments can be re-planned into three-room apartments, if, for example, parents do not want to spend the night in the main room, and one of the rooms is a child’s bedroom. That is why it is possible to divide the area into three rooms, so that the parents and the child have their own separate corners, and there remains a hall for receiving guests..

For a large family, it is ideal to leave a living room, a bedroom for adults and a nursery. To make the whole apartment seem more comfortable and attractive in appearance, in addition to a good layout, it is recommended to design it in one style solution.

Popular styles

Today there is a huge variety of styles in which apartments can be decorated. Here are both classic and modern trends. It is not uncommon for residents to choose ethnic options. The choice of this or that style should be based solely on your preferences. Below is a little about each of the styles..


These styles are often associated with something expensive and luxurious. Classic rooms can resemble palaces with chic furnishings and finishes. Of course, the implementation of such interiors requires special costs. Real professionals are most often involved in interior design..

Some of the most popular classical styles are Baroque, Empire, English and Venetian. Each of them involves thinking through the interiors to the smallest detail..

Grace, luxury, luxury furniture, designer textiles and interior items – all these are classics that many are simply crazy about..


Today, modern styles are considered more in demand, since they reflect our dynamically developing world. Styles minimalism, futurism and high-tech do not accept anything old. They personify innovative technologies and keep pace with the times, and very often ahead of it..

In addition, many people design apartments in the Scandinavian and European styles, in which comfortable and multifunctional furniture is located. It easily meets all the needs of a modern person.


Ethnic styles are not that popular, however, and there is always a demand for them. Most often, such directions personify the life of a particular culture. Their characteristic features are expressed through various accessories. Some tenants, wanting to bring something exotic to life, decorate rooms in unusual styles, for example, in African.

In addition, some people also prefer Asian trends in the interior, where bright colors and unusual textures prevail. A suitable style must be selected correctly so that all family members are comfortable in it..

We decorate rooms

If you have chosen the appropriate style in which you will decorate the apartment, look more boldly for ready-made projects or order a design version, because it will take into account all your wishes. Next, we will consider the basic recommendations for arranging a 2-room apartment, or rather, each room in it.

Hallway or corridor

As a rule, this is a small room, and it is located immediately after entering the apartment. Try not to clutter up this room, as it is already small. It is appropriate to put everything you need in the hallway..

The most up-to-date furniture are:

  • wardrobe with mirror. It is best to choose multifunctional models from floor to ceiling.
  • Bench. Models are recommended for purchase, on which you can not only sit, but also store shoes in them or under them.
  • If space permits, then you can put a small bedside table.

Also, in the hallway, special attention should be paid to lighting, since there are often no windows in this room. As for the individual accessories and textiles, it is very important to choose the right floor mat that will complement the overall interior..

If the walls are somehow empty, you can place paintings, family photos or a mirror.

Living room

After entering the apartment, households and guests immediately enter the living room or hall. Everything is standard here. There must be sofas, several armchairs, a coffee table and a TV. Of course, the classic model can be varied as you like. Variations of all kinds often depend on the style of the interior, but the furniture and appliances remain the same. The differences lie only in color and design..

If the living room is combined with the kitchen, then it makes sense to divide them using zoning. It can be done by using decorative partitions, which are available in a huge assortment, as well as by dividing wallpaper and floor coverings by color..

In such a room, it is very important to properly divide the cooking and relaxation area, as well as the dining area. Also, experts recommend taking care of a good kitchen hood so that third-party odors do not spread throughout the room..

Regardless of the style chosen, experts recommend decorating the kitchen in light colors, especially if there is not much space in it. Whites, milky and cream colors can visually enlarge the space, making it more cozy. It is better to choose laminate, parquet or tiles as flooring for combined rooms..

Lighting should also be correctly selected. In addition to the main sources, spotlights should be placed that can divide certain zones in the room..

If it is important for you to save space in a quality manner, it is best to pay attention to built-in furniture and various transforming tables that do not take up much space. In addition, a sofa bed can be placed in the living room..


A bedroom in a two-room apartment may not be very large, but it must necessarily have a sleeping place, a wardrobe for storing things, a dressing table and a workplace. Although it is not always possible to fit the office area in this room, as a result of which it is transferred to the balcony or to the living room.

If there is not enough space, then the bedside tables should be placed as close to the bed as possible, and as a closet, choose a compact and small model, where the main part of things will fit..

If desired, the TV can be hung in front of the bed.

As for the lighting, it will depend on the style. Nevertheless, bedside sconces are always in vogue, and soft spot lighting has not stopped anyone yet. Curtains, various textiles, rugs and accessories should be chosen based on the style in which you decorate the apartment. However, if the room is not very large, then it makes sense not to choose dark palettes as wallpaper and flooring, otherwise you risk getting a very gloomy bedroom in which it will be uncomfortable.

Children’s room

It is the children’s room that may differ from the general interior of the apartment, especially if the child is small. As a decoration, themed wallpapers can be used, for example, with princesses for girls or cars for boys. The flooring can be anything, but carpet is welcome.

The bed can be single or bunk for two children. In addition, a loft bed is now popular for purchase. The cabinet and work area are also required. It is desirable that there is no shortage of light in the room. It is very important to choose a comfortable writing desk for your child..


The bathroom can be combined or separate. Even if it is separate, try to decorate both rooms in the same way, especially for walls and floors. And all the equipment should be done in the same color and style..

If the rooms are small, then instead of a bathtub, purchase a shower cabin to save space for a washing machine. Above the washbasin in the bathroom, you can hang one large mirror or a mirror with sections for storing various small utensils.

Expert advice

In order for the design of a two-room apartment to be liked not only by household members, but also by all guests, it must be both practical and competently selected.

  • If the apartment does not have enough space to arrange a workplace or you need a separate office for work so you can concentrate, everything can be organized on the balcony. The main thing is that it is insulated..

  • So that the kitchen does not seem boring, take care to purchase a beautiful apron for it..
  • For a variety and revitalization of the walls, you can choose a photo wallpaper.

They can be printed with those drawings and images that you like the most..

  • If small children will live in the apartment, then when choosing a table for the dining area, it is best to take a closer look at the round or semicircular options that do not have sharp corners. In addition, if you are not going to resort to the help of specialists, but plan to make repairs yourself in a 2-room apartment, then think over everything to the smallest detail. First, light on all the paper and only then proceed with the repair and the choice of decor.

Interesting examples

To make the design of your apartment attractive and memorable, be sure to pay attention to the retro look of the interiors. With its help, you can bring notes of something from the past to the present, and it is profitable to beat it.

The modern high-tech style will be able to emphasize all the beauty and laconicism of a fashionable apartment. Mirror and metal surfaces, clear lines and pleasant lighting will delight households day after day with their uniqueness and attractiveness..

It is not uncommon when apartments are decorated in country or Provence style, despite the fact that such directions are best revealed in large private houses or in summer cottages. Nevertheless, with the help of country music, you can create a very cozy and soulful atmosphere even in an apartment..

For information on how to choose an interior style, see the next video..

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