Beautiful ideas for interior design of houses from a bar

The indisputable advantages of timber-based dwellings make this option one of the most demanded. But in addition to consumer characteristics, comfort, you need to take into account modern requirements for interior design. There is a wide variety of styles, sometimes only professional advice will help you choose the right path. However, basic information about different directions in design is also important and will not be superfluous..


Houses from a bar have been created for many centuries, and if before they were built, because in many places there was no alternative, now the originality of the appearance and internal furnishings is in the foreground. When choosing profiled beams, you save yourself from sealing the seams, the material itself looks solid and noble.

But the glued version of it should be preferred if the customer wants to build a structure of an unusual shape. The interior of the building, built of laminated veneer lumber, is lighter and more accurate in appearance than when using the profiled version. The technology allows you to knowingly avoid the occurrence of cracks, splits and other mechanical defects.

Attention: regardless of the type of material used, require quality and safety certificates for it, if you refuse to provide them – immediately cancel the purchase.

The atmosphere of a wooden private house can be transformed beyond recognition, played by professionals in a variety of ways. But it is better not to try to take risks by making stylistic experiments on your own. When choosing a suitable option, be guided by those formats, which emphasize the naturalness, naturalness of the material used.

To choose a suitable solution, you need to look at exactly which styles and directions are recommended by experts..

Types and characteristics of styles

The Russian style is simple and very widely used; there is no need to additionally decorate the walls. When the surface of the timber is ready, this will already be recognized as the final finishing point. The only additional manipulation that is allowed is the application of varnish. Thanks to him, the tree will last longer..

The Russian stove becomes the semantic center of the interior, at the request of the customer a fireplace can be installed instead of it, but all designers consider such a replacement to be defective. It is recommended to carefully think over other large objects in the room, to give up metal and plastic, from lush floor coverings. Window and door blocks, if there is an acute shortage of funds, can be made of materials that well imitate the look of wood. Untreated wooden surfaces will be perceived attractively, the ideal floor covering is rough boards with an antique effect.

Instead of an openwork pattern (ornament), soft and delicate shades, carvings and stylization for various objects become decorations. It is extremely important to remove household appliances and all modern technical devices from prying eyes.

If you want to keep in mind the items you need always, you should choose rustic style, it is not rigidly bound to a specific era. Therefore, it becomes possible to mix antiques and their imitations with home appliances, but in this case, observe a reasonable measure of its introduction into the interior. Rustic makes few requirements for furniture, but the color is strictly regulated: only stone, wood, a little beige and gray colors are allowed. Even the smallest discreet accents should be used with the greatest care..

European style frame buildings from a bar is quite appropriate in Russia, it is not much inferior to the previous version. Its attractive sides are the rational structure of the building and the priority of practicality over design delights. The situation is completely excluded when for the sake of external beauty it would be necessary to sacrifice the convenience and comfort of the inhabitants of the dwelling. It should be noted that different peoples of Europe have formed their own, special approaches that compete, but at the same time complement each other..

So, the interior in Scandinavian performance (including in Finnish) implies the absolute leadership of white and other light colors. The more comfortable and lighter the atmosphere, the better the style canon is considered. Instead of curtains, preference is given to curtains or easy-looking screens. Bright expressive accents are allowed, but it is undesirable to introduce them in an excessive amount or distract attention from the main elements..

English traditional approach not only restrained, but also emotionally cold, but you can, in contrast to Scandinavian rooms, add a little pretentious elements. Among them, candlesticks with gilding, carpet runners are in demand.. It is absolutely impossible to do without a fireplace, moreover, strictly on the basis of natural stone.

In the setting french provence there is no such aristocratic touch, the interior is also refined and luxurious, but at the same time it is emphatically rural. The predominant color is pastel, lavender, possibly sandy or mint.

The idea of ​​aging of materials is strongly emphasized, it is allowed to use textiles decorated in a floral key, fine porcelain.

Other stylistic approaches can also express the idea of ​​coziness, comfort, but this must be done by other means..

Modern style (modern) is in demand quite widely, its characteristic features are emotional warmth and vast space; providing such a combination is difficult, but still possible. The idea of ​​a large and catchy design can be traced in everything: the windows reach large sizes, the area of ​​the rooms is large, they are flooded with sunlight. Single-color wall painting is recommended; furniture is advised to purchase executed in a similar style.

Classic style a wooden building looks expressive and colorful; a very simple design in itself becomes austere, solid in design. A maximum of natural materials are used, all furniture is made of strict geometric shapes, without the slightest pretentiousness in appearance. They completely abandon bright colors in the color of the room.

A loft is very rarely found in a log house, the necessary conditions for its effective use are:

  • high ceiling heights;
  • spacious rooms;
  • solid wood floor;
  • doors (partitions) made of glass and plastic.

Format chalet, he is a “hunting lodge” – originated in the Swiss and Austrian mountains. The hearth becomes the core of the design, which is placed either against the longest wall in the living room, or in the middle of the room. The ideal flooring is matt or semi-matt effect boards deliberately aged, the same requirement applies to tiles. Be sure to think over fire safety measures by placing an open fireplace in a wooden dwelling, especially close to the walls.

Another option that requires the mandatory naturalness of the materials used is the so-called colonial style. The techniques used in it are generated by the combination of the traditional English approach and trends borrowed from the conquered peoples. Some of the walls (in height or width) are covered with one material, some with another. The key combination is black and white wood, with the upper part being made lighter and the walls darker.

A useful attribute when choosing a colonial style is animalistic motifs that can be used to decorate both furniture and textiles, decor items.

One way or another, any style solves certain design problems. Therefore, it is important to consider in what ways the decorators achieve certain goals..

Design options

Instead of a glued log house of a typical appearance, you can get a cozy family nest, saturated with a warm atmosphere. It is recommended for this purpose to move the exit to the terrace to the kitchen (if it was originally located in the living room).

Then the guest room will receive a bay window, complemented by a sofa section, in some cases this is the only way to straighten the space.


The interior of a log house can be very attractive, but many people are repelled by the yellowness inherent in logs. Light gray paint, preferably as close to white as possible, will help to correct this deficiency. So that the doors to the terrace not only serve for a long time, but also become the main accent of the extension, they should be painted in rich blue or red tones.

The interior appearance can be improved by soft, complementary colors and in other cases. It is appropriate to put them on a rack, a sideboard, a wardrobe – then the furniture will “sparkle”, ideally fit into the atmosphere and satisfy your personal needs. When the fireplace seems too pompous, it is replaced with wood-burning stoves of a more attractive look. Often, a suspended swing is used to delimit living rooms and areas reserved for kitchen and dining needs..

The design of even an inexpensive kitchen in a log house is improved by slate countertops and tiled tiles. It is worth dividing the furniture in the kitchen into two groups in order to distance its arrangement from the scheme characteristic of a city apartment..

Having considered another project, we find there a veranda equipped with a large seating area. From the veranda, you can successively enter the kitchen, dining room and living room. If the rooms are very high, you can make the space more harmonious and proportionate to people by putting large accents around the edges. The cabinet in this version was painted in a saturated color, contrary to the popular belief that a rounded house does not allow such a solution.

A combination of rounded mirror surfaces helps to eliminate the feeling of blank walls. It also contributes to the visual breakdown of the linear pattern of the logs, becomes a true decoration of the interior. High ceilings have turned from a disadvantage into a dignity, having installed a large projector screen there. The aquarium exhibited in the partition separating them helped to increase the illumination of the dining room and living room. Even inside a small log house, a bathroom looks beautiful, finished instead of the usual tiles with natural slate.

If a dark floor is not to your taste, then you will surely like another solution – with the tree whitened as much as possible due to the glazing composition. Despite the extreme lightening, its structure remains unchanged. Some designers combine this design using designs of the most futuristic look, for example, ceiling lamps assembled from a row of glass balls..

An ordinary country house should be decorated differently, not so boldly – and specialists will also find what to offer in a similar situation.

Many design options are based on any one thing in the background. A brightly colored oven can become such a design center, an identical color in different places simply dilutes a calm gray, white or moderately dark environment. An attractive combination that has no weak points is the introduction of red tones on a gray background. To create the desired tonality, the walls are slightly tinted, but at the same time they are careful not to get rid of the natural look of the tree..

In the case of two-storey houses, optimal conditions are created for the formation of the interior under the chalet. The first floor is usually made of bricks or natural stone is used, and the second is made of timber.. This approach is also characterized by:

  • the presence of open beams;
  • the predominance of dark wood over light;
  • the use of stone with a rough finish;
  • muted glow of lamps.

Professional decorators know how to do this so that, in full compliance with the canons, the building becomes fresh and individual. Often they give originality by changing the look of the hearth, using antique furniture in the dining group, and making a glass door to order. It is advisable to decorate bedrooms on the second floor as dissimilar to each other as possible, to use not just contrasting colors, but different parts of the range. Partitions will help to divide the room visually into certain parts at your discretion.

Stylish and original step: white curtains together with other white elements act as a contrast for brighter colors.


For any responsible owners, the appearance of a country house from the outside is no less important than its interior. If there is no desire or opportunity to use any facing materials, it will be necessary to impregnate the wood with agents that protect against dampness and insects. After that, the surface is varnished and covered with a paint layer..

Mechanically strong and looks great porcelain stoneware, it is more affordable than natural stone, lighter than it. Frame houses under construction can also be covered from the outside with brick cladding, decorative plaster and a number of other coatings. Various types of siding always look neat, elegant and laconic; in terms of durability, with good installation, it is not inferior to other options.

They complete the creation of a coherent image by using a suitable covering of the yard area. The paving stones laid in front of the house are invariably perceived from the best side, showing a high aesthetic taste and excellent financial situation of the owners. A variety of styling schemes allows you to flexibly vary the appearance and express a variety of stylistic ideas..

When you do not know which paving method to prefer, feel free to stop the choice on the “herringbone” or “wicker” – both are win-win, combined with any buildings and garden design.


Now let’s see how you can decorate the interior space, what design elements can be introduced into a house from a bar.

Additional decor

Imitation of paneled doors, made to the full height of the wall and complemented by a cornice, will make the atmosphere livelier and fresher. This solution is considered to be universal, but basically, home decoration from profiled or glued beams should be done in accordance with the main style..

In a classic dwelling overflow with parts must be avoided; very beautiful in themselves, in a mixture they become inexpressive, spoil the clarity of the created picture. But the device of uncovered lancet or semicircular arches can only be welcomed. Furniture should only have mother-of-pearl decor or patinated inserts. Wicker items are banned, they will only create a sense of tastelessness..

A stylish accent within the framework of Art Nouveau is made at the expense of glass and plastic, but in houses from a bar, such a move should be taken with great care. It is better if you entrust the implementation of the idea to professionals, they will solve the problem more accurately and competently. It is worth introducing more glass partitions into the loft setting. The English style is inconceivable without the use of carpets..

It is impossible to mention all the nuances typical for the use of additional decor in a log house. Therefore, let’s see what basic principles of space design operate in modern design..

Design Tips

Professionals recommend painting wooden walls – this will simultaneously make the rooms lighter, keeping the surface of the main material intact, and not engage in labor-intensive plasterboard sheathing.

There is no need to maintain a uniform design of the entire home: if you consider the same staining appropriate only in individual rooms, use it there..

Important: the priority is not for rigid style frames, but for the convenience and comfort of those living in the house.

If you need to move a certain object to the side for the sake of greater practicality, or you want to dilute the style with decorative items, feel free to act.

Beautiful examples and options

It is necessary to take into account the recommendations of professionals, but it will not be the designer who will live in the house, but you yourself. That is why it is extremely useful to know about elegant solutions that can transform a house from a bar, make it more original..

Ceiling beams can become not only a decorative element in themselves: it is convenient to hide the wiring in them..

When creating heating systems and installing equipment for them, use wooden boxes.

Each room should have not only what is hidden from prying eyes, but also what is emphasized. So, in living rooms, a fireplace, decorated with dark red glossy tiles, becomes an elegant semantic center. You can enhance and emphasize the play of color by choosing other elements of the room filling that demonstrate the same shade..

When there is not much space in the room, it is worth decorating it in white – this will give furniture products a sophisticated and less bulky look, even if they are bulky in themselves..

Now you have a general idea of ​​how to decorate a house from a bar inside and out.


You will learn more about how to decorate the interior of a house from a bar in the following video.

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