Beautiful wooden houses

Wooden buildings captivate with their solidity, environmental friendliness, powerful energy. There are many ways to build a beautiful and cozy house – from glued or profiled beams, hewn or rounded logs, in the form of a log house or with a frame base. In the article we will talk about the unusually attractive wooden buildings, we will give examples of projects of country houses.

Beautiful exterior options

The beauty of the facades of wooden private houses depends not only on their architectural design. Sometimes a decision is made to make an external cladding, and its character will definitely be reflected in the appearance of the building.. They hide wood for decoration in different cases:

  • if the house is of frame type;
  • an old building with dilapidated walls in need of restoration;
  • for the general stylization of the local area;
  • for the implementation of a special design idea.

In addition to the decorative function, high-quality finishing protects the walls of the cottage from wear and tear caused by the negative influence of the external environment, works as a noise absorber, accumulates heat, and some types of cladding can even protect the building from fire.

The finishing material is selected with great care, because the “face” of the building depends on it. It should go well with the style of the adjoining space, with other buildings on the site..

Can be used as cladding:

  • decorative plaster;
  • wet facade made of greenboard panels (wood concrete sheets);
  • imitation of a bar;
  • facade stone, brick;
  • clinker tiles or thermal panels with imitation of clinker tiles;
  • siding;
  • fiber cement panels;
  • facade flexible tiles.

In addition to finishing, functional extensions help to make the exterior special – a porch, a terrace, a canopy. The unusual structure of the roof has a powerful influence on the appearance of the building..

We offer you to familiarize yourself with a selection of spectacular facades of wooden houses.

  • A complex roof and an attic, as if composed of several modules, gives a beautiful appearance to the building.. The terrace running along the perimeter of the cottage attracts attention with a slender colonnade, which ends under the roof with a barely noticeable arched line. The location of large balconies on opposite sides of the house completes the image of a quiet and cozy home.

  • Two-storey cottage on stilts built in Provence style. The painted lilac wood walls contrast well with the white window trims, roof details and eye-catching railing patterns on the multi-faceted terrace. The composite roof is assembled from small gable roofs located separately above each annex (terraces, balconies), it is their ensemble that participates in the overall design of the exterior.

  • An example of a beautiful wooden house, the walls of which are protected by cladding. A special charm to the building is given by rough decoration and at the same time carrying a functional load in the form of large logs and stone columns. The compositional structure of a complex roof completes the image of an amazing country cottage..

  • Spectacular log house, as if assembled from rooms of different sizes, crowned with their own small roofs and combined into a single magnificent structure. Stone has been added to the cladding of the house, it skillfully reduces the oversaturation of the exterior with wood and makes the building unusually harmonious.

  • Large cottage built in Victorian style with several spectacularly decorated entrances. Unobtrusive bay windows and a cozy balcony complete the old England theme in the look of a wooden country house.

  • Despite the fact that the building was built of wood, it has a truly palace look. The blue-white palette of the structure dissolves it against the background of the blue sky. Ancient architectural techniques captured in the creation of the roof, carved platbands, refined columns, an arched entrance and a door decorated with wood carvings give away the centuries-old history of the house. The building connects several eras, decorating a practical and rational modernity with its appearance.

  • The project of our time is represented by a stylish wooden building on a high-tech theme. It is assembled from cubes of different sizes, and the spacious porch seems to be hidden between them. There is a cozy seating area with garden furniture on the porch and a free-standing terrace made in the form of a wooden flooring. Flat roofs and large panoramic windows highlight the building’s contemporary architecture.

Overview of houses made of combined materials

In Europe, houses from combined building materials have been built for more than one century. Wood is most often combined with stone, brick, aerated concrete. Each of the materials is good in its own way.

If it is difficult to choose from what to build a house – from stone or wood, you can resort to the combined option, it will combine the advantages of both materials.

Chalet houses built by shepherds in alpine villages are a striking example of such structures.. The first floor was made of stone and became the foundation, the fortress of the dwelling. The upper part of the house, built of wood, contained bedrooms where you could relax among the natural, “breathing” walls.

A stone house with a wooden second floor acquires a certain lightness, the building is cheaper, it is more interesting to stay in it, since each level gives its own emotional and aesthetic sensations.

Stylization on tiers can be completely different, for example, the upper floor does not need finishing at all, and this makes the building seem even more peculiar.

It should be remembered that this type of structure is not suitable for all climatic conditions. In too rainy areas, the upper part of the building will suffer from an excess of moisture, and signs of decay will appear. And in hot regions, cracks will be noticeable on the wood as a result of drying out. In addition, the tree must be treated with fire-fighting and antifungal compounds. Another feature of combined houses is the content of materials with different characteristics. The aging process of different parts of the building is not the same, and the care for them is different.

If difficulties do not frighten you, you can get buildings of amazing beauty.

  • A house made of planed beams goes well with the basement and front stone inserts. Such a structure, even in three floors, will not be heavy, but it will retain stability and reliability due to the stone foundation..

  • German-style cottage built from logs and concrete, successfully combines modern and rustic direction.

  • Building finished with facing bricks, matches perfectly with wooden elements in the form of a roof, porch and balcony.

  • The building was erected from stone, timber and large-scale glass blocks. It has a vertical combination, in contrast to houses with floors built from different materials..

  • Beautiful wooden house decorated with chimneys and a terrace made of wild stone.

Examples of projects

When starting the construction of a wooden house, you need to take into account the features of this material..

  • Moisture susceptibility. It is believed that the tree is short-lived, as it is afraid of heat and moisture. But this applies only to soft or porous rocks, the harder the wood, the easier it repels water and the more resistant it behaves to any weather conditions. Quality solid timber buildings built several centuries ago can still be seen today..

  • Poor fire resistance. This problem is solved by processing the material with refractory compounds and conducting electrical wiring in special plastic casings or pipes..

  • Light weight. This is rather a plus than a minus, you can get by with a cheaper foundation and without the involvement of heavy equipment.

  • Environmental friendliness. One of the main features influencing the choice of customers in favor of a wooden house. The walls “breathe”, have a pleasant smell and good energy.

  • Rodents, fungus, mold. If it is not glued laminated timber, but other types of wood materials, they can be exposed to the invasion of rodents. Walls will help protect against fungus and mold with antibacterial impregnations.

  • Shrinkage. To build a house, you should choose only dry building material, but in this case you will have to wait a year or two until the wood loses moisture. During this period, it is impossible to make internal or external decoration, it may crack. It is impossible to bring communications close to the walls or install furniture, since the house is in a state of slow mobility. Even window frames and door frames suffer. This period is longest at log cabins, buildings with large logs and beams. But in fact there is no shrinkage in houses made of laminated veneer lumber. This is due to the strength and specificity of the manufacture of this material..

Taking into account all the features of wooden buildings, you can start developing a project. It is easier to use the standard options. Houses built according to their drawings have already proven themselves positively, and their cost is much lower than individual ones. In addition, there is no need to wait for the development of standard projects, they are already ready.

Those who have the time and want to realize their own ideas can order an individual plan for their home. It will cost more, but it will be exclusive.

As examples, we will give two popular typical projects.

  • A modern house with a second light contains large-scale glazing. Has an attic floor with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. On the 1st floor there is a living room combined with a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a boiler room.

  • A house made of rounded logs with an attic, total area – 137 sq. m. Has 2 entrances, large terrace, balcony. 2 bedrooms located on different floors, dining room at the bottom of the building.

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