Description and projects of two-storey houses from blocks

Familiarity with the descriptions and designs of two-story block houses can be useful for many developers. It is necessary to carefully study the projects of houses up to 100 sq. m, block houses with and without a bath. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with typical examples of beautiful buildings on 2 floors..

Advantages and disadvantages

It is necessary to evaluate two-story block houses very carefully and in the entire range of possible circumstances. More and more the opinion is strengthened that one-story buildings are definitely better. However, this is not the case, and in fact, both options have strengths and weaknesses..

Adding a second floor:

  • improves visibility;
  • makes it easier to find solitude;
  • guarantees a comfortable distribution of premises;
  • increases the total area without absorbing an extremely large proportion of the site;
  • allows you to place common areas on the first, and personal areas on the second level (reverse distribution is extremely rare and is usually dictated by some special considerations).

However, the presence of the upper tier also leads to serious flaws..


  • increased transitions between rooms;
  • difficulty with the arrangement of the stairs;
  • increased traumatic hazard;
  • poor suitability for families with children and for the elderly, disabled people;
  • the complexity of construction and calculations;
  • lengthening of plumbing and electrical communications;
  • taking away useful space by stairs and platforms around them (halls).

It should be noted that building houses specifically from blocks also has both advantages and disadvantages. Some experts believe that it is these structures that are optimal for personal needs in cities and beyond. However, specific types of blocks must be chosen as carefully as possible. The foam block, for example, is lightweight and resists fire very well. This is one of the most affordable hull building materials. There is nothing to rot in it, and there is no nutritional basis for a variety of fungi..

However, foam blocks:

  • can give strong shrinkage (and therefore require careful reinforcement, which complicates and increases the cost of work);
  • absorb a lot of moisture from the external environment due to their porosity;
  • due to fragility and fragility, require very careful handling during storage, transportation and installation.

Gas silicate is also widely demanded.. It is quite close to foam concrete and in many ways is analogous. Gas silicate blocks are refractory and suppress extraneous noise. Their thermal insulation is also at a decent level..

However, it will be almost impossible to hammer a nail or other fasteners into the gas silicate; you will have to use special hardware.

Cinder blocks are praised for their long service life and the absence of the danger of rotting. They will be relatively cheap. However, a house built from cinder blocks is often very cold, and only scrupulous insulation in combination with competent cladding solves this problem. It is also worth remembering about the unpredictable composition in advance. Rarely, cinder blocks can contain toxins and radioactive substances..

Expanded clay blocks are inferior to foam concrete in terms of heat conservation, but very slightly. But in terms of strength, they are very good and can be used even for serious buildings. Expanded clay concrete is fire resistant and fairly light.

It is environmentally friendly. Problems can only be caused by significant water absorption.

Projects overview

Choose ready-made projects of block houses with a height of 2 floors up to 100 sq. m or any other area must be very carefully and scrupulously. One of these options involves arranging a living room with an area of ​​12.6 sq. m. It communicates directly with a modest (2.8 square) kitchen. Also on the ground floor there are 3 relatively large bedrooms.. Additionally, they equip here:

  • hall;
  • hallway;
  • boiler room with an area of ​​1.4 sq. m;
  • bathroom.

The second floor is occupied by only one non-residential attic. This solution only seems outdated: in fact, it is very beneficial in terms of saving free space in the house. All obviously unnecessary or periodically used things can be transferred to the top..

But many people find it necessary to choose the plan of a two-story house with a bath..

In this version, a 5-meter sauna is designated instead. However, in terms of communications, there is no difference, but there are only individual subtleties of arrangement. To create a comfortable environment, a 7-meter bathroom is also provided. Living room of 21.7 sq. m combined with the kitchen and dining areas. Additionally, there is a bathroom, an entrance hall and an 8-meter terrace..

A second light was provided in the attic. There are also two bedrooms: about 9 and about 17 sq. m, respectively. Use a bathroom of 6.9 sq. m will be quite convenient. The connection between the individual rooms is taken over by the staircase hall. It is also worth emphasizing the presence of a loggia.

Another variant of the project includes dividing the bath area into a sauna and a shower room. Additionally, a corner recreation room of about 14 m2 is equipped. The connection between different rooms is provided by a corridor. On the ground floor, a dining room and a living room (20 and 25.8 sq. M) were placed without a clear separation. Cooking in a 14.6 m2 kitchen will be easy and pleasant.

In addition to these premises, the ground floor will be equipped with:

  • boiler room;
  • pantry;
  • hallway;
  • terrace.

On the second floor, the main area is occupied by bedrooms. A corridor of 10.4 square meters connects them with each other and with other rooms. m. Provides for the arrangement of the hall and balcony. The second light is placed in a characteristic “branch”. The result is a comfortable and harmonious home..

Beautiful examples

A block house may well have a simple flat roof that best suits its use. In this case, it is also recommended to arrange columns at the entrance to the house, as well as an impromptu covered terrace and balcony. The appearance of the building turns out to be quite pleasant due to the skillful use of wooden or wood-like elements. Facade walls are decorated in a combination of white and light pink.

A small lawn and paths around it turn out to be a very good visual addition..

But you can use an alternative approach.. A house made of blocks will look very good, one part of which is completely smooth, and the second is framed under a wild stone. The metal tile roof looks quite decent and turns out to be a logical continuation of such a design concept. The house is surrounded by grassy lawns, which greatly improve its perception. The design is relatively simple, but in fact it is tasteful and balanced..

A simple flat house with smooth walls can be built from blocks.. The photo shows just such an option – all traces of “special origin” are covered with trim. The visual compatibility of the roof on the main roof and on the 2 porches is an additional aesthetic stimulus. The basement is different from the main part of the walls, and this circumstance makes the home even more interesting. As in previous cases, the territory surrounding the house is combined with it quite harmoniously..

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