Design features of a small room

Design features of a small room

A beautiful home interior is the dream of any homeowner. For owners of an apartment in “Khrushchev” and a studio apartment, the task is complicated by the small square meters of space available. Following the expert advice of experts, you can easily transform even the smallest apartment. What are the design features of a small room? Let’s figure it out together.


When starting repairs in a small room, you can face the following room problems, which will have to be solved in a new interior:

  • low ceilings – in houses of the Soviet era, they do not exceed 2.5 m;
  • lack of natural light;
  • inconvenient room shape – elongated, with ledges, rectangular (with an area of ​​no more than 15 sq m);
  • walk-through room in old houses.

All of the above nuances contribute to the fact that the room becomes non-functional.. The main task is to visually make the room more spacious and comfortable for living. Any designer can easily cope with this..

Of course, repairs can be done on your own, knowing the basic tricks of planning an interior in a small room..

Having become the owner of small-sized housing, you should not be upset. The presence of a small area inspires for non-standard solutions and interesting interior ideas. All you need to do is follow the expert advice on small space design..

As for the main recommendations, they are as follows:

  • use additional light sources;
  • choose the right color scheme that visually enlarges the room;
  • use zoning to increase functionality;
  • choose interesting and spacious storage items.


Consider in detail the interior of a small room in the form of general decoration tips.

Ceiling design

A small room cannot boast high ceilings. To create an effect that visually lifts the ceiling, use light shades – matte or glossy. The currently popular design of stretch ceilings is the best fit for a small room.

You can also use the following technique – make the middle of the ceiling snow-white and glossy, while slightly darken the color of the coating from the sides. This technique is able to stretch a room, add height and depth to it. It is better to refuse a suspended ceiling, which is a plasterboard or profile structure. Such a design “takes away” the already necessary centimeters of the room. Decorating the ceiling with a slat, wooden beams or stucco will also be an unsuccessful solution..


Since we are talking about the decor of the ceiling, it is worth talking about lighting. Center lighting with a multi-level chandelier is completely unsuitable for a small room. It is better to give preference to small spotlights around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. LED strip will add light and create a festive mood.

Particular attention should be paid to additional light sources – lamps and corner floor lamps. They not only participate in the process of lighting a room, but also serve as an excellent way of zoning a space. Wall sconces look good in a small area. Today you can choose the right option for the style of each room. In addition, the sconce does not take up much space, which is very important in a small room..

Use mirrors and mirrored furniture in the interior of the room. Light will bounce off them, creating glare. An unusual solution will be the design of glass partitions. Since lighting plays an important role in interior design, experts recommend letting in as many natural rays as possible into the room. You can expand the window opening or choose French glazing. It is better to attach a balcony in a small room to the living area and choose a window to glaze into the floor..


For a small apartment, you should choose compact, laconic furniture that has strict regular shapes. It is even better if it successfully hides in a closet or niche in the wall. Modern transforming furniture will be a good purchase. It is also necessary to ensure that, when placing, the interior items fit snugly against the walls, window sill, recesses and niches. Tightly pushed in furniture will save the necessary centimeters.

  • For a small bedroom, you should opt for a sofa bed. During the day, such furniture takes up little space, and at night it can guarantee a comfortable sleep..
  • In a small nursery where two children live, a bunk bed would be the best option..
  • If you are the owner of a miniature kitchen, opt for a compact kitchen set, which at the same time will be very functional. So, for example, you should not buy deep cabinets – they take up a lot of space. A good purchase will be a cabinet from ceiling to floor, where you can easily fit all the kitchen utensils.

Furniture can also be made to order. For example, an interesting solution would be a bed with a podium, the space of which can be used to store things..

Don’t buy colorful furniture with monograms or carvings. It is better to purchase models of the same color. You can also combine furniture that is contrasting in shades, but not eye-catching.

Wall decor

When planning the design of the walls, one should take into account the fact that a combination of 2-3 colors is considered optimal for a small room. One color is basic and is complemented by similar in color type, but more saturated shades. For wall decor, select textures of light pastel colors – beige, mother-of-pearl, ash, olive, azure, milky, white. Designers advise against using dark wallpaper with a printed pattern, large ornamentation and complex patterns. This design will “narrow” the room and focus on its small area.

To visually increase the height of the room, you can use wallpaper with a vertical pattern, while wallpaper with a horizontal strip is suitable for its visual expansion. You should not use cork, metal, bamboo and other complex textures in the decor. Leave them for a larger area..

Floor design

For floor design, it is better to use a solid color without complex patterns and color combinations. The main motto is – the simpler the better. Tiles, linoleum, laminate flooring will do. Choose a material that you like in terms of texture and performance. It is worth giving preference to a drawing under a tree – alder, beech, pine, oak. Do not use mosaics on the floor, because such an interior will make the room even smaller..

Details and fabrics

For window decoration, use roman or roller blinds, organza, tulle, mesh. Do not burden the space with weighty curtains and lambrequins. Since the interior of a small room is made mainly in light colors, accessories – sofa pillows, capes, small bedside fluffy rugs will help to place accents and bring in bright colors..

The cushion chair trend is a great alternative to a regular chair. or a chair. It is better to choose blankets and bedspreads without patterns, draperies and bright embroidery. Use mirrors in the interior, as they visually expand the boundaries of the room..

Don’t be afraid to experiment! The small area of ​​the home gives unlimited scope for imagination. Design unusual niches for storing books, souvenirs and miscellaneous items. Do not use shelves to place flowers. Flowers can be hung from the ceiling by attaching them to forged chains.

Functional zoning

A beautiful and harmonious interior should also be functional. The division of a room into zones largely depends on its type, be it a bedroom, a living room or a whole studio apartment. To begin with, you should decide on the project, and think about which interior items will be needed and which ones you can refuse. It is better to replace large items with more compact ones, for example, a regular table with a folding.

The next step is to divide the room into zones and delimit them. The simplest (in terms of zoning) room is the bedroom. Here you need to install a bed or a compact folding sofa. Often, the bedroom provides a work area and a place for gatherings with friends. In the nursery, it is necessary to allocate a sleeping area, as well as provide a place for games. You can distinguish between two spaces with color – bright details in the play area and wallpaper in calm tones in the sleeping area.

The living room is the most difficult room in terms of zoning. Here you need to provide a place for receiving guests, a work area, and often a sleeping place. By placing a floor lamp in the corner or by attaching an unusual lamp to the edge of the table, you can organize a place for reading or embroidery. In a small kitchen-living room, it is necessary to separate the cooking area from the rest of the room. This can be done using a bar counter, an artificial column, cabinet or sofa. The main criterion for the successful division of space is a clear understanding of the purpose of the room, its type and shape..

Examples of original design

Small rooms are pushing designers to create the most daring and unusual interiors:

  • An excellent alternative to a bunk bed for two children can be an option where one of them is roll-out. This stylish sleeping place will ensure a healthy sleep, and during the day the bed retracts, which opens up additional space for games..

  • The idea of ​​a secret bed for adults is unusual. During the day, the room is an ordinary study, and with the onset of night it turns into a cozy bedroom with a large comfortable bed..

  • Strict minimalism is the style most suitable for the interior of a small room. Tastefully selected and correctly arranged furniture, wall and ceiling décor in the same color scheme – all this creates a beautiful ensemble. A highlight can be a wardrobe of an unusual shape, designed specifically for this room..

  • The universal wall and ceiling color for small spaces is white and all light shades. Additional illumination is achieved by means of LED illumination, launched along the perimeter of the ceiling. A piece of furniture, for example, a bright green sofa, can act as a bright accent..

  • Lighting plays an important role in the interior of a small room. Panoramic windows to the floor would be a great idea. A room filled with natural light will appear more spacious. You can complement the interior with an unusual shelf for books, photos and trifles..

The small area of ​​the room creates a flight for creativity and the implementation of the most daring ideas of its owner.

Design ideas for a small room, see the next video.

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