DIY apartment design: from A to Z

The design of the apartment can be completely designed by yourself. To do this, you need to know a few basic rules and show your own imagination. Thanks to our recommendations, you can design an apartment with your own hands..


Very often, repairs in an apartment are started not out of motives to change the usual environment, but when certain problems arise. For example, plaster begins to crumble from the ceiling or furniture becomes unusable. Very often we are ready to live in a boring environment, provided that the minimum comfort is observed, and do not dare to repair. This choice is not always reasonable. Professional designers have selected life hacks to transform your apartment or house. They are able to breathe new life into even the most dull room..

There are two main ways to transform the design of a house or apartment – you can make a simple cosmetic repair or change everything radically. The choice is always yours. It is necessary to take into account the general style, and only then select the color scheme of the room, taking into account the future interior.

Current trends

It is best to choose the latest design trends for your apartment. It will help you make your home look stylish and modern. Add a touch of modernity to it and use materials that will last you for years. So you can put off the next renovation in your home for a long time..

In apartment design, professionals most often use styles such as:

  • provence;
  • loft;
  • country and many others.

Many designers today design and rustic.


The classic style combines several directions. Among them are Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Art Nouveau, English and others. The classic style appeared several centuries ago, but it managed not to lose its relevance today, which proves its beauty and practicality..

Its feature is expensive decor items and interior decoration, as well as carved furniture. Fireplace, statues, antiques – traditional components of the style.


This style will help to recreate the atmosphere characteristic of a particular nation. You can revive Japanese minimalism, German pragmatism, Russian originality in your home.


Modern design is such directions as:

  • Art Deco;
  • minimalism;
  • hi-tech, etc..

In the modern style, the spirit of progress and postmodernism is clearly felt. There is a rejection of unnecessary comfort and details. This design has a beauty in simplicity.. Smooth lines, monotony, minimalism, varnish on surfaces, strict furniture, bright lighting – all this is a modern style..


When choosing the color of walls and floors for an apartment or house, follow the tips of the professionals:

  • Shades of green and blue promote concentration and relax the eyes. Milky white and pale yellow tones are also good..
  • Orange and red increase anxiety.
  • To create a harmonious combination, you need to take white and some kind of contrasting color. The color combination also depends on the style. For high-tech, white, gray and bright red are suitable. For modern, you need to choose purple, red and pink.
  • A combination of two bright contrasting colors is not allowed..
  • It is not recommended to combine brown and gray in the same room. They visually reduce the room.

  • The color of the floor can be either light or dark. It all depends on the style of the room.
  • In small rooms, more light needs to be added. But don’t overdo it. If you have a light ceiling, then the floor can be made in contrast. This will add more brightness..
  • Just 3-4 mirrors are enough for the whole apartment to visually expand the space.

Any materials can be used for finishing. It all depends on the design you choose. Today, brickwork is becoming more and more popular. It fits well with the industrial style. Decorative plaster is more suitable for classic.

We develop a design project

When developing a design project, one should take into account the general style of housing and the characteristics of each individual room, its functionality and style..

A Victorian design is suitable for the bathroom. He looks very rich and is popular with many people. This luxury should be adorned with vintage furniture..

You can put an unusual chair with smooth lines in the kitchen. It will look just amazing. Lamps in the style will suit the chrome surface Fusion. It will be a good combination.

The living room should have maximum comfort and plenty of space. If you have a large hall, then you can safely use a variety of colors in the interior. For a small living room, it is better to use light colors. Thus, you can visually expand the space..

It is quite difficult to develop a design project with your own hands. You can do it yourself only if you follow our recommendations..

You can additionally use applications to create a design. This will make the task much easier.. The process of creating a project in this case looks like this:

  • Measurement. Draw or print a layout with actual dimensions.
  • Large-scale plan. The ratio of the actual size to the one drawn on the plan should be 1: 4. Performed either manually or on a computer.
  • Technical plan assignment. It is a list of what needs to be done: the selection of style, the choice of furniture in the premises, color and everything that will give the interior consistency and rationality.
  • Planning solution. You need to re-plan the apartment and find out how to do everything according to the law. We mark zones and arrange objects (so far only on paper).

  • 3D. Create a 3D model from a planar plan in SketchUp and try to walk through it virtually. A rethinking of the plan may arise due to the fact that now you will more fully understand how what we have on paper will look in real life. You will also understand the advantages and disadvantages of finishing with various materials, work out various little things, etc..
  • Choice of style. Before starting this stage, you already have a rough idea of ​​what and how will function and how your interior and design solution will look. Once again, re-read the previous paragraphs, finally determine everything for yourself, look again the pictures that inspired and took as an example of the interior and proceed directly to the design.
  • Consider the parameters of the apartment before you start choosing materials for decoration, furniture, lamps and lamps, etc. An insufficiently high ceiling, poor lighting and other troubles can greatly interfere with bringing your ideas to life.
  • Blueprints. We translate the sketches into a plan. Here you will need both dismantling drawings and installation drawings. We mark lamps and other light sources, switches with sockets.

Required materials and tools

For budget repairs, you will have to buy building materials yourself. Let’s go through the tools and materials that you will have to refer to during work.. You will need:

  • A perforator that combines the functions of a drill, a jackhammer, a mortar mixer, and a screwdriver. To expand the functionality, we advise you to buy a drill, a cartridge with an adapter, a solution mixer, a lance and a shovel.
  • Screwdriver. He has two actions: tighten and unscrew screws, dowels, anchors, bolts, and drill metal. We also buy a set of bits and drills.
  • Bulgarian. It is necessary to purchase 3 discs for it: a cutting disc for metal, diamond (for concrete and ceramics) and a grinding.
  • Building level. There are a wide variety of sizes of this tool, ranging from 20 centimeters to 2.5 meters. For small openings, a level of 40 cm is sufficient. Walls, ceilings and floors need, respectively, a higher level. Bubble spirit level is very popular and often used. Due to the presence of alcohol, it is successfully operated at temperatures below zero..

  • Measuring tape. Recommended length – seven meters.
  • Hacksaw. You need a tool with large teeth – for bars and boards, and with small ones – for plywood, fiberboard, chipboard and plastic.
  • Hammer. You need a regular hammer with a rectangular section, one blunt side and one beveled.
  • Pliers. They will help to bite the wire and pull out the nail. It is a multifunctional tool.
  • Set of wrenches from 6 to 22 mm.
  • The spatulas are narrow, wide and serrated. Narrow (60-80 mm) is useful for hard-to-reach openings. Wide (200-400 mm) for walls, openings, etc. A notched trowel is needed to apply glue to the area of ​​a tile or stone.
  • You will also need regular paint brushes..


Even simple wall repairs will not be complete without finishing. We offer you original ideas. You can safely use them in your home.. You will certainly get an original and stylish design:

  • Fresh press. Newspaper instead of wallpaper on the walls is very original and stylish. With the proper whiteness of the paper, this option will look good enough. The newspaper is much thinner than the wallpaper, so do not forget to cover it with a protective varnish after gluing.
  • Brick. A brick wall will be a good solution for a stylish design. That’s just flickering in modern interiors, she too often and has already managed to get tired of the order. Therefore, you can brick not the entire wall, but only a part. It will look interesting with the white rest of the wall. You will have an interesting contrast..
  • Sea stones. Coming back from vacation, you can grab the material for decorating your home directly from the sea. Sea stones and pebbles are quite reliable. It is convenient and pleasant to work with them and you can dream up, laying out various patterns.

You can lay them out as a whole wall, or only a small part.

  • Stretch walls. If you imagine what a stretch ceiling is, then you will not have a question about what a stretch wall is. This practice is quite rare and it is this that will add originality to your design. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
  • Drywall. Intricate and bizarre drywall designs are not liked by designers. However, there are cases when even such a finish looks stylish and impressive..

In order not to overdo it and not make a cardboard box out of your room, it is still better to first consult with specialists.

How to demarcate space?

It is quite possible to bring comfort in the house on your own. You can not only beautifully, but also practically decorate the space by simply adding decorative partitions. Let’s take a look at a few ways of how to delineate space and separate rooms from each other:

  • Podium in the middle of the room. A non-standard and rather unusual choice, as it might seem at first. It is necessary to throw out the bed, and instead erect a podium half a meter high and put a huge mattress on it. This will add peace, tranquility and friendliness to your environment. You can add pull-out drawers to the runway and store various things there..

  • Individual space. If you live in an apartment building, this does not mean that your apartment cannot be transformed and made at least a little more individual. For example, lower the ceiling above the bed. This will visually create the center of the room and focus on the sleeping area. Drywall will help with this. Do not forget to pre-mount some unusual lighting there before..

  • Arch will separate two zones of one room. If you smoothly round the arch, then it will not additionally overload the space. With its help, you will make your room unified and inseparable, but more functional..

  • Cozy corner. Shelves in the guest room will help create a sense of unity, gently flowing into the kitchen furniture. Curved shelves will perfectly brighten up a familiar and ordinary apartment with even and straight corners, and the uneven features of the table, sofa and carpets from the living room will naturally transform into the clear and even forms present in the dining room. Space will be both united and divided at the same time.

  • Color separation. If you are not yet ready for radical changes in your apartment, then color zoning will be an excellent and inexpensive way out in this situation. For example, glue wallpaper of different colors in opposite areas of the room, or mark one of the walls with a color (preferably bright and sharp). Experiment with colors and bring your everyday interior to life.

Among other things, it is cheap and will take much less time than other ways of sharing space..

  • Floor marking. A strikingly patterned black tile in the middle of the room will focus the eye on this spot, while a white matte laminate will look quite casual. With the modest size of your living room, choose not very contrasting colors, or put a carpet on the place where you want to focus. It will also be interesting to make a pattern from tiles or flooring..

Having studied the methods of zoning a room, you can once again make sure that everything ingenious is simple. Combining simplicity and originality, zoning in an apartment or room can be made as comfortable and aesthetic as possible without adding unnecessary details to the design..

Before that, it is only important to prepare sketches in order to imagine in advance how the room will look.

Beautiful examples of finished interior

For a small kopeck piece, light colors are suitable. The interior should have only a few bright accents that will not hide the space..

Design ideas can even be applied in a one-room apartment. It is advisable to select furniture in the same style, and divide the room itself into functional zones. You can come up with an interesting design for a combined toilet or divide the bathroom into two separate rooms. The kitchen can be combined with the living room. This is done to visually increase the space..

For Khrushchev, choose unusual ideas. These are quite the same type of premises, so they definitely need to add originality..

Everything about the design in the style of “Provence”, as well as an overview of the interior of the house of 166 sq. m., see the next video.

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