Features and designs of houses in the style of minimalism

The features and designs of minimalist houses can be very interesting for many developers. Attention should be paid to projects of one-story and two-story houses, modern frame small and other houses. Regardless of all these features, it is very important to apply general design approaches in the style of Scandinavian minimalism..

Distinctive features

The most convenient way to characterize houses in the style of minimalism is based on the example of its Scandinavian branch.. All surfaces – walls, floor and ceiling – are finished in white or other very light colors. These colors allow you to achieve optimal visual expansion of the space. Home furnishing involves the use of multifunctional furniture. The use of textiles is encouraged, but there should not be too much of it. Quantity is less important than quality and beauty.

Decor is used in small quantities. Each of its elements is required to be used strictly functional, to solve specific problems. Appearance and performance must be strictly balanced. It is necessary to smooth out sharp corners and too sharp lines as much as possible, round them as much as possible. It is imperative to also strive for extremely natural illumination – it is also an indisputable style canon..

The use of natural materials is encouraged:

  • cotton;

  • other textiles;

  • wood;

  • bamboo;

  • traffic jams;

  • stone.

When decorating the interior, no more than 2 tones are used. Only professional designers can create a minimalistic design using 3 colors. But they do not do this unless absolutely necessary, and usually find simpler solutions. Another characteristic feature of Scandinavian minimalism is the use of stoves or fireplaces. True, they serve as decorative rather than practical filling of the space..

It is worth emphasizing the need to install large windows. Only panoramic glazing perfectly meets the Scandinavian canons.

The buildings themselves are created only from natural materials, and the compromise, in which imitations and external wood-like coatings are used, deceive only the residents themselves. They try to connect the interior with the exterior using aesthetic connecting details. It should be understood that only experienced designers and designers can correctly perform this task, and without special experience there is nothing to think about such an achievement..

Sometimes the bias is towards general minimalism. Then it is necessary to reduce the visual saturation as much as possible, both inside and outside. Everything that is done without a direct and explicit goal, sharply contradicts the basic canons of minimalistic design.. Mistakes are categorically unacceptable here, and it is more correct to abandon some dubious thing or component than to suffer the consequences of their inept use..

It’s not just about visual decorations – any proportion between different parts, any color or material should have a functional value..

The volumetric elements in a minimalist approach are harmoniously complemented by various protrusions. A mandatory feature of the style is the logical connection between the building and the surrounding space.. The transition from interior to exterior is made as blurry as possible.

Glazing in minimalism in general, as in its Scandinavian branch, is maximized. Thinking over the layout of the house, you need to choose the most spacious solution.

Projects overview


Buildings one floor high can be very beautiful filling of a personal site.. But it is important to select the best options among them in order to get the most out of them.. In one of the solutions, the porch area is about 3.2 m2. The size of the bathroom is slightly larger. The kitchen is almost 12 sq. m cooking is pleasant and convenient, which will delight gourmets.

Other small houses may differ significantly from the sample just analyzed. One of the solutions involves the use of a terrace with an area of ​​21.3 sq. m. A thoughtful furniture group is placed on it, providing comfort. The size of the kitchen-dining room is just over 13 sq. m. Additionally equipped with:

  • living room;

  • hallway;

  • bathroom.

If small dwellings do not suit you, you can choose another concept – a house in which the size of the living room reaches almost 30 square meters. m. True, the bathroom has a size of only about 2 square meters. m, and the size of the technical room is 3.6 sq. m. Busy people will like the arrangement of the office. There is also a larger bathroom, and the size of the living room is 16.3 m2. The kitchen will also delight home owners and provide them with all the necessary functionality..


A good finished minimalist home two stories high may contain a living-dining combined area. Its area reaches almost 34 sq. m. Under a 26-meter canopy, it is possible to put even a large jeep. Other rooms here:

  • hall-hallway;

  • utility room (about 1.6 m2);

  • a kitchen of almost 13 “squares”;

  • 2-meter vestibule;

  • 5-meter boiler room;

  • modest bathroom.

On the second floor there are:

  • three living rooms;

  • 4-meter bathroom;

  • bath block (sauna and dressing room);

  • staircase hall;

  • the second light.

In many cases, it is necessary to consider the layouts of modern houses of 200 sq. m and more. One of these options, although not equipped with a garage, is still quite practical and convenient. There are 2 terraces here, the area of ​​which is almost 2 times different. The porch is quite large for comfortable use. The area of ​​the kitchen-living room and bathroom is quite large and satisfies absolutely any needs of the residents..

But it’s not just the layout of buildings that matters.. Thinking through the nuances of the plan is greatly influenced by the type of material used. The old wooden house has largely given way to frame structures. They are relatively inexpensive and allow for optimal insulation of the interior space. The structures themselves can withstand the effects of temperature extremes.

At the same time, one must understand that a frame dwelling will require major repairs in 25-30 years. If you do not do it, problems may soon arise..

The use of wood poses a fire hazard. Fire retardants compensate for this danger, but their use is expensive and not always environmentally friendly. In addition, the protective treatments have to be repeated periodically, and without special soundproofing layers, the level of noise protection will be too low..

Private concrete houses can also be decorated in a minimalist style.. They perfectly resist seismic activity and meteorological influences. By adjusting the composition of the concrete mix, the weight of the support blocks can be adjusted and the load on the foundation can be significantly reduced. Concrete is completely harmless to humans, plastic and can be finished in a variety of ways. It should be borne in mind that concrete structures:

  • labor intensive in construction;

  • require the use of non-removable formwork;

  • are erected using capital scaffolding;

  • force to resort to welding to form a metal frame.

A high-quality brick house looks not only beautiful and indestructible, but also emphasized traditionally. For its construction, you can resort to both completely ready-made and individually conceived drawings, diagrams. In various cases, both ceramic and silicate bricks are used. Their features can significantly influence the appearance and characteristics of the building. But brick is heavy anyway and requires a lot of wet work. It will be impossible to build houses from it in cold weather..

Structures made of foam blocks can withstand the effects of compressive loads. The density of the material varies greatly and allows you to select the blocks that are optimal for each case. Foam concrete can withstand even deep freezing. Passage of steam through its layer is quite reliable. However, the foam block will definitely require facing work to maximize the preservation of structures, and you can also put it only on special (and rather expensive) glue.

Interior decoration

Interior arrangement in a private house is no less important than exterior arrangement. And do not think that the minimalistic direction implies some kind of fadedness and a hint of cheap furnishings. Rather, on the contrary, sophistication is necessarily traced here, but this sophistication is of a special kind, not the same as in a number of pretentious stylistics. In any case, the dynamism and energy of the environment is emphasized.. Completely discard:

  • stucco molding;

  • various beams;

  • partitions;

  • massive furniture.

Only strictly necessary items are left in the house. Wooden furniture is acceptable, but it should look concise and not too flashy. All details should emphasize a hint of simplicity and freedom..

You can emphasize the color with a combination of white and dark (gray, chocolate, graphite) paints. It is recommended to add a few brighter contrasting elements to each color..

It is necessary to develop and implement the design from the hallway or living room. All partitions between rooms should be as light and airy as possible. If this idea cannot be realized, it would be more correct to completely abandon any partitions and similar barriers. Natural light is even more important than electric lighting – but ideally both of these components should be considered. It is necessary to take into account how all parts of the decoration and decor will look in daylight and in artificial light..

Kitchen appliances are built into the main set. Any intricate patterns and ornaments cannot be used. Parquet is placed on the floor as standard. In order to save money, you can put one-color linoleum. The most expensive options use natural stone..

The work table in the kitchen is made of any material – so long as it does not look overly flashy. The room itself should be designed using perfectly verified geometric lines. Sharp corners are encouraged. The more empty, free space, the better the whole composition corresponds to the canon.. For all the conservatism, one should carefully delineate the functional areas..

In the hallway, minimalism is also aimed at maintaining the maximum free space and overall simplicity of the composition. Lighting should also be considered. Instead of a wardrobe, they often put:

  • shoe rack;

  • cabinet with a mirror;

  • hanger.

Finishing materials with a glossy sheen are highly welcome. They will definitely fit into this concept better than traditional matte or neutral solutions. Glossy stretch ceilings meet the canons very well. The most popular are multi-level compositions with recessed spotlights. You can use self-leveling floors, but you should not get too carried away with them..

Zoning of premises is often done using multilevel floors and ceilings. Roman blinds are usually hung on the windows. But you can get by with the simplest window textiles. But lambrequins and other complex curtains are undesirable. The bedrooms use storage systems, and the bathrooms have stylish black and white bathtubs..

In general, black and white contrast is ideal for a minimalist interior. But it is quite possible to use an almost monochromatic white design. Only in a few places are other colors introduced to improve perception. Instead of simple white, beige or light gray colors are often used. The texture of natural materials will add coziness, but it is introduced in moderation so that there is no excessive visual old-fashionedness.

Beautiful examples

Minimalist cottages with panoramic windows might look something like this. The terrace is almost not visually separated from the first floor. The simplicity of lines and angles fits perfectly into a minimalistic composition.

Another minimalist building looks even more beautiful due to the use of dark and warm wood colors on the facade. A covered terrace can also be considered a distinct advantage..

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