Features and designs of houses made of rounded logs

Houses made of rounded logs are a completely traditional and solid solution. But in order to get a good result, you need to study their main pros and cons.. After that, you can get acquainted with the projects of wooden houses from a bar up to 100 sq. m and with the subtleties of their execution.

Advantages and disadvantages

People began to build wooden houses thousands of years ago. Despite all the new advances in the industry, this material does not become obsolete. Moreover, in the XXI century, he reveals his previously unrecognized dignity – environmental friendliness. A quality tree is completely safe for:

  • the tenants themselves;

  • their pets;

  • environment.

The advantage of houses made of rounded logs is the maintenance of a good microclimate.. In buildings, there is a relatively free air exchange with the outside environment. Heat transfer is not as fast as in stone or brick houses. Therefore, heating is greatly simplified. The cylindering is economical, its cost is low, such a bar is therefore beneficial for the end buyer.

The same environmental friendliness is ensured only when using a well-chosen antiseptic, and this moment, buyers, developers should be interested in no less than other properties.

Decorating the walls in the dwelling will not be difficult.. The rounded surface significantly simplifies the fastening of building and finishing materials. Alignment of the walls, if carried out, is only to a minimum. It should also be emphasized that a high-quality rounded log weighs relatively little. Therefore, the construction of the foundation is also facilitated and cheaper. Namely, the foundation, as it was established long ago, is perhaps the most expensive and responsible part of the entire construction..

You should not ignore the disadvantages of timber, log structures. A solid service life, referred to in a number of sources, is quite real.

However, to achieve it, you have to work diligently and take care of the safety of the walls.. Without periodic impregnations and protective treatments, the structures of the house will very quickly become unusable.. It is enough to mount the same stone, brick or building blocks once, and they will practically not need repairs..

Another problem is that the tree shrinks, sometimes in an unpredictable way.. None of the most trained specialists will determine which part of the house and at what moment is at risk of deformation. It is also worth considering that some cheap logs can freeze in cold weather. This problem can be prevented only either by increasing the thickness of the walls, or by adding high-quality insulation. Both options are not too cheap and require careful thermal calculations..

Projects overview

With terrace

And yet, even the objective shortcomings of buildings made of a dry cylindrical set do not scare away many people. And lovers of romance and those who are just going to have fun and usefully need terraces. One of the best modern housing options of this kind in the category up to 100 sq. m (more precisely, 83 sq. m) designed for long-term living. Developers will have the opportunity to choose between screw-pile and strip foundations. The default is to cover the roof with metal tiles..

The size of the terrace reaches 12.5 sq. m. The hygienic rooms are also large and comfortable. The advantage of the project is also a solid guest area. A total of 2 living rooms are provided. A one-story building in shape close to a rectangle.

But be limited to both an area of ​​100 sq. m, and one floor is not always reasonable. Therefore, it is worth considering another option. It has a slightly smaller terrace – only 11.5 sq. m. But the size of the bathroom reaches 6 square meters. m. A second light is also used.

With garage

When designing even small country houses, it is very difficult to do without an equipped parking space.. One of these options includes:

  • 20 meter garage space;

  • boiler room with a size of 5.5 m2;

  • 8-meter kitchen;

  • large living room;

  • dressing room;

  • small three-meter bathroom.

With swimming pool

It is quite reasonable to supplement small suburban dwellings with a place for swimming. One of these projects includes 2 living rooms with a bedroom function. In addition to the main floor, there is also an attic. Garage and basement are not foreseen in the project. Other features:

  • bathroom with a window;

  • storage room;

  • equipping with panoramic windows;

  • 7-meter kitchen.

With veranda

Such buildings are somewhat different from structures with an open terrace.. In one of the options, 3 bedrooms of the same area can be provided.. The junction of the kitchen and living room is very well planned. The kitchen can be entered directly from the hall. The windows of the adult bedrooms face the street, and from the children’s bedrooms you can see the entire courtyard.

Other features:

  • veranda with an area of ​​7 sq. m with glazing;

  • external dimensions (including the veranda) 11×13 m;

  • boiler room provided.

Assembly nuances

Making a house out of ready-made sets of rounded logs is not so difficult if you have the skills to work with wood and lumber. It is recommended to use jute fiber for insulation.. After the end of the shrinkage of the walls, it will be compacted and form a strong, impermeable layer.. Wind blowing and moisture will be almost eliminated. To connect the crowns, dowels (pins) are used.

They are placed in a checkerboard pattern with a gap of 1-1.5 m. The introduction of the dowel into the lower log from above should be 3-5 cm.With this approach, it is possible to exclude the curvature of the walls. The logs themselves are most reliably joined using the dovetail method.. Factory designs often imply installation “in a bowl” or “in half a tree”.

The rolled insulation must be laid out in the gaps of the crowns. The first time you need to caulk the walls is 12 months after assembling the house.. This period must be observed even when using kiln-dried wood.. Insulation is placed in openings and bowls in two layers.

It is necessary to ensure that there is not too much insulation, the bowls need to be caulked in any case.

Internal arrangement

Increasingly, developers are choosing houses with a second light. Active penetration of sunlight from above usually evokes positive emotions. It also allows you to save on lighting, especially during the winter months.. This solution allows you to visually expand the premises..

However, it must be understood that the arrangement of large windows is not cheap, they must be carefully calculated, and that there is a serious problem with thermal insulation..

Tradition is often emphasized with a fireplace.. This element is also responsible for visual respectability. If a real hearth is installed, it is placed in a structure of stone or brick. All this is carefully calculated according to fire safety standards. It is better to pay more money for a quality project than to lose a much larger amount and even risk your own life..

Classic stone fireplace cladding looks the most original. However, it is very expensive and its arrangement is rather difficult. In addition, the stone is very heavy and creates a solid load on the base. All this will have to be carefully calculated. The most modern option is an electric fireplace or biofireplace.

When choosing an interior design, you should give preference to the styles that best match the wooden house:

  • barnhouse;

  • chalet;

  • rustic;

  • Scandinavian style;

  • provence.

When decorating in the spirit of a barnhouse, modern panoramic glazing must be provided.. It is difficult to call such a style cheap, because it also involves equipping the house with the most fashionable furniture. The color palette is selected as delicately and meticulously as possible. A large number of wooden parts are equipped inside the dwelling..

The concept of the interior of the chalet implies leaving the house with minimal finishing inside.. Furniture should be massive and rough in appearance. The use of panels and embroidery is encouraged. Lighting is calculated in such a way that light is scattered everywhere and has a low brightness. A fireplace that matches the color of the chalet is essential.

In this style, the walls are recommended to be decorated with decorative elements in the ethnic spirit.. Sometimes you can just put images there with the appropriate motives. It is advisable to place wicker carpets or carpets imitating animal skins on the floor. It is also recommended to replace the wall “animal” decor with accurate imitations.

Dominated by:

  • olive;

  • beige;

  • terracotta;

  • Brown;

  • White color.

The rustic style implies an emphasis on the active use of stone and wood in decoration. Massive wooden beams on the ceiling fully comply with the design canon. However, there is also a “softened” version, in which artificially aged wood is used. The whole room should be as simple and comfortable as possible. Blinds are completely abandoned, instead they use wooden cornices and thick dark curtains or checkered curtains.

Furniture should be light brown or dark brown. Scratches, irregularities and other similar small defects on it only improve the color. The dining table should be massive. Chairs or wooden benches are added to it. For lighting, you can use point wall devices or lamps with authentic motives..

Scandinavian style in the interior also aims to maintain maximum simplicity.. But at the same time it is much more elegant than the same rustic. Everything should be as light and relaxed as possible..

It is imperative to use natural materials and geometric patterns. White will dominate.

By varying its shade, you can focus on the “cold” or “warm” part of the range. The most calm and harmonious interior is created using gray tones. The use of accessories with pictures is acceptable. But in any case, it is impossible to visually overload the room. Use of large mirrors is encouraged.

In a Scandinavian living room, it is appropriate to focus on artificial lighting.. The choice of lamps is almost unlimited. It is definitely necessary to abandon only very rude and avant-garde-looking models. In each room, one dominant color is usually distinguished. It is imperative to achieve a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

In conclusion, it is worth considering the Provencal house. Here the main emphasis is placed on the combination of suitable colors and emphasized simple “rustic” furniture. You need to understand that along with white and green, you can use any “herbal”, “sea” colors. As with other traditional styles, the use of a fireplace is recommended.

For laying on the floor and for decorating walls, tiles are widely used (even in “dry” rooms). Other important signs of Provence:

  • finishing elements made of natural stone or its imitation;

  • dominance in the environment of natural materials (artificial ones are used only when absolutely necessary);

  • the use of forged decor;

  • artificial aging of wood, even in window frames;

  • the use of ceiling lights with candles;

  • table lamps with fabric shades;

  • persistent implementation of the idea of ​​elegant taste (even where everything is outwardly simple);

  • decoupage, painting.

Beautiful examples

A house made of rounded logs may well have the simplest gable roof. All the same, the material laid out there is not of primary design value in comparison with the walls. Sloped upper floor windows and a graceful canopy porch complete the experience. The plinth, lined with brickwork, looks quite good. The protruding parts of the logs complement the impression favorably.

A two-storey log house with a complicated roof design is perceived no worse. The green roofing material is in perfect harmony with the overall concept. Modern plastic windows look quite decent. An insignificant forged element above one of the entrances adds a laconic old-fashioned flavor. Color contrast between walls and plinth is also perceived well.

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