Features and designs of small two-story houses

Increasingly, people are changing cities to the suburbs or even remote areas, away from noise and dust. And in this case, the choice very often falls on small two-story houses. The option is quite suitable for a family. But it is imperative to take into account the features of such buildings, and consider possible projects.

Advantages and disadvantages

Small two-story houses are often chosen by families with one child or two children, and sometimes no children at all.. An area of ​​120-170 square meters may well be enough to equip all the necessary premises, and 3-4 acres of land will be enough to equip a cozy corner on the street, taking into account the wishes and hobbies of all family members.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the pros.

  • It is possible to build such housing from a variety of materials, focusing on the budget, your own needs and capabilities. Some prefer to live exclusively in a brick house, while others consider a rounded log to be the best material, and still others decide that it is more profitable to build a house from aerated concrete.
  • The plan of the internal premises can be developed based on the needs of a particular family, and the necessary rooms can be arranged there, choosing the optimal footage of each of them..
  • Inside, you can think over the design, choose the style based on your own preferences. The main thing is that it is harmoniously combined with the exterior decoration and material of the house..
  • On the remaining acres, it is quite possible to arrange an alpine slide, equip a path, plant trees. If necessary, all this can be replaced with a compact vegetable garden, which can also be decorated with taste. And some even manage to find a place for chickens or rabbits even in such a small area..
  • Having your own plot allows you to make a recreation area there, forgetting about the garden-vegetable garden. To do this, equip a barbecue area, build a small bathhouse, a gazebo.
  • The proximity to nature and the absence of people nearby (literally behind the wall on the staircase) makes life more comfortable, fills it with positive emotions, and fresh air promotes health.

There are enough pluses, minuses, albeit small, but also present.

  • Often, you still have to work and study in the city, which means spending a lot of time on the road. This is especially problematic if you have to use public transport..
  • Not everywhere all the necessary communications (for example, gas) and smooth roads with all types of transport appear at once.
  • Home maintenance requires special skills, it is worth understanding all systems in order to be able to fix all problems yourself and monitor the stability of all systems.

The above disadvantages are from the category of those that can be dealt with. Therefore, when making a decision, many are guided by the pros.

Projects overview

Compact houses for permanent residence can have an area of ​​80-120, 120-150, 100-150, 120, 150, 200 sq. m. The plots of land attached to such homes can vary in size. Most often, a private 2-storey house is located on 4 acres. But it can be only 2-3 ares, as well as 6-8. It all depends on the selected village and the amount of free land for construction.

The plan of the house is chosen by the developer company of its own, but sometimes the layout is proposed by the future owner. And then you can consider various additions and decide whether it will be a house with an underground, a basement, a simple attic or an attic. Will there be summer terraces or glazed verandas. Some believe that the best layouts are European free ones, others prefer classic modern options..

Sometimes a garage, sauna and other additions are attached to the house, all this should also be foreseen in advance, as well as which rooms will be located on the first and second floors..

The first is most often placed a kitchen, a hall, there may also be a library, an office, a workshop. The second floor is intended for recreation; rooms for children and bedrooms for parents will be equipped there. In this case, the area of ​​the rooms may be different. It is essential for one to have a large kitchen, and the bedrooms are arranged compact. Others need an impressive cabinet or a nursery that can accommodate a mini-gym. Everyone has different requests, so it’s impossible to find one ideal layout for everyone. That is why many people prefer not to buy a ready-made house, but to build on their own, involving, of course, specialists..

Each house can have its own design features.

With a balcony

It is difficult to imagine a two-story house without a balcony. And here there are a lot of options – from one large or two to several compact ones. In private houses, balconies are usually not glazed; they are a beautiful addition to the house and a great place to relax.. Often on such a balcony you can see only flowers and an armchair..

  • Compact house with a small balcony designed for a small family, the balcony is very welcome here, because there is wonderful nature around, allowing you to breathe the air and enjoy the beauty around.

  • Stylish small house beautifully decorated externally, and the balcony looks harmonious here. The exit to the balcony can be equipped from the bedroom so that in the evening and in the morning you can enjoy the air and singing of birds.

With terrace

The terrace is a great addition, which in many families is considered a favorite place to relax and receive guests during the warm season. More often they try to give it more space and place it on the entire wall of the house, but even a small terrace will be a pleasant bonus. Most often it is left completely open. But if you wish, you can make partial glazing or provide temporary sliding waterproof curtains to protect from precipitation. Sometimes the terrace is also adapted for winter recreation, which, of course, requires additional investments.. Then it is glazed, a hearth is installed there, or heating is carried out.

  • The terrace is in this case a harmonious addition to the house.. Its location on the entire wall makes it possible to equip a recreation area for several people.

  • The small terrace looks like a separate element, although it is attached to the house. It looks very harmonious and is suitable for contemplating the surrounding beauty..

  • The corner terrace in this case does not seem large, but this is compensated by the fact that there are several of them in the house – on one side and on the other.

With attic

The attic seems to be a more acceptable option for many. Upstairs you can equip bedrooms, while most often you can make a balcony there, and place a terrace under it. The cost of building such a house becomes lower, as well as maintenance.. But outwardly, such houses are in no way inferior in attractiveness to other structures, but inside you can beat the space in different ways..

  • The spacious attic has additional skylights, which allows, for example, lying in bed, admiring the starry or morning sky.

  • The attic with glass doors, a small weightless balcony looks original, additional windows provide the rooms with daylight to the fullest.

  • A cozy attic with access to a balcony from two rooms is a harmonious addition to a stylish home.

The nuances of the internal arrangement

The interior design of the house is directly related to its external characteristics.. Many people choose an interior in a classic style, which is easy to create using modern materials, furniture and decor elements..

You can create a cozy atmosphere inside using different styles.. Among them are eco, provence, chalets, rustic, shabby chic. Lovers of functionality and bright accents with a minimum of details can choose minimalism, loft, hi-tech. These are the most suitable options for compact houses..

Too fanciful styles with an abundance of expensive materials and decor elements are intended for more spacious areas (for example, baroque, modern and others).

Homes with a second light are increasingly popular.. Downstairs, in such cases, you can see a spacious living room in the center, on the ground floor there is always a kitchen, there may be a number of rooms, for example, an office or a guest bedroom. A staircase leads to the second floor, it can be accent and decorated in a very original way, or be just a part of the interior and look almost invisible. The second floor is usually given over to bedrooms – adults and children. Tall windows let in a lot of light inside, ceilings suggest the presence of beams, large lighting fixtures.

When dealing with interior furnishings, the color scheme of finishes, furniture and decor is chosen based on the style that is planned to be implemented..

  • In provence it is better to prefer a light finish, you can use unobtrusive floral prints, furniture that creates a feeling of lightness, it can be openwork or wicker. Photos, paintings, plants can become additional touches that complete the overall picture..

  • In Russian style it is worth paying special attention to wooden objects, and this can be decoration, furniture, and other attributes. Textiles in the form of rugs, napkins and curtains must be present. The presence of the stove will emphasize the chosen style.

  • Mediterranean style an accent role will be played by a spacious veranda with sofas, pillows, flowers in vases, where you can relax in the summer. Preferred colors – beige, blue, blue, yellow shades.

  • When choosing a loft it is advisable to use stone and brick finishes in white, gray or beige. Original lamps, beams on the ceiling, bar counter can find a worthy place in this style.

  • Minimalism means restraint in colors. A bright accent may be present, but usually there is practically no decor in such rooms, except perhaps some kind of abstraction on the wall or a green tree in a monochromatic pot.

Beautiful examples

When thinking about the exterior and interior design, it is always wise to have a picture in front of you.. This will help you come up with good solutions..

  • An interesting version of a compact two-story house. Downstairs there is a kitchen and living room. The staircase leading to the second floor is harmoniously combined with the exterior decoration.

  • A house with a second light looks cozy and elegant. A bright accent is the fireplace.

  • Very original design of a small house. There is a sleeping place under the roof, and a living room below. The staircase immediately attracts attention with its interesting design.

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