Features and projects of frame country houses

Frame country houses are somewhat different from similar capital construction projects, but this does not detract from their popularity at all.. Inexpensive options for such structures from well-known manufacturers, if desired, you can simply buy ready-made, with assembly on site. If you want to start building on your own, you should pay attention to the projects of one-story summer cottages and two-story, metal garden houses with a garage and others on the market – using them you can easily create the object of your dreams without unnecessary spending.

Advantages and disadvantages

Frame country houses are made using the same technologies as objects for permanent residence. It is not surprising that they are well-deservedly popular among garden owners. Objects assembled from finished parts on a wooden or metal frame have their advantages and disadvantages.. The obvious advantages include such.

  1. Affordable cost. You can find offers for ready-made kits in the desired price range. A massive foundation is not needed for frame houses; they can save on insulation if the dacha is used only in the warm season.
  2. Eco safety. Frame houses are made from materials that do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. It uses wood, metal, drywall, insulation in the form of mineral, basalt wool or polyurethane foam.
  3. Fast erection. From the installation of the foundation to the interior decoration of the finished house, it takes no more than 8 weeks. Installers’ services are usually included in the price. You don’t have to wait for shrinkage either – the design does not provide for it.
  4. No seasonal restrictions. Since during the construction of the building there are no “wet” stages of work, you can build a summer cottage even with the onset of cold weather.
  5. Ease of refinement. Any frame house for summer cottage construction can be additionally insulated, adapting it for year-round use.
  6. High tightness. Heat losses in frame houses are minimal, you can optimize their heating processes with minimal costs.
  7. Layout versatility. Usually it can be changed or chosen among several ready-made options..
  8. Convenience of laying engineering communications. They are easily disguised under the trim details.

The disadvantages of country frame houses are also quite obvious.. They are not as strong as stone, brick or wood – from a log, a bar. The anti-vandal properties of such objects are minimal, and the sound insulation is significantly reduced, but the problem can be solved – you just need to choose the right finishing materials. Ventilation of the structure is also low, it will have to be solved by installing exhaust systems or through ventilation.


Garden houses are rarely built with an area of ​​more than 72 m2. If this is a two-story building, the perimeter of 4×6 or 6×6 meters is taken, the option with an attic is 4×5 m. Single-storey objects are rarely built, since they occupy more area on the site. The base, depending on the type of foundation and structural features, is assembled from metal-frame beams or wooden beams. A small summer house can be made with a veranda and a high porch, more spacious – with a terrace around, with a small garage for 1 car or a shed. Sauna lovers will appreciate sauna projects.

Much depends on what materials are used for the walls. A metal frame is most often combined with SIP panels, which allow you to immediately obtain insulated objects for year-round recreation. If the goal of construction is maximum savings, instead of a ready-made kit, they use:

  • OSB boards for exterior cladding;
  • timber for the frame;
  • drywall for interior decoration;
  • basalt wool 50 mm thick for thermal insulation.

Designing frame houses has its own characteristics.

The requirements for such objects are not too strict, a garden version of a small area can be created in a modern, rustic or fashionable European style..

Key recommendations deserve special attention. When developing projects of any number of storeys in the case of frame country houses, the following points have to be taken into account.

  1. Allocation of up to 1/4 of the entire area for utility rooms and a bathroom.
  2. Reducing the area allocated to partitions and corridors. The optimal solution is an open plan.
  3. The arrangement of the windows is on the south or east side. This will allow you to get more sunlight..
  4. The presence of a terrace or veranda for a comfortable stay in the evening. The location and area of ​​these objects may vary. On the veranda, you can equip a summer kitchen, a dining room or an extra bed.
  5. Laying of communications during the construction phase. This will hide them behind the wall cladding..

The rest of the points are best considered individually..


Miniature country houses created using frame technology are well adapted to seasonal living. They can be made with a shed or flat roof, 2 or 3 walls can be equipped with windows, add a small veranda with an open or covered type of construction. Inside, it is better to use the principle of free planning, uniting all the space. Sleeping places can be made bunk, separated by a screen or a sliding partition. Place the bathroom at the entrance, replace the bathtub with a shower or equip its summer version on the street.


Here the owners get a lot more space at their disposal. When designing, you can take into account the need for living with children, even if on a seasonal basis.. In such a house they have:

  • a shower cabin with a deep tray or a sit-down bath;
  • bathroom;
  • living room and kitchenette on the 1st floor;
  • bedrooms on the 2nd tier;
  • pantry or large closet for storing things.

A spacious entrance hall is not needed. It can be replaced with a small vestibule or covered porch. We’ll have to give up other additional premises..

If you plan to spend the night in the house in the cold, it is better to provide free space for a stove or electric fireplace.

Review of houses from manufacturers

Many low-cost timber frame house companies supply them throughout the country. In this case, you can choose not only cheap sets, but also more complex, expensive, more like objects for year-round living..

Ready-made standard projects often have several options for implementation – with a change in the thickness of the frame from a summer cottage, with a support section of 100 mm, to a winter one, of 200-250 mm. The thermal insulation properties of the building in this case also change markedly..

Before giving your money to a contractor, you should familiarize yourself with the companies on the market.. Top of the best of them will help you not to make a mistake when making a decision..

  • SC “Terem”. Not the cheapest contractor, but definitely the most famous and popular. The firm works with many regions, its projects can be seen at specialized exhibitions. The cheapest country house will cost 553,000 rubles. The work is carried out on a turnkey basis, you will not have to pay extra.

  • “Country Paradise”. The company specializes specifically in frame houses; it takes up to 8 weeks to assemble and manufacture a turnkey kit. Projects are presented in different configurations, you can find the option of the required area and number of storeys. In terms of prices for finished buildings, this company is at the average level in the market..

  • RIFT. One of the oldest companies on the frame house building market. There is a wide selection of projects for every taste, at a price of 350,000 rubles. The company itself is engaged in the production of building materials, and any house plan can be modified to suit the needs of the customer.

  • IC “TeremOK”. The representative of the ultra-budget segment in the field of frame construction. The company has been operating since 2000, the minimum cost of the kit is 250,000 rubles. You can order not just a set of houses, but a whole range of services, including the laying of engineering systems.

  • “Mechtaevo”. The company offers the construction of country and country frame houses, but the minimum cost of a turnkey project here starts at 1,400,000 rubles. The company has been successfully operating for over 18 years and gives a great guarantee. The advantages of the company include its own technology for the production of wood for frames. By cons, judging by the reviews, difficulties in meeting deadlines.

Of course, many firms are engaged in the construction of suburban frame objects.. But it is better to trust the manufacturer from the very beginning, who is responsible for the quality and reliability of its products, does not interrupt the delivery and assembly of the kit to the site..

Construction features

The construction of a cottage using frame technology with your own hands is quite easy to carry out if you follow the step-by-step instructions. It can be used to build a building for seasonal living, and by increasing the cross-section of the main supports and the thickness of the thermal insulation, you can make it convenient for year-round stay in the country.. The basic procedure will be as follows.

  • Foundation preparation. You can use a tape or columnar, but most often a screw-type pile base is brought under small country houses. If necessary, it is reinforced with a recessed precast or monolithic tape between the supports, covered with waterproofing.

  • Formation of the bottom strapping. It is she who will be responsible for the even distribution of loads, will ensure reliable fixation of the prefabricated house on the foundation. They make a strapping from a log or a bar of coniferous wood, the surface is treated with an antiseptic and fire retardant composition.

  • Flooring. For this, horizontal and cross beams are mounted on the harness with a step of about 1.2 m. They are leveled. Attached to the harness. At the bottom, they are upholstered with a bar that serves as a support for the subfloor, a heater is mounted on it – with a depth of 3-5 cm from the upper edge of the log. A vapor barrier is placed on top, and on it is a “pie” of a board, OSB-plate, a substrate and a finishing decorative coating.

  • Assembling the frame of the house. It is made from wooden or metal struts arranged vertically. In suburban housing construction, ordinary bars are most often used, set first in the corners, and then in the openings. Don’t forget about vertical window and door racks. All elements are connected by an upper strapping, set in level, reinforced with jibs, if necessary, additional transverse elements can be mounted.

  • Forming the ceiling frame. It is created on the basis of the finished top harness..

  • Roofing. It can be single-slope or gable – this solution is used for houses with an attic and two-story buildings. The rafter system is being formed. The rest of the work – on the flooring of a solid base, the laying of roofing materials is performed only after the completion of the wall cladding.

  • Installation of slabs, boards or other base for external walls. They are attached to the crate, window and door openings are selected. Then the external finishing of the facade is carried out..

  • Warming. Insulating mats or slabs are laid in the walls of the house. A vapor barrier is being installed. Sheathing with plywood or drywall.

  • Wall decoration inside. It is performed based on the choice of interior decoration style, individual preferences of the owners..

Do not forget about laying communications, installing doors and windows in openings. All these stages also take time and require attention. The process of work is much easier if ready-made house kits from SIP panels are used.


The external decoration of country houses built using frame technology is not very diverse. Most often, siding or decorative stone panels are used here, giving the building an appearance close to the style of a chalet.. Imitation of wooden lining fits well into the concept of a modern house or Scandinavian, European styles.

Examples of

Compact summer cottages for seasonal living may well look stylish and modern. It is enough to pay a little attention to their layout and design.. Successful examples deserve special attention..

  • Spacious country house 6 × 8 meters with a canopy veranda and a pitched roof. The area of ​​the only floor is very efficiently planned. At the entrance there is an entrance hall, behind it is a bathroom. On either side of them are symmetrically located kitchen-living room and bedroom of the same area.

  • Compact one-storey house with chalet-style decoration. Contrasting beams and lintels on the façade, stone finishing of the base give it a special charm. The house occupies an area of ​​4 × 5 meters, there is nothing superfluous inside – a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom, an entrance hall is not provided.

  • Compact house with attic and bay window measuring 5 × 7 meters and wood paneling. The frame construction assumes the placement of the bedroom on the 2nd tier. The first floor is occupied by a kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a spacious entrance hall.

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