Features of one-story houses from SIP panels and options for their projects

The features of one-story houses from SIP panels and the options for their projects should be considered by someone who is inclined to choose this material, but has certain doubts or is not sufficiently aware of their operational characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages

One-story houses made of SIP panels have firmly occupied their niche in the construction market. Many people choose just such a construction option, and in different regions, and each for its own reasons. But before making a final decision, it is worthwhile to study in more detail the pros and cons of such structures..

First, let’s pay attention to the positive aspects:

  • with a small wall thickness, the panels provide good heat retention inside;
  • noise insulation characteristics are also at a high level;
  • the weight of the panels is insignificant, so there is an opportunity not to waste time and effort on a solid foundation;
  • small one-story houses are being built very quickly, in some cases it is possible to build a house in a month;
  • transportation will not cause any special problems;
  • installation is simple, so such a house can even be built independently;
  • the cost of such houses will be much lower than, for example, from brick or wood.

Cons also need to be considered:

  • when joining the plates, it is worth very carefully insulating the joints, otherwise the accumulation of condensate and freezing is possible;
  • fire safety will depend on the quality of the impregnation, and this is already on the conscience of the manufacturer;
  • air and vapor permeability is not at a high level, therefore, very high-quality ventilation in the house is required.

Construction technology

Building a house from SIP panels can be somewhat reminiscent of a game in a children’s construction set. All parts are assembled and fastened together. There are two types of assembly.

  • The first involves first making a frame of wood or metal, then panels are attached to it. This method is called frame-panel.
  • In the second case, the slabs do not have a frame; they are joined together using thermal keys. It’s a frameless way.

The frame method is more convenient in that the repair of such a building can be done very simply. If the structure is damaged, the panel can be removed and replaced with a new one without disassembling the entire structure. Most often, when building such houses, a pile or columnar foundation is used..

In this case, the total weight of the structures, the type of soil, the depth of the groundwater are taken into account. Then a frame made of timber is installed, the panels are fixed, the roof is installed, and they are engaged in external and internal decoration..

Projects overview

It is quite possible to build large buildings for permanent residence from SIP panels, for example, two-storey ones, with an area of ​​about 300-400 sq. meters. But most often, ready-made modern projects provide for a 1-storey panel version up to 150 sq. m. The plan may include other buildings, for example, a building may be with a garage or a bathhouse. Often one-story options are built with a terrace..

The layout usually includes a standard set of premises:

  • bathroom and bathroom;
  • hall;
  • kitchen-living room;
  • several bedrooms.

Houses in layouts can have different nuances. For example, the kitchen can be combined with the living room, or they will be different rooms. Bedrooms can have different layouts. The size of the terrace and its appearance can also vary.. Specific examples will show how a house from SIP panels can look like..

  • Such an outwardly attractive house can turn out after all the construction work.. The garage attached to the house is a very good addition. Inside, you can place bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and other necessary premises. Large windows let in a lot of light and are a decoration of the house.

  • A small house with standard finishes and a miniature veranda would be a suitable option for a small family.. Arrangement of the site will give a complete look to the house.

Inside there will be a kitchen-living room and a couple of bedrooms, plus utility rooms.

  • Another compact house made of SIP panels with a terrace and a landscaped area a small family will like it and will allow you to equip everything that is necessary for a comfortable life inside.

Beautiful examples

SIP panels can be used to build very attractive houses. And they can look very different. It all depends on the decoration and the area adjacent to the house. In general, a harmonious picture is obtained..

  • A house built from SIP panels with brick finish can look very stylish and presentable. Landscaping complements this picture.

  • A cozy compact house with an original finish will delight the owners with its appearance for a long time.

  • And this option looks quite good. The house is small in size, rectangular in shape. But due to the carefully thought-out finishing, its appearance looks very neat and even cute..

  • You can use different finishes to make your home look original. And large windows will be an interesting touch. Complement all this improvement of the adjacent territory.

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