Features of two-story wooden houses

Knowing the key features of two-story wooden houses with and without a terrace is useful for any developer. The projects of a log house with 2 floors in the village, projects of houses with a wooden balcony and other options deserve attention. Additionally, it is worth understanding the design features of specific rooms and with elegant examples..

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantage of two-story wooden houses is that they look impressive and even gorgeous. This is achieved without additional complications – the fact that not one floor is used, but two is enough. Also, the market value of such objects is higher. It is much more profitable to resell them, if the need arises. The appearance from the upper tier is much better, there is an opportunity for privacy, and the protection from extraneous sounds upstairs is better.

However, the disadvantages are:

  • the need to put up a complex and expensive staircase;

  • increased danger of using this very staircase;

  • increased consumption of building materials;

  • the need to equip an additional bathroom (you can refuse it, but it is undesirable).

The advantages of using wood for construction are:

  • environmental friendliness of the structure;

  • pleasant appearance;

  • absence of any allergic reactions;

  • maintaining an optimal indoor climate regardless of the season;

  • simplification of thermal insulation works.

However, there are also downsides:

  • the inability to immediately enter the house without shrinking;

  • solid fire hazard (it is compensated by impregnations, but then naturalness will be rather conditional);

  • the need to protect the home from bark beetles;

  • solid cost compared to buildings made of other materials.

Projects overview

With terrace

One of the plans for a house with a height of 2 floors implies allocation on the ground floor, in addition to the terrace:

  • bedrooms;

  • dressing room;

  • kitchen facilities;

  • bathroom;

  • 11-meter hall;

  • second light.

On the upper level, in addition to the bedrooms and the same second light, there was a place for:

  • 10-meter bathroom;

  • 6-meter bathroom;

  • hall with a size of 9.25 sq. m.

You can also build on the so-called classic layout of a two-story wooden house.

In this version, the area of ​​the terrace reaches 22 m2. You can get from it into the vestibule, which communicates with the hallway and with the boiler room. The kitchen-dining room is 15.4 sq. m it is easy to both prepare food and put it on the table during breakfast, lunch or dinner. The composition is well complemented by the living room, bedroom and bathroom..

On the second floor there are:

  • several main bedrooms;

  • bathroom;

  • staircase hall;

  • the second light.

The foundation of the terrace must be the same as that of the main house. The floor is usually covered with wooden beams. Other materials are used much less frequently. The opening of the terrace to the south allows for excellent insulation due to the sun itself. Much less additional tweaks are required for this purpose..

If you orient this part of the house to the east, the “larks” will feel in the best way.. They will surely be delighted with the opportunity to meet the sunrise in an equipped annex. Western orientation, respectively, will be preferable for those who love to enjoy the sunset sky. And when the terrace “looks” to the north, it is an ideal choice for a study or a children’s corner.

If the structure is formed of brick, then it will require a reinforced foundation..

With attic

The classic rustic version of a two-story wooden house is a log house. To diversify its appearance helps to design not the usual, but the attic upper floor. In addition, there is also a terrace of about 10 square meters. m. Let it not seem too much, but still quite enough for most purposes. Cooking in the 10-meter kitchen is also quite enjoyable..

Upstairs, the dwelling is divided into 2 approximately equal parts. But this division is rather logical and does not coincide with the contours of the rooms themselves. The 19-meter staircase hall plays an important role here. In the dressing room you can store absolutely all clothes for a medium-sized family. A pair of bedrooms will allow you to comfortably stay at any time of the day..

You can use another solution.. In this option, the downstairs will be dominated by the guest room, which is almost twice the size of the kitchen. In a 6-meter bathroom, residents will feel comfortable enough.

Upstairs, the arrangement is much more modest. All space is given to a pair of bedrooms and a hall.

It is also important to think about how the attic itself will be used.. Most often it is used to expand the personal space of residents. It is necessary to take care of lighting and other utilities. In houses with a year-round habitat, it is worth paying attention not only to the insulation of the verkhotura, but also to the arrangement of proper bathrooms in it. We must not forget that although the attic is not a full-fledged second floor, it creates an increased load on the supporting structures..

Developers also have a choice between three main types of attics:

  • single-level, topped with a gable roof;

  • single-level with the removal of consoles;

  • two-level with a roof of complex shape.

With a balcony

Housing requirements are steadily increasing, even in the countryside. And therefore, the addition of a two-story building with a balcony is not already some amazing thing. Downstairs you can equip a kitchen and dining area. There is also a place for a technical room and for a couple of cars. In addition to the balcony with an area of ​​5.9 sq. m, upstairs they also equipped bedrooms and a dressing area.

Another option includes the arrangement of a 27-meter kitchen-living room. The porch area is 22 sq. m. Although the bathroom downstairs is small (only 3 sq. m.), it performs its function regularly. Upstairs there is a bedroom combined with a wardrobe.

There is a separate wardrobe, and the balcony area reaches 2.5 m2.

The choice of balcony design is very diverse.. The consistency of its appearance with the appearance of the house itself and the surrounding space is important.. When building a concrete or any other stone balcony, it is necessary to ensure its capital fastening to the wall. All this is done for a reason, but on the basis of meticulous engineering calculations. Only a competent approach and comprehensive analysis will allow you to achieve an optimal result and maintain the reliability of the structure for years to come.

Therefore, saving on engineering and architectural support will be a mistake.. It is better to choose those projects where the balcony is provided initially. In any case, it is cheaper to implement them than to take a scheme of a simple house and supplement it with a balcony according to all the rules. In a number of new houses, the walls are not very strong, therefore additional supports are required.

The stone structure of the walls must be complemented with consoles..

When building balconies made of wood, it is necessary to wind the beams inside the wall by 25 cm or more. The uprights are fixed with M12 bolts. Both hydrophobic paints and oil can be used to paint wood. Wrought iron balconies must match the size of the opening exactly to ensure an aesthetic appearance.. It is especially important when choosing a forged structure to calculate the bearing capacity of the slabs so that the load is not excessive..

With large windows

To get the maximum light, this solution turns out to be quite acceptable.. But each project is still very special and not like other options. In this case, a couple of bedrooms and a boiler room are equipped on the ground floor. There is a 15-meter gallery upstairs. There is also a balcony with an area of ​​6.8 m2.

You can also choose another version of a two-story house with large windows. There is both a terrace and a vestibule. The 17-meter kitchen will inspire even those who are not too fond of cooking. The upper tier boasts a pair of balconies.

The eight-meter gallery and the second light are also pleasing..

You can also consider the option with a two-room two-story house. On the ground floor, they equip a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a vestibule. A terrace adjoins them. Only the bedroom is upstairs. The size of the window is 1×1.2 m.

A large window always means a large window span. Therefore, you need to take care of the maximum strengthening of the supporting structures of the building.. If they turn out to be weak, there is no need to talk about the reliability of the building. Basically, panoramic glazing is equipped in living rooms, and in bedrooms it is used much less often. Glazing can be done warm or cold.

Panoramic windows are often made in bay windows. This combination looks very beautiful and elegant, it is perceived in an original way. Houses with panoramic windows can have a flat roof. They are usually built in modern styles..

All this will be perceived even more gracefully when using atypical roofs of a broken shape..

Nuances of room decoration

The correct study of the design inside the house can be just as important as decorating the outside. Log houses with smooth walls are sometimes simply polished and varnished. The varnish can have a certain glossy shade. Therefore, you can fit such solutions into any interior concept. Sometimes the use of contrasting colors in wall decoration is also allowed..

Too much emphasis on dark tones is not worth it. This can lead to an overly medieval look. Lovers of rough, rough wood are advised to choose logs with knots and other natural features. It is advised to lay lacquered boards on the floor. Graceful texture and knots create color, but can also lead to serious inconvenience..

Parquet floors are used if the home is decorated in elegant styles. In some cases, it is practiced to decorate the floor with tiles that imitate the appearance of wood. Cork wood is pleasant for feet and dampens various noises. Open beams are usually left on the ceilings. The top of any room can have rich, dark, almost black shades..

When choosing a classic style inside the house, you will have to give preference to:

  • white;

  • beige;

  • light brown color.

Furniture should be detailed and massive. Literally all items in such an interior suggest good quality and impressiveness. Heavyweight curtains based on thick fabrics are welcome.

Otherwise, the interior of the house is formed in the Empire style. Here the emphasis is on the solemnity and visual grace of the composition..

Red and gold come to the fore. Importantly, the empire setting allows you to use a creamy tone. Velvet or satin embroidered curtains also fit perfectly into this concept. We also need heavy double doors and heavy furniture. Empire style setting is suitable for living rooms, dining rooms and other large rooms.

Sometimes Art Deco is chosen. This style already emphasizes strict geometry and no less strict symmetry. Bright colors and other romantic details will have to be abandoned. Halftones and small, seemingly color transitions play an important role.. Prevail:

  • black;

  • Brown;

  • green color.

Modernist wood house is soft and laconic. Light colors and muted tones will prevail in it. Colors should be emphasized natural, and no deviations from this rule are allowed. Country and sustainable style is even more natural, emphasizing even more closeness to the natural environment.

You can emphasize this style with the help of light curtains, napkins on tables, tablecloths made of light fabrics.

Beautiful examples

Simple plank walls can look pretty and graceful too. A large number of large windows give them their charm. The original form of the structures is also worth welcome. Not only the roof, but also the walls of the dwelling can have a complex shape. Even their color was chosen very skillfully and is distinguished by a virtuoso coloristic balance..

Houses made of laminated veneer lumber also look elegant at times.. In this version, the roof protruding at the top gives additional charm to the building. The balcony only adds to the overall charm. The furnishings around the house are in harmony with its appearance. Colors are also tastefully matched.

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