Features of wooden cottages and their projects

Wooden houses are loved for their warmth, comfort and natural energy. They always have fans of their own, despite the scary information about decay, fires, and the presence of mice. Wood is an ambiguous material, its pluses and minuses are about the same. What are the features of wooden cottages, and is it worth building them, let’s figure it out together.

Advantages and disadvantages

For the construction of houses, coniferous trees are more often used – pine, cedar, larch, they are less susceptible to rotting. Larch turns to stone over time, and the building gains unprecedented strength. Of deciduous trees, only hard species are suitable for construction, such as oak, beech, hornbeam, white acacia, but they are expensive, and not everyone can afford such a house..

Some owners prefer wild log cabins, they have the rough beauty of wood, the real atmosphere of the forest. Plants are harvested in summer when they contain less moisture..

They cut the pyramidal trunk by hand, trying to make both edges of the same diameter, otherwise there will be distortions of the walls.

Anyone who wants to build a more pretty building chooses a machine-processed wood material – rounded logs, profiled beams, glued beams. By the way, the last option almost does not shrink, you can enter the house immediately after the completion of construction.

Before deciding to build a wooden cottage, you need to take into account all the pros and cons of natural material.

Let’s start with the merits.

  • A dwelling made of wood fills with positive emotions. It contains a special atmosphere of harmony, warmth and peace. The pluses include a purely psychological aspect..

  • The microclimate that is created in a wooden house due to its hygroscopicity cannot be compared with any other building. Walls “breathe”, let air in, exude aroma.

  • Wooden buildings, built according to all engineering rules, have come down to us from tsarist times. But the durability of the material is ensured only by timely care. It is necessary to find problem areas in time, clean off fungal lesions, and cover the surfaces with protective compounds (antiseptics, varnishes, paints).

  • The speed of construction of cottages is due to the factory preparation. In production, timber and logs of the required length are cut, grooves are made in them, and the blanks are even numbered. There, the wood is treated with fire retardants and antiseptic compounds..

  • Projects of wooden houses are reduced in price due to the lack of finishing. The log surface looks good outside and inside the building.

  • The wood has excellent thermal insulation, the cottage is guaranteed to be warm if you can seal all the cracks.

  • The exterior of a wooden house is always beautiful, it attracts the eyes of passers-by like a magnet..

It should be noted that wood is not the most ideal option as a building material, and, along with positive characteristics, it has a number of negative properties..

  1. Long shrinkage time. Houses should be built from dry wood, and even then shrinkage does not occur quickly. But often unscrupulous contractors use the material that suits them. Log houses dry up over the years. The thinner the building material, the faster the building comes to a stable state. Until that moment, it is forbidden to do finishing work in the house, install built-in wardrobes, move furniture and plumbing close to the wall..

  2. The wooden cottage will have to be caulked three times – immediately after the construction of the building, after its shrinkage and after another couple of years.

  3. The fire resistance of the material is extremely low, even processing with fire retardants cannot guarantee a good result. Electrical wires in such houses are placed in plastic protective pipes, and electrical appliances are installed at a distance from the walls..

  4. The disadvantages of wood include weak moisture resistance, its ability to swell in a humid climate.. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the surfaces of the house in order to notice the affected areas in time – and eliminate the problem.

  5. Another problem of wooden houses is rodents.. Mice easily gnaw holes in natural material.

Projects overview

For those who were not afraid of the difficulties in the operation of wooden buildings, we prepared several projects for consideration as examples..

Option 1

1-storey log house with a total area of ​​95 sq. m, contains large windows. The entrance to the vestibule leads from the porch, right there is a glazed veranda. Through the vestibule you can get to the hall, from where you have access to all living and technical premises – kitchen-living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom.

Convenient layout avoids walk-through rooms.

Option 2

2-storey cottage (108 sq. M) made of timber with a second light, has a bay window. Downstairs, in a single space with zoning elements, there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, a bathroom and a technical room are located separately. On the 2nd floor there are 3 bedrooms, which can be reached by a staircase leading from the living room. The house contains a porch and a balcony.

Option 3

House project with a second light, 110 sq. m, has an attic floor, a sauna, panoramic windows. On the 1st floor there is a kitchen-dining room, a living room, an office. From the territory of the hallway you can get to the bathroom, and then to the sauna. Upstairs there is a second bathroom, three bedrooms and a large hall with access to all premises.

Beautiful examples

No one doubts the beauty of wood. Even a simple log house seems fabulous, what can we say about the works of talented architects. Some houses look amazing.

  • Large luxury wooden house. Elements of a sloping roof, large-scale glazing of the central part and a support made of wild stone make the structure unusual.

  • Original high-tech cottage integrated into the surrounding landscape.

  • The building of amazing beauty is presented in a modernist style in its purest form. Soft slopes of the roof and upper windows indicate a complete disregard for clear geometric shapes..

  • Log tower decorated with openwork wood carvings, as if transferred to our time from the distant past.

  • The perfect combination of two natural materials: the stone gives a reliable support to the building, and the upper floors, built of wood, give it lightness, beauty and special energy.

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