High-tech houses: modern technologies in the interior

The avant-garde high-tech style is to the liking of people who do not know the boundaries of fantasy and creativity. It is for dynamic people who do not get hung up on trifles, but who know how to fully relax and who know a lot about it..


The literal translation of the phrase hi-tech means “high technologies”, which is necessarily associated with ipadization, computer innovations, electronic devices and modern gadgets, which in every possible way simplify a person’s life.

Urban style in design is characterized by:

  • Conciseness and simplicity – what distinguishes high-tech designs. The structures are characterized by straight lines and regular geometric shapes, elements of cubism and constructivism are widely used.

A flat roof, wide windows replacing walls are standard features of houses in this direction..

  • Restrained colors. The design is dominated by a strict cold palette: shades of black, white, gray and silver metallic. Bright details and all kinds of ornament will be inappropriate here. Small amounts of solid color accents can be used. The interior often features black and white photographs and prints, paintings and sculptures in the spirit of the avant-garde..

  • Functionality. When designing and building buildings in the hi-tech style, the most advanced innovative technologies are used to the maximum, therefore such projects are considered expensive to implement. But the material costs pay off in the future. The owners receive a modern, economical in operation residential project that fully meets all the requirements.

  • Minimum decor. The use of small architectural details is alien to the urbanistic style. The decoration is often elevators and stairs, which emphasize the uniqueness of the design direction. Does not accept high-tech and an abundance of textiles, even window curtains are not used in interiors, roller shutters and blinds are more common.

  • Abundance of light in room design – a characteristic feature of this style. When choosing luminaires, preference is given to models with even geometric shapes, which often have an avant-garde look. The optimal solution is considered to be built-in light sources with energy-saving properties, they are mounted on walls and ceilings, placed on furniture as a backlight.

  • The use of modern industrial materials in decoration, such as concrete, glass, metal, plastic. Natural natural materials are not frequent “guests” in these interiors. Solid wood and stone are either not used at all, or are masked under metal surfaces by painting.

  • Communication systems are not accepted to hide: pipes, air ducts, reinforcement components are specially exposed for everyone to see, making them the leading elements of the interior.


The appearance of the facade should convey the general idea of ​​the house, be in harmony with the interior decor of the premises. The appearance of the facade directly depends on the mechanism of the building.

When building modern hi-tech houses, one of two technologies is usually used: block or frame. In the first case, the walls can be erected from blocks, or they can be cast from concrete. There are brick buildings, this material is considered a priority in the construction of global buildings.

After using finishing materials that match the architectural style, the brick house is in no way inferior to other options.

  • Modular private houses (also called frame) – one of the most affordable for the average consumer. The structure is a structure assembled from separate modules. Each of the parts of such a set is autonomous in itself, but together they form a full-fledged living space suitable for year-round living. The house is easily assembled directly on the site, you only need to seal up the walls with insulation and perform external and internal finishing.

The frame system allows you to erect light walls from a wooden or metal frame, into which SIP panels are mounted. For residential projects, the choice of houses from a bar will be more successful.

Frame structures are equipped with all the necessary communications, such housing is rightfully considered comfortable, functional and ergonomic.

  • From blocks. Block consoles are great for urban homes. They provide convenience and high speed of laying, and at a cost much lower than the same brick. For this architectural direction, large blocks are the best suited, which do not require careful adjustment. Such houses have high strength and durability..


The flat roof design is considered a classic style, while the emphasis is on maximum functionality. The spacious outdoor area of ​​the building can house a recreation area, a party area or a sports field..

An interesting design solution is the creation of a transparent glass roof. Thanks to the glazed roof, you can get the maximum amount of sunlight in the daytime, and at night you can admire the starry sky and relax..


High-tech buildings are characterized by maximum glazing, therefore, when building houses, they use panoramic windows to the entire wall.

This technique allows you to achieve not only excellent natural illumination inside the dwelling, but also to create the effect of a visual increase in the area due to the adjacent landscape (local area).

Swing-out windows create a more seamless sense of connection with nature when the floor of the apartment building matches the level of the grass on the lawn.

The owners of the apartments can appreciate the surrounding landscape, whether it is the movement of a noisy metropolis, a view of the mountains, a quiet water surface and other beauties.

So that it is not too hot in the house from the abundance of the sun, the surface of the glass outside is covered with a composition that absorbs ultraviolet light, it successfully reflects the sun’s rays.

There are projects where windows are built into the roof, such attic structures look interesting above the bed or seating area.

Number of floors

A high-tech house is not just a one-story or two-story project. The appearance of buildings in this direction is variable: the structure from the outside can look like a simple cube with a flat roof and a glass facade, or it can be a complex multi-level structure in the spirit of futurism. The apparent external disharmony is always compensated for by the internal functionality and laconicism of the interior..

  • Small one-story buildings suitable for owners of small land plots, adherents of minimalism. Such projects are often referred to as economy class houses. A mini house is a great choice for a single person who loves solitude, or for an elderly couple..

  • Build two-storey buildings important for large families with children. A large house of 2 floors allows you to receive guests more often.

  • Multilevel structures are classified as premium houses, they are interesting from an architectural point of view. But the design and construction of even a small such structure is materially more costly than the construction of a two-story house..


A country house always implies a garage. The dimensions of the space are optimal for the comfortable placement of existing cars, all requirements for the comfort of a room of this class are taken into account.

A spacious storage area is provided in the garage: there is a place for tools and garden tools, car tires, car care products.

The stylistic solution of the parking lot should be combined with the overall design of the high-tech house.

Even in such a room there is a place for nanotechnology: the design must include modern lifts and other mechanisms that facilitate and accelerate work.


Even the most complex seemingly multi-level high-tech project has a laconic and simple interior decoration. In the planning of buildings, you will not find complex moves and solutions; this is minimalism in everything, from the walls to the accessories. But there is always enough light and air. The interior space of houses has a minimum set of partitions, the living space remains as free as possible. Compliance with the proportions in the rooms is considered a mandatory requirement..

Finished structures can have several floors, an attic or an annex, a basement with a swimming pool or sports court. The customer is not limited in choosing a plan for a future residential project.

Interior decoration

The minimalist hi-tech style makes tough demands in terms of interior decoration work. He does not allow any glamorous luxury and excesses – everything should be laconic and simple.


To make the dream of equipping your home in high-tech style come true, you need to carefully work on the design of the floor..

The free space of a house in this direction demonstrates it in the smallest detail, which means that the quality of finishing materials for the floor should be the highest, be it parquet board, mirror glossy laminate or ceramic tiles.


Requirements for high-tech style ceilings:

  • Multilevel in tandem with extraordinary cold glow lamps.
  • Glossy, well-diffusing light; lighting design plays an important role.
  • As materials for the ceiling space, ordinary putty is often used, stretch ceilings are characteristic of such a design.
  • The color scheme of the ceiling is consistent with the wall palette.


High-tech walls are usually presented in their original form – without decoration, but always with a flawless, perfectly flat and smooth surface.

Light wall surfaces prevail: white, gray, beige. Preferred wall painting or decorative plaster, made in light colors.

Wallpaper is used very rarely: it can be liquid wallpaper or paintable wallpaper.


The rules for choosing furniture are due to the purpose of the room itself..

So, for a living room in a high-tech style, the following are characteristic:

  • maximum simplicity and severity of forms;
  • neutral colors;
  • glass, chrome, metal in furniture details;
  • the use of built-in cabinet furniture (it should merge with the wall, not standing out against its background);
  • preferable furniture-transformer and modular elements – a tribute to high-tech fashion, requiring versatility and minimalism;
  • simplicity and conciseness, no unnecessary details: only straight lines, strict geometric shapes, clear outlines; oblique lines harmonize the interior;
  • the recreation area is miniature, serving only for a comfortable pastime: a sofa and a coffee table that do not take up much space; plain upholstery, made of practical wear-resistant fabric or artificial leather.

The bedroom is characterized by:

  • minimalism on the verge of asceticism; only the essentials in the boudoir: a bed, a mini-chest of drawers, bedside tables or shelves;
  • a bed necessarily of a non-standard type: floating in the air on thin metal legs, with a diode illumination at the head, similar to the berth of an intergalactic liner – a kind of capsule;
  • multifunctionality of furniture is indispensable: drawers at the base of the bed, regulation of its height;
  • minor items are always hidden behind sliding doors made of frosted or mirrored glass.

The kitchen space sets its own rules for the selection of furniture:

  • For a kitchen set, functionality is important; the priority requirement is convenience and usefulness for all residents.
  • The minimum number of furniture items that cannot be dispensed with.
  • Cabinets are equipped with built-in touchscreen panels, pull-out drawers and doors on cabinets with closers.
  • Furniture fronts are always closed or glazed.
  • The presence of metal chairs with bright monochromatic upholstery. Often used bar stools in silver color.
  • The most modern household appliances of the latest generation, which any housewife will appreciate. Numerous kitchen gadgets not only make kitchen work easier, but also make cooking fun..

Among the leaders of smart technology are models that allow you to control them in remote access mode..

Exterior examples

Modern buildings in the hi-tech style most often resemble the buildings of representatives of another civilization, they look so unusual for us, accustomed to traditional classics.

A typical project in an urbanistic spirit looks as if from another planet, and is often associated with either a space dish or a traditional alien bungalow somewhere in the southern region of Mars..

The houses of this trend are so versatile that they can be found both in snowy Switzerland and on the shore by the warm sea..

A striking example of a spectacular exterior is the Aviator s Villa in the United States. An intricate building, designed specifically for a retired pilot, was rebuilt on a small hill near the lake.

The design consists of several free modules connected in series with each other in three dimensions. The structure is designed to personify the various stages of flight, and at the same time, these are blocks of a residential building connected to each other..

Impressive faceted windows, reminiscent of folded origami glass, designed from riveted metal frames.

The project includes a spacious garage, in the foreground of the building there is a gorgeous swimming pool and a cozy recreation area.

Beautiful interior design ideas

Urban high-tech is more often chosen by extraordinary personalities who love shocking, creative thinking and keeping up with the times. They are not afraid of experiments and bold interior solutions. Nevertheless, this trend in the design of premises can also be found in the homes of business people: businessmen, politicians, scientists who value functional practicality and order in everything..

The size and nature of the apartment does not affect the quality of the result. High-tech design can be implemented both in a country two-story house and in a small one-room apartment.

A modern biofireplace built into a stone wall panel can act as a beautiful interior idea in a gray-beige living room. Laconic light furniture in the spirit of minimalism and spotlights as lighting complement the futuristic design.

The fireplace can also be located in the center of the room under a glass dome, surrounded by hidden lighting. When the local lighting is off, it will become the main decoration of the interior..

A bed floating in the air can accentuate high technology in the bedroom. Built into the wall from the headboard and without legs, the bed feels weightless. Such a “cosmic” effect is provided by the additional illumination of the bed from below. The surface of the wall trimmed with black leather looks spectacular and shocking.

The bed looks unusual, reminiscent of the sleeping place of an intergalactic ship. Sleeping in a silver capsule makes you feel like a hero of the epic “Star Wars” with your own eyes. A built-in computer with a touch screen at the foot of the bed will allow you to work comfortably at any time of the day, watch interesting films, flip through pages on social networks and perform other useful functions.

For a video review of a high-tech house, see the following video.

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