High-tech one-story house projects

The article analyzes the main features of high-tech single-storey house projects. Attention is paid to the options for buildings with a pitched roof and country houses on the 1st floor with a terrace, frame and other buildings. Readers can also check out several ready-made attractive versions.

Style features

There have always been people who are fond of technology. But the emergence of high-tech style occurred in the 1970s, and it began to be actively used only a decade later.. The most important feature of the approach is the active use of the latest achievements in design and construction work.. They should also be used in finishing.

Other important properties are:

  • unambiguous preference for straight contours;

  • glass, metal surfaces;

  • removal of functional elements of buildings outside;

  • preference for decentralized lighting;

  • dominance of the color of silver metal (with which all other shades must be consistent);

  • pragmatism in the design of space and the distribution of premises;

  • active interweaving of constructivist and cubist design elements;

  • highlighting the beauty of the holding structures and fasteners;

  • active use of tubular structures.

The use of concrete surfaces is quite allowed.. Moreover, they are elegantly and harmoniously integrated into the high-tech environment. The same can be said for the plastic elements. Reduction of functionality based on external grace is strictly not allowed. An important feature is the lighting experiments that guarantee impressive shimmering against the backdrop of mirrored surfaces..

Decorative items are either not used at all, or are used in extremely limited quantities. But pipes with a round or rectangular shape are widely used. Rolled metal and metal profiles are on display. External finishing is done strictly dry. The roof is flat by default; within the framework of this style, the use of smart home complexes is also encouraged.

You cannot ignore the fact that high-tech has already managed to split into several directions..

In the industrial version, the main emphasis is on displaying concrete, glass and metal.. Technological communications are becoming an integral part of design.

Geometric high-tech brings specific forms to the fore. To put it simply, usually such a house has a cubic configuration; but there can be a more complex execution when modules of different contour are assembled.

The bionic view of high-tech will suit those who like a healthy life and harmony. Geometrically clear contours are not needed here and are even contraindicated. Smooth oval-shaped designs are preferred.

It is worth noting that cottages are often decorated in a geometric manner. But the material has changed recently: instead of reinforced concrete, glued beams are increasingly used.

Layout options

Choosing a type of frame house with a height of 1 floor with a pitched roof, you should pay attention to this option. Two bedrooms of 10 and 18 m2 provide optimal comfort. The corridor leads to the kitchen and living area. An important feature of this suburban dwelling is the presence of a rather large porch. The whole family can easily sit in the hallway; not only a bathroom is provided, but also a boiler room.

But this potentially interesting modern layouts of one-story houses, of course, are not limited to. Here the living room reaches 27 sq. m. You can get into it from a 5-meter hallway. The hall area is 7.5 m2. There is a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms – there will be no problems for everyday life.

If you need to put a house with a fairly large terrace on a summer cottage, it makes sense to pay attention to other schemes. For example, containing several adjacent living rooms. Their area is, as shown on the plan, 13, 17 and 20 m2. This is quite enough for ordinary people who do not seek to acquire mansions, but rely only on everyday comfort. Allocation of the corridor, contrary to some stereotypes, turns out to be fully justified; the area of ​​the common room is exactly 20 sq. m.

Another possible solution includes:

  • 15-meter kitchen;

  • 14-meter terrace;

  • bedrooms of 17 and 19 m2;

  • six-meter utility block;

  • 14-meter porch (opposite to the terrace).

Thinking over the layout, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is convenient to use it. Ideally, you should provide easy access between all rooms. A clear separation of residential and utility plots in the house is required, and the living areas are additionally divided into those intended for the day and for the evening. The fewer halls and corridors, the more convenient and practical the scheme. Sometimes it is more profitable to make passage rooms than to add new passageways; from the point of view of practicality, the adjoining of the kitchen to the dining room and to the common room stands out.

In houses of a small area, it is sometimes advisable to arrange day rooms in a single open space without partitions.. If possible, a separate room should be allocated for each adult family member. When representatives of different generations settle, it is advisable to arrange the space for them with individual bathrooms and bedrooms. If there is a chance to organize a separate entrance, you should definitely use it. The orientation of the staircase in space does not play a special role, but it must certainly be illuminated by light from the windows..

Wishing to simplify construction and reduce the cost of it, it is necessary to abandon ledges and balconies. Remarkably, the same solution reduces heat loss through external fences. It is better if the long edge of the house is oriented to the south – then the warm sun rays will warm up the dwelling more. For reasons of economy, it also makes no sense to chase complex roof shapes..

A built-in garage is another important economical solution; its heating is facilitated, and part of the engineering complexes can be transferred there.

There are also such recommendations:

  • avoid building a basement unnecessarily;

  • transfer auxiliary rooms to the attic;

  • provide for thickening of the walls for constructive sound insulation;

  • take into account the energy efficiency of the planning solution;

  • place food storage closer to the kitchen.

Beautiful examples of finished projects

This is what an attractive high-tech one-story house might look like. Its simple and discreet appearance fully complies with this canon..

Another typical component of high-tech is revealed here – large-scale glazing with rectangular double-glazed windows. An extensive open terrace somewhat softens the visual austerity.

It is curious that the high-tech style does not interfere with the use of single wooden inclusions – and a vivid example of this is shown in the photo below..

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