House designs in classic style

Classic style houses are good because they always look impressive and impressive. No matter how fashion changes, your home will stay away from all these changes and constantly attract attention..

Style features

The classical style in architecture is recognizable from the very first glance. The exterior decoration of buildings is characterized by the use of light marble, exquisite ornaments, massive columns, the same monumental arches, and interesting sculptures. Often there is a wide staircase made of natural stone in front of the entrance to the house. But windows, doors and roof, as a rule, are made of darker material..

House designs in classic style monumental and usually expensive. But in the end, such an investment of money is not in vain. Classics are always luxurious and beautiful, and due to the use of natural materials and massive columns, the house stands for a long time, regardless of weather conditions and the passage of time.

Inside, the classic and neoclassical houses are also not like ordinary modern cottages. Natural materials are also used for interior decoration. For example, quality wood. Classic-style villas are often decorated with wide wood paneling on the walls and, of course, fine carved furniture..

Almost an obligatory element of every middle-class country house is fireplace. In the interior of the living room in a classic style, you can install not just a small fireplace, but also a full-fledged fireplace area with a woodpile, beautiful marble shelves and armchairs around.

Wall decoration also stands out. Classic style houses, as a rule, do not cover from the inside with cheap wallpaper. For wall decoration, either dense beautiful wallpaper or textiles are used. Satin, silk or viscose will do. Beautiful patterns on the surface of fabrics are welcome.

In order not to spoil the overall impression, it is better not to display modern technology, but to decorate or hide in niches and lockers.


Country houses in the classic style can be either one-story or two- or three-story. But, regardless of the number of floors, all the necessary premises can be located in the house..

As a rule, the 1st floor is reserved for the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and other household premises..

The second floor is reserved for sleeping quarters. You can also place an office or dressing room there..

Such a plan allows you to live in comfort, because the noise from the household premises will not interfere with quiet rest or work..


Correctly selected decorative elements help to complement the interior of any country house and emphasize that it is made in a classic style. There are many interesting details that help decorate the room..


Even beautiful lamps can act as a decorative element. For decoration and creating a cozy atmosphere in the room, you can use wrought iron or crystal chandeliers.. It is an expensive chandelier with crystal pendants and an imitation of candles that is perhaps the main symbol interiors in classic style.

Such chandeliers look rich, and even if there are no other decorative elements in the room, they will still make the interior luxurious. Contrary to all sorts of prejudices, such a chandelier looks organically not only in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in bathrooms. The main thing is to choose the right size and hang it in the right place..

Luxury furniture

In the interior of the house in a classic style, there is a place for furniture stylized as the last century. Classic furniture made of quality natural wood can be decorated with exquisite carvings or gilding.

If you are buying a cheap alternative to original vintage furniture, always try to look for better options so that the gilding does not come off the chairs the very next day..

Solid wood furniture with the right decor is suitable for offices, bedrooms, living rooms and libraries.

And to decorate the kitchen and bathroom, you have to compromise and select those things that not only look beautiful, but are also able to withstand conditions of high humidity and temperature..

White furniture is also popular. Light colors look expensive and are also timeless classics. Therefore, beautiful armchairs and wide sofas with soft light upholstery will perfectly complement the interior of your home..

Architectural delights

Massive architectural elements also look good in a classic interior – luxurious stucco over the doorway, wide columns, arches, and so on..

Arches and columns, by the way, help not only to decorate the house, but also to zone the space..

Stucco molding can be made of plaster or plastic, stylized as plaster. She can decorate not only the space above the doorway, but also the ceiling or even walls. Stucco molding can be laid out in the form of all kinds of plant patterns or in clear lines – it all depends on your wishes and aesthetic preferences..

The ceiling of a house in a classic style can also be decorated with painting. This decoration technique was used many centuries ago. Mythological subjects were used to decorate the ceiling. Therefore, full-fledged paintings with images of goddesses, fantastic animals and so on appeared on the ceilings of country houses. And if you decorate this ceiling painting with stucco molding along the edges, you get an imitation of a luxurious frame.

You can also decorate the ceiling or walls with a decorative element such as a wide colored mural. They were often used to decorate old houses or cathedrals. So now you can return to this tradition..

The main thing is that the color of the fresco matches the color of your interior..

Panels or their stylish imitation can serve as a charming addition to such an interior. Boiserie panels make room decoration more strict and thoughtful.

They look good both on their own and in the company of beautiful patterned wallpapers or wall textiles..

The walls will be decorated with luxurious mirrored panels on the whole wall. In fact, this is not quite a classic, rather an echo of art deco. But all the same, such an addition to the interior will delight the eye..

Mirror panels are best suited for neoclassical room decoration.

Big and small decorations

But not only murals and stucco moldings with columns can transform the interior.. It is important to be able to choose suitable decorative elements of different sizes:

  • If space permits, even a small decorative fountain can be installed in the room. It should be made of natural granite or marble.

A light fountain, if installed in a spacious room, will only make it better – brighter and more beautiful.

  • Among the massive decorations of the house, it is also worth noting the fireplace. A luxurious marble fireplace with beautiful carvings will be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. It will fit perfectly into a classic interior. Such a fireplace is also capable of heating both one-story and two-story houses..

  • Small decorations in a classic interior also occupy a special place. It is best to pick up such small items in pairs. They can be placed on mantels, in bookcases and so on..

Candlesticks, figurines, framed photographs and other decorative trifles are suitable for decorating a home in a classic style..

With the help of such decorative items, the interior of private houses becomes much more beautiful and interesting..

Most importantly, try not to buy cheap jewelry and do not combine parts from different styles with each other..

Beautiful examples in the interior

You can make sure that a house in a classic style really looks chic by simply looking at a few examples of real houses..

Dark wood

The first example is a luxurious cottage in dark colors. Dark colors do not interfere here and does not spoil anything simply because there is a lot of space, which means that there is no need to visually enlarge the room with the help of light colors and mirror surfaces. Wood paneling and red fabric with warm golden patterns are used to decorate the interior. Not only furniture was matched to the tone, but also a chic staircase leading to the second floor. In such a house, everyone can feel like a representative of the world of aristocracy..

Refined classics

In this house, all the same classic techniques are used, but it should be noted that the room looks much softer and lighter. Such a change takes place due to light parquet flooring, air curtains and exquisite forged accessories. Dark accents are presented in the form of stairs, furniture and doorway.

Gentle harmony

The third classic-style interior is the lightest. The ceiling is adorned with white stucco and the floor is tiled to reflect the glare of the sun, making the room look larger. Light curtains are also matched to the tone, which alternate with darker fabrics. At first glance, the room is quite simple, but upon proper consideration, the eye catches on such details as a beautiful chandelier, a massive column, and a neat rug. All of them harmoniously complement the interior and give it uniqueness..

A house in a classic style should be beautiful and thought out to the smallest detail, both outside and inside. It doesn’t matter if you are building your dream cottage from scratch or transforming an already finished building. The exterior of the house can always be supplemented with beautiful sculptures, a small neat garden or even a mini-fountain in the center of the yard.

Calculate your budget, think over a plan, and it will be much easier to make your dream come true. And if you are not sure that you will be able to independently think over the design of a luxurious cottage in a classic style, then contact the specialists for help..


You will learn about what to look for when creating an interior in a classic style from the following video..

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