House designs in Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style came to us from the azure coasts of France, from the coasts of Italy and Spain, from hot Morocco and Tunisia, amazing Greece and eastern Turkey. Each country has its own history, traditions, architecture, culture and religion. The Mediterranean style also has different features and distinctive features, but the main elements of the style are basic for each of these countries..

Facade and layout

When it comes to a Mediterranean-style house as a building, the image of a low one-story or two-story (very rarely has three floors, only if built on a plot with a steep slope) is immediately presented as a villa-style building. Such architecture is characteristic of hot countries, because one of its main features is the presence of a large number of spacious rooms, huge windows, semi-enclosed spaces..

In a cold climate, such a residential mansion is very difficult to heat, but thanks to modern glazing technologies, thermal insulation, and economical sources of heating for the home, the construction of your own Mediterranean villa in the middle or northern latitude becomes possible.

In order to draw up a project of a future country house, it is worth highlighting the architectural features, the main attributes of style, methods of decoration and color scheme of the facade:

  • the building itself, as a rule, is complex, consisting of parts of different storeys;
  • multi-level, often double-shaft roofs covered with brown tiles;
  • sometimes tiled roofs are replaced by an atrium, which allows you to create incredible open-air winter gardens;
  • often the hall and the roof above it are made in the form of a rotunda;
  • porticos are used to decorate semi-enclosed spaces like a veranda, terrace or entrance area; decorative pseudo-portics are used to decorate the facade.

  • Also, architectural elements include pergolas, solariums, arches, colonnades and columns..
  • The finish is most often matte, smooth plaster, natural stone.
  • The windows are large and high. In front rooms, they can start from the floor, and end at the ceiling.
  • Often the backyard windows have been replaced with glass doors to allow access from each room to the recreation area or to the pool.
  • Colors for facade decoration are soft, pastel, close to natural: light beige, white, ivory, peach, olive.

Make sure that the entrance area and backyard are full of greenery and flowers. This technique will ensure full compliance with the idea. To adapt the classic canons of the Mediterranean style to the middle latitudes of Russia, you can, first of all, neglect the large number of open spaces, leave one small veranda surrounded by porticoes for summer evenings or winter barbecues.

Most of the windows can be made deaf to preserve heat capacity and be limited to one door to the courtyard.

Interior features

The facade of the building and the interior decoration are a single whole. The main architectural features of the style are clearly visible inside the house:

  • Spacious rooms with high ceilings.
  • Design of doorways in the form of classic and pointed arches.
  • Using columns in interior design.

  • Soft pastel colors for plastered walls.
  • High ceilings are not covered by anything, the use of tension structures is excluded. One of the interior attributes is the presence of structural beams that support the roof arch. They are made of wood and painted dark brown, the space between them is plastered and aged in white or to match the walls. This feature allows you to achieve the placement of accents..

But there are other ways to draw attention to a particular detail:

  1. The use of a large number of wood and rattan furniture.
  2. The floors are made of stone, tiles, less often parquet.
  3. Wall decoration with mosaics, ornamental stucco molding (very restrained, for example, only the fireplace area).
  4. Furniture and accessories with the effect of antiquity (mirrors in a bronze, antique frame, worn dressers and dressing tables, sconces or chandeliers in the form of candlesticks, a wooden sideboard with porcelain dishes).
  5. Pastel textiles.

Living room

Very often in the interior design of beautiful Mediterranean mansions, you can find a fireplace in the living room. A fireplace in a hot country may seem out of place, but it is this detail that gives the room a coziness, it begins to look like a home. And for the middle lane, such an attribute is just a godsend: style both maintains and heats the room.

Upholstery of furniture in the living room can be textile or leather. It is desirable that the armrests, legs, backrest elements are made of wood, and not tightly covered with fabric. You can add a couple of bright pillows to the sofa – deep orange, ruby, emerald, turquoise, depending on preference.

Curtains can be replaced with blinds, although textiles on windows are acceptable: often only curtain fabrics are used, tulle is absent. This technique allows the gaze to enjoy the hot landscape outside the window. It would be appropriate to have palm indoor plants of the southern flora in pots on the floor..


A spacious bedroom must have a large double bed with a massive headboard, high decorated racks and a canopy. In the southern regions, one of the walls can be replaced with sliding aluminum structures imitating wood, which will lead to a spacious balcony overlooking the courtyard or seascape.

Light white curtains fluttering in the breeze will perfectly emphasize the style of this trend. The bedroom can have stone or tiled floors. In the heat, it is pleasant to step on a cool surface; in the northern regions, you can think over a floor heating system, lay a lint-free or short-pile carpet.

In the interiors of the bedroom, you can often find a chandelier with a fan, made of wood. The fireplace can also become an element of the decoration of the room..

Do not overload the room with unnecessary things, the main feature of the southern villas is imposingness, freedom, spaciousness and maximum amount of light. Follow this principle when choosing a furniture ensemble. You should not try to force the room with all kinds of dressers, bedside poufs and bedside tables, tables and armchairs..

You can only limit yourself to the presence of a large bed and a wardrobe, which can be built-in or free-standing.



The kitchen set is made in a classic style from solid wood or veneer. The color of the facade is usually light: beige, ivory or bleached oak. Darker and more saturated shades of natural wood are allowed if the room itself is filled with natural light.

The main accent is the headset apron. Bright tiles or mosaics will surely attract attention and become the main decoration of the room. The print usually consists of variegated Moroccan or Turkish designs. If there is a separate dining room with a ceremonial dining area, a bar counter or an island with bar stools is installed in the spacious kitchen.

Walls, like in any other room of a Mediterranean house, are usually plastered and painted in a light tone, combined options with stone are possible.

To decorate the walls of the kitchen, you can use watercolors with seascapes, colored plates, which are so popular in most southern countries, wooden panels with carvings.

Open veranda

The atmosphere of relaxation and heavenly bliss is achieved in this part of the house. It is nice to hide from the sun in the midday heat, and it is also convenient to wait out the southern tropical downpour..

The veranda can have an open fireplace for outdoor barbecue, a large enough table for lunches and dinners in nature, outdoor furniture for relaxing and even sleeping. Such a room can be divided: to the side, place the area for eating and cooking, and comfortable armchairs, couches, sofas and small coffee tables for drinks bring closer to the pool or lawn with a landscape.

The most common for the street is considered rattan furniture. It is woven from a very strong vine, which is able to withstand strong mechanical stress, heavy weight, and is also not afraid of excessive moisture and temperature changes. Almost all types of furniture are made from this material: chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas, wardrobes, beds, sun loungers, swings.

In addition, rattan is very light, anyone can make a rearrangement. For ease of use, rattan furniture is not covered with a cloth, but mattresses and pillows are used, which are easy to clean and replace..

Consider good lighting. For the veranda, you can use sconces or ceiling chandeliers with a fan.

Nice project of a house in the Mediterranean style, see below.

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