House project of 8 by 9 meters

When the buildings in suburban settlements are very dense, the most popular are cottages with dimensions of 8 by 9 meters. First of all, they are attractive for their compact dimensions, which allow you to save on their construction.. Another nice feature of such houses is their functional layout, which is ideal for the comfortable life of an average family..


Not everyone can boast of large plots of land suitable for the construction of a large house. Most often, a building project is selected depending on the footage and shape of the site. This is where 8 by 9 meter projects come in handy.. Currently, the following main types of such houses are distinguished.

  • The one-floor option is best for a family of one or two people for living all year round.

  • A house with an attic is good because the usable area increases. This option is optimal for small families. To make the home suitable for staying in the cold months, you will have to work hard on its design and insulation, especially the attic floor..

  • Projects with 2 floors turn into full-fledged housing. It is enough to adapt the option you like to the peculiarities of the region in which it will be built. Two-storey planning solutions are diverse. Architects and developers love them for making them easy to change..

It is worth noting that all these options can be successfully placed on small plots. Moreover, their shape can be in the form of a rectangle, square or non-standard. However, so that there are as few modifications or alterations as possible, you should choose at the stage of project creation what the number of storeys of the house will be..

It should be remembered that there are no universal layouts that will suit absolutely everyone.. Each customer has their own ideas about a comfortable life, as well as requirements for the number and size of rooms. All this must be taken into account even at the stage of a typical project..

An important point is the appearance of the house.. Moreover, the choice of styles and architecture do not depend in any way on the layout. The same housing project can be made from the outside in an English style or a chalet.

A typical planning solution can be considered on the example of a house for a family with two children..

  • The living room should ideally aim for 20 square meters..
  • The footage of the parents’ bedroom starts from 12 sq. m, and a children’s room – from 18 sq. m. The large area of ​​the latter is due to the fact that children need enough space for play, study and sleep.
  • The kitchen and bathroom as a whole should occupy from 14 to 16 squares.

When developing a project of 8 by 9 meters with one floor or with an attic, special attention should be paid to the placement of utility rooms.

For example, the kitchen is recommended to be located closer to the entrance. At the same time, a bathroom and a boiler room should be located next to it. If the layout provides for a staircase, then it must be placed rationally in order to better use the area.

When houses with a small footage are designed, you can use solutions that improve quality. Among these techniques, the most popular are the following.

  • An open plan with interconnected spaces is most often used for a kitchen with a living room or a kitchen with a dining room. This solution creates a sense of spaciousness and minimizes the area of ​​the corridors. As a result, the most significant rooms can be slightly enlarged..
  • A variety of materials for walls, finishes, foundations can sometimes significantly save money, as well as create reliable and durable housing.
  • The length of communications should be reduced in order to reduce the cost of laying the water supply system. As a rule, for this, the kitchen and bathroom are placed in adjoining rooms. If there is a second floor, “wet” rooms must be placed one above the other.

Attic projects

A practical 8×9 house with an attic floor allows you to expand the area. The main floor is often reserved for public areas. Directly in the attic there is space for one or two bedrooms. It is worth noting that some planning solutions can even accommodate three bedrooms and two bathrooms.. You can complement projects with an attic with a balcony, bay window or terrace.

When designing, it is important to take into account that the boundaries of the attic floor do not go beyond the dimensions of the main building.. Roof space is especially useful for wooden houses up to 100 square meters.

This makes it possible to supplement the layout with one or two rooms. Practice has also shown that the floor under the roof is able to reduce heat loss in houses from a bar by 10 percent..

Consider the most successful projects.

  • House plan DO-017 made of rounded logs with an attic is interesting for the complicated roof, which gives the building a fabulous look. On the ground floor there is a combined kitchen with a living room, a bathroom, a hall and a vestibule. The upper floor is reserved for a couple of bedrooms and another bathroom.

  • In addition to wooden options for houses 8 by 9 meters, frame projects are in special demand. For example, lovers of severity and brevity will appreciate the modern cottage “Dnepr 154”. On the main floor, panoramic windows have become the central element. The useful space is increased by combining the living room and kitchen areas. The upper level accommodates three comfortable bedrooms.

  • Discreet extravagance of the project AS-2192 from foam blocks attracts attention. Thanks to bay windows, it was possible to expand the area and improve the lighting in the living-dining area. The first floor also houses a boiler room, a hall, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The upper level is planned for 4 bedrooms, some of which can be converted into an office or a playroom for children. A pleasant addition to the attic floor is a cozy balcony.

  • Brick project 103A with an area of ​​114 square meters has a convenient planning solution. On the main floor, the dining area is combined with the kitchen, while the spacious living room adjoins the large hall. On the second level there are three bedrooms of different sizes and a bathroom with a toilet.

House plans with garage

Houses measuring 8 by 9 meters allow you to accommodate, in addition to the main premises, a lot of additional ones. For example, two-story buildings are complemented by a sauna or garage.. Among the planning solutions with a room for a car, everyone can find a suitable option for themselves..

  • For a gas block building with an area of ​​slightly more than 80 square meters, a garage as a full-fledged part of the first floor will be an excellent option. It is assumed that 23 sq. m area.

At the same time, the garage is adjacent to the living room and bathroom. As for the second floor, there are sleeping rooms..

  • A good solution is the option of a compact brick cottage with an attached garage of 17 sq. m. In this case, it would be best to choose a classic layout, when the house is divided into two zones: night and day. On the main floor, you can arrange a reception room, a kitchen, and various technical rooms. While all three bedrooms will be assembled in the attic. Bathrooms are best located on both floors..

  • The house is made of blocks of 96 sq. m for a practical garage, you can allocate more than 14 squares. This addon will appear to be attached to the main building. The garage will be adjacent to the bathroom, shower and sauna. The entrance to the car room is easier to organize only from the street..

Terrace drawings

Cottages measuring 8 by 9 meters are often referred to as medium in size. However, this space is enough to accommodate everything you need for a comfortable life. At the same time, the footage can be expanded by additional elements, such as a terrace. There are a large number of examples of interesting projects with a covered veranda or terrace, for acquaintance it is worth considering some of them.

  • Among the projects with a terrace, there are many one-and-a-half and two-story houses. The AS-1629F frame cottage is distinguished by originality and comfort, with compact terraces provided on both sides. The diagram shows that the area of ​​each of the terraces is 6.3 square meters. Most of the ground floor is occupied by a living room and a kitchen. On the top floor there are three bedrooms, a bathroom and a hall.

  • Log houses for houses 8×9 meters with a terrace are quite popular in the suburban market. For wooden cottages, in particular from logs, the traditional classic style is best suited. With its help, the building takes on a solid and presentable look. A striking example is the “Usadba” project. In the planning solutions, the most attention is attracted by the balcony and the spacious terrace..

  • The project called AS-2380 is a classic version of a 8 by 9 aerated concrete house. On two floors, in addition to the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms, it was possible to place compact vacant rooms. They can be used for storage rooms, dressing rooms and other utility rooms. On the main floor, one of the central elements is a large terrace with an area of ​​more than 19 squares.

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