House projects with a second light

The second light is called a special architectural technique, thanks to which the ceiling of the largest room in the house rises 2 floors. It is possible to increase the upper space even in one-story cottages.

In the article we will tell you how to do this, consider projects of various houses of a similar layout, note the pros and cons of these buildings.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before considering all the positive and negative aspects of houses with a second light, you need to find out what they are, what is the meaning of an unusual architectural technique and in what ways it is achieved. Buildings with a second light were not invented today. Even the royal palaces were lined up with a throne room, several floors high.

This added air and light to the room, allowing a large crowd of people to be in the hall for many hours.. A little later, wealthy estates began to be built with two-tier halls in which balls were held..

In the twentieth century, the second light was used for the construction of train stations, covered markets, restaurants, hotels, city clubs.

Today, the European layout of houses and apartments is popular.. It involves combining the living room, dining room, kitchen, and sometimes the hall, into a single large space in which the family spends all their free time. When building cottages, some people think about how to increase the size of the main room also in height, adding volume and light to a large-scale room..

The “second light” technique invented by our ancestors comes to the rescue. It is carried out by eliminating the ceiling above one of the rooms – this makes it possible to move the space above it into two tiers. The ceiling above the rest of the rooms remains intact, which allows the bedrooms on the second floor to be arranged.

The hall, devoid of overlap, rushes up. Large panoramic windows are combined with the upper glazing, due to which the common room receives an additional “second light”. You can go up to the bedrooms by steps leading from the hall or living room. They try to decorate the staircase in the style of the entire room..

To support the design of country, baroque, classicism, empire, shabby chic, openwork forging or carved wooden structures are used. In modern interiors, the steps are made light, as if floating in the air, without visually destroying the integrity of a large space.

Those who decide on an unusual layout should remember that the presence of a second light will entail additional arrangement of the ventilation and heating system. The warm air of the living room will go up and heat the uninhabited space, and the living room itself will have to stay cool. The problem will be solved by the “warm floor” heating system or the installation of additional radiators.

Double vertical windows are not suitable for all regions. The owners of cottages in the southern territories, suffering from an overabundance of sunlight, need to be prepared for furniture fading, curtains and wallpaper fading. You will need a thoughtful arrangement of the split system. But the northern regions only benefit, the additional flow of heat and light will make the living room more comfortable and attractive..

A house with bunk windows is not easy to hide from prying eyes, especially when it gets dark outside.. An individual selection of curtains is required. Windows in the inaccessible zone are equipped with curtains operating from the remote control – this can be a Roman version or a roll-up design. In places with easy access, familiar textiles can be used.

It is better to refuse panoramic windows in unguarded, criminal areas. It is also necessary to take into account the external space outside the window – if it overlooks a neighbor’s fence or unaesthetic buildings, there is no point in investing in an expensive project.

From the above, it is already possible to draw conclusions about the advantages and difficulties of maintaining houses with a second light. But we propose to understand in more detail the positive and negative aspects of such projects, so that having built a house, over time, do not regret your decision..

Let’s start with the pros.

  • Such cottages attract with their delightful appearance from the street side and extraordinary spectacular arrangement inside the premises. Unusual beauty inside and out becomes the main argument in deciding in favor of an amazing development.
  • Unreal lightness in the entire room, overflowing with light and air, becomes a bold plus for creating bunk living rooms.
  • The large-scale room is well divided into zones, it is easy to realize any design fantasies in it.
  • If you are lucky with a fabulous landscape outside the window, you can consider the second light 100% realized.
  • The spacious hall will please the guests – no matter how many of them there are, everyone will find their own cozy place.
  • Only the absence of a ceiling between floors will allow the use of an unusual, stylish high decor in the room, such as a low-hanging modern chandelier, a real living tree or a huge Christmas tree for the New Year.
  • The staircase inside the main room can become an amazing art object, magnetically attracting the eyes, if you entrust its creation to a creative designer..
  • Houses with high ceilings are luxurious, non-trivial, emphasize the status and good taste of the owner.

At first glance, it seems that life in such a house is pure pleasure. But some nuances should be noted – the construction and maintenance of the second light is not cheap.. And these are not all the shortcomings of the project, a number of problems can be added to them..

  • Due to the partial removal of the ceiling on the second floor, useful area is lost, which could have been intended for one of the rooms.
  • To create a normal microclimate and comfortable temperature conditions in a large room, additional heating and ventilation will be required. And if the second light rests on the inside of the roof, it will have to be insulated. All these actions will require additional costs..
  • Even before finishing work, the room must be equipped with soundproofing material in order to dampen the acoustics of the large hall..
  • The repair, cleaning and maintenance of such a room looks problematic. Judge for yourself how to wash the windows, change the light bulb in a high-hanging chandelier, or wash the upper curtains.
  • The kitchen connected to the living area will be a source of odors, especially if there is poor ventilation..
  • Not everyone is delighted with large windows, for some people they cause a feeling of insecurity and openness to the outside world.
  • A gray landscape or someone else’s construction site outside the window can cause a constant bad mood.

There are quite conflicting opinions about houses with a second light. The owner of the future cottage should think carefully about everything, weigh every argument in favor and against such a construction, so as not to commit a rash act. For those who dream of living in such apartments, we have prepared a number of projects for two-story and one-story buildings.

Projects of two-storey houses

Not every country house can have ultra-high ceilings. For this, the area of ​​the house must have certain dimensions, more specifically, it must be at least 120 m. It doesn’t matter what material the cottage is built from – brick, foam blocks, aerated concrete, the main thing is that its area is up to 150, 200 and more meters. For a small house, it is very difficult to equip multi-level rooms..

When building a 2-storey house with a second light, you should take into account a number of technical features, as well as the nuances of design.

  • Projects of block, brick and other houses begin with a drawing of a two-tier hall, and only then build the rest of the premises around it. Often, the main room contains 5-7 doors, and it is not at all easy to arrange furniture with such a crushing of walls..
  • The construction of the second light will require additional supports, additional supporting structures may be needed.
  • Large-scale glazing of the living room should be directed towards a beautiful area, otherwise there is no point in building it.
  • Due to the strong acoustics of the hall, the rooms on the 2nd floor will need soundproofing.
  • The height of the living room for a full-fledged second light should be at least 5 meters. The lower the space, the more difficult it is to saturate it with air and light and the more earthy it looks..
  • So that empty surfaces do not create disharmony in the room, the volume of the walls needs to be filled with something. Designers recommend using the horizontal division technique – this method helps to visually lower the height of the hall.
  • If you work on lighting the facade of the house, outdoor light in the dark will add brightness to the living room itself..
  • The design of the hall can be very different, but a loft, hi-tech and other modern trends are more suitable for a brick or block cottage. All types of rural styles are good for wooden log cabins – country, chalet, Provence, rustic, Scandinavian.

There are many projects of two-story houses with a second light, equipped with a pool, garage, veranda, balconies, beautiful bay windows. Let’s consider some of them.

With garage

A garage or covered parking lot integrated into the home adds to the comfort of the owners. In cold weather, it is convenient to get into the car without going outside. Consider several projects of buildings with garages.

  • The two-storey house with a second light contains a living room as well as a dining room and a kitchen located on the ground floor area. Three full-fledged bedrooms took place on the second tier. Access to the garage (for two cars) is provided through the hall.

  • On the ground floor of a large, beautiful cottage with a second light, there is a living room, a kitchen, and a parent’s bedroom. In addition, the house has a sauna, gym, dressing room and other technical rooms. Next to the porch, there is a large carport for two cars with an exit from the hall adjacent to the house..

  • Exterior of the facade of a two-story building with an attached large garage.

With terrace

Terraced houses look cozy and beautiful. In the warm season, they equip a dining area or a resting place with swings, hammocks, sun loungers.. As examples, we offer several projects of cottages with a second light, complemented by terraces..

  • House project “Dynasty” with a terrace from the construction company “Eco-Tech”, measures 10×16.25 m. The building is made of laminated veneer lumber and hand-cut logs.

  • The plan of the first floor of the house with a terrace and a second light is presented. The size of the building, assembled from a bar, is 10×10 sq. m.

  • Cottage 10.5×7 sq. m contains a large terrace located at two adjacent walls. The annex is endowed with two exits from the house (kitchen, vestibule) and two external exits.

  • The photo shows the second light behind the volumetric panoramic glass spectacular modern home, complemented by a terrace.

With bay window

Bay window is an amazing architectural technique that makes a building extraordinarily beautiful both inside and out.. We offer to consider several projects of such buildings.

  • Second floor plan of a large cottage, endowed with a spectacular bay window located on the side of the living room with a second light.

  • The corner 4-sided bay window occupies half of the hall walls with a second light. A delightful break in the bay window makes the facade of a small building (9×8 sq. M) unusual and attractive.

  • In this project, a bay window is also contained in the living room. This allows you to glaze a volumetric window on two floors and achieve maximum effect..

  • The protruding facade of the stone house looks amazing in the curved lines of the bay window. It is this technique that makes a classic building incredibly attractive..

With “mezzanine”

In rooms with a second light at a certain distance between two floors, you can arrange a “mezzanine”. It should not occupy more than 40% of the living room area.. It is convenient, for example, to equip an open sleeping place in the country, as if hanging in space.

  • The second level with a small area (“mezzanine”) is built above the hallway and bathroom.

  • The sleeping place in this project is located under the ceiling of the hall.

  • Large modern house with “mezzanine”, made in loft style.

Plans for one-story and one-and-a-half-story buildings

In one-story and one-and-a-half-story houses, the second light is performed due to the presence of an attic room; the attic will also help to raise the space. Above the main room in the house, the ceiling is removed, exposing the inner surface of the attractive kinks in the roof.. The roof, without a ceiling and intermediate room, is directly adjacent to the street. In order for the room to have a comfortable temperature, the roof is insulated, covered from the inside with finishing materials or left as it is, along with kinks.

The presence of beams also does not spoil the appearance of the bunk living room.. The windows of the second light are located in the former attic, under the very roof. Sometimes they produce general continuous glazing from the floor to the roof.

Ladders are not made in one-story houses. They are necessary only in cases when the “mezzanine” hangs under the roof or you need access to the attic located above the rooms with a ceiling.

Projects of one-story cottages with a second light are very diverse, we suggest considering several beautiful and practical options, as well as examples of ready-made houses.

  • Project of a log cottage with a bay window, with a total area of ​​98 sq. m (13,100×12,300). At the front door there is a boiler room, between the hallway and the hall there is a vestibule that allows you to keep warm in a large room. The living room is combined with the kitchen, has 5 doors to the bedrooms and technical rooms.

  • The plan of a frame house, dimensions 12.5×8 m. The hall with the second light is combined with the kitchen, contains the entrance doors of two bedrooms and a hallway. You can get into the house from the side of the terrace. There is also a brother-in-law in a self-contained room – a broiler room.

  • Inside view of a chalet-style country house with fireplace. The building is located in a picturesque place, the forest and the pond are superbly viewed through the glazed wall of the facade.

  • Small house, decorated with stone trim, contains a second light. Its arrangement was made possible by the high-raised roof.

  • The photo shows an internal overview of a large living room of a one-story house.. Extensive glazing covers the walls and part of the roof. A comprehensive view makes it possible to feel like in the forest and at the same time not lose a sense of security.

Not everyone will like the second light, some will find it impractical, requiring large investments. A cottage project with an unusual architectural technique can be appreciated by non-standard-minded people who like a large space and are ready to share it with guests.

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