Houses from a bar with a bay window: features and projects

The features of houses from a bar with a bay window must be studied already because such designs allow you to achieve an excellent effect. It is necessary to consider, first of all, the common projects of houses made of glued profiled lumber. It is worth figuring out how to build a log house with a rectangular and other bay window.

Advantages and disadvantages

The demand for houses from a bar with a bay window and without it is steadily growing. This is largely due to the environmental friendliness and attractive consumer characteristics of log dwellings. True, in reality one has to make serious reservations.. The technology of timber construction is well developed, in contrast to the construction of many more modern solutions.. Today it is improved by advanced technologies and therefore also cannot be considered a backward old-fashioned option..

The durability of timber structures is quite satisfying for most people.. Yes, such houses can hardly compete with stone buildings. However, they are quite capable of competing with frame and old log buildings. The furnishings inside the timber structures are pleasant and comfortable. In many cases, there is not even a need for a special sophisticated finish..

The microclimate inside a wooden dwelling usually suits even the most discerning people.. The construction time is relatively short. If the site has already completed the earthworks and built the foundation, then you can keep within 4 weeks. This circumstance is very important if you have to build in a situation of obviously unpredictable weather..

It is also worth emphasizing that neither lifting machines nor large crews are needed; it is enough to involve 3-4 people in the construction to finish everything on time.

However, even this superior technology has significant flaws.. The weakness of the timber is its flammability and susceptibility to harmful biological influences.. Yes, we have already learned to correct both. However, such protection measures run counter to the idea of ​​a natural home, or at least force the composition to be selected very thoroughly. In addition, there is a noticeable rise in the cost of construction, and its financial attractiveness will be less than we would like..

As for bay windows, there are no special problems when creating them.. It is only necessary to understand that this is not a design, but an architectural component, and you cannot just add it to the finished drawing – you will need a special revision of the circuit and recalculation of many parameters. It is imperative to install special bay windows (a simple traditional design will not work). Paying for a special window product will require a rather serious amount. A very important nuance – the waterproofing of the bay window must be done much more carefully than just on a straight section of the wall.

The curtain rod will be more difficult to make. Any design that is even slightly different in shape will not work. There is only one way out – to make an individual order. The heating of the bay window should be more powerful than in a regular room of the same area. But these problems are compensated for:

  • solemn and expressive look;
  • the ability to diversify the geometry of buildings;
  • an increase in the amount of light;
  • additional features when zoning the territory of the house.

Projects overview

A log house can be built from glued or profiled logs. The second option is cheaper, but less durable and not so convenient. Sometimes, because of it, you have to waste a lot of time to shrink. When arranging a two-story private house under the porch, 2.8 sq. m. In this version, 8.6 sq. m. are left for the pantry. m, which is quite enough even for solid food supplies; there is another pantry, a little larger.

For rest at night and in the daytime, a couple of bedrooms were set aside – 14.8 and 16.8 square meters. m. The dimensions of the hall reach 32 m2. You can undress and dress in a wardrobe measuring 6.21 square meters. m. Also there is still:

  • canteen;
  • 5-meter boiler room;
  • bathroom.

The second floor was given for:

  • a couple of bedrooms;
  • hall;
  • backup bathroom (despite the difficulties with pulling the plumbing upstairs, its arrangement is quite correct and increases comfort).

Houses with a completely rectangular bay window are hardly possible to find, even simply due to the peculiarities of this architectural element. But there are structures that are quite similar in shape, which are appropriate both for an ordinary home and for a summer residence. In one of these projects, only one bedroom with a size of 8.64 sq. m. There is also a living room of 22.87 m2. Additionally provided:

  • boiler room;
  • bathroom;
  • hall;
  • porch;
  • vestibule;
  • kitchen;
  • the second light.

There is also a second light on the top floor.. The rest of the area is reserved for:

  • 3 bedrooms;
  • hall;
  • balcony;
  • bathroom.

A wooden house with a size of 8×8 m can also have a bay window. On the ground floor of the building there is a living room measuring 29.6 sq. m. The dimensions of the kitchen reach 18.8 m2. There is a bathroom, a terrace, a hall, and even a second light. Upstairs 3 rooms, a hall and a spare bathroom.

Nuances of construction

The desire to build a house from a bar is increasingly common, and there are many subtleties that developers and customers need to take into account. In most cases, a material with a cross section of 150×150 mm is chosen, but this does not mean that such products are always ideal.. It is often more correct to calculate the parameters additionally and not risk.

In any case, the use of “fresh”, recently harvested wood should be avoided. Despite all the difficulties with long-term drying and the high cost of chamber processing, these procedures fully justify themselves..

The adjoining crowns are required to be joined using pins. If you miss this moment, hammer the sticks through several crowns, then large gaps will appear, and it will be impossible to eliminate them. Sometimes you have to build a log house alone. Then you need to pre-cut to size short parts for walls with openings – this will both simplify the work and allow you to use waste material. In some situations, it will be necessary to install temporary supports and leave the timber in the middle of the opening height without sawing.

Important: the construction of such houses is rarely complete without the use of a plane. You need to pick it up in order to adjust the dimensions of the products.

Maintaining the vertical position of corners and openings may require moving the beam slightly in relation to the one below.. In such cases, it is important to leave notes indicating how much specifically you will have to move the product. The blanks of the crowns, if everything is done correctly, do not touch each other – they are separated by insulation; this requirement also applies to the corners of the structure.

Even if dry timber is used, shrinkage cannot be accurately predicted. It is influenced by a large number of factors, and technical compensating clearances do not always help. Therefore, if there is time, construction “for shrinkage” is most justified.

The dowels should be stiffer than the frame, but not from metal, but only from dense wood.

When choosing manufacturers to purchase a bar with corners chopped into a bowl, one must focus either on the high quality of the equipment, or on the first-class skill of the performers using hand tools. Correct delivery is critical.

Internal arrangement

It is often believed that decorating a house from the inside with natural wood is the most correct thing. However, a good surface of this kind is formed only when using first-class sawn timber. They are on average 60% more expensive than ordinary boards. In addition, even the best wood will have to be painted.. Another disadvantage of wood is that it is inappropriate in wet rooms, and simple cabinet furniture will look bad against the background of wooden walls..

Thick trim or false walls will make it easier to pull wires and pipes. These solutions also allow you to optimize the noise and thermal protection of the house, to cope with the blowing winds. If you just need to emphasize the natural look and texture of the tree, they are limited to coloring. You can also sheathe the walls:

  • clapboard;
  • MDF panels;
  • siding for interior use.

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