How to choose a wall mirror?

How to choose a wall mirror?

It may seem that choosing a wall mirror is not a problem. But it’s easy to get lost in the variety of options that modern stores have to offer. How to choose the most convenient, successful in size and design mirror, this article will tell you.

Product features

A mirror is an object known to mankind for a very, very long time. Even before our era, in ancient civilizations, smooth sheets of metal were used as mirrors. Mirrors began to appear in a form close to the modern one more than 700 years ago. For a long time, this device was a luxury beyond the reach of ordinary people. And now it is impossible to find almost a single house in which there would be no mirror surfaces..

Previously, mirrors were placed on the floor or hung on the wall. Wall-mounted arrangement is now more common. Mirrors installed in this way take up less space and save space.

These pieces of furniture simultaneously perform several tasks at once.. They are installed in order to see and evaluate their reflection. The second important purpose, also used for a long time, is the decorative function..

Since ancient times, people have framed mirrors in beautiful frames, made them various in shape and size, and inlaid with stones. This item was considered an element of wealth, luxury and wealth. Now everyone has access to the most diverse design of mirrors that can decorate any room, give it a certain mood and style..

A big plus in the use of mirror surfaces is the ability to visually change the dimensions of the room. The presence of a mirror visually enlarges the space, lightens it and makes it more airy.

The mirror can be made in different ways. Description of processes:

  • A glass blank is cut. Then it is polished and cleaned with special products. After that, a mirror base is applied to the glass – aluminum amalgam. Next, you need to apply a protective paint and varnish layer. This method is quite common and budgetary, the only drawback is the small dimensions of the products..
  • Together the aluminum amalgam is made from a silver solution. Next, an adhesive mixture is applied, and covered with paints and varnishes twice. Mirrors come in all sizes, they are more durable and durable. They do not fog up in the bathroom due to the formation of steam from water, unlike aluminum counterparts.

Types and forms

The number of mirror options currently allows you to choose the most suitable option that will fit into any design.

It is necessary to consider the types of these furnishings used on the walls..

  • Common. A mirror of any shape, consisting of one straight surface. Almost everyone has this. It is convenient to use and clean.
  • Antique mirror. This type of product can be called antique. Antique furnishings are not good in all styles, you need to be able to present them beautifully. And they cost a lot.

The small popularity of mirrored antiques is also explained by the presence of lead, harmful to health, in the surface composition. But for lovers of classic style, historical values ​​and chic there is a way out – artificially aged mirrors. The forged frames are covered with patina, the wood is characteristically stained. This option will look very beneficial in the noble interior of both the bathroom and the living room or bedroom..

  • Backlit. The technology of making mirrors has made great strides forward. Now more and more manufacturers are resorting to the use of LED strips and other types of lighting, which are mounted directly into the surface of the product. In this way, the light reflects off the mirror layer, creating a soft and unobtrusive glow. This type of mirrors will look very beautiful in the bedroom, giving romance and mystery to the atmosphere. The functionality of the product will allow you to use such items in the bathroom and above the dressing table – it is convenient to perform care procedures.

  • Composite. The reflective surface consists of several modules that can be interconnected or fixed close to each other. The use of this type most often carries a decorative function. Compositions of individual figures (triangles, squares, hearts, drops) create an interesting play of light and become an effective accent in the room.

  • Facet mirrors. They differ in design with mirrored edges at different angles. This piece of furniture is now gaining popularity because of its uniqueness. Decorating the room with a facetted mirror will give the style of chic and luxury, airiness and lightness. Faceted mirror panels in the living room or refracted reflections in the bathroom will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Panorama. A type of product that is rarely used in apartments. One or more walls are covered with mirrors. In a home environment, it is uncomfortable, creates a feeling of uncomfortableness, coldness and infinity. But in gyms or shops, this type of decoration is quite convenient..

  • false mirror. Due to the curved shapes, mirrors can be fun for a child’s room. In the rest of the premises of a functional purpose, this option will not have, and for decorative purposes it can ugly distort the situation..

  • Colored items. This is a very interesting and fresh solution for any interior. Dynamic and decisive people will like this product. The surface is usually obtained by applying an acrylic resin or conventional printed and color film. The range of shades is varied: from expensive gold and silver to bright blue and pink shades. In the decor of the apartment, colored mirrors will perfectly expand the space and become an irreplaceable accent on any wall..

  • Psyche. This type of reflective product has been known for a couple of centuries. The mirror surface can rotate on an axis and change the angles of reflection. It is convenient for dressing tables and personal care areas. Now this type is in demand in the production of various cosmetic mirrors both for home use and for beauty salons..

  • Transformers. This is a combination of several types of mirrors in one or completing with other pieces of furniture and decor. Mirrors can be two-, three-winged, closed like a cabinet, pulled out of the planes of furniture, equipped with shelves and drawers attached to them. Modern technologies make it possible to combine mirror surfaces with clocks and even touch control systems in the house like weather stations and other things..

The shapes of mirrors, thanks to high-tech equipment, are becoming more and more amazing and non-standard..

  • Round or oval. The most common forms. This view is comfortable for the eye, ovals visually stretch the walls, circles should be small so as not to distort the space. These mirrored surfaces are appropriate in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and in the hallway. The round shape can be hung above the table or chest of drawers, the oval shape can be used as an independent element on the wall.

  • Rectangular views more typical for classic finishes, they are more appropriate in the environment. Such a mirror is quite convenient to use, especially with its large dimensions. It is now common to embed rectangular mirror surfaces in wardrobes or entrance doors to save space and visually increase the space of small rooms..

  • Other geometric shapes. It can be hexagons, triangles, and sliced ​​circles. The asymmetrical design brings an element of surprise to the decor of the room. Sometimes this choice of shape is explained by greater functionality, for example, in small bathrooms, it is possible to supplement the cut points with shelves..
  • Curly mirrors. In this case, the decorative component of the choice is more important. The shape can be unusual in the form of a butterfly, heart, abstraction, any animal.

Such mirrors perfectly emphasize the delicate interior of a children’s or teenage bedroom. Avant-garde products will find their place in any corner of the apartment. Now the walls in living rooms or hallways can be decorated with whole compositions from individual mirrors, for example, leaves, flowers, letters, or just circles..


First of all, you need to pay attention to the choice of the frame near the mirror..

It can be made of plastic, glass, metal, wood and other materials..

  • Plastic frames are available in all kinds of colors and sizes. Such mirrors are suitable in the bath and in other rooms. They are easy to care for and pretty cute..
  • Interior items in wooden frames will decorate interiors in country style, loft or modern classics. The wood can be painted or varnished. Whitewashed and artificially aged carved wooden frames will be a real boon for Provence-style bedrooms and living rooms. Natural colors of natural materials of brown shades will successfully fit into the Mediterranean theme.

If you decide to decorate the wall in the living room with a panel of mirrors, then this will visually increase its size, but you do not need to abuse other decorative elements. The room will look congested. Another interesting option is to place a small rounded mirror above the fireplace and on either side of it symmetrically two or four paintings of small sizes in a single theme. In a strict and stately baroque interior, this will be a magnificent and luxurious solution..

If you need additional lighting near the mirror, for example, in the hallway or at the dressing table, you can use the built-in LED strip if you are decorating the room in any modern style, for example, hi-tech or minimalism. In the case of a more traditional design, it is better to place a luminaire of a suitable design or several sconces with a symmetrical arrangement near the reflective surface..

In hallways and halls, as a rule, a long and narrow enough mirror is placed for full-length viewing. Let it not have a bulky and too decorated frame. It will look especially ridiculous in small apartments. The simpler the appearance, the more laconic it will fit into the setting. Original curly mirrors can decorate the walls of a living room or bedroom, making up whole compositions on a specific theme. Children will be delighted with reflective surfaces in the form of animals, sun, moon, clouds and other cute images.

How to choose?

First you need to decide on the purpose of your mirror and the type of room in which it will be hung. Because different rooms may require completely opposite solutions..

  • To the bedroom, especially for women, it is necessary to choose a comfortable mirror for a well-lit area. It can be with built-in illumination, and rotary, fixed on the axis. If you do not like the mirrors permanently placed on the wall in the rest room (they cause discomfort to many), then there are a large number of small-format reflective objects that can be put into the table or built into its surface. Convenient in this case is a magnifying mirror on a small handle or with a support. It will help you quickly and easily apply makeup and fix your hair..

  • In the living room, as a rule, there is no need to place mirrors in order to look there. That is, their purpose in this room can only be decorative. In this case, it all depends on your taste and wallet..

You can choose interesting inexpensive solutions without frames of non-standard shapes, popular for eclectic styles, Greek themes, round mirrors in frames resembling the sun with long rays. They are effectively placed above the sofa. You can pick up a unique designer mirror that will become the center of the decorative composition of the room..

  • For high-tech style, industrial style or minimalism watches with a reflective surface will be a good solution. It is unusual, does not take up much space and attracts the attention of guests.

  • The location of mirror surfaces throughout the room is best used only in the hallway or corridor. In living quarters, this will not add coziness, but, on the contrary, will make the stay uncomfortable. Plastic frames are practical and easy to wash and clean. And the price range is quite diverse – everyone can choose a solution to their liking.

  • In the bathroom small size salvation will be the use of a mirror with a shelf. It will not visually reduce space, but it will be functional and convenient to use..
  • To the nursery it is better not to hang large mirrors. A child, especially a small child, will constantly dirty them with his hands – the untidy appearance of the room and the need for constant cleaning will strain you. Having a mirror in the room can be very important for a girl, so the best solution would be to place it on the inside of the closet door..

  • To the office or other non-residential premises, laconic mirrors with a minimalistic design and simple geometric shapes are suitable. The main thing is to securely fix them so that it is convenient and safe to take care of them..

Beautiful examples in the interior

A mirrored rhombus wall in the living room will visually enlarge the room and add flavor. By placing it behind the sofa, you will get rid of the discomfort of reflections while relaxing..

The reflective square frame accentuates the beauty of the round shape and gold frame. A chandelier trim in a similar theme complements the neoclassical style of the living room. And light colors are the perfect backdrop for bright and bold details..

A decorative panel with a natural finish, consisting of many small mirror elements, facilitates a partition in a large room. The composition is eye-catching, and the built-in lighting on the false ceiling gives additional glare on the mirrors.

There is nothing better in a minimalistic white bathtub than a frameless mirror with pronounced edges. Rounding in shape gives softness to the interior. And metal fittings and mixers add conciseness and consistency..

To enhance the glamorous effect of courageous women, the unusual shape of a giant butterfly is suitable.Gilded frame will add chic, shine and luxury, and a miniature sink will balance the bright and catchy interior.

For information on how to choose a wall mirror for a bathroom, see the next video..

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