How to decorate a Scandinavian-style house?

How to decorate a Scandinavian-style house?

Scandinavian-style houses are a perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. This style has recently been gaining popularity not only in Europe, but also in our country. Building a Scandinavian-style house and decorating it from the inside is actually very simple and inexpensive..

Main features

Before deciding if you really want to become the owner of a Scandinavian-style cottage, you need to find out all the common features that unite such buildings.

At first glance, houses in Scandinavian countries seem to be decorated in a minimalist style. It is with this direction that they have the most in common. Light rooms seem half empty, there are no unnecessary details in them. All the little things do not just decorate the room, but have some kind of practical purpose. At the same time, Scandinavian-style houses are much more comfortable than minimalist-style rooms..

This northern European direction gained particular popularity with us in the middle of the last century. The fact is that in those days, all styles were distinguished by an abundance of decor and bright decorations. Therefore, such fresh light interiors have become a breath of fresh air. The Scandinavian style has attracted the attention of young people in the first place. It combined details of such popular trends as minimalism, ethno and even eco.

Now all the main characteristics of the style have been preserved. Although each homeowner tries to bring something of his own into this style and change it for himself, making it more individual and interesting.

Scandinavian style – spacious rooms. Even if you live in a small cottage, the premises should still appear bright and beautiful. For this, simple techniques are used. For example, the rejection of curtains, which makes it possible to let in more natural light into the house, or light wallpapers and mirrored surfaces..

There are almost always some antique details in this Nordic style. It can be vintage shabby furniture, old frames or any other details that appeared here as if from the last century. Therefore, the easiest way is to recreate the classic Scandinavian interior not in new buildings, but in those rooms that belonged to your parents or grandmothers..

Such houses seem more comfortable and carry a certain memory of the past. This applies not only to antique furniture, but also to worn parquet flooring, old window frames and other details..


A Scandinavian-style house has to be attractive from the outside. After all, we get the first impression when looking at the cottage and the adjacent territory from the street or from the yard.

Therefore, first of all, you need to take care of the external decoration, and only then decorate the premises from the inside..

External finishing

Classic Scandinavian-style houses are easily recognizable by the wide panoramic windows. They occupy half of the wall, which allows a lot of natural light to pass inside the room..

Such a move is a necessity, not a whim. In the cold northern countries, people constantly lack light. Therefore, they try in every way to get the sun’s rays into their home. Sometimes in such houses there are not only panoramic windows over the entire wall, but also glass doors. Regardless of whether it is a single-storey house or a multi-storey one, there should be enough light. There are many stylish cottages with a glazed balcony or terrace.

And so that the room is not cold, the designers use energy-saving double-glazed windows and try to insulate windows, doors, and balconies. Therefore, in spite of everything, it is very warm in the house..

The walls of a Norwegian-style country cottage are usually lined with timber on the outside. This can be wood paneling, siding or solid walls made of chopped timber or logs..

In general, in the Scandinavian style, a lot of attention is paid to wood. It is used not only in construction. In a low log cabin, all furniture is often made of the same material. And outside, the building is decorated with wooden stairs, platbands and even roofs..

The fact is that the main Scandinavian god Odin, according to legend, considered wood to be the main material worthy of worship. Trees absorb the sun during their “life”, so if you use them in architecture, then this material will fill the room with vital energy and make it lively and more comfortable. This attitude towards this material is inherent in the inhabitants of many Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden..

Besides all this, wood is a practical and reliable material. This means that such houses are highly durable and serve their owners for a long time..

If the outer part of the room is not framed with a log or wooden clapboard, then walls are painted with white paint or simply covered with a layer of plaster. After that, even simple frame houses become more beautiful and stylish. In this case, light walls are most often complemented by a dark brick foundation and dark roofs..

In addition to the classic two-story or one-story houses, there are many interesting buildings of an unusual format in the Scandinavian style. Asymmetric buildings, houses that seem to have frozen in free fall, or cottages with non-standard windows are quite typical for the Scandinavian countries..

Landscape design

A light house is far from the only thing that should be on a suburban area. It is advisable to complement it with suitable plants, lawn and neat paths. The landscape design of the site in the Scandinavian style is extremely simple. Large ponds or multi-colored alpine slides will be superfluous here.. A few neat flower beds with perennial flowers and low-growing conifers are enough.

The area of ​​a private plot is often divided by a low hedge.

You can plant low thuja in a row or decorate a light fence with climbing plants.

In Europe, it is not customary to plant beds at home that occupy the entire site.. If you want to pamper yourself and your homemade fresh vegetables from time to time, then decorate your beds as neat beautiful flower beds. Different shades of green will decorate your site in the best possible way, combined with simple plastered walls of the house.

Do not plant too many trees on the site. Ideally, the plants chosen for planting should remind us of the cold north, where there are few exotic flowers and fruit trees..

By planting a few fir trees, junipers and other cold-resistant shrubs, you can recreate the atmosphere of cold Scandinavia on your site..


The next step is decorating the rooms from the inside. The project of the house is thought out depending on how big your family is and what its needs are. You can get by with a one-story house with two bedrooms, or you can build a multi-storey cottage in which several generations of one family will live comfortably.


Different furniture is used to furnish the premises of the house in the Scandinavian style. Most often these are wooden products or interesting modern designs in the style of minimalism..

The main requirement for furniture used in such homes is naturalness of all materials. In addition to high-quality wood, rattan, tempered glass, durable wrought iron and natural textiles – cotton, wool or linen can also be used to create all the things you need in everyday life..

The shape of all furniture present inside the house should also be simple and natural. You should not choose chairs with bent legs, unusual asymmetric tables and various futuristic designs for decoration. In the Scandinavian style, the main thing is simplicity and comfort, that’s why standard poufs, comfortable armchairs and rectangular tables will fit perfectly here.

If the house is small and there is no extra space in the rooms, then try to select ergonomic and functional furniture..

There are many comfortable furniture that can be used for different purposes. For example, folding chairs that transform into a lounger or sofas that turn into a bed. Choose practical furniture that doesn’t take up much space, but at the same time will allow you to rest comfortably and go about your business.

In a light minimalist house, furniture in eco, vintage, classic or baroque style also looks appropriate. But there shouldn’t be too many details out of the general idea. For example, in the living room, in addition to stylish minimalist furniture, you can place an old chest of drawers with strong forged legs or an old armchair upholstered in leather. Such a detail will turn the room into a truly cozy place to relax, and not a picture from a glossy magazine..

As for the decor, they should not be neglected.. But it is also not necessary to litter the entire interior space of your home with various trinkets dear to your heart. Most things designers advise to store in boxes, boxes or wicker baskets. This is great because you won’t be constantly bumping into scattered creative items or dusting your photos all the time..

On the shelves or tables, you should leave only the most beloved details, which, among other things, are also combined with the rest of the things in the room..

Color solutions

The dominant color in the interior of a Scandinavian house is white. It is used in all areas, from bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms. It is worth noting that in fact, white is very versatile and has many shades. This is matte white, and cold snow-white, and light with a tint of ivory or an admixture of pink, bluish or yellow..

Choose your wall colors carefully. After all, the atmosphere in which you will live depends on this. Cold tones tune the working mood and increase the level of concentration. But warm shades of white give a feeling of coziness..

The main advantage of white is that it visually expands the space. Even tiny rooms in a small cottage will appear larger and more spacious if you use light paint or plaster to paint the walls. But this does not mean that there is no place for other shades in the Scandinavian style. You can use colored inserts or bright accents. For example, pillows in different colors of the rainbow, colorful throws and so on. All these little things will make the room livelier..

The second most popular color in a classic Scandinavian interior is brown. All wood shades are welcome. It can be light wood, dark brown linden or almost black wenge. All shades of wood, as well as different tones of white, in their own way affect the atmosphere in the room. Look at the most suitable color combinations, and you will get a thoughtful interior in which the main colors will perfectly match with each other..


Since Scandinavian houses should have as much light as possible, the windows in them are made large and wide. This allows you to let the sun’s rays into the house and charge all those who live in it with energy. There should be a lot of natural light in the house, and no artificial light can replace it..

Windows in such houses are rarely covered with blackout curtains, curtains made of dark fabrics or blinds that block out light. All this prevents the sun’s rays from entering the house, so it is worth replacing the curtains with thin tulle, light veils or chiffon curtains..

The colors of fabrics, like walls, should be light and translucent..

In no case should we forget about the sources of artificial lighting.. All kinds of chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces will definitely come in handy in a Scandinavian-style house. It is better to select all lamps according to the style features, that is, look for simple and concise options with floor lamps and fixtures made of wood and metal. Small diode chandeliers are also popular. They can be used to focus attention on some part of the room or be mounted in rows, replacing them with pendant lamps..

As for the type of lighting, it should be soft and even slightly dim. A bright light should be used in the work area or in the kitchen. For example, you can set up a floor lamp next to your reading area, hang a sconce above your desk, or decorate a wall above your kitchen work area with LED lights. In other rooms, give preference to soft light, which is conducive to relaxation, tranquility and good rest..

Decor items

When decorating a room, choose those details that you like and evoke positive emotions. This way you don’t have unnecessary junk. A few family photos on the shelves, original vases or hand-woven baskets, homespun rugs or vintage figurines – what is suitable for decorating a Scandinavian home.

This will make the interior more soulful and conducive to good rest..

Besides, do not forget about our green friends. In the interior of such a house there is definitely a place for fresh flowers or dwarf trees in tubs. Conifers, succulents and exquisite flowers like orchids or azaleas look best in a plain northern interior. One large plant in a tub or several flowers in pots is enough to decorate a living room.

And in the kitchen or balcony, you can place a wooden box with herbs, which will not only decorate the house, but will then be used in the cooking process.

Beautiful examples

You can only be convinced of how beautiful and stylish private houses in the Scandinavian style look by looking at real examples of small country houses. It is important to pay attention to both the interior and the exterior..

North house

This house looks simple from the outside, but sophisticated at the same time. The light base matches the beams and dark wood roof. This contrasting combination looks stylish. Although this house does not have wide panoramic windows and glass doors, there will always be enough light in the room due to the fact that there are many windows on both the first and second floors..

Near the house there are neither large beds nor flower beds that require constant maintenance. Just a neat lawn and a simple seating area. The approach to the house is covered with light asphalt, in front of the very entrance to the premises there are several sun loungers, on which you can simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Contrast classic

The next example is a living room decorated in contrasting colors. The main colors here are black and white. These shades in tandem look surprisingly organic. Light walls, a black floor and a lot of dark details go well with each other. There are many things in the room, but it does not seem to be overflowing with them, because they are all functional. There is a compact fireplace in the corner. Unlike wide classic style fireplaces, this one does not take up much space..

But at the same time, it adds coziness to the room, and, if necessary, is able to warm the inhabitants of the house on a cold autumn evening.

There are only the most necessary furniture here – a low table made of light wood, a chair-chair and a dark chest of drawers. All decorative details can be placed on these accessible surfaces or taken out on the shelves in the corridor. Enliven the room with a fur rug and live plants in pots and vases.

Bright bedroom

This bedroom is an example of a harmonious blend of several styles. In addition to the light base, there is a lot of wood here, which reminds us of the eco and country style. It is fully upholstered in wood paneling to match the chest of drawers next to the bed. The bed itself also combines two of the most basic shades – brown and white. The sturdy wooden frame is complemented by light-colored bedding, the same blanket and decorative pillows to match. There are two wicker chairs nearby, where you can relax while watching the sunset or spend time reading your favorite book..

The working area is also not particularly highlighted. It is located next to the entrance to the room. It is a simple table with a soft, light-colored armchair next to it. The workspace is decorated with a beautiful lamp and a picture on the wall.

Perfect kitchen

The last example is the ideal kitchen in classic Scandinavian style. Everything here, except for the table top, chairs and the floor, is made in light colors – white brick walls, a light set and even dishes. Despite the fact that the room is very small, the designers managed to accommodate everything you need in it. Both open shelves and closed dressers hang on the walls. All that is needed for cooking is hidden in the closed ones, and the shelves are decorated with various cute little things: plates, jars, flowers.

Modern technology also organically fits into the interior: stove, dishwasher and other things that make the life of modern housewives so much easier. Pendant lamps on dark mounts also look great here..

Scandinavian style – it is a combination of convenience, simplicity and elegance. In such a house there is everything you need to enjoy every minute of your life..

All things are here in their places, and even decorative little things do not take up free space, but simplify your life and make it better.

You can familiarize yourself with the design of a Scandinavian-style house with colonial elements by watching the video below.

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