How to equip your workplace?

If a person, for some reason, is forced to work at home (remotely), he has to face the task of properly arranging the workplace. It’s great if you can make a study. But usually there isn’t much room. It is necessary to equip the loggia, pantry, dressing room, use a small area in the room correctly and as quickly as possible. Consider the subtleties of arranging a workplace.


During school years, everyone had to do their homework. This required a table, a chair. Good posture, smooth, beautiful handwriting was developed. There are no problems with arranging a home workplace for schoolchildren. There are special tables for students, whiteboards for washable markers. It can be more difficult to create your own workplace, because it depends on the type of work.

On the territory of your own living space, you can do manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions, sew toys, draw pictures. Also, people working remotely can talk with clients of a bank, firm, negotiate, advise, sell. The worldwide Internet helps in this. But these are special conditions, although there are negative aspects in such work..

With friends, colleagues, it’s more fun. You can’t argue with that. There is a chance that you will have to say goodbye to them in this situation. It seems that there are only chores and loneliness at home. From a psychological point of view, working outside the office but at home can be challenging.. Homebodies do not understand why someone can refuse a job with such conditions. Salary is the main motivation.

It is easy to create a comfortable workplace, it is important to decide on this type of work.

The main elements of the interior

For a successful home remodel, as well as creating an ideal workplace, you need to make a list of furniture that you will need during work. This list should include the essentials. After that, it is necessary to assess the available resources..

It is worth deciding whether the furniture that is available is suitable or it would be good to buy another.

Dimensions, furniture configuration determine what area should be turned into a workplace. If you need to focus on the available square meters, problems may arise with furniture. It will have to be bought, made to order, and it is important to strive to get by with the minimum amount. Large investments, unnecessary spending is absolutely useless.

The second list should consist of things that you would like to have on hand. If you limit yourself to only the most necessary (moreover, for a long time), discomfort will surely appear. It will be convenient to work at home.


For good performance, noise isolation is needed (for example, when working on video chat, with a phone). A partition or additional wall is an absolute must. Repair may be needed. The area of ​​the workplace at home should not be large for this reason. Otherwise, adaptation will turn into an insurmountable obstacle, an unattainable goal.

It is advisable to allocate as much space as you need (no more, no less). It is important to rationally distribute space without disturbing the harmony of the environment as a whole.. One roll of wallpaper should be enough to create the perfect backdrop. It can be expensive or plain wallpaper. You can always buy a small can of paint, even during a difficult period for any person to search for a suitable vacancy..

A carpet, tapestry, painting will do: they will help to hide the imperfections of the walls for the first time if the area used is small. Having received the first profit, you can change the situation.

Lighting matters. Sometimes you need to purchase a table lamp, sconce or floor lamp, change the wiring diagram, when it comes to a cozy closet, a small workshop with four walls and a door. Partition, screen will help to change the design inside your own room. If the entire apartment is at the disposal of one person, the workplace can be allocated with the help of a partition solely for the sake of aesthetic pleasure, so that it is easier to remain neat and disciplined.. Zoning will emphasize the importance of work.

Door, lock and key

It is undesirable to ignore household members while working from home. It is good if only one partition separates the workplace. Children, spouse, pets can distract at any time, clarify the necessary information, ask a question. In this case, the communicative function of the family will not be disturbed. That’s why stay-at-home people often don’t like working in the office (it interferes with the joy of the world around them, loved ones, relatives).

It is worth trying to explain to everyone that we are talking about work, to explain the essence of your duties, goals of tasks, ask not to distract once again, forget about pranks until evening. There is no need to hope that after discussion an agreement will be concluded and no one will violate its clauses. You can suggest options such as installing a door, creating a completely isolated space..

The working day must remain a working day. Part-time work, flexible hours are additional conditions for working at home, which are sometimes excluded by the employer.

A desk drawer with a lock and a key, shelves with doors that can be locked with a key allow you to store things you need to restrict access to. It can be needles, knives, important papers. A latch or lockable door will also help create space for unrestricted activity (quiet work, appropriate movement, expression of emotion).

Consider the subtleties of furniture arrangement.

How to arrange furniture?

The available space determines how the furniture should be arranged. To delimit the space, not only walls, partitions, screens are used, but also the color of the decor, as well as the compactness of furniture parts.

Compactness is important: everything should be at hand. In this case, the ergonomics of the workspace will be ideal..

A practical option

If you need to visit a furniture store, you should pay attention to transforming furniture, especially if corner placement is possible. It is more maneuverable, compact and practical. A table with an adjustable height, hidden by an additional table top would be a good option. True, there may be a desire to use it more often for entertainment during the visit of guests, on holidays. Constantly returning it to its place one day will get bored.

A more acceptable option would be a table on wheels, as well as a standard model. Sometimes you have to buy a second one and put it near the first.

A chair with adjustable backrest height and position is a convenient item for arranging a home office. Tonus is necessary during the work process. It is supported by a chair with a relatively rigid seat and a similar backrest. When the muscles of the whole body are a little tense, it is easier to focus, concentrate.

A chair on wheels is easier to move away, for example by opening a desk drawer. By sliding it in at the end of the day, you do not have to worry about the safety of the floor covering.

If the workplace is set up in the bedroom, and there is a sofa or bed next to it, it is important to remember that it is better to walk around the room during the break. Moving to the couch is not a good idea. It won’t give you the rest you need..


In the office, employees often do not have a large number of shelves at their disposal. All papers are systematized using folders, binders, archives. Photos, vases with flowers, toys and other pleasant things are now appropriate to put nearby to improve your mood. To do this, be sure to install shelves. This can be a whole cabinet half-wall in height or a hinged version (half-wall in width).

The configuration must be selected in accordance with the purpose, taking into account personal preferences.

Sometimes you need a cabinet with doors. In another situation, it will be easier to get things from an open shelf, the doors in this case may be superfluous. A workplace created at home is a large area of ​​personal space, which is convenient. You can fantasize, dream, come up with and bring ideas to life.

It is advisable to draw up a drawing in advance. This will make organizing the space much easier..


The surrounding atmosphere provides an appropriate mood, makes a certain impression on the employee and clients, manager, relatives. The mood and thoughts depend on the color of the walls, shelves, the color of the furniture, the style of the interior design..


The workplace at home is often a small area. Therefore, the use of light colors in interior design is relevant. Due to this, it will be comfortable even for a person who does not like being in a confined space.. Materials for wall decoration should be chosen taking into account such a factor as the degree of soiling.. The required degree of coating stability is determined by the risk of damage.

A child’s workplace, for example, involves the use of washable wallpaper. It is advisable to prefer them. A pen, felt-tip pen will not damage such a surface, which means that it will take a long time to make repairs.

An adult workplace can also involve the use of this type of protective wall covering. It all depends on functional responsibilities and professional skills. The dominant color in interior design should be unobtrusive, pleasant, close to neutral. If you like dark tones, the contrast method will help to create the optimal space..

Color matching is easy. This can be tested in practice: dark shades can be combined with light ones. This will not degrade the workplace impression, since some styles involve the use of dark shades..

Features of stylistics

Each style in interior design has appeared in order to evoke the necessary emotions while decorating the room. Luxury, pathos, brilliance and tenderness of romanticism, baroque – this is a risk when it comes to the style of decor of the workplace. In some cases, it is important to create a unique atmosphere at your own discretion.

Based on your taste and opinion, you need to choose a decor. A certain style, chosen in advance, helps to preserve frames. He sets the tone and working attitude.

Details, little things, strokes can be ridiculous, strange. Having a lamp with a unique shade on the shelf is good. In the office, it is irrelevant. If you choose a trendy style and arrange a modern stylish room in it, you can avoid mistakes. Fashionable solutions are versatile. This is a great opportunity to try something unusual for yourself, new, learn something, broaden your horizons, change the stereotype.. Changes will not hit your pocket, because the area is small.

Combination with other rooms

Creating a room within a room is not an easy task. Screen, partition seems to be more successful ideas.

Storeroom – all pros and cons

Almost every apartment has a storage room. It is usually placed a little further from the rooms, isolated. Its doors will help to complete the working day in a matter of minutes and hide this space from the eyes of guests. The person who works at home will forget about business in a few minutes. These benefits are significant.

If the pantry is deep and narrow, it must be redesigned. Often it is dark in it, there are no sockets for connecting lamps and equipment, as well as technology. In some cases it is difficult to adapt, in others it is not difficult to decorate and give the appearance of a study..

The workplace, if desired, can be really organized even in the kitchen, although steam, heat, tasty smells can distract, interfere, and affect the tools used during work, things, equipment.


A plastic balcony is an area that is reliably protected from wind, moisture, cold. It is comfortable to work here: all the necessary furniture will fit. A balcony door will restrict household access. True, in the summer, someone close will want to stand on the balcony, dream, distracting from work at the same time. This is especially true for a one-room apartment..

There are apartments with two balconies, a balcony and a loggia. In this case, there will be no problems. You can safely start reorganizing the space.

Living room or bedroom?

Partitions, screens, compartment-type doors will help to organize an ideal workplace in one of the rooms. It is desirable that none of the clients or colleagues saw the bed during the conversation: this is personal. The pier glass behind the back, the mirror can distract from the discussion of important issues. Behind the back there may be a coffee table and soft armchairs, as well as a sofa.

Most often, you need to maintain a business tone when communicating. The work area should be separate, it is difficult to achieve this with combined rooms.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Decorative partitions will help create a niche. It is not at all necessary to huddle in a corner. It is desirable that there are windows in this area. This will make the room look brighter..

Sometimes you only need curtains to immerse yourself in the workflow. They are easy to acquire and hang. A semicircle or a straight line, a bright canvas or a neutral color – any option is appropriate for arranging an ideal workplace at home.

A retractable podium bed is an interesting option for solving the problem of zoning a space that is small in area. Someone will like the transforming table more, because the expense item in this case is less, you will not have to completely redo the room.

For information on how to organize a workplace, see the next video..

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