Ideas for home: interesting and creative DIY decorations

Everyone wants to make the interior of their apartment or house cozy and beautiful. In order to stylishly decorate a living space, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive interior items..

Many home accessories can be easily created with your own hands, besides, handmade little things are in fashion now. If you decide to decorate the rooms with your own hands, you can choose exactly those colors and shapes that will best fit into your interior. In addition, you will not only get stylish interesting accessories, but also enjoy the creative process..

Fashion for homemade accents

Hand-made decor accessories will give the room a unique individuality, originality and comfort. You can do a wide variety of creativity – perhaps you already know how to do something with your own hands or want to master new techniques. Interior items in hand made style look bright and relevant.

Small handcrafted details are now in vogue for a wide variety of interiors.. With your own hands, you can create the following fashionable decor elements in the interior:

  • Various textile elements – pillows, curtains, blankets and rugs. All this can be sewn on a sewing machine or even by hand. The patchwork technique is now considered especially fashionable – you can easily sew an interesting piece of furniture from scraps of old clothes. Things in the patchwork technique are loved by many for their economy, simplicity of execution and unusual appearance..

  • If you know how to knit, you can also create a lot of fun for your home. For example, you can crochet openwork napkins and tablecloths. If you knit, you can end up with an excellent chunky knit blanket or bag for storing things in wardrobes..
  • Many interesting details can be created from polymer clay. This is an easy-to-use material from which you can easily mold any thing, bake in the oven at a sufficiently low temperature, and you will get a product that resembles plastic. Polymer clay makes excellent capshoes and vases.

  • There are many simpler ways to create decor with your own hands – you can do basket weaving, make curtains from ribbons, make a decorative panel, or make a photo frame with your own hands. Many types of creativity do not require special skills – you only need perseverance and accuracy. Even if you have never done needlework before, if you wish, you can create a lot of interesting little things for your home..
  • The easiest way is not to create a new product, but to decorate an existing one. So, you can make original designer accessories from simple boring things. You can arrange simple boxes for things using the decoupage technique, you can paint a simple glass vase with stained glass paints, it is interesting to decorate a flower stand or to decorate ordinary pillows with embroidery. All these little things will allow you to create a truly interesting interior..

How to arm yourself?

To select materials, you need to decide what exactly you want to do. Sometimes for creativity, you can purchase special paints, threads and tools. However, if you are on a budget, there are a lot of stylish things you can create from scrap materials.. Consider the following interesting options:

  • You can sew a blanket or pillows using the patchwork technique from old unnecessary things. Sweaters can work for a textured look, or blouses, T-shirts, and pants for a lightweight piece. When you find the right materials, just calculate the amount of fabric you need and cut the fabric into equal squares, and then sew them all together. You will receive very interesting and bright products.

  • Wicker baskets for laundry or for storing small items in closets can be made from simple tree branches – you need flexible willow twigs and some thicker branches for the frame. You can decorate such baskets with cones and dried flowers..

  • The simplest home crafts can be made from paper. Colored paper and foil can be used to decorate photo frames and photo album covers. Also, from beautiful paper and from clippings from magazines, you can make stylish panels and collages for decor.
  • If you have unnecessary laces and ribbons at home, they can also be used well. For example, you can weave a basket out of them, make curtains, or simply wrap them in a pots or vases..

You can also purchase special accessories for needlework. In most hobby and craft stores, you can find the following items:

  • Decoupage decals will allow you to decorate any object in the house in an interesting way. It is very easy to use them – you just need to print the image on the surface of any interior item, and then cover the surface with a thin layer of varnish..

  • Stained glass paints will help you decorate all glass objects in the house in an interesting way. You need to purchase a special contour with which you will perform the drawing – it can be black, white, colored or with a metallic tint. You also need to purchase transparent paints of the colors you need, with them you can paint over large surfaces on glass.
  • Simple acrylic paints and acrylic varnish allow you to paint any surface in an interesting way – you can decorate boxes, drawers, baskets, photo frames, vases and flower pots. It is very easy to work with acrylic paints – you can apply interesting abstract prints or make complex drawings using stencils.

Detailed master classes

If you do not have much experience in needlework, you should start with simple options, following the detailed master classes. You can make simple pillows and blankets using the patchwork technique, decorate your home with dried flowers and autumn leaves, paint various ready-made items, and create decorative items from polymer clay or textiles. With due care and creativity, you can decorate your home in a variety of ways in a stylish and interesting way..

When you understand the technology of a particular type of creativity, you will be able to experiment more and create interior decorations without instructions..


We all decorate our home: accessories make the space habitable and cozy, help to place the right accents and express your individuality. In addition, it is with the help of small interesting decorations that you can radically change the interior: even the most simple and boring apartment furnishings will become bright and original with the right accessories.

Patchwork pillows and blankets are more and more popular nowadays ideas for the home. These are unusual things that do not require financial investments at all if you have old unnecessary clothes at home. Such interesting textile elements are suitable for country style, Provence and eclecticism.. Take old clothes, cotton wool, threads, a sewing machine and start creating a pillow using the patchwork technique:

  • Decide on the shape and size of your pillow. For a start, it is better to take a rectangular or square version. Draw a pattern on paper, divide the space into several small equal squares.
  • Cut out the correct size squares from your old clothing. Remember to consider seam allowances.
  • From the squares, gather one side of the pillow, fasten them with light seams or pins, and then carefully stitch on the sewing machine so that you get a one-piece canvas..
  • Collect the other half of the pillow in the same way..

  • Now sew the canvases on three sides together so that it looks like a pillowcase..
  • Begin sewing on the fourth side, leaving a few centimeters without seams at the end.
  • Turn the pillowcase right side out.
  • Fill it with cotton wool through the resulting hole..
  • Sew the pillow gently by hand.
  • Over time, you can move on to more complex design options. For example, using the patchwork technique, you can create a creative blanket – the technology is the same, but you will need to make a few more seams across so that the cotton wool does not get confused at different ends.

You can also make more complex pillows – for example, heart-shaped or animal-shaped options are perfect for decorating a children’s room.

If you want to decorate glass items in your home, there are many different ways to do this. Consider the following unusual options for decorating an old vase, glass dish or ordinary glass:

  • For the first method, you will need a path for drawing on glass and stained glass paints. You need to draw the desired image on paper, then attach it to the back of the glass and draw a contour around it. For starters, it will be easier to do this on a platter. Wait for the contour to dry and paint the dish with paints according to the instructions. Such a glass product will perfectly decorate the interior of the kitchen..

  • An unusual candle can be made from an unnecessary glass. To do this, you need regular wax crayons and a thick cotton thread – you need to immediately lower it into a glass. Choose several colors of crayons, take one of them and use a lighter to melt into a glass with string. Then do the same with a different color of crayon to create a beautiful multi-colored candle..
  • The vase can be decorated by filling it with various decorations. Anything can do – beautiful shells, beads, stones, dried branches and flowers. Lay them out beautifully inside the vase and enjoy the original decorations – this vase will perfectly fit into the bathroom or bedroom.

If you fill it tightly up to half with beads on top, you can use this vase to store cotton swabs, razors, toothbrushes or makeup brushes..

Beautifully framed photographs significantly transform the interior of any living room or bedroom. You can decorate a ready-made wooden frame or make it yourself from start to finish. To do this, you just need to cut it to the size of the photo from thick cardboard or plywood, and fix the hook with glue.. You can decorate this base under a frame or a purchased wooden frame as follows:

  • The easiest way is to wrap the frame with a nice satin ribbon. The tip of such a tape should be glued to the back of the frame, and then tightly obliquely wrap the flight frame. Pay special attention to the corners – in the place of the corners, carefully tuck the tape and also fix it with glue from the wrong side.
  • If you have a finished wooden frame with smooth edges, you can simply paint it with acrylic paint and varnish it. You can make some interesting patterns using paper stencils or just create a solid color coating.

  • You can buy beads and acrylic glue to decorate your frame. It is necessary to consistently coat each side with glue and dip it into a container with beads. Make sure that the layer of beads is uniform and dense. Colored beads are suitable for children’s photos, and for a fashionable living room interior, you can choose black beads or with a metallic sheen.
  • The wide frame can be decorated with autumn leaves. Soak them lightly in water and glue them gently onto the flat surface of the frame. Do this around the entire perimeter, and then simply cover the frame with varnish..
  • Once you’ve made some base coat for the frame, you’re ready to go for additional decorations. For example, to create a Provencal style, you can glue fabric flowers to the frame. For a nursery, you can decorate the frame with ribbon bows. Finally, multiple frames can be glued together in a circle or zigzag to create an interesting shape..

Storage of things

With your own hands for the interior of the house, you can create not only very beautiful, but also useful things. First of all, these are various containers, designer boxes and storage baskets. Even the simplest furniture with such interesting accessories will look unusual. Nowadays there are a wide variety of bags, boxes and storage baskets – knitted, glued or assembled, made of wood, plastic rods or fabric..

One of the easiest and most interesting options for creating a storage container is to weave a basket. This will require strong tree branches for the frame, as well as flexible willow rods and glue. If desired, it will be possible to sew a fabric bag under such a basket – this is important, for example, for a laundry basket – the bag will not allow the twigs to tear folded clothes. To create a stylish basket for your interior, use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • You should start with the frame. Take three branches of a tree, about the same length and thickness. Fold them crosswise in a circle and secure in this position with glue. Then select six more roughly similar branches and glue them vertically to the sides. Your frame is ready.
  • Start braiding the frame with willow twigs from below, gradually rising higher. Fasten the ends of the rods from the wrong side. After complete braiding, you can add handles to the basket – they are woven completely from willow branches: first you need to make the frame of the handle from one branch, and then braid it in a circle.
  • If you want to sew a bag under a basket, try measuring its circumference and height. According to these measurements, cut the cotton or silk fabric by adding seam allowances. The easiest option is done with just two seams. Then overcast and place the bag in the basket.

You can also interestingly decorate ready-made containers made of wood and plastic. In addition, the design can be done on a regular box. The options can be very different: you can glue it over with foil, wrap it with satin ribbons or a beautiful fabric.

Choose the design that best complements the interior of your apartment.

Useful little things

You can independently create a lot of other practical and beautiful details that will allow you to refresh the appearance of a living space without major repairs. It can be not only accessories, but also other interior elements.. For example, you can decorate the walls as follows:

  • If you have a country-style interior, you can easily lay out one wall yourself with clapboard – this is a stylish solution for both an apartment and a summer cottage. To create a Provencal style, the lined wall can be painted with white paint – this option will look stylish and will perfectly help to refresh the interior.

  • If you have a small room, you can visually expand it with mirrors. You can hang mirrors of different shapes and sizes, creating compositions from them. Also, for a bathroom or hallway, it may make sense to make a completely mirrored wall. If you want to make the design even more interesting, the mirror can be neatly painted with stained glass paints..
  • The tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen can be decorated using decoupage technique. To do this, it is better to purchase decals – they can be easily printed on the surface if you follow the instructions. Also, this option can be suitable for painted walls or for furniture decoration. In a private country house using decoupage technique, you can decorate a fireplace.

You can also make interesting window curtains with your own hands without much effort.. Consider the following options:

  • Satin ribbon curtains are suitable for many interiors. They can be the same or different – it all depends on your design idea. From above, you should fasten the longitudinal tapes with one transverse one so that the curtain is convenient to use. You also need to sew hooks or rings to the transverse tape, depending on what kind of cornice you have..
  • A more interesting and time-consuming option is to make curtains from beads. Beads or bugles should be successively strung on the thread, and then fasten all of them and sew on the hooks. You can combine beads and ribbons.
  • Finally, you can sew curtains with your own hands on a sewing machine – it’s not at all difficult. The main thing is to measure the required length and width and make a good pattern..

If you like fresh flowers, you can make a planter for them with your own hands.. Options are suitable for placing flowers indoors, and for decorating a summer cottage:

  • Good planters can be molded from polymer clay. This is not difficult at all – the main thing is that the bottom of the planter is flat, and the size corresponds to the size of your plant. The shape can be the most bizarre, like the color scheme – you can immediately use colored polymer clay or paint an already fired product.
  • Now knitted things are in vogue – if you know how to knit or crochet, you can easily knit covers for your pots. Usually, these decorative elements are hung from the ceiling or walls..
  • An interesting planter can be made using the papier-mâché technique. To do this, simply soak thin newsprint, tear it into small pieces and glue it consistently, giving the desired shape..

This is a very lengthy but exciting process, and the finished planter can be painted and varnished..

Spectacular examples in the interior

Self-made products can look spectacular in a wide variety of interiors. Consider the following unusual options:

  • Textile elements using the patchwork technique are perfect for country style – they make the interior even more distinctive and cozy.
  • If you have a Provencal style furniture, you should definitely decorate furniture using decoupage technique – prints in pastel colors will look great in a light refined interior.
  • Polymer clay can be used to mold pots and vases in a modern style.
  • For classic interiors, glass products painted with stained glass paints are perfect..

See the next video for a master class on creating a beautiful flower pot with your own hands..

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