“Khrushchevs” in various styles: interior options

Small apartments, for example, “Khrushchevs” to some extent limit the imagination of the owners in terms of interior design. Not all styles look harmonious in miniature apartments. We will tell you about the options for the beautiful arrangement of “Khrushchev” buildings in our article.

Features of apartments

“Khrushchevs” appeared in our country at the end of the 50s of the last century and still remain one of the most popular types of housing. Features of houses of this type are panel construction, poor sound insulation, small apartments, small kitchens and a combined bathroom..

“Khrushchevs” can be one-room, two-room, three-room and even 4-room. But one room is always a walk-through, so it cannot be a bedroom.. Despite all these shortcomings, “Khrushchev” can be made quite convenient and comfortable for life.


Sometimes ordinary repairs are enough for this, sometimes more radical measures are required, for example, redevelopment. The living room can be combined with a balcony and expand the total area of ​​the room. There is an option to combine the living room with the kitchen. The latter method is quite popular, but it has its drawbacks: fumes and grease from cooking can ruin repairs and furniture..

You can divide the room into zones: make a separate place for rest and work in the living room, for sleeping and playing in the nursery. You can divide the zones using a sofa, wardrobe or screen..

Neighboring zones can be separated from each other by overlapping colors and interior items.

Variety of styles

There is a wide variety of styles that are used to create the interior of an apartment or house: modern, Mediterranean, country, English, Russian, Japanese, retro, loft, hi-tech, eclectic, classic, Scandinavian, architectural, provence, minimalism, etc. It is impossible to list all directions.

Different styles are suitable for creating the interior of “Khrushchev”, the main thing is to maintain unity in the design of all rooms. The most popular are the following directions.


This trend is characterized by a minimum of interior and furniture details, precision of composition, restraint, lack of decor, solid colors, a lot of light. To design a “Khrushchev” in this style does not present much work and material costs, this is an economical option.

There is only room for the things you need. Neutral colors give the interior austerity and conciseness, but sometimes you can accentuate with a bright piece of furniture or other accessory. A characteristic feature of minimalism is the convenience and comfort of the environment.


Very similar to minimalism. This is also a budget option that does not require special costs. This style is characterized by lightness, naturalness and simplicity. For decoration, pastel colors are used, mainly white. You can make a bright accent with the help of any piece of furniture..

The use of natural materials, such as wood panels, is encouraged. Coziness in the apartment will help to create pictures and a few hand-made things.


Luxury, smooth lines, soft shades, carvings and patterns, natural materials, not bulky but elegant furniture, antique interior items – these are the hallmarks of Art Nouveau. This style can also be used in small apartments..

High tech

This is a contemporary style that will look good in any room. Attention to modern technology, simplicity of lines, functional furniture, glass and steel, cold metallic shades, lack of decor – all this will make the “Khrushchev” stylish and comfortable for living.


Style for people who love experiments and fashion trends. Brick walls without finishing, abandonment of some interior elements – all this creates a kind of comfort. Though loft is more suitable for spacious rooms, in “Khrushchev” he can also find his embodiment.

To decorate an apartment in the loft style, you will have to expand the space, and this can be done by combining rooms. For example, the kitchen is combined with the living room, and the loggia with the room.


This style is well suited for the decoration of the “Khrushchev”. Simplicity, sophistication, antiquity, delicate pastel colors, an abundance of light, the presence of antique or deliberately aged interior items – all these are the distinctive features of Provence. Decorative accessories and handmade things will look harmonious in the interior..


The classical style is characterized by severity, sophistication, aristocracy. The materials used to decorate the apartment should be natural, such as wood or stone. Antique furniture, framed paintings, expensive curtains, an artificial fireplace – all these details will help create the right atmosphere. Of course, the classic style is best suited for a large house, but it will look good even in a Khrushchev building..

Professional Tips:

  • Designers advise to maintain the unity of style when creating the interior of different rooms of “Khrushchev”. If you do not adhere to this rule and decorate rooms in different styles, you can end up with a feeling of chaos, and the apartment will seem even smaller in size..
  • To increase the space in the “Khrushchev”, between the walk-through room and the kitchen or corridor and the walk-through room, you can install a screen door instead of a regular door.
  • For decoration, it is best to use wallpaper with a small pattern, they visually increase the space.
  • It is better to choose finishing materials for walls in soothing colors. A bright accent can be made if you want to highlight a certain area..

Beautiful design examples

In these photographs you can see an example of the design of the “Khrushchev” in the Scandinavian style. Simplicity and naturalness, an abundance of light and lightness – all these are the distinctive features of this style. The interior of the apartment is dominated by two colors – white and gray. White walls, ceiling, curtains contrast with gray furniture and carpet.

Only the necessary things are present here, there is nothing superfluous, there is a lot of natural light in the room. All furniture is simple yet functional. Coziness is created with paintings on the wall, shelves, framed photographs and a few accessories.

“Khrushchev” in high-tech style. Technique occupies a dominant place, emphasis is placed on it. The abundance of mirrored surfaces, cold metallic shades, artificial light, functional furniture, a picture on the wall depicting a city – all this creates the desired atmosphere of modernity and style in the apartment..

Here is an apartment decorated in Provence style. This trend is characterized by pastel shades, elegant semi-antique furniture, various decorations, textiles and handicrafts. The interior of the room is dominated by pink, white and light green colors. Light furniture with graceful curves, candles, floor lamps, curtains, paintings on the walls – all this gives the room a cosiness and special charm. The TV does not stand out, it is almost invisible in the setting.

In this photo you can see the “Khrushchev” in the classic style. The atmosphere of aristocracy is created with the help of various interior details: rich room decoration, semi-antique furniture made of expensive types of wood, a crystal chandelier, mirrors, gilding, antiques, stucco moldings on the ceiling, expensive curtains. The room is decorated in light, noble, but at the same time discreet and matching shades.

Here is a loft-style apartment. Brick walls without finishing, a feeling of some abandonment and incompleteness, but at the same time the thoughtfulness of the situation – all this creates the right atmosphere. Re-planning and combining adjoining rooms help create a sense of spaciousness.

In the next video, you will learn all about the features of redevelopment. "Khrushchev".

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