Kitchen interior in a log house

There are many options for decorating the interior of a kitchen in a log house. Attractive compositions can vary in style, layout, and types of furniture used. In today’s article, we will learn the main features of the design of kitchens in a log dwelling..

Advantages and disadvantages

In wooden houses, the interior of the kitchen can be made in different ways. In such dwellings, interior compositions look especially cozy and attractive.. Let’s understand the main advantages of kitchens in log houses.

  • In residential buildings made of rounded timber kitchens look gorgeous, designed in a variety of styles. Not only rustic country, but also French, even some modern styles will organically fit here..
  • Buildings made of natural wood differ impeccable indicators of environmental friendliness. There are no dangerous compounds in the composition of wood that harm the health of households, therefore all interiors in such houses are not only very beautiful, but also completely safe..
  • A well-designed kitchen in a log house will retain an attractive and neat appearance for many years. Of course, this advantage will only take place if natural materials are properly cared for..
  • In a log house, the owners do not need to carefully select finishing materials for the kitchen for a long time and scrupulously. Here you can do without additional decorative cladding at all, since log structures already look aesthetically pleasing..
  • Kitchen interiors in log houses look very cozy and welcoming. People love to be in such environments because they are always warm and comfortable. Here you can relax and escape from everyday problems..

The kitchen, equipped in the dungeons of a log house, has a lot of advantages, but it also has serious disadvantages..

  • We must not forget that wood is a living natural material., which at high humidity levels can undergo certain changes. In the kitchen, wood cannot avoid such an impact..
  • In a too dry room, wood, on the contrary, may start to dry out.
  • New log buildings give a certain percentage of shrinkage, therefore, you should not rush to fix the kitchen finish. This is especially true for fixing stone, metal and other rigid materials..
  • Mold or mildew can form in damp and poorly ventilated kitchen corners in a log house.. Often, dealing with these problems requires a lot of time and investment on the part of the owners..
  • Even if the walls in a log house are regularly treated with special impregnation, they will still remain fire hazardous.. Natural wood is not only susceptible to fire, but also actively supports combustion.
  • Taking care of natural materials is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.. If you neglect such procedures in a log house, then not a single interior in it will look neat and beautiful..

An attractive and practical kitchen in a log house must be equipped with the obligatory care of natural materials. Only then will the furnishings look aesthetically pleasing and will remain so for many years..


Planning a log cabin kitchen is one of the most important steps in setting up a space. It is worth noting that in many cases a kitchen in a log house of a solid suburban building is combined with a spacious living room. This is a popular and very comfortable solution. In this case, it is advisable to divide the living space into separate functional zones.. This can be done in a few simple ways..

  • It is permissible to unfold the sofa in such a kitchen-living room interior so that its back is directed towards the kitchen set. This method is very popular in both large and small rooms..

  • You can install a bar counter. This design will perfectly divide square meters.

  • The owners can build an arched structure, dividing space into zones.

  • You can expose few pillars.

  • To decorate the living room and kitchen you can use wood of different species.

  • Not a bad solution – play with contrasting colors of furniture designs or accessories.

You can delimit the zones by means of backlighting. Lamps of similar design are ideal for these purposes..

It is also permissible to use an LED strip, to design a plasterboard multi-level ceiling. It is allowed to apply several zoning methods at the same time.

If we are talking only about the layout of the kitchen, then here you can use the methods listed below.

  • Stove or cast iron stove. Such objects, being near wooden surfaces, can provoke strong heating and even fire. It is better to display them against the background of stone or tiled decoration. If a stove is used, its masonry must be flawless, otherwise the smoke from it may enter the room..

  • Working space. This area with an apron should be highlighted. Here food is prepared, food is cut. The cutting space is most often arranged between the sink and the stove..

  • Storage. Both the refrigerator and shelves / cabinets with cereals and other products should be located in the work area.

  • Washing. Many drops should not fly out from it, which can harm the wood. It is better to purchase wide, but not too deep specimens. It is important to place an area with a dryer nearby..

  • Dinner Zone. The table and chairs must be located at a sufficient distance from water, stove or fireplace.

The layout in a log house can also be:

  • U-shaped;

  • island;

  • linear;

  • double row.


The best way to select the right furniture is to consider the composition of the windows in your kitchen. If the glazing is made of wood, then the furniture structures must correspond to it. The same applies to cases when plastic windows are laminated under a tree..

The furniture may differ from the glazing style. The main thing is that the room is attended by:

  • sink cabinet;
  • kitchen set;
  • dining table with chairs.

These components will be enough for competent and harmonious furnishings..

If the kitchenette is small, it is recommended to purchase an L-shaped corner set, where there is a built-in vanity unit under the sink. In more spacious rooms, you can put a U-shaped or straight headset with an island cabinet.

Instead of a full-fledged headset, it is allowed to install simple hanging shelves and a separate cabinet with a sink. In the interior of the kitchen of a log house, a table of a square or rectangular structure is usually located. It is advisable to arrange chairs with backs. If desired, the owners are allowed to do with only a few stools..


Kitchens in a log house can be designed according to different styles.

  • Country, provence, shabby chic. Rustic destinations are best for a timber house. In such styles, finishing, plastering is optional. You can simply treat the wood with protective impregnations. In the directions under consideration, wood furniture looks harmonious. Designs can have aged surfaces and even a craquelure effect (typical for the shabby chic style). It is necessary to select suitable textile elements: curtains, napkins, tablecloths. White, pastel, checkered options will do..

  • Minimalism. A modern style in which only everything necessary and useful should be present. Extra decorations (like wall figures made of round timber or colorful bedspreads) are not needed here. Clear and even lines, the absence of carved elements are welcomed. There should be a lot of light and free space.

  • Modern. In a wooden house, the kitchen can be decorated in this interesting style. Modern is characterized by non-standard lines of decor and furniture. It is recommended to entrust the interior decoration in this vein to experienced designers..

  • American ranch style. A trend that has a lot in common with rustic chic. In such interiors, the focus is on comfort and convenience. A purely cowboy decor is used, the most comfortable furniture and functional appliances that look less flashy are selected.

Interior examples

Consider some beautiful examples of a kitchen interior in a log house.

  • In a light log house, a small corner set with an island of dark chocolate shade will look gorgeous. Here you can do without finishing and choose the work surfaces of the curbstones to match the color of the walls..

  • A classic kitchen set in a simple white color will look easy and cozy in a log dwelling.. The table and chairs, set out to the side of the work area, can also be snow-white. It is advisable to install a lot of lighting fixtures in such an environment, use a light finish on the floor..

  • A very interesting and non-standard solution is to arrange equipment and headsets in a modern style in a log house. Clear geometric lines and minimalistic plain surfaces will look very impressive against the backdrop of unfinished log walls and light tiled floors..

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