Layout “brezhnevka”: description and typical options

“Brezhnevki” – typical houses that appeared in our country in the mid-1960s during the reign of Leonid I. Brezhnev and replaced the “Khrushchev”. This is a very common type of housing that does not require a description: there is not a single city where it would be impossible to see buildings of this type..


“Brezhnevkas” were actively built until the end of the 1980s, but even in our time, sometimes this type of housing is taken as a basis for construction.

At the very beginning, like the “Khrushchevs”, “Brezhnevkas” had 5 floors, but gradually 9-, 10-storey and even 14- and 17-storey buildings began to appear. Brezhnevkas were built mainly from panels, brick and block versions are less common..

Advantages and disadvantages

“Brezhnevka” is an improved version of “Khrushchev”. Apartments have become larger in size. If the minimum area of ​​”Khrushchev” was 31 square meters. m, then in “Brezhnevka” it increased to 33 square meters. m. The maximum area in 4-room apartments could reach 76 sq. m. m.

Elevators and garbage chutes appeared in multi-storey buildings, which significantly increased the comfort of living in these houses. At the same time, clogged waste chutes could cause unpleasant odors, insects and rodents..

If we talk about the structure, then in the “brezhnevkas” not only the outer walls of the house (as was the case in the “Khrushchevs”), but also the walls between the apartments, which, on the one hand, made the building more stable, and on the other, made it difficult to redevelop , because it is forbidden to demolish load-bearing walls.

Another advantage was that the bathroom became separate. It remained combined only in some one-room apartments. Undoubtedly, this was a big plus. The height of the ceilings in “Khrushchevs” was about 2.4 meters, in “Brezhnevkas” it was 2.7 meters. The area of ​​the flights of stairs has also become a little larger..

If in the “Khrushchevs” one of the rooms was a walk-through, then in “Brezhnevka” all rooms became isolated and could go to different sides. Instead of balconies, loggias sometimes appeared. Undoubtedly this was a big plus.

However, kitchens, if they have increased in size, not much. On average, as in the “Khrushchevs”, their area was 6-7 square meters. m.The courtyards also remained quite comfortable and cozy.

If we talk about the shortcomings of “brezhnevka”, then we can say that in houses of this type, built of thin panels, it was cold in winter and hot in summer. In addition, these panels had poor sound insulation properties. Also in the “Khrushchev” there were built-in wardrobes and closets, and in the “Brezhnev” they remained only in the corridors.

Number of rooms

If we talk about the number of rooms, then in “Brezhnevka” there are both one-room and two-room, three-room and even four-room apartments. The combined bathroom could now be found only in “odnushki”, there was no more walk-through room.

The total area of ​​apartments has increased:

  • The average area of ​​a 1-room apartment was now 27-34 sq. m. (31-33 sq. m. in “Khrushchevs”).
  • 2-room apartment occupied 38-53 sq. m. For comparison: in “Khrushchevs” the area of ​​a 2-room apartment was approximately 30-46 square meters. m.
  • The 3-room apartment had an average area of ​​49-67 sq. m. In “Khrushchev” – 55-58 sq. m.
  • A 4-room apartment covered an area of ​​58-76 sq. m. “Khrushchev” did not have 4 rooms.

Accordingly, the size of the rooms has increased:

  • The minimum living area was now 15 square meters. m. In the “Khrushchev” living room was from 14 sq. m. m.
  • The minimum size of the bedroom in comparison with the “Khrushchev” has not changed and amounted to 8 square meters. m.
  • The children’s room, like the bedroom, was at least 8 sq. m. In “Khrushchevs” the nursery was from 6 sq. m. m.
  • The kitchen has remained the same as in the “Khrushchevs”, 6-7 sq. m.

Is it possible to improve?

Despite their merits, “brezhnevki” in terms of their level and comfort of living in them still do not reach the level of modern buildings. To make the apartment more comfortable, cosmetic repairs alone may not be enough. But in the “Brezhnevka” you can make a successful redevelopment. However, it is important to do it correctly and competently. According to the rules, any significant changes must be recorded in the technical passport for the apartment.

This can be done by contacting a special inspection with documents. Otherwise, the owner faces an administrative fine, and it will be difficult for him to sell the apartment..

There are several rules to follow:

  • When redeveloping, do not touch the load-bearing walls, as this can lead to the collapse of the house.
  • You can not move the bathroom to another place in order to prevent flooding of residential premises.
  • It is forbidden to use the attic space and combine it with the apartment.
  • The living space should be less than 8 sq. m.
  • Can’t change, demolish floors between floors.
  • It is forbidden to independently change the place of gas and water pipes.
  • You cannot transfer radiators from the room to the balcony: otherwise, residents of neighboring apartments will feel cold in the rooms.

There are changes that do not need to be approved:

  • You can do cosmetic repairs in the apartment.
  • Change heating radiators to others, similar in appearance to the old ones.
  • It is not forbidden to put the air conditioner.
  • You can slightly change the place of the gas stove in the kitchen.

The rest of the redevelopment options must be agreed upon in a special inspection, and in order to avoid mistakes, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists who know all the nuances. Apartments with 3 rooms lend themselves best to redevelopment, but even with 2 and 1 rooms, redevelopment is possible:

  • Often there are built-in wardrobes in the corridor – they can be removed, and this slightly increases the area of ​​the room.
  • You can combine a balcony or loggia with a room.
  • A good option is to attach the room to the kitchen by making an opening in the wall in the form of a beautiful arch. It is very convenient and functional. In some cases, you can demolish the wall altogether, resulting in a studio apartment. In this case, it is better to do zoning using color to separate the kitchen from the living room..

  • There is a separate bathroom in the “Brezhnevka”, but its size is extremely small, and this can cause discomfort to the owners of the apartment. Sometimes, combining a toilet and a bathroom will be wise to increase the space. As a result, a washing machine can fit in the bathroom, and there will be more free space in the kitchen. In addition, it is possible to expand the space of the bathroom due to the area of ​​the corridor. Of course, the corridor will become narrower, but there will be more space in the bathroom. At the same time, it is possible to change the location of the door leading to the bathroom, move it to the corridor and hang a mirror, thus saving space.
  • There is an option to divide one large room with two windows into two small ones. When redeveloping, you need to take into account the material from which the “brezhnevka” is made, and the location of the rooms in the apartment.
  • It is easier to make redevelopment in a brick house, since there are fewer load-bearing structures than in a panel house

  • In a panel house, in which there are many load-bearing structures, the most popular and simple type of redevelopment is to combine a bathroom.
  • The “vest” apartment (in which the rooms are located on opposite sides of the entrance) provides many possibilities for redevelopment. Most often, the living room is combined with the kitchen, or two small ones are made from one large room.
  • The most difficult thing is to do the redevelopment in the so-called “trailer” apartment. Here the rooms are rectangular, one of them is a walk-through. This design looks like a train car and is more typical for “Khrushchev”, but sometimes found in “Brezhnev”.

Successful examples

A successful redevelopment can transform an apartment and make the life of its inhabitants more convenient and comfortable. The plan below shows an example of such a layout “Brezhnevka” with 3 rooms.

The bathroom was connected to the toilet and the space was expanded by the area of ​​the corridor. The door to the bathroom was moved to another place. The same was done with the door to the kitchen, as a result there was more space here. The corridor has become much smaller, but it opens directly into the living room, and thanks to this there is no feeling of a closed space.

Two rooms of 14 sq. m, which were originally, they made one large living room. To save space in the room, ordinary doors were replaced with “screen” doors.

In the foreground is another room of 10 sq. m and a small storage room. In the background, you can see that one large room was divided into two small ones and the pantry was removed at the same time..

In addition, the plan shows that the position of the door on the loggia has changed. She began to open in the other direction.

To create an apartment in a specific design, you need not only to correctly rearrange, redecorate, but also correctly arrange furniture. If we talk about the furniture in the room in the background, then it is also quite well located..

In the bathroom, in order to save space, the usual bathtub was replaced with a corner one. The kitchen has a table with chairs, a stove and kitchen cabinets. In the living room, made of two rooms, there is a small amount of furniture: a TV, armchairs with a coffee table, a sofa and a wardrobe.

Instead of one room, they made two small rooms – a bedroom and a nursery. In the nursery there is a wardrobe, a bed and a desk with a chair. The bedroom contains only a bed and a wardrobe. The wall between these two rooms of unusual design, made in the form of a “snake”.

More about layout "brezhnevka" you will learn from the following video.

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