Layout “Khrushchev”: stylish and practical options


“Khrushchevs” remain a fairly common housing option in Russia. Such apartments are different in size and layout. If you are going to make repairs in “Khrushchev”, want to update the decoration, change furniture or add modern elements to the usual design, it is important to take into account all the features of such an apartment. In this article we will consider the layout of the “Khrushchev” and how to make the most of the space in it..

Features and characteristics

Five-story buildings of the 60s, as a rule, have a limited footage, narrow aisles, low ceilings and a combined bathroom. Basically, “Khrushchevs” are one-room and two-room apartments. Occasionally, houses were built with a more prestigious layout of living space – it could be a three-room or four-room apartment.

Now many people continue to live in “Khrushchevs” or buy them as relatively inexpensive housing.

Sometimes the apartments are redeveloped, and sometimes it is convenient to equip the space only with the help of cosmetic repairs and the correct arrangement of furniture.

If you have planned repairs in “Khrushchev”, you should take into account the characteristic features of such a living space, its advantages and disadvantages:

  • brick houses allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in apartments even in hot summers, as the walls slowly warm up. Panel houses are less comfortable, so now air conditioners are often installed in them;
  • almost all “Khrushchevs” are equipped with a good heating system and keep warm in winter. Exceptions include perhaps the very first built houses of this kind – they have too thin walls between rooms;

  • Soviet five-story buildings usually have good sound insulation;
  • some apartments have hinged balconies. Given the fact that the houses are quite old, such elements may be in poor condition. However, if you make repairs there, the presence of a balcony will be a big plus in the layout of the apartment. On its territory, you can relax in the summer, plant flowers, or simply store things that do not fit in the rooms. In spacious “Khrushchevs” you can find both a balcony and a loggia.


Successful options for the layout of the apartment depend on what kind of “Khrushchev” you have. Houses differ from each other in materials and the number of floors, and apartments have a different number of rooms and footage. There are a lot of options for “Khrushchev”: 2 and 4-room apartments have completely different layouts.

Most often these are five-storey buildings, although there are also higher buildings – this factor practically does not affect the interior decoration of the apartment. If you want to do redevelopment, consider, that brick “Khrushchevs” are very convenient for these purposes, and in panel buildings it will be more difficult to implement.

Consider the most common layout options for Khrushchev:

  • are very popular one-room apartments Is the most economical housing option for small families and people who live alone. Most often, such typical apartments have a small kitchen of 6-7 sq m, a room of 19-20 m, a narrow entrance hall and a combined bathroom: the total area is about 31 sq m.As a rule, the kitchen and the room have an adjacent wall, and the bathroom is located to the right of entrance to the apartment.

Since the space of such a “Khrushchev” is extremely limited, it is important to create a laconic and functional interior.

  • two-room “Khrushchevs” 42 sq m have different types of layouts. Sometimes there is a kitchen in the center, and on the sides there are two approximately identical rooms. In other cases, the kitchen is located on the right, and on the left there are two rooms located one after the other and a balcony. For families, the first option is considered the most convenient, since a walk-through room can cause a number of inconveniences if it is a bedroom or a nursery. More often they make a living room;

  • three-room apartments often have an area of ​​48 sq. m. These are quite spacious dwellings with a balcony, which also have a storage room near one of the rooms, a separate bathroom and a toilet. The kitchen, hallway and bathroom are still small, and the largest space is allocated for three approximately equal rooms. Such apartments are comfortable for families with children;

  • four-room apartments are rare – these are houses with an improved layout of 58 square meters. Narrow aisles, miniature kitchens and relatively small rooms are also distinctive features of these apartments. However, for large families, dividing the entire area into four rooms will be convenient: this way each family member will have their own personal space. Quite often it is in the “Khrushchevs” with a similar layout that the loggia and the balcony are located, which is an absolute plus.

The delimitation of space in your apartment should depend on the total footage, as well as on the number of family members. It is best when each tenant has an individual space in the house – this can be done even within the same room. Also, the delineation of living space will depend on your interests and hobbies..

How best to demarcate space?

In “Khrushchevs” it is quite possible to furnish the space comfortably and functionally, so that the small footage will not bother you. The main thing is to choose the right design project for the apartment.. For the appearance, decoration and lighting will play an important role, but for practical purposes you need to purchase comfortable furniture and place it correctly.

For example, if you like to gather guests, you should think about a spacious dining room, if you work at home, you should allocate space for an office, and if you plant indoor plants, you should select the lightest room for them..


The decoration of the apartment is the first thing that catches your eye. With the right finishing, even a typical “Khrushchev” apartment can be easily turned into a modern and stylish apartment with a distinctive design. First of all, the decoration of the walls is of importance.. If you are planning cosmetic repairs in your Khrushchev, you should take into account a number of important nuances:

  • to make the space of the apartment visually lighter and more spacious, you should give preference to pastel colors. If you want to use dark shades of colors, it is better to make dark walls in the hallway, in the bathroom and on the loggia;

  • now more and more people are abandoning wallpaper and resorting to painting the walls. These options can look very stylish. If your walls are perfectly flat and smooth, you can simply cover them with a thin layer of paint – this is not difficult to do even on your own. If there are defects on the walls, this can be hidden by choosing a stain with a texture. In this case, the paint can be applied with fine dusting or relief strokes, which will give the interior a special zest;

  • if you want to glue wallpaper in your apartment, it is best for you to choose laconic models. Plain options or canvases with a small pattern are suitable. Now you can find wallpaper with pinstripes, small flowers, or coverings with subtle floral and abstract prints. It is better to refuse photowall-paper and wallpapers with large images, as they will visually narrow the space.


Furniture in the interior design of “Khrushchev” is also of great importance. You should be especially thoughtful about the choice of interior items if you have a small one-and-a-half apartment or a large family. In order for the design to look harmonious and the furniture to be convenient to use, try to consider the following points:

  • now corner cabinets are very popular. This is a great solution for a small hallway, small bedroom or loggia. We often do not use the space in the corners in any way, however, if you place the appropriate cabinet there, it will be deep enough and roomy, but will not interfere with the passage.

Now you can find similar models with doors for clothes or wardrobes with open shelves for books and dishes..

  • mezzanine can also be a good option for storing things. Often it is placed in the hallway, on the loggia or in the closet, but you can hang it in one of the rooms. Given the low ceilings in “Khrushchevs”, it is better to choose long and low boxes;

  • a folding dining table is an ideal solution for a small kitchen in Khrushchev. If desired, it can be assembled and made very compact if you have a small family, and if you invite guests, it can be expanded. Sometimes the table is placed not in the kitchen, but in the walk-through room;

  • built-in household appliances will also help to make your interior as laconic, modern and functional as possible. For a small family, you can choose a smaller refrigerator built into the closet, a built-in small stove and an oven;

  • for storing things, you can pick up tall cabinets to the ceiling. This is true for kitchen units and wardrobes. You can also purchase a miniature folding ladder for easy access from the top shelves..


Proper lighting in a small apartment will allow you to place accents and divide the space into zones. Let’s consider the most successful lighting options in the “Khrushchev”:

  • one light source is enough for the hallway – it can be any sufficiently bright chandelier;

  • the bathroom in “Khrushchevs” is usually small, so there, too, you can limit yourself to one lamp. It is good if it is located near a dressing table with a mirror – the brightest lighting near the mirror is important;

  • for the kitchen, designers recommend choosing two light sources – the main and additional. A light chandelier should be placed in the center, and additional lamps should be placed above the kitchen set for the convenience of cooking;

  • rooms can have one or more light sources. This will depend on whether you want to allocate several zones in one room..

If you do not need to delimit the area, one bright chandelier is fine..

Successful redevelopment options

Many are now trying to make redevelopment in the “Khrushchev”. Before starting such work, you need to familiarize yourself with the plan of the house and find out what kind of load-bearing walls you have. Most often they do the following redevelopment options:

  • from a one-room apartment, you can make a studio if you are not satisfied with a small kitchen. This option is suitable for one person;
  • if you have a walk-through room in your two-room apartment, you can combine it with the second one and make a spacious one-room apartment;

  • in three-room and four-room apartments, rooms are also often combined;
  • in order, on the contrary, to divide the space inside the room, you can make an arch, a column or an additional wall – this is important for large families in single and double rooms.

All about the features of redevelopment "Khrushchev" see the next video.

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