Layout of a 8×10 m house: design examples

The layout of even a small country house with an area of ​​8×10 meters gives a much greater flight for imagination than when constructing buildings with a smaller area. These sizes are most suitable for suburban housing due to their compactness and spaciousness at the same time. And besides, it fits perfectly into the size of a small area. Such a house is suitable not only for suburban seasonal vacations, but also for permanent residence..

It is more convenient to develop a plan for a small cottage and think over the interior to the smallest detail in a building with a regular rectangular shape. Designing a cottage of such an area will not cause difficulties. Unconventional premises, internal corners and diagonal arrangement complicate the project of the house. That’s why a building of 8 by 10 meters will be less sophisticated, but more functional compared to attractive spacious cottages with bay windows, covered terraces and spacious balconies.


The initial criterion for the improvement of a cottage is its size. A house measuring 8×10 meters with a simple rectangular shape is considered a pretty good and profitable solution. If the usable area is 80 square meters of living space without a balcony, veranda, heating and technical rooms, then one floor is a spacious four-room city apartment. But the useful living space is reduced due to the large number of utility rooms..

And in any case, when developing the layout of a country house, it is important to take into account the interests and preferences of each family member. Children want a spacious playroom, parents want a cozy bedroom, and creative people want a comfortable workshop..

Of course, this is not a spacious mansion, but each family member will have their own corner..

The main advantage of a small house is moderate financial costs for construction and subsequent maintenance. There is also a small property tax. During the construction of the supporting structures of a one-story cottage, capital reinforcement of the walls is not required, so you can save a lot. But for a large family, such houses are not always suitable, and for this it is necessary to work out a project with additional strengthening of the foundation and supporting structures.

A one-storey house of such an area can be equipped with an attic and a basement. Any space will increase the usable living space. The underground zone does not nominally affect the number of floors, but it allows you to fully expand the residential floor. On the basement floor, you can find a place not only for utility and utility rooms with appliances, but also for a small gym, sauna, workshop or billiards.

And with a mansard roof, you can increase the living area and place an additional small bedroom, nursery, recreation room or study. If necessary, you can additionally find a place for a pantry and a dressing room. This layout is well suited for a country house. The total cost of building an attic or a simple high roof with two slopes does not differ much. In addition, semi-laconic spaces have a special charm..

But such a layout requires additional heating and electricity..

But at the same time, the minus of the country house is that it has direct access to the street and does not imply a warm entrance, therefore, the layout of a country cottage and an apartment is significantly different. It is important to equip a vestibule, a closed veranda or an additional warm corridor near the front door, which will protect from the cold, street dirt and save space for shoes. And it is also necessary to allocate an additional room for boiler equipment..

The detailed design should include communication networks. If the house is intended for permanent residence, it is necessary to carefully study the layout and location of engineering and communication networks. In addition to heating, the cottage must have its own water supply, sewerage system and electricity without interruption. The binding of the cottage to the networks must be carried out in accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Ideally, it is necessary to equip emergency power sources, such as a generator, a solid fuel boiler, as well as an autonomous energy source – a solar collector on the roof..

Interior decoration

Comfortable living depends on the location of the house on the site, the location of communication networks, thoughtful planning and interior decoration. Walls, ceiling and floor are directly dependent on the material of the house. Various materials are used in low-rise construction: wood, brick, foam blocks, stone. And each has its own pros and cons.

In suburban construction, timber is most often preferred. The wooden house is cost effective and environmentally friendly for future tenants. An important factor is also a long service life, and modern wood processing technologies make life in such a house more comfortable..

The most economical are cottages made of gas blocks. And cinder blocks allow you to build a house in a short time and at low cost. Brick, on the other hand, is a kind of classic that does not require special introduction..

When working on the arrangement of a private house, it is important to remember a few rules:

  • Rooms and premises should be connected by common networks. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom are best located next to each other. This will reduce the cost of engineering and communication networks and avoid additional costs..
  • The layout of the house and the location of rooms and premises directly depend on the cardinal points. Living room windows should face south or east. And the living room and nursery – to the south side. On the north side, it is better to design a blank wall or auxiliary non-residential premises with small windows. Such placement of living quarters has a beneficial effect on the microclimate and natural ventilation in the house..
  • Windows with access to a closed terrace or a warm balcony are wiser to make French ones with glazing to the floor. This will fill the room with natural light and air..
  • In a one-story country house, you can use an electric boiler with low power, underfloor heating and a fireplace in the largest room as an integrated heating system.
  • Wind currents should be directed into the roof slopes to reduce the load on the structure in case of strong gusts. And it is advisable to equip canopies and planes to protect the walls from wind and heavy rainfall..


A well-thought-out project must meet all desires and requirements for comfort. It provides unique opportunities for various layouts and organization of the space of the interior. For an area of ​​8 by 10 m, it is important to correctly arrange the main and auxiliary premises and rooms. And despite the small living space, it can have a unique and comfortable layout..

The room can be divided into separate small isolated areas, or vice versa, not have partitions in order to maintain open free space.

You can easily arrange the main areas of the city spacious apartment: kitchen, living room, bedroom and nursery. And if you combine the kitchen and living room, then there will be additional free space for another bedroom or study.

For zoning a country house, which will be used only in the summer and on weekends, it is better to choose an open plan with a minimum number of partitions.

When developing a layout, the location of the house on the site plays a key role, which affects the placement of windows and the layout of rooms. In a country cottage, there must be a place for a bedroom, where you can relax comfortably after a long day. It is good if the windows face the east or southeast side. If the house will be used only during the summer season and on weekends, then you can distribute rooms not by the number of residents, but by functionality, for example, a common children’s room for all young family members.

When zoning, special attention should be paid to the living room, because it is in this room that households and relatives will spend most of their time. Therefore, the room should occupy a central place in the house, have good lighting, be warm and cozy..

You can expand the living area with additional partitions in favor of the most open space and combine the living room with a kitchen like a studio.

If the house is two-story, then it is better to arrange the rooms as follows. The premises on the ground floor should be allocated for the common area – living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom. And the second floor can be used for sleeping isolated rooms and an additional bathroom. Nice extra room for a guest bedroom.

In a one-story house, it is enough to place one common bathroom. And if the house will be used only in the summer and on weekends, it is better, instead of a bath, to save space, to give preference to a compact shower cabin, which is more in demand in a country house..

Beautiful examples and options

The best option for a one-story house is to combine the living room and kitchen. At the same time, the space seems to be larger, although it contains two functional areas. For large family dinners, meetings with relatives and friends, a room of about 10-12 square meters will be enough.

It is more reasonable to place the front door in the center or in the corner of the building. Then you can organize around the entrance hall and a hall with a staircase to the second floor..

It is more reasonable to arrange natural street lighting in each room from several sides. So, for example, the project of the first floor of a house, where the living room and kitchen are illuminated from three sides, and the bedroom – from two.

A one-story house can be made more comfortable and functional with an attic. The extra space can be used for a recreation area, library or children’s room. In addition, from the functional and architectural side, the attic makes the house more attractive and interesting..

Another way to enlarge the living area is to equip the basement. At the same time, the lower floor will serve as an additional foundation and will allow moving all utility rooms and technical equipment there. Also, the basement floor can be used as a cellar and store crops there..

In a country house, you can equip a garage, the main thing is to separate it from the living quarters with a solid wall. At the same time, it is important to make not only an external street entrance, but also an internal one through the house, so that the car owner does not have to freeze on the street or get wet in the rain or snow when it is necessary to reach the garage..

Small compact houses fit perfectly into the countryside. And the use of all three elements: a garage, an attic and a basement – will make life in a one-story house more comfortable and convenient.

An interesting project of a house with an attic, see below.

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