Living room design with a fireplace in the house: beautiful examples of the interior

The living room is the focal point of any home. In the understanding of the majority, the comfort of a home is associated with an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and tranquility. Therefore, a fireplace can bring special, magical warmth to the process of arranging a living room. The whole family wants to gather by the fireplace on long winter evenings. Or alone, wrapped in a blanket, reflecting on the events of the past day.

A fireplace is a stylish interior solution that allows you to diversify the design of the room, and in the living room it can become a real pearl of your interior.

Modern products

The variety of shapes and designs of modern fireplaces amazes even the refurbishers. The main task of the designer is to harmoniously fit this product into the interior of the room as a whole..

It is worth noting a few basic rules for product placement:

  1. The fireplace is not located near the outer walls of the house so that the heat does not go out into the street..
  2. It is not recommended to install a TV next to the product, so as not to distract you from the beauty of the fireplace. One of the best options for placing a TV, if necessary, is considered to be on the wall, vertically, above a given subject of heating and furniture..
  3. The fireplace is usually located in such a place that furniture can be placed around it, oriented towards the fireplace flame..
  4. Do not place furniture too close to the fire to avoid a fire.
  5. A coffee table, soft and comfortable chairs are usually located next to the product..

Of course, the installation of a real fireplace is only possible in a private house. The classic version requires the construction of a chimney, as well as a stable foundation for the product, which is desirable to provide at the design stage. Installing a fireplace is a complex process, therefore, it is necessary to entrust this to professionals in order to avoid fire and smoke in the room. However, you should not abandon the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bdesigning a living room with a modern stove and residents of apartment buildings.

Format selection

According to the formats, fireplace devices can be divided into four types:

  • wall fireplaces, open and closed;
  • corner fireplaces;
  • island fireplaces, standing apart;
  • hanging fireplaces.

Now there are a huge number of varieties (models) of electric fireplace devices that perform not only decorative functions, but also have the ability to heat the room. These fireplaces are safe, aesthetic and easy to use. Modern technologies used in the device faithfully reproduce the appearance of a flame, smoldering coals and even smoke. The interior always looks stylish and attractive.

The advantages of electric fireplaces are as follows:

  • ease of installation of the device;
  • mobility of the fireplace in case it is not built into the wall;
  • modern electric fireplaces are characterized by low energy consumption, which speaks of both the efficiency and safety of such devices;
  • the absence of carbon monoxide, but at the same time there is an imitation of smoke and smoldering;
  • some models do not heat up, which means they are absolutely safe for small children;
  • it is possible to choose a device that meets all the necessary requirements both in size and design, and in terms of functionality and cost;
  • the price variation is varied, it is possible to purchase an electric fireplace at a reasonable price.

There are a huge variety of design solutions using fireplaces, therefore, you have a lot of options for realizing your fantasies. When choosing a living room design, you need to rely primarily on your taste and remember about the convenience and comfort of the future room.

Variety of styles

The fireplace idea can be organized in any interior. The decisive factor is harmony with the style of the room as a whole..


Typically, fireplace designs are installed in living rooms in a classic style. This style is not influenced by fashion trends, it is always appropriate. The classics never lose their relevance, perfectly combining beauty and comfort, which means the interior will not have to be changed at the end of the season. The fireplace will fit into the overall concept if you choose the right finishes, such as natural stone, marble, brown or sand brick and other materials.

Stucco decoration is acceptable. Solid wood furniture and wood-framed mirrors are ideal for a classic style fireplace. This interior detail can be supported by antique clocks, graceful figurines, and, of course, family photos hanging over the fireplace..


Country style, quite trendy nowadays, fulfills the dream of a comfortable country house. A fireplace device made of large natural or artificial stone of natural shades will ideally fit into this interior. You can not limit yourself to a frame, but use stone in the design of a part of the wall, create a small shelf or lay out window sills.

It is possible to install a corner version of the fireplace device, especially if the living room is small. When choosing furniture, you should give preference to powerful wooden armchairs with massive armrests, wide tables that can accommodate all relatives and guests. It is worth choosing an untreated tree, various ethnic details can be used in the interior. Furniture upholstery, pillows, window curtains are best made of rough, floral printed fabrics such as tapestry and linen..

Natural colors, light light ornaments are generally preferred. You can decorate a fireplace in this style of interior not only with family photographs, but also with antique porcelain, ceramic figurines. A vase with a bouquet of peonies will also harmoniously fit in.

High tech

High-tech is famous for its use of steel, plastic and glass products. And in this design option, the placement of the fireplace is also appropriate. Typically, a built-in or island fireplace design is used. Most often these are metal models of strict geometric shapes..

The color of the metal depends on the setting, ranging from matt black to metal with a light steel sheen. The clarity and severity of the lines is in harmony with the minimum amount of decorative additions. Picturesque landscapes will not suit this style, but graphic drawings or black and white photographs will fit perfectly.


A high-tech living room is almost impossible to imagine without a TV and other technical devices, since in this interior the emphasis is placed on modern technology, which is also an element of decor. In this case, it is important to plan the placement of monitors so that glare from the fire in the fireplace does not fall on the screen..

High-tech lighting in the living room differs from the standard. The impression of a light and large room is required. The desired demarcation of the fireplace and television area can be achieved by using cable lights made of glass, steel or plastic materials..


The interior decoration in the neoclassical style is in many ways similar to the classical one. Accordingly, a fireplace is ideal for a chic living room of this style. The color scheme of neoclassicism does not allow a riot of colors. The combination of monochrome finishes with modern furnishings is especially advantageous. In this style, there will be the front fireplace, decorated with columns and pilasters, is appropriate. The space above the fireplace can be decorated with a large mirror in the frame. The furnishings can be either ceremonial or minimalist, modern.

Furniture in this style is, if possible, arranged symmetrically and proportionally. As decorative elements, they prefer tall candlesticks, symmetrical wall candelabra, table lamps with a truncated cone-type lampshade, flowers.


An integral attribute of the English style interior is a fireplace. The English mantelpiece is characterized by classic features, a U-shape and a predominance of right angles and lines. There are no florid elements. When finishing they use decorative tiles, expensive wood, forged parts.

An important element of the decor are bookshelves, an abundance of pillows, and porcelain items. Mainly used beige, honey, cream, dark red colors.

When choosing furniture, preference should be given to deep armchairs and sofas with high backs.


Fireplace devices in the ethno style are outwardly diverse. The Indian, Old German, Russian flavor can be taken as a basis. To create an interior in this style, it is necessary to carefully study the features of the formation of a particular device. Often ethno-fireplaces are used not only for heating the room, but also for cooking..


Currently, it is common to use a fireplace device as an element of the interior in a minimalist style. The main difference is the absence of any decor. The fireplace is built into the wall and, thus, the effect of a window with a burning fire is obtained. The furnishings are functional and simple, cantilever furniture is characteristic of this style, performing several functions at the same time.

The main colors of the interior are cream, beige, white, gray, ash. A distinctive feature of this style is the maximum openness of the space and the minimum use of decorative elements. The panel walls of the hall are best equipped with a fireplace device of this type..

In a country house, this style will not be very comfortable..

The above styles are basic, but there are also many more ways to decorate a fire source in a living room. Whichever option you choose, the fireplace will fill your home with warmth and comfort.

The use of live fire focuses on the high position of the owner of the house. Will give the room chic and originality, will cause admiration in the eyes of family and friends.

You will learn all the recommendations for installing a fireplace in the following video..

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