Loft-style house: a creative mess for creatives

Loft-style house: a creative mess for creatives

The interior of the dwelling in the “loft” style is one of the most fashionable designs of our time. The architectural style, which does not accept clear standards, arose thanks to the creative stratum of the population of New York, when, for a number of reasons, artists, directors, singers, actors and other bohemians acquired small industrial premises as their dwelling.

To understand what a loft-style house is, what attracts attention to the interior in the spirit of a creative mess of creative personalities, you need to know its features, design rules and the subtleties of the selection of furniture.


In translation “loft” means “attic”. In fact, earlier it was a rework of industrial housing, the comfort of which was limited to the presence of a kitchen, a bathroom and a bathroom. Today is the way to style, hinting at the creative nature of the home owner, this is one of the elite types of design, for which houses with one or two floors are specially erected. It is a mixture of old and new: rough production materials or their imitation with cutting edge technology, metal, glass, designer furniture..

Style differs from the usual understanding of style deliberate rudeness. In it you can see the elements of other design directions collected together. At the same time, the unity of the details is surprisingly successful, be it graffiti, abstract paintings placed directly on the floor, or furniture in the style of minimalism..

The main distinguishing feature of the loft style, which immediately catches the eye, is open plan. It does not have rigid partitions that outline the boundaries of space, as well as clear zoning in the usual sense. The unobtrusive division of the room into functional zones is carried out by means of techniques that do not violate the concept of the loft style.

Distinctive features

This style is quite recognizable due to some decorative and constructive techniques., among which it is worth noting:

  • an abundance of light flux that floods the windows of rooms due to large windows;
  • deliberate roughness of facing using brick, stone and plaster;
  • demonstration of unfinished wall surfaces;
  • the presence of visible pipes and beams, imitation of industrial communications, contrasting in tone with the main decoration of the premises;

  • the mass of free space formed due to the lack of partitions;
  • atypically high ceilings;
  • creative approach to the choice of each non-standard accessory;
  • moderation of the existing furnishings of each room;
  • emphasis on functionality, design, not devoid of decorative elements that are striking.

Loft is a style of freedom-loving natures with a non-standard type of thinking. It is unique, it allows you to show your creative imagination starting from the moment of construction, whether it is “ecoloft”, the usual design for a production type of premises or stylization. This is always a rough interior decoration, harmoniously combined with elements of comfort.. Design implies the creation of an extraordinary industrial atmosphere, industrial surroundings inherent in former production facilities.

Construction and design of the exterior of buildings

A distinctive feature of the construction of a loft-style house is the geometric clarity of the building and the characteristic rectangular shape. Sometimes the asymmetry of the building is visible from the side. The entrance to the premises is not always at the front of the house. To make the style as close as possible to the natural environment, the facade is made of brick in a natural tone. The color palette of finishing is carried out mainly in gray, brown tones. Materials for the design of facades are wood, metal (rack, lattice systems).

The characteristic shape of the roof is designed in this way, to prevent snow accumulation. It can be gable, flat, while it is often covered with environmentally friendly copper sheets that are not susceptible to atmospheric precipitation and are convenient in roof cladding. Fancy decor elements are alien to the loft style: everything that participates in the construction is subject to strict functionality. Cement, sand, metal and brick are used as frame materials..

The architectural appearance of a loft-style house is distinguished by the presence of huge windows, which must necessarily be on the entire height of the walls, differing in their large width. With the symmetry of the frame, the arrangement of the windows may allow asymmetry, it depends on the desire of the owner of the house. More often, when planning a two-story building, the windows are placed symmetrically one above the other..

The maximum allowable number of floors in a house should not be more than two. In this case, brick columns can be located below. When designing a house design in accordance with all the rules, the sketch should resemble a small industrial facility, slightly decorated as a residential building.

Interior Design

Everyone can design the interior space of a house in a loft style. To create it, you do not need large investments if you do the decoration yourself. Designing in a design bureau will cost a lot, especially for interior decoration: a sketch project alone can cost 100-135 thousand rubles. This is without architectural and structural solutions, landscape and exterior.

It should be borne in mind: the interior space of such an interior is suitable for certain personalities., among which it can be noted:

  • creative elite (representatives of bohemia);
  • young people;
  • people on a budget.


Loft is the case when rough combinations of interior items are needed for harmony. It is worth choosing an industrial style as a basis, in which you can show a slight negligence. It is important that at least one of the rooms has beams or their imitation..

Accentuating dilapidation, unfinishedness only on hand: wooden beams can be bought at any hardware store, they are the ideal decoration for the ceiling. You can purchase blinds for finishing windows, although according to the canons of style, windows should not have any design..

You cannot do without wall cladding, as which you can use a combination of different materials with a relief texture with imitation of brickwork. You can select one or two planes with brickwork or leave them concrete without finishing.

If you don’t want to expose the walls, it is worth covering the surfaces with textured wallpaper, for example, imitating rough logs, a dilapidated wall. So you can zone the space, indicating the idea of ​​the style. It is important not to overdo it with brick inserts: if there are children in the house, it is worth limiting creativity to finishing one wall, smoothing out the originality of the material with monochromatic coatings in the form of wallpaper on three other planes.

The flooring must be made of wood: the plank floor looks better. If you use laminate for finishing, the look of the interior is simplified. In this case, the texture can be matte or glossy if the floor is varnished. If there is a floor plinth, it is preferable that it matches the wall, does not stand out against the general background.

To zone the space, three design techniques are used: you can take the existing protrusions of a particular room as a basis, make them through furniture, or subtly delimit the room using different shades and prints of wall cladding.


Furniture inherent in the loft style is minimal and arranged in such a way as not to obstruct the space. The original design rule of this style is the technique of mixing furniture: it can be old, new, while it must be expensive, emphasizing the status of the owners of the house. It can be a combination of different styles, for example, retro and minimalism, unity with the high-tech style.. The law of eclecticism is at work here. If desired and in a good location, an English wardrobe with curved legs and a fitted glass table will look harmonious in the room..

The style does not pursue the novelty of upholstered furniture, but it cannot “breathe” without a state-of-the-art audio and video system. In contrast to the exterior design of the house, which resembles an industrial facility, the interior design welcomes different shades of the color palette. Of these, the darkest are the tones of audio and video equipment. Often the space is decorated with white furniture (especially accentuating the kitchen and guest area). In addition, light gray, metal shades of furniture, wood tones are held in high esteem..


A distinctive feature of the loft style is the maximum degree of illumination of the space. Partly this is facilitated by panoramic glazing. The main focus is on natural lighting. If it is not enough, the ceiling of the room is decorated with a light lamp with a soft diffused luminous flux., the temperature of which should be as close as possible to natural daylight.

An excellent decorative solution to lighting design is the design of the beams with spotlights, placing them on the ceiling in such a way as to maximally zone the functional areas of the area.

It is desirable that the design of the luminaires matches the rough decor of the ceiling. These can be bulbs in the form of a curved tube, lamps framed with metal wire, laconic LEDs with warm light and closed shades..


It is important to use natural materials in the design of a creative style. It could be knitted fabric-plaid, natural cotton, satin, leather. Often, to give an atmosphere of home comfort, certain areas of the space are accentuated with long-piled carpets, hinting at the delicate taste of the owners of the home. Obligatory woolen capes, laconic decorative pillows, often without a pattern, made in muted contrasting shades.


Disadvantages of direction

An extraordinary loft has several negative nuances:

  • due to the open plan, such a room is difficult to heat;
  • materials of a cold type are used in the work, often heat is eroded due to huge windows;
  • due to the large space, the cost of utilities in such a house significantly exceeds the cost in ordinary buildings;
  • such an interior is difficult to withstand for conservative people with established habits and pedantry.

Design Tips

To draw up a loft-style interior design correctly, you should not overload it with an abundance of small details: there should not be a lot of things, each of them speaks of its importance. If you want to slightly improve the style, it is important to do it in dosage, otherwise, there will be no trace of the main idea.

Take note of a few tips:

  • in rooms with a small area, you should not move furniture to the center, wanting to designate the guest area in a standard way: this will visually reduce the freedom of space, which is unacceptable;
  • if it is important to distinguish between two zones (for example, a bedroom and a guest zone), place a closet between them if its length is small;
  • do not forget to fill the room with lighting: the central one will not be sufficient for each zone, it is worthwhile to beat each functional section with ceiling, wall, floor lamps of different shape, design and size;
  • you can accentuate brick walls with posters, road signs and abstract paintings, simply by placing them, for example, against the wall on a stand or on the floor;

  • when buying a carpet to the plank floor, choose medium-sized rectangular canvases: this will visually increase the area of ​​space;
  • if you want something exclusive, you should add an unusual table to the interior, for example, in the form of chests stacked on top of one another;
  • if you do not like the use of bricks in wall cladding, you can glue wallpaper with imitation of masonry on the accent wall;
  • if the soul does not lie to the plank floor, you can beat the decoration of the floor with brushed parquet, lay linoleum on the floor in the color of concrete, in extreme cases, fill the self-leveling floor in a dirty gray shade.

Examples of projects of private cottages

The design of the loft style changes, depending on the financial capabilities. If this is an artist’s style, it is simpler and freer. When the design is done in the spirit of stylization, there are deviations from generally accepted norms..

In private cottages, for example, a summer cottage or a 1.5-storey cottage with a garage, the walls can be glass, unplastered, and the floor is made of cement. At the same time, the facade is often made of glass..

Frames can be opened, equipped, for example, with a steering wheel with a handle, while having a brake lever to fix the element in the desired position.

A good example of the design of the kitchen of a small one-story cottage is the option with facing the wall and the bar counter with brickwork, zoning the space of the room using a classic table.

A small space can be zoned solely with one piece of furniture, for example, by placing a mini-table in one corner, placing a small sofa in the center of the plane, marking the guest area. If there are two sofas, the second can be installed under the window of an adjacent wall. If you want to avoid curious neighborly glances, it is better to decorate the windows with curtains to match one of the sofas.

If the cottage has structural partitions, this will allow you to zone the space with maximum benefit. By means of a small partition, it is possible to create a functional accent zone by placing, for example, a video system on a plane. At the same time, do not forget about the ceiling, making it multi-level and decorating it with creative light sources..

To get a better idea of ​​the loft-style residential buildings, you can take a closer look at the design examples of experienced stylists. The walls can be left unplastered, one of them can be decorated with a mirror, the other with a painting, by installing furniture near the walls, complementing it with a rocking chair (the furnishings scattered in style are perfectly combined with each other, combining, for example, with one color scheme or soft outlines).

Departing a little from the main theme, you can accentuate the wall on which the video system is located with brickwork, the rest can be done in plain white. Place modular furniture in a light gray shade on a carpeted plank floor and add light to the space using spotlights on the ceiling.

You can maintain the artistic atmosphere of a space with an arched doorway and a staircase by using specific lamps of different styles with a chrome frame, placing them randomly around the entire perimeter of the room.

In a room with a huge industrial-type window, divided into many small fragments, you can decorate all the walls with brown-gray brickwork, complementing the interior composition with a ceiling beam, a creative lamp, gray furniture, a low coffee table installed on a rug with an ornament.

How to create a unique and cozy interior in style "loft", see the next video.

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