Mirror in a frame: beautiful options in interior decor

The mirror has truly magical properties. It is able to revive the interior, make it special. Framed mirrors are especially popular. You can compare beautiful options in interior decor and choose the product that will be the best for the design of a particular room..


A mirror is an object without which a modern person cannot imagine an apartment. If in ancient times it was a luxury item that only royal persons could afford, now there are such products in every home..

A large mirror, in which a person is visible at full height, can be fixed on the wall in the living room or hallway. It will not only help you choose the right wardrobe, but also visually expand the space..

Such a piece of furniture will become an additional source of light if you place it on a wall where the sun’s rays fall. Small mirrors are ideal for the bathroom and vanity.

The mirror in the frame deserves special attention. Often the frame looks so impressive that it radically transforms the room, makes it luxurious, demonstrating the impeccable taste of the owner..


The virtue of mirrors lies in their function. These products are popular because they:

  • help the owner to monitor the appearance;
  • are a way of masking errors associated with wall decoration;
  • play the role of accents in the implementation of interesting design solutions and projects;
  • visually change the boundaries of the room;
  • easy to care for.

A variety of shapes allows you to choose the best option for an interior decorated in any style. You just need to show your artistic flair.


Large mirrors are difficult to transport. Difficulties can also arise during the installation process..

Heat and moisture sources near the product can damage the mirror layer. As a result, the service life of the product will be shortened. One of the disadvantages of mirrors is fragility.. Mechanical impact on such products is unacceptable, restoration is impossible.


The frame should be combined with the interior design, harmoniously fit into the interior, creating a single whole with it. The wooden vintage frame gives the wall mirror an antique look. It will be ideally combined with a fireplace, antique furniture, heavy curtains. You can complement the interior with an antique grandfather clock. All together, this will create an atmosphere of comfort, in such a room you can relax after a busy day..

Gold or silver frame will highlight the features of the interior, decorated in the Baroque or Renaissance style.

A large mirror with silver stucco molding, with a stand, goes well with the interior of a modern apartment.

A mirror in a laconic classic black frame can be placed in the dining room. Silverware, soft lighting will create an atmosphere of solemnity.

The openwork frame looks light and airy. She is able to make the interior of the room extraordinary – especially if the color of the frame is white. On a dark wall, such an element of the interior will look very impressive. The openwork forged frame will perfectly match the same openwork headboard.

A plastic frame is a versatile option that can be safely used in the interior of any room. If the frame is laconic and devoid of decor, you can decorate it at your own discretion using various materials: shells, beads, crystals, and so on. You will have a very interesting interior element that will become the highlight of the apartment..

A mirror in a mosaic frame can look different depending on the color of the mosaic. If its pieces are bright and colorful, such an element of the interior will enliven the bathroom. Products that combine transparent pieces and elements that imitate stones look no less interesting..

The loft-style mirrors are unique. They vary in shape, but their distinctive feature is a rough frame made of metal or wood, painted in an unusual color. Such a product is ideal for an interior decorated in an attic style. One of the interesting options is the presence of spotlights around the perimeter of the frame. Sometimes massive metal plates are used as decoration..

Facet is a real luxury and sophistication. The frame is a beveled mirror edge that shimmers from sunlight or artificial lighting. This can create an amazing effect..


The material from which the frame is made can give the product a special look:

  • Thanks to the baguette frame, the mirror looks like a medieval painting. As a rule, the baguette is decorated with a relief pattern, gilding. It can be created either from wood or from polyurethane, which is much lighter than natural material..
  • Leather frame is a custom option that can be used in the office. The colors of such products are different, as well as textures..
  • The wood frame is a timeless classic. Moreover, its shade should be in harmony with the color of the furniture. The tree will also perfectly accentuate the eco style..

  • Natural wood is quite expensive. Its counterpart is MDF (compressed sawdust). Such material is environmentally friendly, durable and a variety of colors. The surface is covered with a special film, which is easy to care for.
  • The metal gives the mirror its strength. This product has a long service life. It will emphasize the restraint of the minimalist interior, the features of the Provence style and the classics. Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel – materials that are used in the production of metal frames for mirrors.
  • The forged brass frame gives the piece a special chic. Forging with patterns, monograms creates the effect of antiquity and brings a touch of calm and tranquility. The bronze frame looks stylish and luxurious. It will perfectly accentuate the interior of the living room, decorated in a classic style..

Aluminum frame without decorative part ideal for high-tech interiors.

The form

The frame shapes are very different:

  • Rectangular and oval mirrors are among the most common. They can create the illusion of having windows that are much needed in small rooms – for example, in hallways..
  • Mirrors of irregular shapes, curly products are ideal for original, non-standard interior design.

  • A mirror in a white frame can be traditionally positioned over a white fireplace. Arranged transparent vases will add lightness and airiness to the composition.
  • Several mirrors in rectangular black frames can be a very interesting design solution. Chaotically located, they create an unusual accent.
  • The carved frame is a real find for those who want to make the interior chic. Due to the presence of floral patterns, plant elements, such products are very similar to antique ones..

Placement Tips

Mirrors can change space. When choosing a suitable option, it should be borne in mind that the vertical model will visually make the room more upward, and the horizontal one – in breadth. If the mirror hangs at an angle, then the effect of space distortion occurs.. This technique should be used as carefully as possible..

For the hallway, it is better to purchase a full-length mirror of the owner of the apartment.

It is worth hanging it near the door. So you can easily bring yourself into proper form before going outside..

If the hallway is small, place a mirror on the wall. If your hallway is narrow, choose a side wall for it near the door. In a small hallway, such a product can be fixed on the inside of the front door or on the door of a wardrobe.

In the bathroom, the mirror is usually mounted on the wall (above the sink). This allows it to be used in accordance with its functional purpose. Such a product will visually expand the space. Mirrors with built-in illumination will look especially impressive: it is stylish, beautiful and convenient.

Loft-style mirrors can be used in the living room, bedroom, highlighting certain areas with their help. Oval mirrors look good in the living room. They are placed above the fireplace, in niches..

It is not recommended to place a mirror opposite a door or at the end of a long narrow corridor. One simple rule should be remembered: a mirror with an irregular, intricate shape should have a laconic, restrained frame..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Fill your nook with luxury. To do this, use the classic golden frame baguette. One of the frames will be the framing of the mirror, the second will be a decorative element that is a stylish addition.

Two identical round mirrors in a laconic two-tone frame, located at different heights, will highlight the relaxation area in the modern kitchen.

An Indian-style interior will help you create a rectangular model in a luxurious wide frame, the pattern on which is formed by seashells and small pebbles. To prevent the mirror from becoming an isolated spot in the interior, complement it with appropriate accessories, souvenirs and a table made in the same style as the frame..

A round sun mirror looks very beautiful in the interior. In such a product, the frame is formed by pins that simulate rays, on which decorative elements are fixed. Products that are distinguished by reflective properties look especially interesting. The sun mirror is able to decorate any interior, make it unusual, unique.

An interesting design solution is the use of a group of mirrors of the same shape, but different sizes. This option is in no way inferior to the decor with paintings. Such products can be used in a wide variety of interiors..

You can see how to make a mirror in a beautiful backlit frame in the next video..

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