Modern houses made of laminated veneer lumber

The tendency to go out of town and live closer to nature is only increasing today. Many people choose environmentally friendly material for their homes – wood. Glued laminated timber is best suited for such purposes.. It is stronger, warmer and less shrinking than, for example, a solid log. It still has many advantages, which we will talk about in our article..


Glued laminated timber is a high-tech product made of wood material. It is made on the basis of wood fragments that are processed and glued together. The connection of the parts occurs with the direction of the fibers in the vertical and horizontal directions, due to which the timber acquires incredible strength for cutting and stretching..

A tenacious polyurethane compound is used as an adhesive, it takes very little to fix it, and the result is amazing. This type of gluing, in view of its small amount, does not affect the ecological component of the timber at all..

The finished product lends itself to perfect grinding, after processing it gets a special smoothness, which is only found in furniture. The seams and natural flaws of wood in the final product are completely absent.

Well-dried composite fragments of the product actually cease to shrink from time to time, therefore houses made of laminated veneer lumber give a small and not long-term shrinkage.

Pine, cedar, spruce, larch are mainly used for production.. Products made in factory conditions in compliance with technology have no drawbacks. But in Russia, half of the enterprises manufacturing this type of product are handicraft organizations. They use low-quality material that does not dry properly, the adhesive composition is replaced with a weaker and cheaper one. As a result, instead of an ideal building material, you can purchase a dangerous fake..

Houses built from real factory laminated veneer lumber have a number of advantages.

  • Light weight. A shallow lightweight foundation is suitable for the construction of a house from a bar, which significantly reduces the cost of the building.
  • Environmental friendliness. The natural purity of a wooden structure is of particular value.
  • Construction time. Houses are built from glued laminated timber easily and quickly, without the involvement of heavy equipment.
  • Shrinkage. It is almost absent, the owner does not have to wait a long time before moving into a new home..
  • Strength. Fragment bonding technology makes the timber incredibly strong and reliable. This material does not crack, even in hot and dry climates, and with solid logs this happens all the time..
  • Resistance to pathological fauna. The glued timber does not even have microscopic cracks in which bacteria, mold or fungus could settle. In addition, the material undergoes bactericidal treatment..
  • Availability of finishing. Perfect grinding of the timber affects the beauty of the erected building. Such houses need minimal external and internal decoration, as they themselves look great..
  • Fire resistance. Glued laminated timber buildings are less likely to catch fire than other wooden buildings. In addition to special impregnation, houses do not support combustion, since they do not have slots through which air can penetrate and contribute to the spread of fire..
  • Durability. Cottages made of this type of material can be operated for more than a century..

The disadvantages include poor air circulation in the building and the high cost of laminated veneer lumber.

Projects overview

Due to the lightness of the material, low houses are erected from glued beams, 1-2 floors, but in terms of area they can occupy 100-200 and even 300 square meters. meters. The project is started only after studying all the features of the land plot. Cottages made of this material can have a veranda, terrace, attic, garage, shed as an extension..

Today, houses are being built with large panoramic windows and spacious rooms. Some owners prefer layouts with a second light, a bay window, an exploited roof. Such cottages look beautiful and modern..

House layout

Most layouts of log houses are performed according to the following scheme: from the porch, the entrance door leads to the vestibule (hallway), and then to the hall. Thus, the hall is located in the center of the house and contains entrance doors to all living and plumbing rooms, as well as a staircase to the second floor. This layout allows you to have all rooms with a separate entrance (without walk-through rooms).

On the ground floor there is a kitchen combined with a living room and a dining room, a guest room and a bathroom with a toilet. On the second or attic floor there are bedrooms and a second bathroom.

Panoramic glazing

Houses made of timber with panoramic glazing have floor-to-ceiling windows, which become a real decoration of the facade. Inside, the rooms are saturated with air and light. In the southern regions, such facades are recommended to be made from the north side, otherwise it will be stuffy in the rooms, and furniture, textiles and wallpaper will burn out from the sun.

If there is no beautiful landscape behind the large windows, there is no point in massive glazing.

Operated roof

Flat roofs are built on high-tech, modern, minimalist buildings. They are expensive in terms of their arrangement and operation, but they look impressive and modern. They are equipped with an outdoor shower, a sunbathing and relaxation area, a tennis court, a playground and even a summer kitchen with a barbecue area..

Interior Secrets

If the timber is left inside the house as it is, it is better to choose ethnic, ecological or rural directions for arranging rooms – country, Provence, rustic, chalet, Scandinavian, English, Russian styles. For modern interiors, timber walls will have to be hidden behind drywall, then painted or coated with decorative plaster.

The interior arrangement of houses made of timber, in contrast to stone buildings, has its own nuances..

  • Although the glued material gives a slight shrinkage, and you can enter the cottage almost immediately after construction, you need to wait a little with wall decoration and built-in furniture, otherwise deformation cannot be avoided. For the first time, the timber can be protected with varnish and left as it is, and the furniture can be purchased for cabinet.

  • If pine material was used for construction, over time it will begin to darken. In low light, light interiors will look better.

  • It is difficult to find wooden furniture in a house made of timber. Even in apartment settings, it is not recommended to use more than two shades of wood; only a designer can introduce a third. And in a log house, one color has already declared itself.

  • In country houses, installing a fireplace or stove is a common thing.. To protect the timber structure, the chimney and the area of ​​the structure with live fire should be provided with a protective covering. To do this, you can use vermiculite boards, superisol sheets, brick, stone or durable tiles..

Beautiful examples

All timber structures, due to their natural basis, have an attractive appearance, from tiny fairy-tale houses to modern spectacular cottages. This can be seen in the examples.

  • Chalet house with awning and two entrances.

  • Cottage made of laminated veneer lumber, built in a modern Art Nouveau style.

  • High-tech with panoramic glazing of two floors.

  • Provence style house with a cozy balcony and a porch protected by a protruding roof.

  • Building in Russian style, reminiscent of an old tower.

A house made of laminated veneer lumber may be modern or resemble a manor house from the past, but it is always desirable, beautiful and comfortable..

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