Modern interior design options for a one-room apartment

Modern interior design options for a one-room apartment

Decorating and arranging a one-room apartment is not an easy task. The limited area contradicts the need to place a number of functional areas. Therefore, before creating an interior, it is better to familiarize yourself with interesting design options for odnushki.

Features of the layout

Most often, small families or young couples live in 1-room apartments. Such apartments are also popular among bachelors. That is why the breading in such apartments should be made more modern and functional. The layout will differ depending on who lives in the one-room apartment and what requests its residents have.

So, if a young girl lives in an apartment, then it will be important for her to provide dressing room.

Those who want to make the apartment more spacious choose a studio-type breading.

The latter option involves the erasure of all boundaries in the room and its visual division into functional zones without the use of explicit and continuous partitions.

If there is a child at home, then it is important when planning to allocate a place for his sleeping place and playroom. Having decided on the number of functional zones and their importance, you need to move on to the fundamental layout of the apartment.

You can consider the option of planning for a family with a child. This idea involves separating the parent area from the child area. The easiest way to carry out such zoning is when the child is still very young. You can arrange a sleeping area for parents and children in one separate corner by placing a small cot near the family bed.

But when the child has already grown up, it is better to allocate a larger sleeping area for him, separately from his parents and equip an additional play area there. In this case, it is better to use screen or partition. Someone has to fit in a one-room apartment not even with one child, but with several. Then, when planning, more space should be allocated for an area for children. The dividing area can become a living area, which will smoothly flow into the bedroom..

In this case, the kitchen should not be located in the same room., and if this is a studio apartment, then it is better to place it at the entrance next to the corridor, separating it using zoning methods. In addition, when planning such a nursery, it is better to use multi-level floors, as well as bunk beds. Loft type furniture is perfect.

If a young married couple without children will live in the room, then great attention should be paid to the sleeping area. When planning, it is important to consider whether there are niches in such a one-room apartment. If they are, then this can be a great advantage, it is only important to properly equip this place in the apartment. In a niche, you can place the head of the bed and separate this area with a light partition. This is important to consider when planning.

In a niche, you can even organize a full-fledged workplace, install a small computer or even a dining table. It will allow you to make a small separate functional area, it is only important to determine its purpose.

Consider where the windows are when planning. You will also benefit from presence of a bay window. It allows you to make the interior of any apartment, even a one-room apartment, more luxurious and fill it with light. This element gives the interior a touch of solemnity. You can install a dining table or equip a recreation area near such windows..

When planning, pay attention not only to the residential areas of the apartment, but non-residential ones. You can remove or narrow the partition leading to the balcony and use this room as an extension of the room. In addition, a full-fledged recreation area can be organized there. The wall is being removed, filling the room with spaciousness. But such a redevelopment must be agreed upon..

When breading a single room, it often happens that one room is a study, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, and in some cases even a nursery. That is why when planning it is important to try to select only the most important functional areas and place them as harmoniously as possible. So, the kitchen should flow smoothly into the dining room or living room, the living room – into the study, and the sleeping area or children’s room should be farthest from the entrance..

When planning, place should be allocated for screens, partitions.

Space zoning

The combined space of a one-room apartment always implies zoning. First of all, the question of how to separate the kitchen area, if it is a studio apartment, is being decided. To solve this problem, you can use zoning with a multi-level ceiling or floors with multiple levels. In addition, the ideal option for delimiting the kitchen and living area is installation of a high bar counter and bar stools on both sides of the kitchen. You can put a dining table on the aisle if you don’t like the bar counter.

You can also separate the kitchen from other functional areas. Separation can also be done with furniture. So, you can put the sofa back to the kitchen. Thus, he will separate the living room from the hostess’s working area. For such zoning, cabinets are often used – racks or columns with open shelves. They involve the installation of the necessary elements and things down, while the upper part remains practically free, it is filled only with decorative elements that distract attention from any one of these separated zones..

More difficult is zoning in order to separate the sleeping area. For this, it is better to use solid partition options. In this case, you can make a folding screen, partition wall or hang curtains. Partitions can be wicker, fabric and even wooden. In some cases, it is possible to install a translucent rack structure.

Another interesting option is zoning using different types of light and by placing color accents..

You can use different types of lighting: daylight, cold or more subdued, warm. This method is best used in combination with dividing the apartment into functional zones with color. It is better to use wall and floor coverings of different shades for each of the zones. It is better to put tiles in the kitchen, laminate or parquet in the living room, which can smoothly transition into any other covering for the sleeping area. Wall coverings should also be changed. For this, lighter and simpler wallpaper options with the design of gradient transitions are perfect..

Style of design

Keep in mind that a single room in an apartment will represent several functional zones, and they will not be completely delimited and hidden. That is why it is better to choose one of the most suitable style for decorating the entire apartment. So, for a one-room studio apartment, even the smallest (18 sq. M.) Or ordinary odnushki in a panel house with an area of ​​30 or 40 sq. M. m perfect style loft. This is a stylish masculine option..

It involves the installation of a small amount of furniture and the presence of some untidiness in the design. When zoning, in this case, partitions are not used. Zoning can be done by installing furniture. When organizing the space of one-room apartments in this style, furniture in no case should be placed around the perimeter of the room. It is better to place the sofa zone in the very center of the room, thus highlighting the other two zones on either side of the sofa. The layout should be the most open and lightweight.

Brick and natural stone are used for decoration, but materials that imitate these coatings are also suitable. A bar counter is made in such a room. In addition, a coffee table or chest of drawers can be replaced with a chest and even a suitcase..

One-room apartments are often decorated in provence style. This is especially appropriate if this is a female territory or an apartment of a family with a small child. This style suggests tenderness and femininity with a touch of romance. When arranging an apartment in this style, pastel colors and the softest and lightest tones are used. For decoration, use natural wood, stone or tiles. In the living area, you can place a decorative or a real corner-type fireplace. He will bring warmth and comfort to this room. Furniture should be lighter and lighter.

Tabletops and chairs are characterized by translucent surfaces. There should be a lot of mirrors in the room, the facades of large furniture can have frayed and vintage notes. There should be many light sources in the room. Zoning in an apartment with one room in the Provence style is best done using discontinuous partitions or slats. In addition, it will be possible to use a screen or light curtains..

The most popular and characteristic for the design of a one-room apartment is style minimalism. He offers the use of monochrome surfaces, a large number of mirrors and glass, and furniture of a simple form. It is better if the corners are straight. This room design involves a minimum of decorative elements and practically bare walls and other surfaces..

In this case, furniture is often used in the form of a simple plain gray or beige sofa, mini-cabinets, a wardrobe with mirrored doors and a classic bed with built-in drawers. Furniture should first of all fulfill a functional role, and only then decorative. It is better to replace the curtains on the windows with modern blinds or light curtains. You can make several bright color accents in the form of chairs, poufs or pillows on the bed..

One-room apartments are designed and in scandinavian style. It is well suited for small rooms and is able to blur boundaries and bring space to the room. It features a light finish but small bright accents..

In this case, furniture does not load the room, but is placed in the corners of the room. This leaves a lot of free space..

You can use yellow, green, orange shades as color accents..

Less common, but more sophisticated for a one-room apartment or studio apartment, is the interior design in the classic style. It allows you to bring harmony to the design of your apartment and make its interior more refined and luxurious. In this case, figurines, stucco molding, paintings in beautiful frames and mirrors with frames in gold are used as decorative elements..

Though classic style implies the use of some dark shades, but this will be unacceptable for a one-room apartment. In this case, choose beige, golden, light brown or ivory. There should be few accessories, but it is better if they are luxurious decor elements..

In the center of the room, you need to hang an elegant chandelier with crystal or glass elements. Better to use a tiered ceiling. Such an interior is a great option for small apartments, but with high ceilings and wide windows..

Actual colors and prints

The color scheme of a one-room apartment should be light. It is better to use shades that are in the pastel range. Brown, beige and in small quantities even black tones are also acceptable..

If the room is located on the north side, then it is better to use warm shades for its decoration, and if your windows face the south side, then it is permissible to decorate the room in cold colors..

Bright colors don’t have to be primary. They only help you to place accents and make the interior more interesting. Light and calm shades will blur the boundaries and expand the room.

As for prints, in this case, a longitudinal stripe or a soft floral print is perfect. Wall coverings can also have nautical or abstraction patterns. Better if they will versatile and not flashy.


Furniture in a one-room apartment should not be too large and simple to perform. It is better if the shapes are simpler and more classic. Some pieces of furniture should be interchangeable. The role of the table can be played by a window sill, bar counter or coffee table. It will also be possible to work there..

Try to choose more open storage systems, they do not overload such a room.

The most comfortable and functional is the transforming furniture. It allows you to make a table or even a bed from the cabinet..

In addition, there are comfortable convertible coffee tables that can be expanded into entire dining tables. For a children’s room, it is better to use functional walls, which include a bed, a child’s workplace, and a storage system..

In other rooms try to place the shelves higher so that they do not take up much space at the bottom, this is especially true for the living room and bedroom. In the kitchen, furniture should be with built-in household appliances. This way you can save a lot of space..

Design Tips

Modern one-room apartments can have a super trendy interior and cozy design, if you apply some tricks when arranging them. So, in the corridor or in the hallway, you can cover the walls with bright pockmarked wallpaper. Thus, you can distract attention from cabinets, pantries, shoes and the view of the room. Designers assure that rhythmic and dynamic wallpaper patterns and graphics with visual volume are perfect for this zone. So you can arrange all the walk-through rooms, but not the room, since the eyes can get tired of this..

Cabinets with mirrored doors located in the corner of the room will look stylish in the interior of the room. They can also be installed in the hallway. Moreover it is better if the mirrors occupy the entire surface of the doors. These cabinets are placed from floor to ceiling. This interesting design move allows you to expand the space in the room and fill it with spaciousness..

You can also install a regular full-wall mirror. This is a great alternative to installing a mirror cabinet. By hanging several mirrors opposite each other in the hallway, you can create a mirrored corridor that will fill a one-room apartment with spaciousness. Entrance doors can also be mirrored. Mirrors must be installed on the inside of the door leaf. Designers assure that thanks to reflection, they make the entrance area more spacious..

As a rule, these apartments have small bathrooms. That is why sometimes there is nowhere to install a washing machine. But designers advise to install it in a niche by making a special recess under it. You can put not only a washing machine there, but also make a small linen cabinet there..

For a studio-type apartment, designers offer an interesting and functional move, such as a false wall. It can be installed in the middle of the room. It is better if there is a mirror or a window in it. Thus, it will become a barrier at the entrance to the room and hide some areas of the room from prying eyes. But at the same time, it will not narrow the room, since it will not be solid or mirrored. In addition, behind such a wall, you can arrange a dining table or equip a workplace.

You can organize a photo gallery on one of the walls. The arrangement of photos can be chaotic or in the form of a collage..

Beautiful examples and stylish options

Arranging a small one-room apartment is always a difficult task. If you do not know where it is better to arrange the kitchen, then you can give preference to the American type of layout. This option is perfect for a young man who does not need a work area too much. The kitchen can be located in the corridor at the entrance. It will be open type and will take up very little space. But for housewives, this option will not be very preferable..

When planning, some want to somehow limit the bedroom, but not highlight it in the common and only room. In this case, it is recommended combine the kitchen and hallway, and make the bedroom in the kitchen. This redevelopment is quite challenging, but interesting. This option allows you to organize a separate bedroom and a working, dining room, kitchen, living area in another room. It will only be necessary to bring the necessary communications.

Another option is move the kitchen to another room and combine it with the living room. To do this, you can use the bar counter, attach a sofa to it on the back. This option looks unusual. At the same time, you can combine the kitchen and living room by removing the partition between these two rooms and making a full-fledged studio apartment.

When setting up a studio, you can arrange the kitchen in such a way that it becomes invisible. To do this, you need to line up all the interior items in one line and choose a monochromatic very light design for them. Moreover, it is better if all the elements are hidden from view by solid facades. Appliances must be built-in, and the tabletop and apron area must be glossy or just glass.

In small rooms it is better to try narrow the dining area. This can be done using sliding tables on the rail. When folded, they run over the windowsill. They have wheels and allow you to organize the dining area only when you really need it. In addition, in this way, you can organize a workplace by placing such a convenient and functional attribute near each window.

Instead of a table top, you can also use a window sill. To do this, it is better to trim it with the most durable material. The window sill can also replace the hostess’s working area. It is a functional and convenient element. But then it’s better not to hang curtains on the window..

If you have a studio apartment, then the kitchen area can be taken out a little into the aisle, thus extending the apron with the help of a light glass bar counter. So you can do zoning and organize a comfortable dining place..

Designers recommend choosing only light small dining tables with glass surfaces or a bar counter.

It is better to choose the same glass or plastic stools as seats. Such a composition will look elegant. Plus, the stools can be pushed under the tabletop when you don’t need them..

It is better to install round coffee and dining tables in the living and dining area. This way you can accommodate more people behind them when meeting guests or for a family dinner. A coffee table can even replace a dining table if you do not receive guests so often. Then you need to install small chairs or ottomans near it. But it is better if the table top is quite large.

A table or bar can be used not only for zoning, but also for other functions. So, the countertop can be placed near the sofa, dividing it between the sleeping and living areas or the kitchen and living room. In such a bar, you can place convenient shelves and openings for storing things..

A sofa conveniently located near her will even allow you to sit at the table, turning to him and work. In addition, it will comfortably accommodate all the necessary things: books, TV remote control and other items. After removing all these things, you can dine with it. Provide in such a table a section for storing wine and other bottles.

When arranging small apartments lighter and more sophisticated furniture with transparent legs should be used. These can be bar stools or a counter, as well as a small coffee table. It can be furniture made of colored plastic.

When arranging a one-room apartment, use a Scandinavian-type layout. It involves the allocation of a small number of functional areas and the installation of only the most necessary items. Moreover, all surfaces: ceilings, floors, walls, are finished with materials less noticeable in color and design, accents are placed only with the help of some furniture elements. For example, you can make a colored tabletop or chairs, and everything else should be more calm and harmonious..

Designers recommend zoning using contrast on wall surfaces. But at the same time it is better to make the surfaces monochromatic. Such zoning will be more competent and harmonious..

When arranging a one-room apartment, nevertheless it is better to use more calm and light colors, but if you want to make a fashionable accent, then you can use such a stylish option: we decorate one wall with a bright color, for example, light green, and decorate it with voluminous wood trim. At the same time, furniture should be simple and inconspicuous..

The wall can represent a whole three-dimensional alley or other landscape. Such an accent will make the room more spacious and draw attention to this wall..

Fashionable and functional is the option with pasting one or more walls with photo wallpaper. Another popular option is 3D wallpaper, which allows you to create optical effects that recede into the depths of the elements..

An interesting and stylish option is the folding bed. You can hide it in the closet and unfold it only when preparing for bed. In this case, you can put a sofa in the room, but the other sleeping place will constantly fold, so as not to interfere during the day.

Another option is to abstain from the bed. Its role can often be played by an ordinary sofa, which, when unfolded, turns into a bed. In addition, this option can even replace the children’s play area. But then the sofa should be as voluminous and functional as possible. Pay close attention to its decor, it should attract attention..

A convenient and functional wardrobe can be built into the partition. Better if it is a stylish reversible model. It can accommodate books, dishes and even drawers with bedding. They will not be solid, so they will only take up a small part of the passage. Thus, it will not clutter up the room and will help to correctly carry out zoning..

As for the partitions of modern apartments, you can choose another convenient option. The partition can include a large window with narrow frames. You can hang light curtains on it. During the day, the whole apartment will be lit, and in the evening, when you curtain the curtains, you can get a full division of the apartment into several functional zones..

Fashionable and super modern is the version with a revolving baffle.

Some manufacturers present models that can rotate around their own axis. There you can fix a TV shelf and even install a full-fledged storage system, for example, a bookcase. Moreover, this partition can be bilateral. By opening it, you can watch TV from other functional areas, and by closing it, you can retire to the room that it separates.

The bedside area can be separated with partitions in the form of a step. It will be short, but it will be able to hide the level of the bed. It looks lighter and more sophisticated..

The option of using a bed with a high back is fashionable. Thus, it can be placed at the far end of the room with its back forward. Thus, you will close the bed from prying eyes..

Another interesting example of renovation is built-in alcove. It is a niche in the wall in which you can install a sofa and make a full-fledged seating area there. In addition, you can even make a separate place for your pet under it. On the other hand, under the sofa, you can organize a full-fledged storage system, integrate drawers there.

You will learn how to make modern repairs in a one-room apartment from the following video..

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