Narrow room interior design

Narrow room interior design

On the basis of standard apartments, which occupy the lion’s share of the housing stock, you can often find a long and narrow room. They are equipped in Khrushchev and other buildings of the Soviet period. In this location, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and other areas necessary in the living space are decorated.

Design specialists have developed a number of recommendations that allow you to arrange a compact room as stylish and practical as possible..

Visual increase in space

Despite the size, the room should be comfortable. The main task when decorating a narrow room is to correctly distribute the territory, arrange furniture and install other necessary elements. It is worth noting that the tips below can be used to decorate rooms with dimensions of 2 m by 5 m and for a small room of 12 sq. m.

Designers have developed a lot of techniques in order to “move” the walls from each other:

  • Short walls in a rectangular room must be made as expressive as possible, that is, focus on them. Long walls should be decorated in a neutral manner. As a rule, this is done using different finishing materials and bright colors..

  • The room must be properly zoned.
  • Install the required number of light sources.
  • Do not place pieces of furniture along long walls. This advice also applies to the installation of the floor covering..

These are general provisions that will help create a comfortable environment in the room. Next, consider the data and other techniques in more detail..

Features of zoning

Experts in the field of residential design recommend dividing a rectangular room into two square locations. They can be the same size or differ, depending on the wishes and purposes of decoration..

Partitions made of various materials and shelving can be used as a zoning tool.. It is recommended to pay attention to the most compact options.

The designation of zones can be different:

  • Children’s room: area for relaxation (bed) and games (soft corner with toys).
  • Bedroom: sleeping place (bed and sofa) and work area (table, shelves with literature and office supplies).

  • Living room: location for receiving guests (a table with chairs or a spacious corner with a coffee table) and multimedia (TV, player, game console).
  • Kitchen: area for cooking (work surface, stove and other necessary elements) and eating (dining table).

Partition options

It is strongly recommended to abandon the deaf and high partitions, the height of which reaches the canvas. In compact rooms it is better to install a transparent glass structure. This material will transmit light, and the thickness of the material will practically not take up space..

Pay attention to plasterboard partitions. Of these, you can equip shelves and compartments for storing things, as well as placing decorative elements or fresh flowers.

For zoning, you can even use curtains made of lightweight textile material or a compact screen. A small, cozy sofa is often placed on the border between the zones..

Accent on the walls

As already mentioned, in order to change the shape of the room, it is necessary to correctly beat the walls. A narrow room will change significantly if long walls are made shorter and vice versa..

In this case, designers are advised to use such modern ideas:

  • During renovation, glue long walls with plain wallpaper, and decorate short ones with a canvas with a colorful pattern or print..
  • A blank short wall is decorated with wallpaper or curtains. The thickness of the fabric folds will cover the room space.
  • Modern wall murals will help to accentuate short walls. A colorful drawing on the canvas will decorate the room. Pay attention to the picture. An image with a horizontal perspective and depth will visually enlarge the wall.


For a special visual effect, striped wallpapers are actively used. Everything is simple here. Vertical stripes are glued on long walls, and horizontal stripes – on short ones..

It is worth noting that this version of the finishing material is often used for the design of narrow rooms, such as corridors and hallways..

A visual increase in space is guaranteed.

The form

Don’t be afraid to play with shapes and experiment. In the process of decorating a canvas or flooring, use the asymmetry technique. You can lay the covering at an angle. Such decor will bring dynamics and rhythm into the atmosphere..

Design elements

To make a long room visually shorter, at the end of the room it is necessary to install an object, a barrier. This can be a small table, a cozy sofa, or any other object..

If you need to equip a room with a window at the end, it is recommended to pick up an object that will not block the window opening.


As a rule, only one window is installed in a compact room. This is the only source of natural light, so it should never be blocked..

For window decoration choose curtains from light and translucent fabrics (silk, tulle, organza, cambric, chintz and others). It is better to refuse curtains made of heavy fabrics..

Roller blinds will look great. They are compact and easy to use. They are attached to the window frame, due to which the wall around the window remains free. A dense canvas will instantly close the view of the room from prying eyes, and if desired, it can be easily folded.


Instead of doors in the room you can equip a stylish arch. Give preference to the color of the edge of the arch, which will contrast with the decoration of the walls. It is worth noting that if you need to equip a room in an intimate setting, then arches are not the best choice..

If the doorway is located on a long wall, experts recommend choosing swing doors with wide platbands.


The rectangular pattern flooring is ideal for narrow rooms. The type of material is not important. The installation of the product must be carried out so that the coating pattern lies perpendicular to the long wall.

A rectangular carpet will perfectly complement the room.. It will not only decorate the room, but also give the interior a touch of comfort..

Additional elements

On the basis of compact spaces, designers recommend using glossy, smooth surfaces and mirrors. They reflect rays of light, thereby visually expanding the space.. In order not to take up space on the wall, large mirrors are hung on cabinets.. This is a convenient and practical way to place an element necessary for everyday life in a room without taking up precious space..

If you place a pair of round mirrors on long walls, opposite each other, the room will visually noticeably increase in size.

Another way to expand a narrow room is to install niches in each wall. Recesses of various sizes will eliminate the tunnel effect and make the design more dynamic and expressive.

Color palette

White is a classic option that is actively used in various styles to design compact, narrow rooms due to the effect of visual expansion of the space, however, you cannot use only one color. Too much white will make the interior look dull and monotonous..

Use a contrast effect. Paint one wall in a light color, the second in a color several shades darker.

The most common palette for the decor of compact rooms: white, light gray, beige, milky, pastel. When decorating a bedroom, it is recommended to use soft colors: pink, blue, lilac, peach and others..

Furniture selection

If possible, designers recommend not installing pieces of furniture along the walls. A couple of compact sofas set perpendicular to the wall will expand a narrow room. It is better to refuse bulky soft corners altogether..

When choosing furniture, give preference to models with open backs that will not block the view of the room..

The modern market offers a huge variety of compact or multi-functional pieces of furniture designed specifically for miniature living spaces..


If the room opens onto a balcony, the extra space can be used to advantage for expansion. On the basis of modern apartments, a loggia or balcony is combined with the main space of the room. To do this, doors and a window opening are removed from the wall, which is separated by two zones..

Remember that it is very dangerous to carry out this procedure yourself. Use the services of professionals.

Stylistic directions

Interior styles that are great for compact rooms:

  • Minimalism. This direction represents rigor and restraint..
  • High tech. Harmony of brevity and high technology.
  • Scandinavian style. Space and light.

  • Loft. Industrial direction.
  • Provence. On the basis of this direction, light and pastel colors are used..

Examples in the interior

  • Bright and cozy living room. Walls, floor and ceiling are decorated in shades of white. There is a rectangular carpet on the floor. Minimum pieces of furniture and maximum comfort and convenience.
  • Compact bedroom in a modern style. The reception of the contrast of light and dark colors is clearly demonstrated.

  • Apartment-room design (12 squares). The room has a sleeping place, a work area, a partition (this element performs several functions: zoning and shelves, for storing and placing things).
  • Decoration of a rectangular room. Compact studio apartment. The location is equipped with: a sleeping place, an area for receiving and preparing food, a wardrobe for storing things. Demonstrated zoning reception (partition between zones).

In the next video, design solutions for a narrow room are waiting for you..

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